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12 Best Cloud Hosting Providers And Services 2024 (Comparison & Review)

12 Best Cloud Hosting Providers And Services 2024 (Comparison & Review)

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Cloud hosting is used for making applications and websites with the help of cloud resources. Irrespective of traditional hosting, the solutions are not deployed on a single user. A network connection with the virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the website, ensuring higher flexibility and scalability.

Some of the key features of cloud hosting are highlighted in the following section.

  1. Applications and solutions are deployed on cloud network than the on-premises and single server
  2. Cloud hosting support the SQL (including MySQL) or NoSQL databases
  3. Organizations should pay only for the resources they use
  4. Resources are scalable as per the user needs
  5. Offers completely managed solution
  6. Cloud hosting providers constantly supervise the websites
  7. Solutions are automated and can be controlled using the web portals, APIs and mobile apps

What Is Cloud Computing?

What Is Cloud Computing

Three types of Cloud Hosting models are used for implementing cloud services. These models are:

1. Private cloud hosting service:

Private cloud hosting has become increasingly popular amongst organizations, offering a reliable, secure platform for data storage and applications. It is available on-premise or hosted remotely by the cloud provider, with the organization responsible for the associated costs.

Private cloud hosting is especially useful for companies that need additional control over their data and applications and those who wish to have an isolated and secure computing environment.

The hosting service can scale as needed, and with its reliable performance, organizations can ensure that their data and applications are always available.Private cloud hosting services offer many advantages, such as no need for capital expense, low IT overheads and infinite scalability.

However, some drawbacks exist, such as limited customization options, potential latency issues and governance concerns. Despite these potential drawbacks, private cloud hosting services can still be a very effective and efficient way of managing data and resources.

Organizations can take advantage of the benefits with the right setup and management while minimizing the risks.

2. Public cloud hosting model:

Public cloud hosting is a cloud computing model in which a third-party service provider provides resources over the internet. The provider maintains and operates the cloud, giving users access to unlimited storage, processing power, and other computing resources.

Public cloud hosting is cost-effective, secure, and offers scalability to accommodate fluctuating or growing demand. The public cloud hosting model offers many advantages, including full customizability, advanced security systems and optimal performance.

However, it also has certain disadvantages, such as high capital costs and increased IT overhead. Businesses need to weigh the pros and cons of public cloud hosting and ensure optimal performance and a secure environment before deciding on the best option for their needs.

3. Hybrid cloud hosting service:

Hybrid cloud hosting is a powerful and flexible solution for businesses. It combines the best public and private cloud hosting with minimal IT overhead and no capacity constraints.

With unbeatable security and superior performance, hybrid cloud hosting is the perfect choice for businesses looking for maximum control and scalability.It allows for greater data privacy and more control over data storage, giving businesses the peace of mind that their data is safe and secure.

Furthermore, hybrid cloud hosting is extremely cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

What Is A Cloud Hosting Service Provider? 

What Is A Cloud Hosting Service Provider

Cloud hosting uses a virtual system to store and manage data on remote servers through the internet. It allows users to access corporate networks and applications from anywhere.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the most popular cloud service provider, commanding a 32% market share. Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and Google Cloud are popular public cloud providers.

Regarding cloud hosting, A2 Hosting stands out as one of the top-rated providers. It offers many attractive features, such as excellent flexibility, customizability, and a money-back guarantee. Cloudways and Kamatera are two other highly rated cloud Hosting providers.

Why Cloud Hosting? 

Why Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a secure, reliable, and highly scalable type of Hosting that stores websites across multiple servers. This allows the websites to access resources from various locations, making them more flexible and efficient.

1. Flexibility:

Cloud hosting provides scalability to accommodate traffic spikes or seasonal demands, while traditional hosting has limited bandwidth.

2. Reliability:

Hardware failures do not cause downtime, as applications and sites are hosted on a network of servers. Cloud hosting is safe and secure.

3. Pay-as-you-go model:

Users only pay for resources used per month or hour. Cloud hosting has a different setup from the flat rates of traditional hosting.

4. Growth potential:

Cloud hosting is expected to experience a sharp growth rate and is projected to reach a market value of US$ 614.1 billion by 2030.

cloud hosting

As per the experts, top three reasons behind the phenomenal growth of cloud computing are:

1 Digital transformation of the world: As more businesses and organizations move their operations online, there is a greater need for cloud-based services to support their digital transformation.

2. Rapid adaptation of 5G technology, excessive uses of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI): The increasing use of advanced technologies like 5G, IoT, and AI are driving demand for cloud services, which provide the infrastructure and processing power needed to support these technologies.

3. Worldwide surge in internet penetration across the Asia-Pacific Region: As internet penetration rates continue to increase around the world, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, there is a growing demand for cloud services that can deliver content and applications reliably and quickly across the globe.

These factors are expected to continue driving growth in the cloud computing industry in the coming years.

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What Is A Cloud Service?

What Is A Cloud Service

Four main categories of cloud hosting services and functionalities can be rented and delivered by the cloud service provider. The cloud service includes:

1. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS):

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are prime examples of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers. IaaS enables organizations to build, manage, and scale their operating systems, network infrastructure, and data storage.

2. Platform-as-as-Service (PaaS):

Google App Engine and OpenShift are examples of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud services. PaaS provides clients with a platform for software development, testing, delivery, and management, including storage, servers, network, and databases.

3. Serverless Computing:

Platform-as-a-Service with Serverless Management (PaaS with Serverless Management, or PaaS/S) is an additional service that allows clients to manage infrastructure and services, including set-up, capacity, and server maintenance, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Serverless computing is a subset of PaaS/S, and examples of serverless computing include AWS Lambda, IBM OpenWhisk, and Microsoft Azure Functions, among others.

4. Software-as-a-Service:

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud computing model where cloud hosting service providers offer software applications, along with the underlying infrastructure, to users over the internet.

The users can access the software and use it via a web browser, without having to worry about managing or maintaining the underlying infrastructure

Top Cloud Hosting Providers

Top Cloud Hosting Providers

When choosing the best and top cloud hosting service provider, service takers should consider several factors, including:

1 Scalable Ressources: The provider should offer scalable resources that can be adjusted to meet the client's changing needs.

2. Speed and Performance: The provider should offer fast and reliable services that meet the client's performance requirements.

3. Pricing Strategy: The provider should have a transparent pricing strategy that offers flexible payment options, including pay-as-you-go or fixed pricing models.

4. Security: The provider should offer robust security features to protect the client's data and applications from unauthorized access, malware, and other threats.

Considering these factors can help service takers choose a cloud hosting service provider that meets their business needs and goals.

It is worth noting that cloud hosting operates differently from other popular types of hosting, such as shared hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting, or dedicated server hosting.

Some of the top cloud hosting service providers include:

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Amazon Web

One of the key advantages of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is that it eliminates the need for upfront capital infrastructure costs, allowing businesses to scale up more efficiently.

AWS is a reliable and widely used platform, with hundreds or thousands of businesses depending on it for their product market. AWS has a dominant market share in the cloud computing industry, accounting for 41% of the market.

AWS is also recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). AWS offers various services to help clients with workloads, including game development, data processing, storage, warehousing, and more.

With AWS, clients can choose various server options to meet their specific needs.

Some of the important services offered by Amazon web services are discussed in the following section.

  1. Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
  2. 3. AWS Lambda
  3. AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  4. Amazon VPC
  5. Amazon Route 53
  6. Database Migration Service
  7. Server Migration Service
  8. Database Services-Amazon RDS

AWS Cloud hosting provides free services that do not expire and are available to all users, along with a 12-month free trial for new sign-ups. AWS also offers short-term free trial options for those who choose Amazon Cloud hosting over other providers.

2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is widely regarded as the top cloud hosting service provider thanks to its one-of-a-kind anytime money-back guarantee, which sets it apart from other providers. Since its founding in 2003, A2 Hosting has earned a reputation for hard work and continues to grow at an impressive pace.

With the help of A2 Site Builder, creating a new site is simple, and users can install their favourite CMS systems, including WordPress.

A2 Hosting offers affordable pricing with monthly cloud plans starting from $4.99. While the uptime may not be the best at 99.95%, the Hosting package provides a range of excellent features.

A2 Hosting offers unique options for website owners, with 450 GB storage, 8 CPU cores, and 32 GB RAM. Plus, you can host an unlimited number of websites. Compared to other hosting providers, A2 Hosting offers cloud VPS plans with managed and unmanaged options.

Additionally, their site builder offers easy editing and fast website publishing to help you quickly build new sites.

Key Features of A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting aims to provide website owners with the best web Hosting solutions to ensure their websites function quickly and reliably. In this regard, A2 Hosting offers a range of features discussed below.

  • Start-up shared pack: $2.99 per month.
  • Turbo Boost Hosting: $6.99 per month
  • Managed WordPress: $11.99 per month
  • Turbo Boost Hosting is approximately 20 times faster than other hosting providers, which can improve SEO rankings, minimize bounce rates, and increase conversion rates.
  • VPS Web Hosting offers dedicated resources to increase reliability, with two levels of management options available at a lower price.
  • Reseller hosting plans provide an easy-to-use way to earn additional revenue.
  • Dedicated Hosting is a powerhouse of server performance, eligible to meet any need of the client's websites.
  • A2 Hosting provides a full set of trustworthy domain registration and management offerings that website owners can rely on.

You can check their website if you want more information on A2 Hosting's features and pricing.

Particular  Details 
Pricing $4.99-$98.99 
Bandwidth  2 TB-8 TB 
Storage   20 GB-250 GB 
Free backups? Yes
Free domain name?  No
Root access?  Yes
Money-back guarantee?  Yes- No time boundation, Any day

Pitfalls of A2 Hosting

A potential drawback to using A2 Hosting: if you choose an unmanaged cloud VPS plan, you will need to purchase an SSL certificate, which can be a nuisance as it is not provided for free.

3. CloudWays

cloud way

Cloudways is a leading cloud hosting service provider, serving over 75,000 businesses with its high-performance and reliable hosting solutions. Its main goal is to help businesses unlock the full potential of their websites and achieve a higher return on investment.

With Cloudways, websites can run faster and perform more securely while benefiting from 24/7 expert support. One of the key advantages of Cloudways is its flexible pricing strategy, which is based on the data centre selected by the website owner.

This lets customers choose between monthly or hourly pricing packages that suit their needs. For example, the basic monthly plan starts at just $10 per month in certain locations. However, it's worth noting that prices may vary depending on the specific data centre and features selected by the customer.

Overall, Cloudways is a top contender in the cloud hosting industry, offering powerful and reliable hosting solutions to help businesses achieve their online goals.

Key Features of Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways simplifies cloud hosting services for websites by providing key features such as:

  • Cloudways' user-friendly hosting service simplifies website management, including backups, vertical scaling, and free SSL installation tasks. These operations can be completed in just a few clicks, significantly reducing the time required for website owners to manage their sites.

  • Cloudways includes a fully optimized advanced cache and Cloudflare CDN to maintain website performance without degradation. This results in faster growth and a smoother experience for website users.

  • Cloudways offers website owners access to DigitalOcean, AWS, Linode, and more on any plan.

  • Cloudways' innovative platform empowers teams to quickly launch a website and get it live in just a few minutes.

  • Cloudways provides faster and more secure websites and 24/7 real-time expert support.

  • Cloudways offers Advanced Support Add-on or Premium Support Add-on to website owners who want to establish a closer partnership and enhance their support system. With access to Senior Support Engineers, these add-ons extend the in-house team.

  • Cloudways provides the best cloud hosting service that focuses on removing complexity, enabling clients to scale their websites easily.

In summary, Cloudways is a super easy, fast, cost-effective cloud hosting service that minimizes website loading time and reduces bounce rates. Cloudways partners with industry leaders like Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, AWS, CloudFlare, and VULTR to provide exceptional hosting services. Here's a summary of Cloudways hosting service's features and pricing strategy:

Pricing  $10-$3569.98 
 Bandwidth 1 TB-20 TB 
 Storage 25 GB-3840 GB 
 Free backups? No 
 Free domain name? No 
 Root access? No 
 Money-back guarantee? No 

Pitfalls of Cloudways

Cloudways can sign upto one or two paid support plans though available 24/7 live chat offering attractive customer support and an easy ticketing system.

The advanced support plan would include proactive site monitoring, investigations, and customizations for $100 monthly and $500 if one needs to scale up for the premium plan.

4. Kamatera


Kamatera is the only hosting solution with complete control over the cloud hosting, whether the task is to get the root access or select the IP allocation. It also offers flexibility when scaling the resources up or down.

Within a minute, server capacity can be increased or decreased, and one can add and remove the elements like CPU, storage space, CPU and firewalls with just one click. In brief, Kamatera is a personalized hosting plan.

Key Features of Kamatera

Kamatera can create servers and more just within 60 seconds. Here are the key features of the Kamatera cloud hosting service provider.

  • Unlimited Scaling up and scaling out
  • Simple management console and API
  • Offers premium human support 24/7
  • Serves the cloud hosting service across four continents for ultimate availability and performance.
  • Can deal with the quickly added load balances and can scale out to hundreds of servers in seconds.
  • Kamatera cloud hosting is 99.95% uptime guaranteed.
  • There is no single point of failure.
  • Offers the fastest networking speed between the servers and Internet backbone (unlimited 4- Gbit/s per Server)
  • One can run applications and databases with no I/O bottlenecks and zero latency.
  • Allocates each server its resources with no overselling or sharing of CPU, RAM or other system resources.
  • Kamatera cloud hosting can easily adjust the R&D resources per the team's requirements. If required, one can create, replicate or delete the virtual machines while keeping configurations across multiple projects.
  • One can avail of the centralized software management by installing it on a single virtual machine so that multiple clients over remote desktops can use it without installations.
  • Kamatera cloud hosting allows getting a pre-installed WordPress server optimized for a quick launch and easily scalable.
  • The cloud hosting service provider can minimize the cost of ERP by adapting the server resources to the actual usage requirements.
  • Allows for a robust and efficient communication channel with several email solutions. Along with it, the service takers can avail of the content filtering options for smooth operation and deliver the email flawlessly.
  • Assures fluent operation of CRM with a virtual machine and keeps the customer-related workflows available for the users to increase productivity.
  • The availability of content servers can support the network distribution of IoT devices. 

Many experts assume that the Kamatera is the fastest cloud on the planet. Hence, one can run the server on the latest processor with up to 300% more power per CPU than the previous generations. One can try out a 30-day trial session with Kamatera. 

Get the features of Kamatera Cloud Hosting service provider at a glance in the following table.

 Pricing $ 4-$ 3700 
Bandwidth  1 GB-40 GB 
 Storage  20 GB-4000 GB
 Free backups?  No
 Free domain name? No 
 Root access?  Yes
 Money-back guarantee? No  

Pitfalls of Kamatera

Kamatera's cloud hosting is known for having shorter uptime than competing platforms such as Cloudways and HostGator. This could be improved, leading to more reliable performance and customer satisfaction.

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5. SiteGround 


SiteGround is the most powerful hosting platform, which recommends. The owners of 2800000 domains trust the cloud hosting service provider. SiteGround offers free email, SSL, CDN and backups.

To run your website 500% faster, one can take a cloud hosting service from SiteGround. With excellent help and support (via phone, live chat and email), SiteGround assures a strong uptime guarantee of 99.98%. SiteGround is a reliable cloud hosting service provider, and the overall score is 3.7/5.

SiteGround platform is built with the premium Google cloud infrastructure in terms of reliability, speed and security. Hence, the clients have been getting the advantage of experiencing a fast network, SSP Persistent storage for the optimal site speed and for higher redundancy.

SiteGround has developed a custom implementation of PHP and MySQL for serving high performance. It, in turn, can increase the average page load by 30% than the average speed.

By customizing their implementation of PHP and MySQL, SiteGround can provide a page load speed of 30% faster than the average. This provides clients a reliable and secure performance optimized to deliver the best user experience.

Exciting Offers by SiteGround:

It offers exceptional customer service, giving clients an amazing 80% off in September, a free website transfer and 24/7 support through live chat and phone.

Key Features of SiteGround

Some key features of SiteGround are discussed here in the following section.

1. Web Hosting:

SiteGround offers fast and secure Web hosting for the small and medium-sized businesses

2. WordPress Hosting:

With SiteGround's WordPress hosting, managing your website is a breeze, offering unparalleled flexibility and freedom. Experience lightning-fast website performance with constant support, boosting your site's speed by up to 5X.

3. WooCommerce Hosting:

Optimize your online business with high-performance Woo Commerce hosting.

4. Integration of latest technologies:

SiteGround is the pioneering hosting company that offers the latest speed technologies to its users, allowing clients to enjoy innovative protocols and compression algorithms like Brotli, HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, OCSP Stapling, and QUIC for an optimal website experience.

5. Customer Care team:

Here is a summary of the key features offered by SiteGround, including 24/7 top-rated hosting support for clients. Take a glance at siteground's highlighted features in the table below.

 Pricing  $ 100-$ 400 Offering 80% off until September 30
Bandwidth  5 TB
 Storage 40 GB-160 GB
 Free backups?  Yes
 Free domain name? No
 Root access? No 
 Money-back guarantee? Yes-Within 14 days  

Things to be Improved

1. While SiteGround provides a free domain as a handy bonus, a free domain name is not included with their plans.

2. The starting price of SiteGround's cloud hosting is considerably higher at $100 compared to other service providers.

6. Hostwinds

 Hostwinds‍ web Hosting

Hostwinds' cloud hosting service provides ample storage, high bandwidth, and efficient RAM. The platform also offers one-click installation options to streamline the setup process.

One of the most appealing features of Hostwinds is its flexible pricing strategy.Clients who use Hostwinds' cloud hosting service can take advantage of hourly pricing, which allows them to pay only for the resources they use.

This flexible billing system enables efficient, effective, and economical deployment of resources, providing clients with cost savings and greater control over their spending.

Hostwinds' cloud hosting plans range from the basic plan, which costs $0.006931 per hour, to the advanced plan, which costs $0.456931 per hour. When calculated as a monthly expense, the basic plan costs $4.99, while the advanced plan costs $328.99.

This range of options allows clients to choose a plan that best meets their needs and budget.Hostwinds' cloud portal provides easy server management through its proprietary cloud control panel.

This allows clients to create and control servers with ease. Additionally, Hostwinds offers clients a wide selection of operating systems, providing greater flexibility and customization options.

Hostwinds' cloud hosting service provides clients with a list of cloud servers that can be launched online in seconds, allowing them to run any operating system they require.

The service plan offered by Hostwinds is competitively priced, and clients can also take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee, which is longer than many competitors. This guarantee provides added peace of mind and allows clients to try the service confidently.

Features Offer by Hostwinds

Check out the features offered by the Hostwinds cloud server here in the given section.

  1. 1Gbps ports
  2. Snapshots
  3. 99.9999% uptime
  4. Free website transfer
  5. User-friendly
  6. Enterprise Firewall

Creating and running a cloud server with Hostwinds can be done within seconds. Besides the features mentioned above, detailed information about Hostwinds services is available.

1. Redundant of Network:

Hostwinds offers a redundant network that ensures stability and mission-critical capabilities by eliminating any single point of failure.

2. Nightly Backups:

Hostwinds provides a nightly backup system to safeguard the data of their clients' cloud servers.

3. Server monitoring:

Hostwinds provides 24/7 monitoring of the cloud servers, ensuring timely identification and resolution of any issues. In case of any problem, a support ticket is automatically generated to provide prompt assistance to clients.

4. Quick Scalability:

Hostwinds allows for quick and flexible scaling of server resources to meet changing needs, as per the cloud server plan.

5. Enterprise Hardware:

Hostwinds deploy the greatest and latest hardware so that the clients can avail the best hosting experience. The state-of-art infrastructure offers both speed and reliability for the cloud server.

 Pricing $4.99-$328.99
Bandwidth  1 TB-9 TB
 Storage 30 GB-750 GB
 Free backups? No
 Free domain name? No
 Root access? Yes
 Money-back guarantee?  Yes – 60 days 

Things Need to be Improved for Hostwinds

Hostwinds provides affordable cloud hosting services with good value for money but lacks certain features such as free backups, free domains, and server customization that some clients may require.

7. InMotion


InMotion is familiar with shared and managed VPS hosting. Apart from that, the main selling point is customer service, which offers its clients 24/7 live chat and phone support, help tickets and comprehensive knowledge service to solve issues.

In addition, InMotion offers a free domain and backup services, along with the provision of unlimited email accounts and websites. Moreover, with root access, clients have complete control over the Linux operating systems, such as Alma, CentOS, Debian, or Ubuntu.

InMotion provides dedicated IP addresses, Corero DDoS protection, and a focus on reliability and website uptime through built-in redundancy. Their services are designed to meet project requirements and budget constraints.

Some Additional Benefits of InMotion

Here you can get the additional benefits of the InMotion cloud hosting service.

1. High Availability:

InMotion offers redundant hardware clusters and monitors 24/7. If required the clients will get helpful advice from the Bare Metal and Cloud VPS experts.


2. Dedicated IP:

InMotion assures to protect the online reputation from meeting compliance standards.

3. Server Snapshots:

InMotion uses live state and scheduled snapshots for creating real-time-server images for easy rollbacks.

4. Select your own operating system:

The clients can choose their own operating system from Almam Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu

5. Resource Monitoring Dashboard:

This is the visual breakdown of the server’s RAM, bandwidth disk and load usage.

6. Dedicated Servers:

InMotion can control the website, apps and critical business functions in terms of custom Dedicated Server Configuration  

Check out the basic features of InMotion cloud hosting service providers in the table below.

 Pricing $ 5-$ 160
Bandwidth  1 TB-7 TB
 Storage 25 GB-640 GB
 Free backups? Yes
 Free domain name? Yes – for entire 6+ month plans
 Root access? Yes
 Money-back guarantee? Yes – 90 days (Nevertheless, only for 6+ month plans)

Things to be Improved

In contrast to other top cloud hosting service providers, InMotion provides a relatively restricted bandwidth capacity, which may lead to unexpected spikes in traffic.

8. HostGator  


HostGator holds the leading position in research rankings as the best web hosting provider, particularly emphasising its dedicated hosting packages. Additionally, HostGator boasts an impressive 99.99% uptime across all hosting options.

HostGator's cloud hosting service may be the ideal option if you have a website with a large volume of web pages or high-quality content, including images. HostGator's unmetered bandwidth capability can effectively handle fluctuating server traffic, making it a reliable choice for your website's needs.

HostGator offers three different cloud hosting plans, all of which fall within the price range of $4.95 to $9.95 per month. These plans include unlimited email account options, and clients benefit from a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Check out the business cloud hosting services HostGator offers in the given section.

  • Unlimited domains
  • 6 GB memory
  • 6 core CPU
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free upgrade to positive SSL
  • Free dedicated IP
  • Free SEO tools
  • Free domain included

To access the business mentioned above cloud hosting services, clients can take advantage of an introductory offer, which requires only a payment of $9.95 per month.

Key Features of HostGator

The key features offered by HostGator are discussed in the following section.

1. Integrated Caching:

With integrated caching, HostGator allows for the configuration of page loading, resulting in faster website performance.

2. Intuitive Dashboard:

HostGator allows clients to track their website's performance and monitor various metrics.

3. Resource Management:

Resource management of HostGator provides full support to deal with the spiking traffic of the websites.

4. Automated Failover:

In the event of any hardware issues, HostGator automatically transfers websites to other servers to ensure continuous uptime and prevent any potential data loss or service interruption.

5. Data Mirroring:

HostGator will make three copies of data, ensuring data safety and redundancy.

6. cPanel:

HostGator simplifies email account creation, subdomain management, and other website control features, allowing clients to easily create and manage email accounts and subdomains with just a few clicks.

7. 45-Day Guarantee:

Like other cloud hosting services, HostGator provides a refund policy for the first 45 days, allowing clients to receive a refund of hosting fees if unsatisfied with the services provided.

8. 24/7/365 support:

HostGator offers 24/7/365 customer care support to assist clients with any issues. HostGator's services reliable, flexible, and scalable, providing clients with a dependable and customizable solution for their web hosting needs.

Go through the highlights of HostGator cloud hosting service in the table below.

 Pricing $4.95 - $9.95
Bandwidth  Unmetered
 Storage Unmetered
 Free backups? Yes
 Free domain name? Yes
 Root access? Yes
 Money-back guarantee? Yes – 45 days

Things Need to be Improved

Compared to its competitors, HostGator offers slightly lower RAM. Additionally, the entry plan only allows for hosting a single website, and the business plan's dedicated IP is the only option available, which can be expensive.

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9. DreamHost


DreamHost is the cheapest cloud hosting service provider offering the best hosting features at an affordable price. They aim to make cloud hosting services accessible to everyone.

DreamHost's cloud hosting plans start from as low as $4.50; even the most expensive plan costs under $100. Clients can opt for hourly billing instead of a fixed plan. The plans have unmetered bandwidth, up to 8 GB of RAM, 4 CPU cores, and a free SSL security certificate.

Key Features by DreamHost

Some key features of DreamHost are highlighted in the following section.


1. Super Easy to Use:

DreamHost's custom control panel is an easy-to-use solution that eliminates the hassle of web hosting management.

2. Full Featured:

Web hosting tool suite comprises the entire solutions of cloud hosting service.

3. Fast and Reliable:

DreamHost will lose a few customers, search engine rankings and conversion if the website is down or slow.

4. 24/7 Expert Support:

If you're ever faced with an issue on the website, you can get 24/7 expert support to find a resolution day or night.

5. Dedicated Hosting:

DreamHost offers fast, reliable web servers with root access and a 100% Uptime Guarantee. Their dedicated hosting services let you run applications without any hassle, starting at just $16.95 per month

6. Cloud Hosting:

DreamHost provides lightning-fast servers with root access, SSD storage and a blazing-fast network powered by the open APIs through OpenStack. The starting pack of DreamHost cloud hosting service is $0.0075 per hour.

 The basic key features of DramHost are highlighted here in the following table.

 Pricing $4.50 - $96
Bandwidth  Unmetered
 Storage 100 GB
 Free backups? Yes (for WordPress sites)
 Free domain name? No
 Root access? Yes
 Money-back guarantee? No

Things Need to be Improved

1. DreamHost provides no free domain, live chat, phone support, or money-back guarantee.

2. The clients of DreamHost will be limited to 100 GB of storage.

Hence, DreamHost can work on the abovementioned facts to provide a better service.

10. Hostinger


Hostinger offers three reasonably priced cloud plans with exciting features, including unmetered bandwidth, speed boosts from the custom-built infrastructure, and one free domain name.

‍Hostinger provides unbeatable security with its highly advanced features, plus a free SSL Certificate and CloudFare integration for extra protection against hackers and cyber-attacks.

Hostinger offers a unique in-house control panel that is user-friendly and easily navigable, making it the perfect choice for beginners. The control panel allows clients to easily manage their websites, giving them the confidence to build lasting, successful websites.

Some of the services, which Hostinger cloud hosting provider includes are:

  • Free SSL
  • Access management
  • eCommerce optimization
  • Free migration
  • Automated backups
  • DDoS Protection
  • PHP Speed Boost
  • Lite speed Cache
  • One Click WordPress Installation
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support
  • Auto Script Installer
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Key Features of Hostinger   

Hostinger plan features include Unlimited free SSL, free domain, free email, and Optimized for WordPress. Apart from that, Hostinger offers the following key features, which are discussed in the following section.

1. Lightning Fast Websites:

As per your requirement, you can slow down or grow the business. Hence, you can delight visitors with an optimized and fast-loading website.

2. Easy Installation of WordPress:

Hostinger makes the installation process of WordPress easier. The backend of WordPress is powered by Lite Speed caching and advanced optimization, which assures that the website is running at a faster pace.

Hostinger also offers simple WordPress optimization to get even more speed, improved SEO, higher visitor retention, and conversions with custom-built WP optimization. With its help, you can take your website to the next level and make it a success.

3. 24/7 Expert Support:

The experts of Hostinger are ready to serve 24/7 support to the clients if any technical issue arises so that the websites can run smoothly.

4. User Friendly Control Panel:

Hostinger provides a user-friendly control panel and powerful cloud hosting services to suit the needs of any project. Clients can choose from various plans and upgrade the scale as the website grows.

Hostinger also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if customers are not fully satisfied. An overview of basic features and pricing strategies provided by Hostinger is available for customers to explore.

 Pricing $69.99
Bandwidth  Unmetered
 Storage 200 - 300 GB
 Free backups? Yes
 Free domain name? Yes
 Root access? No
 Money-back guarantee? Yes – 30 days

Things to be Improved

If you need a reliable hosting service with excellent uptime, avoid Hostinger and opt for either HostGator or Cloudways. Both companies offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee, whereas Hostinger only guarantees a 99.97% uptime.

On the other hand, Hostinger also does not provide 24/7 expert support over the phone. This could be a major obstacle for the clients if they face technical glitches. In short, the specialization of the above-mentioned Cloud Hosting Service Providers are highlighted in the following table.

Name of the Cloud Hosting Service Providers Special Features Monthly Spending
A2 Hosting  Best overall as a cloud hosting service provider  $5 onwards 
 Cloudways Close runner service offering  $10 onwards
Kamatera   Best for customization $4 onwards
Siteground  Best features  $80 onwards 
 Hostwinds Budget friendly and best for its price structure considering the offering features  $4.99 onwards
InMotion   Best for Help and Support $34.99 onwards
HostGator  Unmetered Storage  $12.95 onwards
 DreamHost Cheapest cloud hosting  $4.50 onwards
Hostinger   Best Control Panel $29 onwards

Apart from the above-mentioned cloud hosting service providers, some more popular cloud hosting services are available; these are discussed in the following section. 

11. BigRock Cloud Hosting

BigRock Cloud Hosting

BigRock cloud hosting offers a reliable and fast experience, with various features and options to customize websites to individual needs. It provides plans to suit all budgets, with Starter, Advanced, and Business plans all available. Making the right decision is easy with BigRock cloud hosting.

BigRock cloud hosting allows complete control over CPU/RAM, enabling your website to increase traffic without downtime or additional costs.

For instance, BigRock charges Rs 749 annually if one chooses the .com domain name. The package is Rs 759 per year and Rs 399 per year if one chooses .org and .in domain names, respectively. 

Along with the cloud hosting service provided, BigRock assures its clients to deliver the website designing service and manage the SEO service. BigRock helps clients to develop websites only by following three simple steps. The tools provided by BigRock can make your hosting experience as easy as possible.

12. Convesio Cloud Hosting 

 Convesio Cloud Hosting

Convesio is the next-generation cloud hosting platform, ideal for WordPress. It's highly scalable, efficient, and performs better than other providers.With its load balancer, database cluster, and expandable file system, Convesio allows websites to handle heavy workloads and offer users a smooth experience.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and 24/7 support, Convesio is the perfect choice for businesses seeking reliable WordPress hosting.

How To Choose The Right Cloud Hosting Provider?

How To Choose The Right Cloud Hosting Provider

Cloud Hosting services can minimize internal IT costs (capital investments, IT Time) and energy costs. In contrast, it assures a higher level of employee productivity in turn.

While choosing the right cloud hosting provider, the clients should consider several factors. Only the clients should know what you need exactly. Check the key things that one should prioritize.

1. Client’s budget:

It is the major factor. One should understand how much the client wants to spend to avail of the cloud hosting service provider

2. Cost Saving:

Once you have identified your budget, your focus should be on cost-saving factors. Experts suggest pay-as-you-go pricing as the most economical option to avoid paying for unused bandwidth and services.

3. High Speed:

The clients should select the one that can scale up as necessary and lean on the IT resources for all or part of the infrastructure so that the cloud hosting service provider can surge with the bandwidth requirements.

4. Backup and Restoration plan:

Cloud service providers should be chosen in such a way that they avail the alternate backup plan for protecting against natural disasters, such as power sources or other failures.

5. Server’s Operating System Software:

Cloud service providers can be responsible for updating software, including regular and security updates.

6. Reliability:

Reliability is one of the top factors to consider when choosing any cloud hosting service provider. More specifically, one should choose a cloud hosting service provider which assures greater uptime and 24/7 support. 

7. Mobility:

Cloud computing service providers should give clients access to the information to get support anytime and anywhere. This is another important feature cloud hosting services should provide to support the evolutionary change in the remote and hybrid workforce.

8. Unlimited Storage Capacity:

IIt would be best if you leaned on the unlimited storage capacity in the cloud hosting service. However, the clouds have to pay only for what they use.

Besides the above-mentioned key things, clients should consider a high-end security system when choosing a cloud hosting service. The cloud hosting service provider should provide a robust database, a user-friendly interface, and effective customer support.

For instance, Adobe Cloud is the ideal example for online sellers, especially those who plan to switch their offline business to online. Adobe cloud allows you to provide a guideline about top-notch analytics, updated Artificial Intelligence, and personalization. 

Best E-commerce SaaS Platform In 2024: Fynd Platform

Best Ecommerce SaaS Platform In 2023_ Fynd Platform

To be a successful business owner, one should be aware of the powers of the online business website for smooth performance or supreme ability. SaaS is assumed to be the best cloud service provider for the E-Commerce Platform. 

Fynd Platform is one of the popular examples of SaaS platforms. SaaS cloud hosting service assures you provide the application’s security, performance, and maintenance. Apart from it, SaaS cloud hosting ensures running a website smoothly by increasing the speed.

The SaaS market will grow from USD 138 billion to USD 716.52 billion from 2021 to 2028. The rising number of E-Commerce businesses has boosted the demand for SaaS cloud services worldwide. 

What is an E-Commerce SaaS Platform?

SaaS is one of the most recognized business models among many E-Commerce companies. SaaS cloud service provides ready-to-go live packages to E-Commerce websites, which can launch a secure business website.

Startups and E-Commerce brands aim to adopt SaaS cloud service, which can help them go live. These essentials include:

  • Brand website
  • Android App
  • Payment Gateway
  • SSL certificate
  • Marketing tools
  • Logistic support
  • OMS support

SaaS cloud hosting services assist small businesses in developing an online store from scratch and automating complex business operations. Small businesses can easily manage backend operations smoothly with the help of these services.

Market Growth Of Cloud Hosting Service

Market Growth Of Cloud Hosting Service

In 2021, SaaS cloud hosting service experienced the largest component of the entire public cloud services market, which IaaS and PaaS followed.

According to Gartner’s estimates, global end-user spending on public clouds is expected to reach over $599 billion in 2024, which is a growth of 45% over 2021. This indicates that the public cloud spending with the top two service providers is expected to grow faster than the overall cloud market.

More specifically, it is predicted that the Indian cloud hosting service market will experience significant growth, reaching  $13.5 billion by 2026, with a projected CAGR of 24%. India is assumed to be the fastest-growing market for public cloud service providers. 

Likewise, the global cloud hosting service market has also been experiencing rapid growth. For instance, large companies aim to apply multi-cloud solutions to businesses to arrange employees across cloud-based platforms. 

Cloud-based applications such as Gmail, Facebook, and Dropbox have become increasingly versatile and reliable. As a result, businesses are becoming more interested in transitioning to omnichannel solutions that offer various benefits, such as streamlined data usage, improved decision-making, real-time scalability, and data availability.

Driving Factors behind the Adoption of Cloud Hosting Service

Check out the major driving factors behind the adoption of cloud hosting service are:

  • Rising adoption of Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning etc.

These factors are beneficial to increase data usage by minimizing the data storage issue, in turn, the lowest operating expenses. The IT team uses AI to monitor the essential workflows in the workplace.

Fynd Platform As A SaaS E-commerce Platform

Fynd Platform As A SaaS Ecommerce Platform

With the help of a SaaS cloud hosting service, the Fynd Platform can effortlessly manage online business and has been experiencing sharp growth in E-commerce.Being the only SaaS cloud hosting service, the Fynd Platform helps businesses to address the difficulties of launching their brand stores.

This one-stop cloud hosting service aims to boost the brand's store set-up process by setting beautiful themes for each business category, customized domain purchases, secured online payment, and integrated shipping.

It is known that running a typical E-commerce website costs Rs 25000 to Rs 200000 since it includes the marketing, hosting, web designing, and maintenance cost of E-commerce websites. The Fynd Platform strives to reduce costs by enabling entrepreneurs to access online business tools at a low subscription fee.

Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!

Advantages Of Choosing Fynd Platform: One Of The Top SaaS Cloud Hosting Service

Advantages Of Choosing Fynd Platform_ One Of The Top SaaS Cloud Hosting Service

The major benefits of using the Fynd Platform for website development are discussed in the given section.

1. Ready to Go Solution for E-commerce Startups

Fynd Platform is well known for providing ready-to-go live solutions for E-commerce startups. The business owner does not need to wait for the website developer to know whether the E-commerce website is ready to launch.

Launch a website swiftly using Fynd Platform in 3 steps, taking up to 30 minutes max.

Step 1 - Create the business account on the Fynd Platform and then choose a subscription plan

Step 2 - Apply a theme and upload the banners and images

Step 3 - Upload the product catalogue and inventory

Since the new startup E-commerce brand has launched the website with the help of Fynd Platform, it does not need to spend anything extra for hiring a developer, website maintenance, payment gateway integration, or logistic support. Fynd Platform offers these services free of cost.

2. Nominal Starting Cost

The Fynd Platform charges a minimal starting cost of INR 599 per month. This plan includes services like creating an E-commerce website, maintenance, shipping, operational cost and logistics charges. The essential features offered by the Fynd Platform subscription plan are:

  • Brand website
  • Custom domain
  • SSL Certificate
  • Managing and deal with the Fynd platform gateway
  • Email and SSL marketing tool
  • 24×7 support
  • Logistic support
  • Analytics support
  • Shipping
  • POS

3. Scalability 

The Fynd Platform SaaS, a cloud hosting service provider, offers in-demand capabilities for growing and scaling the E-commerce business with the growing traffic. It provides a dedicated business plan for the growing business needs at each stage of the E-commerce journey.

  • An entrepreneur starting out
  • An online business with the rising demand and requirements
  • For scaling up the business
  • Enterprise business requirements

As online traffic grows, the Fynd platform will upgrade its business plan to include marketing capabilities such as increased SMS and email limits, enabling online businesses to scale effectively.

4. Free Maintenance Cost

The Fynd Platform SaaS, a cloud hosting service provider, is identified as one of the cheapest and easiest-to-use service providers for creating and maintaining its own online business.

Fynd Platform supports every aspect of the E-commerce value chain, specifically from order processing to inventory management to deliver the items to the customers.

In addition, the Fynd Platform is code free, and there will be no software installation or maintenance requirement. Hence, E-commerce websites do not need to be worried about updates, backups, hiring developers and server maintenance.

Experts affirm that the Fynd Platform is completely maintenance-free, allowing business owners to launch their websites instantly without any delays or concerns about technology or maintenance issues.

5. Security

Fynd Platform assures its clients that they will protect when shopping from the E-commerce website. Under the Fynd Platform, each brand will get protection with SSL to encrypt the communication between the server and the user’s browser.

The brands under the Fynd Platform can avail of the SSL certificate free of cost. They should not have to pay extra money to get an SSL certificate. Here in the following section, the importance of integrated SSL certificates has been discussed.

  • Protect the sensitive customer data such as ID, password, credit card and debit card details
  • SSL certificate helps to attract quality traffic on the website
  • Protect the Ecommerce or other websites from Phishing and MITM attacks

The ISO 27001:2013 certificate assures the clients of information security, cybersecurity and privacy of all the brands on the Fynd Platform. In brief, with the help of the Fynd Platform SaaS, a cloud hosting service provider, E-commerce websites can uplift the efficiency of the business, generate income and connect with the customers. 

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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What do you mean by Cloud Hosting?‍

Cloud hosting enables the creation of applications and websites accessed through cloud resources. Unlike traditional hosting solutions that rely on a single server, cloud hosting utilizes a network of virtual and physical cloud servers to host the application or website, resulting in enhanced scalability and flexibility.

What is the difference between hosting and cloud? ‍

"Hosted services" is the general term for technology services that use infrastructure outside the receiver's physical location. More specifically, hosting can be the    physical location of the vendor. Whereas "cloud services" refers to the specific subset of hosted services which utilize a "cloud" vendor.

What are the best cloud hosting services for the year 2024?‍

arrow down

Some best cloud hosting services for the year 2024 are discussed in the following section.

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

2. HostGator

3. DreamHost

4. SiteGround

5. A2 Hosting

6. InMotion

How to use cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting works through virtualization. It is a technology that splits a physical server into multiple virtual machines, known as cloud servers. After that, these connect to create a single network for hosting a network. Due to the interconnected cloud structure, this type of hosting is called cluster server hosting.

Is cloud hosting service a better option?

Cloud hosting is rapidly used as a better option than shared hosting due to the ability to handle large amounts of traffic, security protection and reliability. Nonetheless, most cloud hosting plans are costlier than shared hosting plans. 

Is GoDaddy a good cloud hosting service?

GoDaddy offers a new open-source cloud hosting service that comprises cloud server solutions and Bitnami-powered cloud applications.

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