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How to Sell Ayurvedic Products on Amazon in 2024 (Step By Step Process)

How to Sell Ayurvedic Products on Amazon in 2024 (Step By Step Process)

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Ayurveda has undergone a huge paradigm shift in recent decades, and scholars' perspectives on its uses have also changed significantly. It is the oldest, most generally recognized, used, and flourishing indigenous system of medicine in India. The country has a long history of using traditional medical systems based on six different systems.

All ayurvedic medications and herbal items do not require a prescription. The majority of these are marketed as over-the-counter remedies for various types of health issues. Therefore, there are no restrictions on the online sale of ayurvedic medications. You must either build your own website specifically for selling ayurvedic products online or comply with the terms and conditions of the online portal or website through which you wish to sell your goods.

If you want to build your own ecommerce website with a terrific application, we have got you covered. Fynd Platform can help you gain success in your online future. At first, selling on a reputable internet platform will be a better choice for you. You can invest in your website after starting your firm to sell products online, but it's not a good idea to do it upfront unless you have extra cash. The most effective option for Ayurvedic producers to create a presence online is through B2C e-commerce.

The Advantages of Selling Ayurvedic Products

The Advantages of Selling Ayurvedic Products

People nowadays have realized that prescribed pharmaceuticals do not provide mechanisms to promote natural health and prevent chronic conditions from occurring from within the body, thanks to increased understanding and accessibility.

Thus, the demand for Ayurveda will soar in the upcoming years as people realize that improving gut health using the tools of diet, home remedies, detox, herbs, etc. is the only way to prevent long-term health issues and avoid turning into a slave to prescription medications. The health and pharmaceutical industries have seen a massive transformation in the previous two years as a result of the pandemic.

We observed numerous people switching to holistic living and alternative therapy modalities. This increased interest in Ayurveda as well. The internet has made it simpler and easier than ever to launch a business and run it successfully without having an actual offline store.

Without having to complete a long list of legal requirements, you can sell your goods to a global market with the help of Amazon. With rising Ayurveda interest and a technology boom, sellers can use both to their advantage and sell products online. There is a good probability that your product will be suggested to the buyer while they are purchasing any healthcare products on the Amazon website, urging them to do so.

In the long list of products that appear when a customer searches for "Ayurvedic product", your product will also be displayed. If your product is truly excellent, it will inevitably receive favourable star ratings. Additional star ratings indicate the product's popularity, and the more likely the customer will order again.

Basic prerequisites

  • A GMP-certified pharmacy is a requirement. 
  • It should be able to ship or courier goods directly to customers. 
  • It should have a relationship with a local postal or courier agency to send things quickly and easily. 
  • Systems for billing and accounting that are effective.

Things to consider

You must comply with the 2011 information technology (intermediary guidelines) standards while conducting online sales. You must protect the privacy of your customers who place online orders for your goods. Before quoting your rate at an online retailer, you should also take shipping fees and other expenses into account. To begin with, you must ascertain the cost of your postal expenses. Therefore, you ought to determine your selling price so that you won't have to raise it after starting.

One of the most crucial factors when selling goods or services online is on-time delivery. Keep track of your inventory to avoid running low on supplies or experiencing delivery delays. The largest category on, which has a presence in 185 countries and 350 billion consumers, is "Herbal and Beauty." It presents a significant opportunity for producers of Ayurvedic goods.

On Amazon, there are more than 50,000 international vendors from India. is creating a store just for Indian Ayurvedic manufacturers to support the globalization of Ayurveda. The products must, however, abide by the laws of the nations in which they will be marketed.

To ensure that only high-quality products are offered on the website, manufacturers that wish to sell their products on Amazon must submit information about themselves. To assist businesses in overcoming regulatory obstacles with their products, Amazon offers the service of third-party certifiers.

Requirements and Licenses for selling Ayurvedic Medicine Online

Requirements and Licenses for selling Ayurvedic Medicine Online

Due to its all-natural origins, Ayurvedic medicine has seen an increase in popularity in recent years. Experts anticipate an even more significant increase in demand for these Ayurvedic medications because they have no negative side effects.

Since one needs an AYUSH (Ayurvedic/Unani/Siddha) licence to sell Ayurvedic medicines, there has been a steady rise in the number of Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing facilities set up in India. Do you intend to launch a company that distributes Ayurvedic medications? If so, continue reading to learn more about obtaining an Ayurvedic medicine licence and how to do so.

What kinds of licenses are offered in Ayurvedic medicine?

What kinds of licenses are offered in Ayurvedic medicine?

Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing in India is subject to Ayush licensing regulations. Additionally, this is true for the creation and production of Unani and Siddha medicines. As a result, the following are the four main categories of Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing licenses issued in India.

Retail licence:

It enables the proprietor to operate an enterprise selling ayurvedic drugs.

Wholesaler licence:

It grants the ability to distribute Ayurvedic goods in bulk.

Manufacturing licence:

It enables the production of ayurvedic medications and drugs.

Loan Licence:

For individuals utilizing the facilities and machinery of an Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer. (Requires GMP Certification) Contract or third-party licence: If the primary producer lacks an AYUSH licence, a contract or third-party licence is necessary. A retailer’s licence is all that is necessary if all of your sales will be of Ayurvedic goods.

This trade licence is all that is needed for the online sale of such drugs. However, the company must first register under the Companies Act in order to obtain such a permit. Additionally, the owner cannot apply for an AYUSH retail licence until it has been legally established in India as a business entity.

They will then have to finish filing their taxes and open a business bank account. A manufacturing licence for Ayurvedic medicines from the State Drug Controlling Authority is required if you want to start a production facility.

How does one become licensed in AYUSH?

There is an AYUSH website for each state. Entrepreneurs must go to the AYUSH website for the state they are interested in. Download the AYUSH licence application form and the necessary COPP and GMP affidavits from the website. The application form must then be completed, along with any necessary supporting documentation, and submitted to the commissioner of the AYUSH Department for review.

The commissioner will give his or her approval within 15 days of receiving the results of the verification, if satisfied. After that, you'll receive the AYUSH licence through the mail.

What prerequisites must be met in order to grant a licence?

The Department of AYUSH requires the following documents for you to obtain an Ayurvedic medicine sales licence, either for retail or wholesale.

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company
  • Talk about the foundational evidence
  • A copy of the lease if it is being rented, along with the owner's NOC
  • Identification of the owners, partners, and directors
  • Specifics about the refrigerator that was used
  • A declaration attesting to MPD 2021 compliance
  • Credentials Evidence
  • Signing up with the Delhi Ayush Council
  • Letter confirming the director's appointment
  • Information about the director

How to launch an Indian Ayurvedic drug sales initiative?

How to launch an Indian Ayurvedic drug sales initiative?

You must first look for a location that is appropriate for establishing a store. To ensure that your customers can find you easily, the location must be both accessible and well-known. In light of your requirements, you will then have to choose the type of business entity you want to incorporate as. The next step is to confirm that the name you want to use for your shop is available before registering it.

Once the necessary application form and supporting documents have been submitted, you will then need to finish the incorporation process. In order to start selling your products, you will also need to find a reliable source for them and begin putting an effective supply chain in place.

How To Sell Ayurvedic Products On Amazon Step By Step

How To Sell Ayurvedic Products On Amazon Step By Step

As we have already explained above, the required documents to sell ayurvedic and herbal products. Now, we will discuss how to sell ayurvedic items online. You must either build your own website specifically for selling ayurvedic products online and comply with the rules and requirements of the online portal or website through which you wish to sell your goods.

After obtaining the required paperwork for your ayurvedic goods, you will be able to export them from India. E-commerce exports have undoubtedly made it simpler for Indian vendors to sell abroad. Amazon Global Selling allows businesses of any size to sell Ayurvedic products from India to countries across the world via global marketplaces like the USA, UAE, UK, Japan. Amazon's logistics and solutions make it easy and hassle-free to export ayurvedic products beyond India.

Ayurvedic medicine online sales requirements and licenses to sell on Amazon

You must have a Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) if you plan to sell ayurvedic medications online (GSTIN). A GST is necessary for offline sales exceeding $40,000 in yearly revenue, although the majority of online marketplaces require a GST number for sales made through their sites. We'll suggest getting a GST number. Obtaining a GST number is cost-free. You will only be charged for services rendered by the accountant or CA.

If you're selling your own products, you may also be required to register your business. Visit the Ministry of Corporate to register your firm. As soon as you have a GST number. You must now register as a seller on internet marketplaces like Amazon. You must list your product on their website after creating a seller account on the online marketplace. Give as much information as you can about your product, along with high-resolution images of it.

If you're selling products made by another firm, don't forget to get the NOC from that company; else, you may run into legal issues. Learn about keywords; use visitor searches to identify products similar to yours. Put those words in the headline, description, and other parts of your product.

You can either choose an Amazon in-house delivery service or pack the goods and send it by registered postal services like India Post, courier, transportation, logistics, etc. Promote your items via social media and other platforms to boost their visibility. It will be useful for positioning your stuff on important selling platforms online.

Requirements to Export Ayurvedic Products

  • AYUSH product approval (in case of manufacturer)
  • Certificate for Free Sales (in case of exporting Ayurvedic supplements)
  • FSSAI certificate (in case of exporting consumables)
  • Requirements for FDA registration and labelling
  • NPOP certification (National Program of Organic Production) if exporting organic products
  • Other certificates may also be needed, based on the ayurvedic product getting transported. 
  • Have a certificate of inspection to confirm the safety with regard to pesticide or heavy metal contamination.
  • The manufacturer's submission of an independent review for a safety and quality certificate.

How to Export Your Products With Amazon Global Selling

How to Export Your Products With Amazon Global Selling

By taking part in global events on global marketplaces like Amazon USA, UK, and Canada, you may export products from India and increase your sales. Direct exports via e-commerce from India to foreign clients are possible. We advise Fulfilment by Amazon to sellers in order to make shipping simple (FBA). You only need to deliver your goods to Amazon's fulfilment centre. On your behalf, Amazon takes care of the packaging, shipping, refunds, delivery, and customer feedback and complaints. 

1. Choose the export destination. 

Understanding international markets and the products that are in demand is the first step. You can use this study to determine the best market for your Indian exports. 

2. Look Into Your Target Market

You might need to attend trade shows and buyer-seller gatherings in order to launch an offline export firm, which would cost time and money. But it's simple and easy to launch an Amazon export business. On 18 global marketplaces operated by Amazon, you can contact millions of customers.

3. Register your company.

Your export company must first register with Amazon Global Selling. You don't need to be a seller on Amazon India already. On Seller Central, registration can be conducted online. Only PAN and KYC documents are required.

4. Obtain the necessary documentation. 

To export from India, get a PAN (from the Income Tax Department) and an IEC (from DGFT). Direct online application for IEC submission is available on the DGFT website.

5. Describe your products.

You can post your products after you've registered to sell internationally on Amazon. Keep in mind the advice on how to list your products, which should include appealing images and descriptions that are understandable to clients worldwide. Third-party service suppliers are another option.

6. Sending and receiving money

After a customer puts an order, you have two delivery options: Logistics by Amazon or delivery by yourself (FBA). Amazon handles shipping, delivery, refunds, and customer issues through FBA.

Tips To Do Digital Marketing For Ayurvedic Products In India

Do you want to sell Ayurvedic products on the internet and make some money, but you’re not sure how to market them digitally? This guide will help you not only market your items but also help with selling them. As you are already aware, the popularity of Ayurveda is growing, and more consumers are choosing to use herbal remedies rather than chemical ones in order to protect their health and looks.

So, as the demand for such products increased, so did the number of suppliers. However, before you launch your company, you must first carefully map out a marketing strategy for an Ayurveda company. Ayurveda originated in India, and in the upcoming years, Western countries are going to adopt it completely.

As foreign companies have a broad approach towards people’s spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being, and because the Ayurvedic market is expected to boom in the coming years, it is critical for a brand and a company to gain exposure in this market.

1. Determine who your target market is. 

Make a few buyer personas to help your team members understand your target market. Pay attention to information about their age, place of residence, gender, daily activities, occupation, and likes and dislikes. To be able to create an effective marketing strategy, you must fully comprehend your potential clients. 

2. Create Your Website 

The secret to your brand's digital identity is on your website. Depending on how your website looks and feels, your customers may evaluate your brand and your services. Make your website as appealing and user-friendly as you can. For maximum impact, prominently display your top deals on your homepage.

3. Analyse your competition 

One of the most crucial tasks when it comes to managing a corporation is competitor analysis. Be aware of what your rivals are doing and look for elements you may use in your approach. You may make wise marketing selections if you conduct a thorough competitor analysis. 

4. Complete your pricing plan. 

The most important elements for the majority of buyers are the product price and brand identity. Pricing affects every aspect of business, including the profit margin, market share, sales volume, and overall revenue. Customers who feel your brand is overpriced may stop using it. Underpricing, however, might have an impact on your entire revenue. You must maintain that thin line between the two if you want the finest outcomes.

5. Create a marketing plan. 

Choosing a name for your brand is the first step in developing your marketing strategy. A hip name that accurately defines your company can be the best choice. On social media sites where your target market is most likely to be engaged, advertise your brand. Smartly describe your products, emphasizing the advantages. As a startup business owner, it will probably take some time and work to generate the desired buzz.

Perks of digital marketing

Perks of digital marketing

Selling ayurvedic products online and enlisting them on the webpage is really helpful in generating high revenue, more website visits, and an increase in the reputation of the brand. Digitally marketing and enlisting more products on the website will attract the normal user towards the website itself. In today’s world, customers mostly explore everything by themselves, and they aren’t dependent any more on any kind of referrals, shares, or anything. 

Today’s generation of customers prefer to learn about the things they are going to purchase. So make sure to advertise precisely and carefully. Customers mostly search around for reviews of the products and the originality of the website.

Here are some of the main perks of digitally marketing a product.

  • Internationally accessible
  • No, or minimal infrastructure costs.
  • It boosts business and sales.
  • It saves time.
  • Online ordering with no physical contact (recommended due to COVID-19).
  • Limited manpower.
  • Drives visitors to your website.
  • A well-known brand name.
  • Improved rankings and leads

Best methods for digitally marketing Ayurvedic products

digitally marketing Ayurvedic products

1. Email Newsletters.

After completing a successful online order, you can use bots and humans to send emails to the customer regarding updates in the item stock and new product availability. Include the features of the new available product in the newsletter.

2. Internet advertising

Marketing Ayurvedic products on the internet is an excellent source of engaging audiences. Free tools are available on the internet to advertise your website. This is another effective marketing strategy that can boost the rank and also make the brand name more reputed than before.

3. Creating a Website

If you want your brand to be known somewhere on the internet and want to reach more customers, then creating a user-friendly website must be the first step. The website also acts as a brand face for the company.

If you want to build your own ecommerce website, Fynd Platform will help you create one. Book a demo session to enlighten yourself about your online future. Start to enlist the items you want to sell. Make sure to categorize everything in a manner that looks good and is simple.

Use some catchy description for every product and try to enhance the product's quality in a few lines. The next step should be advertising the website and sharing the website URL with your friends, family, and relatives, and posting on social media and other platforms. Going for paid promotions would be a great idea too.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To rank your site above the others in Google search, you need to use the SEO tools and post informative content. This will help you to gain more visitors and customers to the website, ultimately generating more revenue.

5. Organizing Campaigns

You can also organize campaigns that can create brand awareness and provide information related to ayurvedic products. This is how you can create a good brand image in the public.

6. Social Media Marketing.

Creating a social media channel or page is important as it will create huge brand awareness in the crowd. Big giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are really helpful social platforms to upload and share content that is only related to the products you are selling and that can directly target an audience.

7. Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)

Always ensure that the business is linked with some other business directories. Plenty of companies are on the ground to provide such services, such as Just Dial, India mart, etc. These free tools also play a major role in enhancing the website’s visibility.

8. Using meta-description

A meta description is a promise that the website makes to the visitors regarding the search they have done online, and it provides better website visibility after a Google search. You need to add content comprising keywords that can add value to the webpage. Also use product images with meta descriptions and tags to ensure the best visibility of your website after a Google search.

9. Developing a mobile-friendly website

Mobile phones are the fundamental instrument for web customers. Any website without a mobile-friendly interface does not have a chance to rank well in Google search. These days, market giants are creating web pages that are more optimized for mobile phones and also launching applications that are meant to work perfectly on today’s generation of devices.

10. Content Marketing

The mind-making of a customer to try to buy any new product in the market is quite difficult, so try to post some blogs or articles that involve the usage of the Ayurvedic product you are selling.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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How can I sell my Ayurvedic products?

One of the most lucrative organizations to start is an ayurvedic medical shop because more people are turning to ayurvedic medicines. You just need a retailer licence if you solely want to sell Ayurvedic goods. This trade licence is all that is necessary for the selling of such pharmaceuticals both offline and online. However, the company must first register under the Companies Act in order to obtain such a permit.

Can I sell Himalaya products on Amazon?

Under the brand name Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, Himalaya creates health care items with ayurvedic components. Himalaya asserts that all of its products are made in the cleanest possible environments without the use of any chemicals. Himalaya is the top herbal pharmaceutical company in India, according to ORG data. You can sell Himalaya products on Amazon if you have certain documents.

How can I become an Ayurvedic distributor?

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These days, the distribution of ayurvedic goods is a very lucrative industry. The demand for these items is encouraging FMCG and pharmaceutical distributors to launch their own ayurvedic product distribution businesses. Ayurvedic medication distribution is a highly attractive business opportunity for new entrepreneurs as well as established distributors from these industries.You must obtain a Goods and Service Tax Identification Number first.  You can compile a list of all the Indian manufacturers of ayurvedic items for which you want to pursue distributorship opportunities. Once you have their contact details, you may get in touch with them to ask about becoming a distributor or stockist. 

In addition, you can apply to become an ayurvedic product distributor by completing the contact form on the website, if one is there. Fill out the distribution form, create an agreement, and finish all the necessary paperwork next. Send purchase orders to them and begin collaborating with them. 

Does Ayurvedic need approval?

To produce Ayurvedic medications in India, you are required to get an Ayush license, according to Indian legislation. The same also applies to the creation and production of Unani and Siddha medicines. To authorize such pharmaceuticals, each state government selects a licensing authority. Form 24-D must be completed and submitted to the authority if you want to apply for a licence to manufacture the medications.

Can I sell Ayurvedic medicines without licence?

To sell Ayurvedic medicines, you need a certain type of drug licence. To sell Ayurvedic products, you must have a current bank account and a straightforward legal business registration. To operate an Ayurvedic pharmacy, manufacturers must first obtain a licence from the State Drug Controlling Authority. 

Sellers require an AYUSH licence, not an FSSAI licence, in order to manufacture Ayurvedic and herbal products in India. An acronym for Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy is AYUSH. 

The government's authorization to conduct retail business in Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha, or other similar products anywhere in India is known as an AYUSH certificate. Without it, the 2014-established Ministry of AYUSH cannot punish the perpetrators.

However, because they have a long history of usage in India, traditional herbal treatments like Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani (ASU) are regarded as safe. As a result, the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1940 states that no safety and effectiveness studies are necessary for marketing authorization (DCA).

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