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25 Most Demanded Products in India to Sell Online in 2024 [Hot-Selling Items]

25 Most Demanded Products in India to Sell Online in 2024 [Hot-Selling Items]

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“Are you hoping to set up an eCommerce store but aren’t sure what to sell? We have got you a rundown of the Most Demanded Products in India.” Do you know the three main things you need to succeed in an e-commerce business? No? Well, the three main things you need to run a successful eCommerce business are:

  1. Demand for the products
  2. Great marketing skills
  3. Dedication to work

According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, it is predicted that the Indian eCommerce industry is set to grow to a $188 billion industry by 2025. By 2030, it might become a $350 billion industry.

It has motivated plenty of people to start an eCommerce store. However, most of them are struggling with finding products to sell. Our team of experts at Fynd Platform have got your back!

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In this article, we will be helping you with learning about the Most Demanded Products in India to give your eCommerce business the boost it needs.

Most Demanded Products in India:

Our experts have simplified your research job by jotting down a rundown of the Most Demanded Products in India to give your eCommerce business the kickstart.

Top Trending Health And Wellness Products in India:

Ever since the COVID-19, people have started giving a lot more importance to a healthier way of living and eating. Health and wellness awareness has been growing massively. This has resulted in the masses participating actively in different kinds of physical activities and indulging in healthy eating.

And as per some sources, it is projected that the Indian Health and Wellness Market will grow at a rate of 5.45 per cent CAGR from 2024 to 2025. The 2021s Union Budget’s allocation towards the healthcare sector has increased by 137 per cent compared to the previous years.

Not just that, apart from the health and wellness awareness, the intellectual and mental health awareness has been increasing massively as well. Some health and wellness products that are in great demand in India are:

1. Ashwagandha Products:

Ashwagandha power inside the bowl and Ashwagandha sticks outside the bowl

Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb that helps cure diseases such as cancer and diabetes, improving concentration and functioning of the brain, reducing the blood sugar level, calming anxiety and much more. Not just that, some studies also suggest that this “super herb” helps in improving male fertility.

There is a massive demand for ashwagandha extract even in the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, as per Data Bridge Market Research Analysis, it is being said that the International Ashwagandha Market is going to grow at a CAGR of 11.4 per cent from 2024 to 2029 and might become a $102.72 million market.

Given the high demand for Ashwagandha in India, you can sell and promote this super herb through your eCommerce website with the help of Fynd Platform. With Fynd Platform, you can also create some informational marketing campaigns and track their performance.

2. Matcha:

Matcha powder inside the bowl and matcha drink in other bowls.

Matcha has risen to fame in recent times, with matcha teas, lattes, desserts and ice creams in great demand everywhere. Matcha is also derived from the same plant as Green Tea, Camellia Sinensis but is grown differently and has a unique nutrition profile.

For centuries, matcha has been famous for its high amounts of antioxidants that safeguard the heart from diseases, strokes and cancer while promoting healthy-looking skin. But not just that, as per an article published by Healthline, it was also found that matcha helps boost the overall functioning of the brain.

As per a report from Mordor Intelligence, it is projected that the matcha market will grow at a CAGR of 9.44 per cent from 2024 to 2027. And because Matcha green tea is a caffeinated drink, you can market it as an alternative to coffee while highlighting some of the many benefits of drinking matcha.

3. Fitness Tracker:

A black coloured smart watch.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made people conscious of their health. People nowadays have been self-tracking the food they eat, the workout they do, the number of calories they burn or the steps they walk in a day to stick to a healthier routine. That is when a fitness tracker comes into play.

The current value of the global fitness tracker market is $34.6 billion. As per the experts at Fortune Business Insights, it is projected that the global fitness tracker market is expected to reach $114.35 billion by the year 2028 with a CAGR of 15.4 per cent.

The demand for fitness trackers has a lot to do with rising health and wellness awareness, the growing use of smartphones, and easy access to the internet. Therefore, you can easily sell Fitness Trackers online using Fynd Platform and list your products on multiple eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and a lot more while sitting at your home. Doesn’t that sound too good to be true?

4. Yoga Mats:

Two girls performing yoga on yoga mat.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a direct or indirect impact on nearly every industry and the overall economic performance of countries. But, the health industry and its affiliated markets saw an excellent hike after the pandemic. With yoga mats being a part of the health and wellness industry, the demand for yoga mats has increased substantially.

As per a report in Markets and Markets, it is being said that the global yoga mat market size will grow from $8,984 million to $10,430 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 3 per cent.

Therefore, selling yoga mats can be a great business idea. And with omnichannel platforms like Fynd Platform, your job becomes a lot easier. You can use their tools and professional themes to create responsive e-commerce websites and apps.

You can also list your products on different platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, and more. Not just that, you can also update your inventory and catalogues using Excel or CSV. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

5. Health Supplements:

A bodybuilder drinking protien.

The health supplements segment has always been considered a supremely profitable segment, and post-pandemic, the demand boomed even more. The credit for the rise in demand for health supplements can be given to the ever-increasing consumer awareness about healthcare, improved purchasing power, and unhealthy lifestyle choices made in the past.

As per the experts at Business Today, it was stated that the health supplement market grew at a CAGR of 15 per cent and reached 331 billion in 2021.

Therefore, selling health supplements in India online can be a great idea. With the help of Fynd Platform, your hassle of selling health supplements online becomes even easier as they offer you an in-built secure payment gateway, ease of building a website, in-house delivery partners and so on.

6. Resistance Bands:

Two person using resistance bands.

Resistance bands are elastic bands that are used for strength training, physical therapy, rehabilitation therapy, and muscular injuries. Resistance bands are an excellent tool for people who love working out at home or prefer working out even on the go. What makes resistance bands so unique is that they are straightforward to use, and they are safe, effective and convenient to use.

People have also loved resistance bands because they are inexpensive and work well for people of any age group. They offer plenty of benefits compared to the traditional weights.

If you are still dicey about why you should sell resistance bands, let us tell you something that might be of interest to you. As per the experts at Market Research Future, the Global Resistance Market is expected to reach $1.74 billion by 2026 with an impressive CAGR of 12.25 per cent from 2020 to 2026.

These bands come up in different shapes, sizes, colours, lengths and capacities and are used to perform various kinds of exercises that appeal to the masses. You can sell resistance bands online with the help of Fynd Platform, monitor the performance of your business with their analytic tools, keep your inventory and catalogues updated and even run marketing campaigns.

7. Cold Pressed Juices:

A glass filled with orange juice and orange peels in the background.

Cold-pressed juices gained immense popularity over the years and are everywhere now. Cold-pressed juices are made from raw, organic fruits and vegetables that are processed in a way that they extract the maximum amount of fluids. And with people being so conscious about their health, cold-pressed juices have indeed become the health and wellness industry star.

When we talk about cold-pressed juices, how can we not talk about RAW Pressery? RAW Pressery is a Mumbai-based cold-pressed juice company founded in 2014 by Anuj Rakyan when he sensed the need for preservative-free juices in India.

He started the company with a capital of 80 lakhs, and the current valuation of the company is more than 250 crores. Cold-pressed juices have been in great demand in India as health enthusiasts are always hunting for a variety. Therefore, selling cold-pressed juices can be a great idea.

8. Menstrual Cups:

Two menstrual cups placed in black carpet.

Menstrual cups are often known as the “Future of Period Care.” Even though they have been around for quite a while now, they gained popularity in recent times. Menstrual cups are a female hygiene product that is inserted into the vagina to collect the blood and prevent it from spilling during periods. At the point when the cup is full, it can be emptied, sanitised and used again.

The fact that they are reusable has made them a popular choice because during the monthly cycle when women throw out pads and tampons, they create a lot of wastage.

Whereas, these cups help in reducing the environmental waste and help in saving money because you do not have to stock up on menstrual cups every month. Due to all of these benefits that they offer, they have been in a lot of demand in India.

According to a report published in the Allied Market Research, it is projected that the global menstrual cup market will grow from $632 million in 2019 to $963 million by 2026.

And given the potential of menstrual cups, you can sell menstrual cups online using the Fynd Platform. The Fynd Platform is an uber-famous Omni channel platform that aids brands to build online stores, providing a secure payment gateway, sorting delivery partners and so on.

9. Air Purifiers:

A women working with air purifier machine.

In today’s time, people worldwide have been witnessing a dangerous rise in the pollution level, and it is only going to get worse with time. Given the rising level of pollution, many people have been facing respiratory issues, which have created a massive demand for air purifiers in India. The market is also driven by increased disposable income, improved standard of living, awareness amongst the masses about the harmful effects of the chemicals present in the air and so on.

The demand for air purifiers in India is expected to increase with time as the country is witnessing urbanisation at a rapid scale, and that has been increasing pollution. As per the Persistence Market Research, it is anticipated that air purifier sales will grow at a CAGR of 10.1 per cent by 2031. The current valuation of the air purifier market is $11 billion, while by 2031, it will be a $29 billion market.

Top Trending Products in Fashion Industry:

Did you know that the estimated global revenue of the fashion industry is expected to be $2 trillion by 2031? India’s apparel market is currently worth $59.3 billion, making it the sixth-largest in the world.

And to generate momentum around the conventional stores and after the pandemic hit the masses, brands have been leveraging technology to improve the overall shopping experience using digital marketing and secure payment gateways. With that being said, let us now take a look at the most demanded products in the fashion industry in India.

10. Athleisure Wear:

Three girls posing for a photo.

The sportswear industry has boomed a lot as, since 2020, people have been spending their time at home. The fashion industry as a whole struggled but athleisure brands saw a huge rise in demand for their products.

With work from home being an actual thing, meetings have been taking place in front of the screen at home while people are wearing leggings, sweatpants and loungewear instead of workwear.

Moreover, as per an article published in Financial Express, it was stated that the athleisure segment in India saw a growth of around 15 percent after the pandemic in 2024 and the current value is at 54,000 crores.

Given the impressive stats of athleisure wear, you can start an eCommerce store with the help of Fynd Platform. It helps you in creating an online store at low costs, managing your orders and inventory, marketing and launching campaigns to reach out to your target audience. Not just that, you can also upload your athleisure wear on multiple marketplaces like Google Merchant Centre, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Ajio and so on.

11. Corsets:

A women helping a girl to wear corset.

The corset’s latest comeback in the world of fashion represents both romanticism and the underwear-as-outerwear trend. Corset has to be one of the most trending fashion products. There was a time when they were considered a symbol of oppression, but now it has become the epitome of female empowerment and style.

You can create an eCommerce store with Fynd Platform and sell different kinds of corsets online. With Fynd Platform, you can expand your reach and gain many potential clients.

You also get SEO friendly attributes with Fynd Platform. The platform ensures that your product catalogue has top features that define your product well so that the customer can make a wise choice.

 Fynd platform banner for free demo

You can also make the most out of the different services like email marketing, SMS marketing, coupon creation, custom audience targeting, short-link generation and much more with Fynd Platform to increase your business.

12. Shapewear:

A women wearing shapewear.

Shapewear has been a very popular piece of clothing since the Victorian era. It all started with the corset and now, the development of shapewear has come so far, Over the years, the popularity of shapewear has increased massively as so many celebrities and influencers have been swearing by it.

Kim Kardashian even has her line of shapewear that goes by the name SKIMS. The company was started in April 2021 and was valued at $1.6 billion and as of now, its valuation is $3.2 billion after it raised $240 million in January.

As per the experts at Grand View Research, the global shapewear market is projected to reach a height of $3.7 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 8 per cent.

The growth of the shapewear industry is due to certain factors like changing lifestyles, improved spending power, use of compression wear in the geriatric population and rising demands for plus-size clothes. Therefore, selling shapewear in India could be a great idea given the demand.

Top Trending Gadget Items:

Smartphones have now become an essential commodity, suitable? With the world going digital at a massive scale after the COVID-19 pandemic, the sales of smartphones and other gadgets have skyrocketed.

A couple of factors that have contributed massively to the growth of the smartphone market are:

  1. Increased Disposable Income
  2. Better Telecom Infrastructure
  3. Budget-Friendly Smartphones Being Launched

With all of these factors coming into action, not just the sale of smartphones has increased in India. Still, even the sales of auxiliary products like mobile phone covers, screen guards, phone straps, power banks, phone holders, wireless chargers, and headphones have also increased significantly.

As per Research and Markets, it is being predicted that the smartphone market in India will grow at a CAGR of 10.5 per cent and will be worth $281 billion by 2028.

Given the fantastic stats and potential of the smartphone market and its auxiliary products, selling gadgets online is a great idea.

13. Power Banks:

Someone's hand holding powerbank.

Running out of battery while on an important call or meeting can be a bummer, especially when you do not have access to an outlet to charge your device. And that’s where power banks come to the rescue.

Power Banks are this generation’s favourite device. They come to the rescue from time to time. A power bank is a compact tool capable of charging your smartphones and other electronic devices when plugged in.

The rise in demand for power banks can be attributed to certain factors like the rise in smartphones and other electronic devices, affordability, easy availability and a wide variety available on the internet.

Selling power banks online can be a great idea as they are one of the most demanded products in India. The market is currently valued somewhere around $7 billion and is set to grow at a CAGR of 18.4 percent from 2019 to 2027.

Your job of selling power banks online becomes more convenient with omnichannel e-commerce platforms like Fynd Platform being at your service round the clock. Creating a website for your business takes less than 30 minutes with their easy-to-use platform.

Their order management system is so efficient that you can keep track of the product in real-time. Their automated order processing system reduces your effort of having to enter customer and delivery information now and then.

14. Wireless Chargers:

A phone getting charged on wireless charger.

Wireless chargers took the whole world by storm. In 2018, the global wireless market was valued at $6.51 billion, but by 2027, experts expect it to become a $40.24 billion market with a CAGR of 22.2 per cent.

Wireless chargers help in charging phones by transmitting energy from a power source to the device without using any cable or wire. The wireless chargers are seen as a much more reliable, convenient and safer device to charge electrical devices. They are also cost-effective, safer, and efficient compared to the traditional modes of charging.

Selling wireless chargers online using Fynd Platform could be a profitable business idea as they are very much in demand. Using Fynd Platform’s impressive features, you can quickly scale your e-commerce business to newer heights.

15. Phone Holders:

A phone is placed on phone holder.

When it comes to mobile-related accessories, phone holders were never considered to be so important. Earlier, they were considered to be a waste of money but lately, people have realised that they make life much easier.

Phone holders help the users with attaching their phones to the desks or car dashboards and aid in multi-tasking. People have been obsessing over them for quite a while now. The current value of the car phone holder market is $1.03 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5 per cent from the period of 2024 to 2030.

16. Wireless Headphones:

A man and a boy using wireless headphones.

Are wired headphones and earphones still even being manufactured? Well, who cares when wireless headphones have been ruling the world now. Affordability, availability, and appealing aesthetics are the key drivers for why people have been preferring wireless headphones over wired ones. They have become a must-have complementary device for a smartphone.

Moreover, the consumers continue to switch from wired to wireless devices and constantly keep upgrading to devices with better sound quality, longer batteries, and comfort.

From the above-given table, we can see that the masses prefer wireless headphones over wired ones. Therefore, selling wireless headphones online can be a very profitable business idea.

Top Trending Pet Products:

Pet owners are always hunting for the best products for their pets to keep them happy and comfortable. Honestly, pet parents can go to lengths to keep their furry buddy happy.

The current value of the pet care market is somewhere around $235 billion and is anticipated to grow at a rate of 6.1 per cent annually. The growth drivers of the pet care industry are:

  1. Mobile pet grooming
  2. Increase in animal healthcare expenditure
  3. Increased awareness about pet adoption
  4. Rising cases of food borne and zoonotic diseases

In fact, as per a report published in GM Insights, it was mentioned that e-commerce distribution channels contributed to 17 per cent of the total pet care market share in 2020. E-commerce is being considered the growth driver of this industry.

Pet care supplies are the most demanded products in India, and selling them online is a profitable business idea if executed well.

17. Vegan Pet Food:

A girl feeding her pet dog.

Dog owners have been becoming extremely conscious of the food their beloved dog is consuming, and that is one of the main reasons the demand for vegan pet food has increased so much.

Pet owners worldwide have started developing empathy and have become well-informed about the benefits of feeding their dogs with plant-based food. In a study, it was found that vegan dog food is much healthier than regular dog food. It had certain benefits like fewer skin allergies, fewer digestive issues, better overall health and better quality of life.

Experts at Business Wire have also stated that the vegan pet food market will be a $15,651.22 million market by 2028 and is currently worth $8,667.97 million.

Looking at these stats, it is safe to say that selling vegan pet food is an innovative and savvy business idea. With Fynd Platform, you can also market it well, keep track of your business's overall performance, and take remedial measures as and when needed to improve the overall performance of your vegan pet food business.

18. Dog Harness:

A dog standing wearing a harness.

Dog owners often use a harness to restrain their dogs and they are also used to assist people with disabilities or haul people. Dog harnesses are often preferred over collars as not only do they offer better safety but they cover more areas of the body as they go over the shoulders, front limb and chest.

You can sell dog harnesses online with Fynd Platform. The platform works well for entrepreneurs who are hoping to start an online business. You can build a website in no time with Fynd Platform, manage your orders effectively, promote your products and track the campaigns using their features.

19. Pet Beds:

Cat sleeping on the bed.

Pet owners are consistently looking to provide their furry babies with the most comfortable setting, which has led to a significant hike in the demand for pet beds. The sales of pet beds have increased massively with the burgeoning pet culture worldwide. Pet owners prefer buying pet beds as they also help maintain a hygienic environment.

Pet beds are also made for providing pets with comfort and come with features like heated pet beds and orthopaedic pet beds. Moreover, Just Dogs, an Ahmedabad-based omnichannel retailer for pet products, was founded in 2011 by Ashish Anthony and Poorvi Anthony on a small scale. Still, today, they are serving around 1.5 lakh customers and own 42 stores all over India.

Top Trending Kitchen Products:

With people spending so much more time than usual at home during and after the pandemic in 2020, kitchens have become a lot busier. And due to this, the sale of kitchen appliances like air fryers, blenders, induction cooktops and more has risen.

The kitchen appliances industry was worth around $159.29 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow and become a $210.80 billion industry by 2027. If you are dicey about whether you must sell kitchen appliances or not, let us assure you that people worldwide need food to survive, and no one can survive without food. Therefore, there always will be a demand for kitchen appliances. Now, let's take a look at India's most demanded kitchen appliances.

20. Air Fryers:

Some snacks placed in  a air fryer.

People have become so much more conscious about their health and have emphasised healthy eating. With air fryers coming into existence, many people have been obsessing over them. They are very affordable and do not use a lot of oil as compared to a traditional fryer. Along with that, it also heats and fries the food evenly.

Air fryers reduce the oil intake, which helps prevent many health issues such as diabetes, inflammatory disorders, heart issues, and other health-related issues. They are also a mess-free and quick way of cooking food.

As per a report published in Allied Market Research, it was predicted that the air fryer industry will be a $1,425.7 million industry by 2026. It implies that air fryers are the most demanded products in India and worldwide.

Therefore, selling air fryers online could be a wise business idea compared to selling them only through a retail store as it will help you reach a lot of people, and with Fynd Platform, your job becomes much more efficient.

21. Coffee Makers:

Coffee is being filled in the cups.

Did you know that the global consumption of coffee last year was 167.26 million bags? Coffee is an essential commodity and with the increasing popularity of this non-alcoholic beverage in restaurants, homes and offices, the demand for coffee machines has risen too.

Selling coffee machines online could be a great business venture as the coffee machine industry currently is worth $5.11 billion and is expected to be $6.36 billion by 2027. Given the rising consumption of coffee all over the world, the demand for coffee makers is just going to rise.

Top Trending Beauty Products:

With the blessings of social media marketing, e-commerce platforms and rising digitalisation, the beauty industry in India has seen a good boom in its business. Beauty marketplaces like Nykaa are now public companies, indicating that India's beauty industry is flushed with funds and has a huge demand.

In fact, as per an article published in Economic Times, it was also stated that another beauty marketplace like Nykaa, Purplle, has raised $45 million in 2021.

And as per the experts at Avendus, it is being predicted that the Global Beauty and Wellness industry will be a $725 billion industry by 2025. With that being said, let us now look at the most demanded beauty products in India.

22. Sheet Masks:

Someone is holding the sheet mask.

K-beauty has risen to shine in the last few years and has made beauty enthusiasts worldwide fall in love with sheet masks. Sheet masks are considered the most demanded products in India as it helps create a barrier on the skin that locks the ingredients and prevents them from evaporating.

Sheet masks are considered a beauty sleep for your skin as they help give the skin an instant boost that it needs and make you look brighter and hydrated. You can sell sheet masks online with Fynd Platform and reach out to your target market much more effectively.

You can also create some outstanding email marketing campaigns, create customised discount coupons, and get data insights and analytics and tracking with the help of Fynd Platform to boost your e-commerce business.

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23. Ice Rollers:

An ice rollers is placed on the floor.

Beauty girls and their love for ice rollers go hand-in-hand. A lot of beauty enthusiasts swear by it. Ice rollers are at-home cryo facials.

According to Glamour Magazine UK, ice rollers are a great way to add some definition to the cheekbones and to look radiant.

The consistent use of ice rollers helps in boosting the circulation, bringing the blood to the skin's surface and restoring the skin’s radiance while reducing redness or puffiness.

Top Trending Baby and Childcare Products:

Parents have been working from home and spending much more time with their kids since the pandemic. It has resulted in the rise in demand for baby and childcare products to help balance their work and family life.

Let us also give credit to e-commerce business platforms for letting baby care products be available so easily online that the sales for baby products have multiplied over the last couple of years.

Although people have been becoming aware of family planning and population control, an article was published in the Times of India that stated that the baby care market will still grow regardless of the population dip, which is a good enough motivation for you to sell baby products online.

24. Baby Carriers:

A women is carrying a baby.

Over the years, parenting has become a lot more convenient with baby carriers. Baby carriers are a great way of reducing crying, helping in promoting good health, improving the connection between parents and babies and making it easier for parents to carry their babies around.

We recommend selling baby carriers online as the experts at Technavio suggest that the baby carrier industry will be a $190.54 million industry by 2025, implying the tremendous potential selling baby carriers has.

25. Baby Monitors:

A man is playing with a baby boy.

Babies need constant attention, and the parents can't be in the same room as their child. And the new-age parents are usually working, but they do want a device where they can monitor their baby’s activities while away. Hence, baby monitors came into existence.

A baby monitor is a device that lets the parents hear and monitor their child’s activity while they are away. In fact, with time, baby monitors have advanced and come with different features like night mode, sleep tracking and so on.

In fact, as per specific reports, it is being said that the baby monitor industry will be a $1,761.7 million market by 2027, implying the rise in demand. Therefore, selling baby monitors online is an innovative and savvy business idea.

With that, we have come to an end to our rundown of the 25 Most Demanded Products in India. And with platforms like Fynd being at your disposal, your hassle of starting an eCommerce business becomes so much easier.

Fynd Platform aids you in the best way possible to run a successful business online. With their impressive features, you can create a website and app, manage your inventory, keep your catalogues updated, track the performance of your business, market your products and much more at a minimal cost. Isn’t that too good to be true?

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

hero image

Which products have high demand in India?

The following products are the ones in high demand in India:

  • Cold Pressed Juices
  • Ice Rollers
  • Sheet Masks
  • Phone Holders
  • Ashwagandha Supplements
  • Coffee Makers
  • Pets Beds
  • Dog Harness
  • Air Fryers
  • Shapewear
  • Yoga Mats

And Much More.

Which product is sold most in India?

While there is no specific product that sells the most in India, there are specific products in different segments that are sold most in India.

For example, in the health and wellness industry, products like yoga mats, fitness trackers, ashwagandha supplements and so on are the most sold products in India.

Whereas when we speak of the pet care industry, vegan dog food and pet beds are sold the most in India.

What can I sell to make money in India?

arrow down

To make money, you can sell these most demanded products in India:


Dog Harness

Yoga Mats

Air Fryer

Coffee Maker

Fitness Tracker


And So On.

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