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Wix Pricing 2023: Which Pricing Plan Is Best (2023 Guide)

Wix Pricing 2023: Which Pricing Plan Is Best (2023 Guide)

Wix pricing plan is a powerful app through which one can charge for content and services. If you want to grow and manage the online business with a customised storefront, dealing with the catalogue and order management, then Wix is the best option. 

Wix plans are great for showcasing a professional site. There are a total of eight paid plans, which are started from $16 per month. In contrast, the highest pricing plan of Wix is $59/ month. 

The clients will get a free pricing plan from the paid plans. Hence, the clients will get a chance to experience Wix for 14 days free of Cost. If unsatisfied with the Wix service, you will get a money-back guarantee. 

As per the Wix pricing plan apps, one will get flexibility in creating the types of businesses. Hence, one should select one of the three pricing plans: one-time, recurring, and free/ trial. 

  • Recurring payment: Make a subscription plan with recurring payments and choose how often the Plan recurs; weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • One-time payment: If you want to create a one-time plan, it will last for your selected period.
  • Free Plans: This Plan offers your clients a free membership program.

Note that if one wants to accept online payments, he needs to upgrade the Plan to a Business & eCommerce plan.

Wix eCommerce Business Pricing Plan 

To sell products through Wix, you should use the eCommerce plan. Here one will get three different eCommerce plans for a diverse price range of $23 to $49 per month (but billing will be done annually). Check out the critical features of Wix's eCommerce plan and compare them here in the given table- 

Business basic

Business Unlimited

Business VIP

Price/ month (Paid annually)




Price/ month (Paid monthly)




Transaction Fees




Storage space







USPS discounts

Up to 60%

Up to 70%

Automate sales tax


transactions/ month


transactions/ month


Up to 1000

Up to 3000

Product reviews




$300 Ad vouchers




Customer support




Multiple Currencies



Sell on Market Place



Before choosing the best eCommerce plan for Wix, one should thoroughly check the features offered by Wix's different pricing plans here in the given table- Business Basic Plan: $27 per month 

  • This is the best Plan for starting the eCommerce plan.
  • Stripped-back features, however, are acceptable to start the eCommerce plan.
  • If one wants to upgrade to the Unlimited Plan once the sales start picking up. 

Business Unlimited Plan: $32 per month

  • If you want, upgrade to this planning post to get steady sales.
  • Availability of lots of tools for levelling up the eCommerce effort.
  • One can ask for a product review on your site to gain trust.
  • Unlock the USPS discounts and simplify the automated sales tax calculations (to 100 transactions).
  • If you choose this Plan, you will get the option of starting dropshipping and accepting subscriptions.

Business VIP Plan: $59 per month

  • This eCommerce pricing plan is streamlined, refined, and grown.
  • Upgrade the caption: One will get more online reviews and transactions with the automated sales tax.
  •  Added USPS discount.
  • A price hike is worth it if one makes good money. 

Enterprise Custom Pricing This is a newly launched pricing plan for Wix. This means one needs to contact the Wix Enterprise sales team for more pricing information. As the name suggests, one can add more features to the enterprise pricing plan. 

If you still need to take an eCommerce plan from Wix, it would also be better to connect with the Fynd platform. 

Wix's Website Pricing Plan (Non-eCommerce Program) 

Wix's Website Pricing Plan (Non-eCommerce Program)

Apart from Wix's eCommerce pricing plans, four paid plans do not develop the website for selling things online but only want to build the website. The non-eCommerce pricing plan of Wix is more apt for making a personal blog, portfolio, or business site. 

Wix's plan range varies from $16 to $45 per month. Find out the overview of the critical distinction between the features here in the following section- 





Price/ month (Paid annually)





Price/ month (Paid monthly)





Storage space



50 GB


Video Hours

30 mins

1 hour

2 hours

5 hours

$700 Ad vouchers




Site Booster (SEO App)




Events Calendar App



Professional Logo Design



Customer Support





Storage Space: Storage space is related to the content available on the websites (blogs, images, pages, etc.). Wix will not block anyone from uploading more content; nonetheless, if one is getting closer to the limit, it will notify one about getting slower. 

Here is some context related to the storage space limit that has been highlighted: 

  • The high-end image (not compressed) is 2.3 MB, 0.046% of the unlimited plan storage, 0.005% of the Pro plan storage, and 0.002% of the VIP plan storage.
  • The Wix homepage is 81.86 MB or 4.10% of the combo plan storage, 1.64% of the Unlimited plan storage, 0.16% of the pro plan storage, and 0.082% of the VIP plan storage.   
  • If the post if 666.25 kb of 0.033% Combo storage, if the unlimited plan storage is 0.013%, Pro Plan storage is 0.001% and 0.0006% of the VIP storage plan.

 Combo Plan: $16.00/ month 

  • Perfect for portfolios, small blogs, resumes, and personal sites.
  • Ideal for free business promotion.
  • An excellent starter plan.
  • It is highly professional than the Free Plan.


Unlimited Plan: $22.00/ month 

  • Availability of SEO app to find the local people.
  • Paid AD vouchers are great for testing the features with paid advertising.
  • More storage (the faster site).
  • Rising of video allowance.
  • A practical step up for freelancers and small businesses.

Pro Plan: $27.00/ month

  • Free additional features like the calendar app.
  • Availability of branding and marketing.
  • Use of Wix logo maker for rebranding. 

VIP Plan: $45.00/ month 

  • Ideal for popular/ big websites.
  • One will get the maximum storage capacity.
  • 24/7 support is not available. One will get priority support as per the requirement.
  • A bit expensive for the service one is getting; nonetheless, it is worth it if one wants to make money from the website. 

Which Pricing Plan of Wix is Best for You?

Which pricing plan of wix is best for you

Before deciding on the best pricing plan for Wix, one should have detailed knowledge about the different types of Wix pricing plans, their features, and the Cost of choosing the Plan. A brief description of the Wix pricing plan has been highlighted in the given table. 

Wix Pricing Plan


Features of Wix Pricing Plan


Build and test the site for projects/ hobbies.


Monthly Cost: $23

Annual Cost: $16

Saving 30%

Remove the Wix advertisement, personal sites, service businesses, etc.


Monthly Cost: $29

Annual Cost: $26

Saving 24%

If your business has been growing, this Plan is ideal with lots of content since the storage will be increased if you choose this Plan.


Monthly Cost: $34

Annual Cost: $27

Saving 21%

One will avail the marketing and branding for the business.


Monthly Cost: $49

Annual Cost: $45

Saving 8%

One will get priority support from the experts and a maximum storage allowance.

Business essential

Monthly Cost: $34

Annual Cost: $27

Saving 21%

This is the cheapest eCommerce plan if one wants to start selling.

Business Unlimited

Monthly Cost: $38

Annual Cost: $32

Saving 16%

This is perfect for growing online stores since one gets more storage and additional features here.

Business VIP

Monthly Cost: $64

Annual Cost: $59

Saving 8%

Ideal for online stores, which is needed more storage and priority support


Custom pricing

Completely customised Plan along with a dedicated account manager

  • If one is looking for a website without an online store, then the General website category of Wix is the best.
  • However, if you plan to sell the products online, you should choose the business and eCommerce plan.

Hence, based on the purpose you have opened the website and the budget, you should choose the ideal Plan for you. 

Wix Scheduling Price: Wix scheduling pricing allows the clients to book appointments and pay the amount online. For the same, the experts of Wix will arrange sessions with Zoom to reach the clients anywhere.

If one selects the Wix scheduling price, he will get analytics for tracking business performance. And the most important thing is the Wix scheduling price allows you to run the business from any device with the Wix app.

Check out the scheduling pricing tools for managing and growing the business with Wix are highlighted here in the given section-

Group sessions and appointment scheduler

Calendar management

Sell services

Client management

Customised mobile app

Reports and Analytics

Staff Management

Secure Payment Solutions

Memberships and Analytics


Fynd Platform Pricing Plan

Fynd Platform Pricing Plan

Before you move to the next section, you can check out the pricing plans offered by the Fynd online platform here. Apart from several pricing plans, one will get a 30-day free trial period when one does not need to provide credit card details.

Also, check the pricing plans offered by the Fynd platform

Standard Plan,

Professional Plan,

Premium plan,

Enterprise plan

  • Rs 599/ month
  • Starting Plan for entrepreneurs.
  • 4.5% transaction fees, no custom domain, and one selling location.
  • Five hundred emails are free. After that, 0.25 Rs will be charged for every email.
  • 24/7 hours email support. 
  • Rs 1499/ month
  • Ideal pricing plan for growing business.
  • 4.5% transaction fees, custom domain, and two selling locations.
  • Five thousand emails are free. After that, 0.25 Rs will be charged for every email.
  • 12 hours of email support.
  • Rs 2499/ month
  • Perfect for scaled-up businesses.
  • 3.5% transaction fees, custom domain, and five selling locations.
  • 50k emails are free. After that, 0.25 Rs will be charged for every email.
  • Fees are custom.
  • Domain integration.
  • 100 selling locations.
  • 8 hours of priority support.

Personal vs Business Plan of Wix

Personal vs Business Plan of Wix

Once one sets up the Wix pricing plan, they will be asked to choose the account type, depending on how they want to run their business.

Two pricing plans of Wix have been highlighted here:

  • Individual account/ Personal Plan
  • The business pricing plan of Wix (Partnership/ LLC/ Corporation/ NGO)

Individual Account/ Personal Plan: Select this pricing plan of Wix if you are running the business individually or as a sole proprietor. You can choose this pricing plan if you do not need the EIN or a relevant organisation registration ID.

For the same, the payouts will be sent to the personal bank account. During registration, kindly ensure that should match the Wix payment account name and the bank account holder's name. 

For instance, if one has created a Wix personal pricing plan under "Ronnie Mendes", however, the associated bank account is listed as "Ronnie's parlour", then the payment transferred will be failed.

Business Pricing Plan: Select this if you are doing business as an organisation (Partnership/ LLC/ Corporation/ NGO). The payout will be sent to the business's bank account in such a case.

  • The business will need an EIN or the relevant company registration ID for the respective country.
  • Also, the bank account should be a registered business account under the company's name.
  • The company's name in the Wix payment should match the bank account details.

Note: For the same, if you registered your bank account, then the payment transfer will be failed.

Note for NGO: If your non-governmental organisation does not have the EIN or any other organisational registration ID, it is impossible to develop a business account.

Non-Profit Pricing Plan of Wix,

The non-profit pricing plan of Wix is highly competitive, and the starting pricing plan is $5 per month. This pricing plan comprises the other plans, such as unlimited storage, bandwidth, and support.

Non-profit organisations can also avail the benefits of the Wix app market so that they can get additional offers and discounts on popular apps and services. Besides, non-profit organisations can get a free domain for one year after they sign up for a new account.

Basic Commerce versus Advanced Commerce Plan

Basic Commerce versus Advanced Commerce Plan

A basic Wix commerce plan is ideal for individuals and businesses and is perfect for creating an online store. It supports more HD video storage or required access to Wix's powerful business apps like Wix Bookings. 

Nonetheless, this essential and advanced commerce plan is beneficial for launching and maintaining the online store, such as developing a storefront, making a product catalogue, managing orders, integrating sales channels, and managing shipping and taxes. 

Basic eCommerce Plan: The basic eCommerce plan comprises a free custom domain, SSL encryption, the ability to accept online payments, start subscriptions, collect recurring payments, and save customer payments so visitors can quickly check out.

Here are the basic eCommerce plans with low-volume sales-

Key Features

Lack of facility

Advertising credits

No drop shipping

24/7 customer support

No subscriptions

5 hours of video support

No product reviews.

Also, Wix's basic eCommerce plan includes 50 GB storage space, $600 worth of advertisement vouchers, and the ability to showcase and sell unlimited products. Basically, in the essential Plan, the option is very robust. This basic eCommerce plan is perfect for the newly launched online business.

Advanced eCommerce Plan: This Plan is ideal for small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses planning to sell through Wix.

Key features

Lack of features

Feature of adding 1000 product reviews

No custom reporting or analytics

Subscriptions of the offered item

Limited storage

Dropship of up to 250 products

No loyalty program

In the advanced eCommerce plan, one will get an additional 100 GB of storage, 10 hours of video, and automated sales tax features. 

This Plan also includes advanced shipping features such as end-to-end order fulfilment management and the potential to reach more eligible shoppers by selling across online marketplaces. Here, the Plan will comprise 1000 product reviews, perfect for developing trust and credibility for the business.

Is There Any Hidden or Additional Cost?

Is There Any Hidden or Additional Cost

Apart from paying the monthly subscription fee, one should pay the Wix costs.

1. Wix Auto-Renewal: This is not an additional charge; nonetheless, many customers do not feel that the Wix subscriptions are about to be renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period.

If you do no-t want to auto-renew the Plan, you can turn off the settings; then, you should simply turn off the same to your settings.

  • Open the billing and payments section in the Wix account
  • Click on the Plan Actions
  • Click on the Cancel Now option

Note that once you click the Cancel Now option, the automatically renew option will be cancelled from the subscription.

2. Cost of Wix Domain Name (Only Free for First Year of Annual Plans): Wix domain will be free for the first year. Post that, most domains will cost $14.95 per year. On the other hand, most of the specialised domains cost $24.85 per year.

If you are not ready to pay for your domain, then some other person will register and use the domain name for themselves. The domain name's renewal will happen automatically; you will not accidentally lose the domain.

3. Custom email address: Wix has already partnered with G Suite (Google's Gmail for the Business), which enables the creation of custom email addresses directly with the Wix account.

Hence, one can pay, set up, and configure the email addresses inside Wix's dashboard. The Cost of signing up for email is $6.00 per year, or you have to pay $6.50 if you choose a month-to-month email plan.

 4. Pay Extra for Apps: One will get tons of free apps in the Wix app market (55 apps exactly). Apart from that, one will get some premium apps that can be added to the website. There will be both free and premium apps. Based on your preferences, you should choose the same.

The price of the Wix premium apps is varied from the price range between $3 and $20 per month. Some apps come with a free trial, whereas the others are paid packages from day one.

As per the experts, one should start with the free version and then can upgrade to the premium app at any time. Hence, if you do not want to pay for an app, ensure that you have turned it off in the settings. 

5. Wix Ascend (Marketing Support for Small Businesses): Wix Ascend is the one-stop shop for customer management and marketing destinations. It is a business tool designed to grow traffic and gain customer insights. Also, Wix ascends beneficial for boosting customer engagement and conversions and managing the business.

One can avail of Wix Ascend for free, pre-installed on the Wix website. Nevertheless, it will give you unlimited access to all ascend business tools. Therefore, if you want to remove the ascend branding or unlock the powerful features, you must upgrade the same.

Which Wix Plans Have We Recommended the Most?

If one is looking to avail of most of the features offered by Wix, then one should be signing up for the basic Business plan of Wix for $27/ month. As per the experts, one can access a wide range of quality tools and features.

Before concluding about the best Wix plans, one can consider the Wix transaction fees, email pricing plan, and domain pricing. Wix transaction fees: A transaction fee is charged for every payment you receive through Wix. Wix payment charges the amount for the processing of funds to the account.

The wix transaction fee is 2.9%; however, if one is making a transaction using a credit card, he has to pay an additional $0.30. For the Wix transaction fees, one should select one of the below-mentioned associated transaction fees:

  • Credit/ debit card with payments
  • Wix Payments point of sale (POS)
  •  Wix Payments Manual Card Entry
  • Apple Pay
  • Pay Now (Online Bank Transfer)
  • iDEAL
  • Giropay

Wix Email Pricing Plan: Wix email pricing starts from $4.95 per month, which includes the features for starting the service. It also comprises 1 GB of storage and supports up to 5 users. One can upgrade the Plan anytime if one requires more storage or users. In addition, there are no long-term contracts; hence, one can cancel the account at any time.

Wix also offers up to 3 users support a free plan that includes 500 MB of storage and the same. Nonetheless, the free Plan does not include a professional email address. If one is looking for a professional email address with the free Plan, he should upgrade to the paid one.

Wix Domain Pricing: It is known that a custom domain name can make the website easier to find. However, it also benefits potential consumers who can run a reputable business. Most domains' Wix costs between $10 to $45 per year. However, sometimes, the prices are higher in some cases.

Different factors can affect the domain prices; hence, it is necessary to understand the probable return on the investment for each option. More specifically, if the domain name is expensive, it may give you enough recognition, reputability, and organic traffic, over time. In turn, the sales of your eCommerce business can be sharply increased.

Some critical factors influence the domain name cost: 

  • Domain name structure
  • Premium domain names
  • Domain aftermarket
  • Privacy protection

Tip: One will get the estimated domain price if one puts the potential name into the Wix generator. 

It is already discussed that the Fynd platform can be a significant competitor of Wix. Hence, the transaction fees, email pricing plan, and domain pricing of the Fynd platform have been analysed here.

Transaction Fees of Fynd Platform: The Fynd platform's transaction fees vary based on the pricing plan one chooses. If you choose the standard or professional pricing plan of the Fynd platform, the transaction fee will be 4.5%, whereas the fee will be 3.5% if you choose the premium Plan. 

Unlike Wix, one should not pay any additional amount if he makes a transaction using a credit card. Hence, there is no such hidden price in the Fynd platform. Email Pricing Plan of Fynd Platform: The email pricing plan of the Fynd platform is way more budget-friendly than the Wix email pricing plan. 

If you choose Standard, Professional, or the Business pricing plan under the Fynd platform, you can send free emails up to 500, 5000, and 50k, respectively. After that, the clients have to pay INR 0.25 per mail, and the charge is much lower compared to the Wix email price. Also, Read  Fynd Platform Pricing Plan.

Domain Pricing Plan of Fynd Platform: The clients do not need to avail of the custom domain if they choose the standard pricing plan. Consequently, there will be no question of paying a custom domain price for a standard pricing plan. 

Also, if the clients choose the professional or the business plan, they can choose the custom domain name. However, there will be no additional payment for choosing the custom domain name, which will be included in the Plan.

Again, it is proved that the Fynd platform provides more budget-friendly plans than the Wix platform. In comparison between Wix and the Fynd platform pricing plan, the Fynd platform can get a 4.9 rating out of 5, whereas the score for Wix will be 4.5 out of 5.

Tips to Get the Best Deal with Wix

It is already discussed that the Wix pricing plans are flexible per the requirements. For instance, there are 12 main plans, and the packages are available. Also, you can buy the premium third-party Wix website apps from the Wix app stores. To avoid the irrelevant Plan for you and save up to 40%, consider the following suggestions.

Suggestion 1: If one has only 8 products to sell and gets very few transactions, he does not need to pay for the entire Wix eCommerce. Instead, you only need a $27/ month basic business plan to receive the money. 

Then this Plan will be expensive for you. In such a case, you should choose the $16 combo plan and set the Plan with PayPal and Stripe payments since this payment gateway will accept 99% of the entire credit and debit cards and send the amount directly to the bank account. 

Therefore, implementing this strategy, one has to pay only $16, in turn, a $27 plan, and you can save $11/ month or $12/ year. This savings is more than 40%.

Suggestion 2: If one wants to be registered with a business email, then Wix provides you with Google's Integrated business email. The same will be available on the Wix dashboard.

Google G-suit charge will be $6/ month, and the price will be varied to $25/ month for the business email. However, this Plan seems costlier for small business owners.

Then, one can use Zoho business email for free on Wix. Zoho is the leading business collaboration application provider worldwide, which provides unlimited business emails for 5 domains free of Cost.

This email is similar to Google's Gmail, and it also offers similar features which Google offers in business email. In such a case, one should sign up for a Zoho business email and connect with the Wix domain.

Suggestion 3: One should not buy a monthly plan since he will not get a free domain name, premium apps, or other benefits for the Plan's monthly payment. Instead, it will be wise if he chooses a premium domain free of Cost. In addition, you will get a 22% discount. Also, if you choose the premium domain for free, you will get many benefits. 

Suggestion 4: If one wants to change the Plan without losing past credit, one should not forget to take the previous credit when changing the Plan. You do not need to pay the total amount when changing the Plan. Instead, you only need to pay the difference.

Suggestion 5: If you plan to advertise the website on Google, Bing, or any local listing, then you will get a lot of benefits from the Wix vouchers. One can get a certain amount worth of Google Ads.

Note that this advertisement voucher is independent of any other vouchers or offers. Only one needs to enter the Wix ad code and then should claim the same. Sometimes, one will get a free domain name, even if one did not buy a free domain while buying the central Plan.

Suggestion 6: If you are a student and have access to the university email, here is a surprise for you. You will get a 50% discount on the yearly plans. Note, do not try if you do not have access to any student email.

However, if you do not have a student email, you can also avail of an additional 10% discount. This is the first cheapest Plan of Wix. For the same, one should enter "TAKE10" and click on the apply button. These are the best possible way, which is beneficial to save money.

Is the Free Plan of Wix Free?

Is the Free Plan of Wix Free

Yes, Wix offers a free plan to the users, which provides 500 MB of data storage. The free Plan is also great since there is no time limit. And one can build his website without paying a cent. One must not need any payment details to sign up for the free Plan Wix.

Instead, one needs to create an account with the email address and post that they can start to build the website. However, the free Plan is not always great for a growing business. It has some limited features. 

Here are some limitations of Wix's free Plan- 

  • One cannot select his domain name for the business.
  • One cannot sell the products online.
  • One can avail only the adverts display of Wix on the website.
  • If you choose the free Plan, you cannot get access to Google analytics.
  • Only essential customer support can be received. No priority support option is available there. 

Wix Versus Competitor Pricing Plans

wix versus competitor pricing plans

Over the years, Wix has changed the conception of the business and non-eCommerce pricing plan. Wix is famous for a cheaper plan like the "Connect Domain" option, which is priced at $5/ month. 

However, Wix's combo plan, which was famous as the cheapest, has increased the Plan by $2/ year. Hence, now the combo plan of Wix is available at $16, and it is one of the most expensive advertisement-free starting plans in the market. 

Before comparing the Wix pricing plan with the competitors, check out Wix apps, integration costs, and template prices. Wix Apps and Integration Cost: Wix apps and integration costs include Wix bookings services, Site pages, Wix events, blogs, online programs, Wix video, Wix file share, Wix groups, etc. 

Wix Templates Prices: Wix has approximately 500 free eCommerce website templates, which can cover a wide range of categories. Each of the templates will be coming with a wide range of categories. 

Some of the major competitors of Wix are Squarespace, Weebly, GoDaddy, and the Fynd platform. In the following, the pricing plan of these major competitors have been highlighted- 

Squarespace Pricing Plans: Similar to Wix, one will get a variety of pricing plans if he chooses Squarespace. More specifically, one should choose any pricing plan, such as the Personal pricing plan, Business pricing plan, Basic Commerce pricing plan, and Advanced Commerce pricing plan. 

Also, here one will get a 14 days trial pricing plan. Weebly Pricing Plan: Compared to Wix and Squarespace, Weebly's pricing plan is far behind. One can get free, personal, professional, and performance-based pricing plans here. The features against each pricing plan are also less than the Wix pricing plan. 

GoDaddy Pricing Plan: The free pricing plan offers 24/7 support, and the websites are mobile-friendly. After that, as per your need, you can upgrade the pricing plan (if required).

Here also, one will get different pricing plans for personal use, start-up businesses, growing businesses, and eCommerce. And the price range of the programs will be varied from Rs 249/ month to Rs 999/ month.

Fynd Platform: Similar to the other website builders, the Fynd platform also offers a free trial pack for clients. However, the best part is, the Fynd platform does not levy GST or local tax on the monthly fees (for Indian clients). 

Only the tax will be added based on the region/ country. In addition, one can get plenty of offers along with the pricing plan. Considering the competitors and Wix pricing plans, the Fynd platform offers the cheapest pricing plan for its services.


Considering Wix's eight different pricing plans, it can be concluded that they are ideal for a specific group of clients. For instance, the free Plan of Wix offers a wide range of features, templates, and apps.

Nevertheless, there are some limitations to the site's functions. On the contrary, the Combo plan is best for personal use, and here one will get a free domain for a year on the annual Plan. 

On the other hand, the unlimited pricing plan of Wix is ideal for businesses since, here, businesses will get more storage, higher video allowance, and an SEO support app. At the same time, the basic Business plan is ideal for selling the products online. Hence, you set your objective and choose the best Plan to get the maximum return.


How much does it cost to use Wix?

There are a total of eight pricing plans available, which are available from $16 per month to $59 per month. Per the experts, $16 per month is ideal and cheapest as the combo plan, whereas $22 per month is the Unlimited Plan, which is popular among freelancers.

Is Wix free?

Yes, Wix is free; however, one can avail of some limited features. For instance, the templates and the apps are limited under the Wix free pricing plan.

What is the sales tax Wix is taking?

arrow down

The sales tax percentage of Wix is 2.9% plus $0.30.

Do professionals use Wix?

Wix is a user-friendly platform that allows clients to create and manage their websites without needing coding knowledge. This is a good option for professionals who want to focus o design more than coding.

Does Wix have its domain name?

While Wix is used for creating websites, you should know that you do not own the domain name when using the service. However, if you think of leaving Wix, you do not need to leave the domain name.

What is the #1 rank holder in website building?

The Fynd platform holds the first rank in website building, where one can choose the best Plan as per their demand, and they will get 24/7 support from the executive if they need it. Also, there are no hidden costs or taxes implied in the pricing plans. All the Fynd platform-made websites are mobile-friendly.

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