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How to Create a Wedding Website 2023: 10 Easy Steps

How to Create a Wedding Website 2023: 10 Easy Steps

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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One of the most crucial phases of preparing a wedding website is learning how to create one. Firstly, ensure your wedding website is well-organized, constantly updated, and consistent with the theme and style of your wedding celebration. A wedding website will help your guests to learn all the information about your event. Wedding invitation today is an essential component of the wedding planning process. Therefore, it's time to modify your tactics. Instead, you must use the simple, convenient, and frequently affordable approach to inform your guests of necessary wedding details by building a wedding website

The information should be more readily available since few individuals go back and look at a wedding invitation or remember what they must do. So you must go with a more straightforward process. Fynd Platform helps in making your wedding website. First, design a wedding website with matching prints available online for wedding invites. Then choose a design that matches your wedding aesthetic.

What Is a Wedding Website?

What Is a Wedding Website

A wedding website is a convenient tool for wedding planning that can be useful for giving your guests information about the event. Your wedding website is a central location where guests can readily find crucial details such as dress code, travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, and more details of your wedding invitations. Wedding Websites help your guests to know a lot of essential information as you prepare for your wedding. In addition to the wedding day, time, and location, they may also need information on lodging, travel instructions, gift suggestions, etc. An excellent way to disseminate this information is by building a wedding website.

Before the internet, the only method to communicate information to your guests was to send them a massive wedding invitation suite with various inserts (such as a reception card and an accommodation card). Wedding invitation suites are still available today, although printing and mailing them can be expensive. And if your plans change, you'll need to contact each guest individually to inform them or send a correction, such as a card to change the date. We can resolve these issues in the current day by building a wedding website.

Adding and editing information is simple; you have complete control over who sees it. In addition, your visitors can instantly learn everything they need about your special day and send an electronic RSVP. Wedding websites often have a homepage and a navigation menu that direct visitors to the information that may interest them. In addition, you can customise your wedding website using templates and themes to reflect you and your partner. Another method to make your wedding website unique is to share your love story, hashtag, or bios for each wedding party member.

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Where to make a wedding website?

To make a wedding website, here are the best wedding website builder listed below:

1. Fynd Platform- best wedding website builder.

2. Wix- pre-made wedding designs are available.

3. Squarespace- make a personalised wedding website.

4. Zyro- expertise in creating wedding websites

1. Fynd Platform

Fynd platform

Weddings are special occasions that unify loved ones both near and far. However, multiple events at the wedding can become chaotic trying to keep track of all the information. Fynd Platform is the perfect solution to avoid this chaos. Fynd Platform is a wedding website-building platform for couples to design a wedding website in simple steps. 

First, all the necessary information is added by entering the couple’s names, locations, and wedding dates. Afterwards, couples can begin customising their website to make it unique. Beautiful wedding templates are available, where teams can add content and information. Further customisation options include fonts, colours, photos, and background images to make the website more personal and unique.


Fynd Platform offers plenty of other features to make the website more attractive. Couples can upload videos of their story and proposal and create a hashtag for their wedding. They can also add a registry list of items they wish to receive. Finally, couples can invite guests by using the invitation feature.

2. Wix


With a staggering 200 million websites hosted, Wix is one of the most well-known website builders. It is hardly surprising, given how user-friendly it is and how many pre-made wedding designs are available. Wix is a website-building tool that lets people without coding skills create their wedding website or online store. It's a hosted solution that runs 'in the cloud' on Wix's servers. 

Therefore, you won't need to install any software from anywhere  and you don't have to buy hosting. So, as long as you have a web browser and access to the Internet, you can create wedding websites and design, maintain and promote a Wix wedding website easily from anywhere. In addition to the free plan with ads, there is also the Combo plan, which costs N/A monthly. You are always free to end it. Although many more pricing options are available, Combo is all you should require for a standard wedding website.

3. Squarespace


It is the perfect website builder for designers, artists, and E-commerce merchants that want to create visually appealing sites with minimum effort. Another significant player in the website builder industry is Squarespace. Because of its complex themes, Squarespace, famous for blogs, portfolios, and online shops, is a strong competitor for wedding websites.

It offers over a hundred creative, contemporary designs with responsive themes that look fantastic on smartphones. In addition, interesting visual effects are possible, such as scrolling banners. You can also incorporate their stock photos if you need more. Live editing is one of Squarespace's most attractive features. The procedure is much quicker because you may change your material without constantly switching between preview mode and the site manager.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

4. Zyro


Zyro is a relatively new wedding website builder that gives tough competition to rivals like Wix and Shopify. Although it still needs development on its E-commerce platform, there are still many things that the correct user would find appealing, so it's worth a look!  Zyro received a 3.6 out of 5 rating in our analysis and testing. 

The design features comprise the bulk of the space and score 4.6 out of 5. It is a visual layout and allows users to customise their store sites. Seven smart-looking wedding templates are available on Zyro, but if you need help finding one that fits your preferences, the AI builder will make one for you. You can add or delete features, rearrange pieces and layouts, and more with Zyro's drag-and-drop editor. 

For example, your wedding website will always seem professional since the grid snaps an element into place when you drag it from your dashboard. An online RSVP form or a FAQ page should be there so guests can quickly check information like dress codes and event schedules. In addition, Facebook Live Chat can be incorporated as another way to rapidly communicate with distant friends and express your excitement in real-time.

Benefits of Having a Wedding Website

Benefits of Having a Wedding Website

An unforgettable way to tell your narrative, share important wedding information, and remember your special day after it has passed without distractions is through a personalised wedding website. A wedding website's benefits are as follows:

1. Cost Effective

The cost of your wedding venue, entertainment, and invitations can increase your expenses. According to the research, newlywed couples spent an average of $250 on invites and RSVP cards. As you won't have to fit all your wedding information into one wedding invitation suite with many insert cards, a wedding website can help you save money on invitation and RSVP fees (which can increase your costs). 

Instead, include your wedding website URL and instructions for your guests to locate all the information about the wedding. In addition, some wedding website builders include RSVP tracking if you want to save money on your wedding stationery.

2. RSVP tracking

Create a website to ask for wedding RSVPs online; this is a terrific alternative for your tech-savvy guests. In addition, some wedding website builders include RSVP tracking, so you can make your wedding website if you want to reduce your wedding tracking issue.

3. Personalize your wedding website and create a free wedding website.

Many wedding website builders are free, but you often have the choice to pay additional to get a personalised domain. If purchasing a custom domain is within your wedding budget, we advise personalising it by including your name and of your spouse, your wedding date, or your wedding hashtag in the site's URL. Then, if other couples share the exact words or wedding dates with you, it is simpler for your guests to find your wedding website.

4. Eco-friendly website

Building a wedding website can help you accomplish your sustainable wedding objective. For example, the amount of paper used for your invites, envelopes, and RSVP cards might add up, so creating a wedding website saves that waste because all your wedding details would be available online.

5. It keeps the planning for your wedding organized.

It would help if you made many significant decisions, from establishing your guest list to selecting your wedding vendors, which can make preparing your wedding appear burdensome. Since vendors and guests will ask different questions, a wedding website can help you avoid planning stress. In addition, everything about your wedding can be accessed in one location, making it more straightforward for everyone to find.

6. It is simple to access.

Your wedding website is simply accessible from any device with an internet connection. The days of purchasing duplicate invites in case guests lost their invites. Now, even if they don't have the invitation, your guests can check the ceremony start time, the dress code, or the venue's address at the last minute from their phones.

7. It serves as an everlasting remembrance.

Create a wedding website that reflects the styles of you and your spouse, shares your love story, and includes wedding day images that can be published online and remain forever. Even virtual guest books are available on some wedding website builders so people can leave you well wishes.

8. Customizable, according to client preference.

The website provides live streaming, a message centre, and a photo timeline to allow you to share your wedding day in many different ways. Everything on your wedding website will remain online for as long as you like, allowing you and your guests to reflect on the memorable moments you shared on your wedding day for years to come.

9. You Can Add Information at the Last Minute

You should update your guests on new information regarding your wedding. If the hotels closest to your venue fill up, suggest substitutes. If you had issued postal invites, you would have had to call every visitor to inform them of the updated information. If you have a wedding website, you may change it whenever you want.

Tips for Creating The Best Wedding Website

Tips for Creating The Best Wedding Website

A website can be a save-the-date, a portal for wedding-related information (registry details, dress code, travel news, and more), and a location to share pictures and videos. You don't have to use script designs and pink ribbons; check out these tips for creating an excellent wedding website.

1. Make it uniquely yours.

Spend time creating a design and content that you and your fiancé will find pleasing and that reflects your tastes. These sites offer many perusing possibilities if you're unsure of your style. It will inspire you and make you feel connected to the website you create.

2. Digital RSVPs

Suppose you're giving your guests a choice of meals. Your RSVP should be clear and concise and readily incorporate those selections and information regarding accessibility, allergies, and dietary restrictions.

3. Leave your website off from your invitation.

Although it could be tempting, avoid it. There are numerous additional methods to inform visitors about the website, such as providing the address on the greeting card, maps, other enclosures, or even a special section designed exclusively for the website.

4. Simple is best.

A few well-designed pages may convey a lot. The classics include: Too many pages and too much material will confuse visitors.

  • The Event: Location, ceremony timings, and any other events all guests should attend.
  • Accommodations: Local lodging choices include hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, and rentals.
  • Schedules: A page listing the primary day's schedule.
  • Registry: The ideal location to post your wedding registry details for guests to view is on your website. Remember that these are only requests; nobody must buy something from your register.
  • Essential Conditions: You need a specific vaccination certificate to enter the country where the wedding is happening.
  • Cultural or Religious Information: It is beneficial to give your visitors information about the service, how they can participate, or their expectations during particular parts of the ceremony or in places of worship.

5. Add pictures and updates.

Include lots of images and wedding updates on your website as another method to make it uniquely yours. Some websites even feature a blog, which may be a fun way to spread Wedding-related news. Including photographs is an excellent method to make the most of all those portraits.

6. Include event details

It is the section that website visitors and wedding guests will click on most frequently. Include all pertinent event details, such as the location of the wedding, directions there, the dress code, dinner and beverage options (if appropriate), and whether your event is kid-friendly.

7. Write sparingly.

However, it would help if you stayed moderate by including paragraph after paragraph of little facts. Transmitting an excessive amount of information can be exhausting. Instead, divide information into clearly recognisable, bite-sized chunks.

8. Customize it to be mobile-friendly.

For obvious reasons people use their phones to get information on the go—almost every wedding website service available today offers mobile-friendly versions of their website themes. You can make it simple for guests to access the information they require when they require it during your wedding weekend by making sure your wedding website is simple to explore on a small screen.

9. Select a custom URL.

Giving your wedding website a unique URL is worthwhile if you can afford it. However, a shorter URL will be more straightforward for guests to remember and will fit better in the limited space on paper invites, mainly if it includes your name and a ".com" address.

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How To Make A Wedding Website 

How To Make A Wedding Website

Learn how to construct a wedding website by following 10 simple steps:

1. Select the best wedding website builder

Finding a unique design and website builder that complements your wedding theme and aesthetic is the first step in learning "how to make a wedding website." How about traditional or modern? You can use Fynd Platform to pick the wedding website template that closely matches your colour scheme and design preferences. You can use your website's engagement images or a favourite photo as a background.

2. Pick a unique domain name

Choosing a shorter domain name for your wedding website is a good option while you are creating a website. The shorter domain name is easier it will be for guests to remember. Remembering a domain name is very important from a marketability and wedding perspective. Fynd Platform ensures that teams can easily broadcast all the news and updates about their wedding and prepare their guests in advance. It provides couples with an all-inclusive solution that is easy to use so that they can focus on the essential things, like teaching their parents how to use the internet in time for their wedding.

3. Choose a template 

Matching your website to your wedding's colour scheme and theme is a good idea to maintain consistency. After choosing a wedding website layout, you can alter the colours to match your style. You can even change fonts and design. Fynd Platform is excellent for designers who enjoy working with templates and a style editor that allows you to customise even the most minor website elements. However, there are significant benefits and drawbacks to consider.

4. Add important details.

To learn how to make a wedding website, you must have completed all of the information and specifics of your big day. The only information you need to know to construct a wedding website is the date and venue of the wedding. With Fynd Platform, add a save-the-date page to your website where you greet visitors, summarise your wedding, and notify everyone that more information will be available shortly as your wedding planning begins. You may add a fun touch by having a wedding date countdown so your guests can see how many days are left till your big day.

5. Include an RSVP form.

Including an RSVP form on our wedding invitation with your rsvp card is one of the most important things for a wedding website as a wedding guest. It is not only important in the couple’s wedding planning process, but by returning the wedding rsvp card, you are respecting the couple’s wishes. Weddings are complicated, stressful, and expensive. 

To plan their wedding, a couple needs to decide on the size of the event first. This determines their venue, catering, floral design, and favours. It also isn’t an easy task to create a wedding guest list. When using the Fynd Platform, you may select a lovely theme, alter its colours, fonts, and buttons, and add RSVP management tools via Fynd Platform, shared galleries, hotel/Airbnb finders, and maps accessible through the App Market.

6. Include a gift registry.

Your wedding website is the ideal spot to tell guests about your gift registry and provide links to the stores, as it is impolite to provide this information on your wedding invitation. With Fynd Platform, you can easily include a gift registry and add other parts to your website, such as letting visitors look up airlines, RSVP online, or make music suggestions for the reception.

7. Add FAQ section.

You can provide replies to the queries of your visitors! Fynd Platform lets you make an FAQ section with frequently asked questions and responses a week before the wedding to avoid field calls. These may include inquiries about attire, the wedding hashtag, parking details, etc.

8. Make your site exclusive. 

You can make it exclusive by password-protecting the entire website or simply certain pages of your wedding website. Just be sure to use an easy-to-remember password and let your invited visitors know what it is on your save-the-date! You can even change the URL when learning how to make a wedding website! You can add your name to the website URL using a wedding website tool (for example), Fynd Platform, or, if you prefer, you can buy a custom domain name.

9. Make It Part of Your Big Day.

Your wedding website should show your personality! Include many pictures. The About Us section provides information about your jobs, interests, and love story. Also, it would be best if you consisted of a Guest Book page. In your save-the-date cards or an email to your wedding guests, mention your website address. In addition, make sure your immediate relatives and wedding party are aware of your website so they can direct visitors if any questions arise. However, once you've invited every one of your followers to your big day, we advise posting a link to your wedding website on social media.

10. Keep it current.

Your wedding website is updated throughout your engagement. If your wedding plans change, update the website and inform your guest list. You can utilise your website to post pictures from your wedding day and add information about your honeymoon! Remember that your guests will find your wedding website more valuable if it is more recent.

The 5 Ws of Wedding Websites

Planning a wedding takes work. There are many choices to be made, and it may be challenging to determine your desires for your wedding day while getting many options. Let's explore the five Ws stated earlier. Certainly! Couples face these five concerns as they start the wedding planning process:

1. Who should visit your wedding website (guest list)?

This can be challenging! Discussing this with the parents and couples involved is best so that nobody feels separated or attached. Most couples prefer a public wedding website (so guests who have misplaced their invitations can readily locate it with a quick Google search), but if you decide to go with a private website, it should be shared with all of your wedding guests. The primary focus will be helping them save money and make the most of their wedding day. Things move so quickly. Whoever is truly most important to you should be in that room.

2. What Information Must Be There on a Wedding Website?

Remember that they are the absolute necessities and unavoidable things. Consider the gatherings you have attended, such as weddings and parties, and what made them enjoyable or memorable. Write those items down now, and then rank them according to importance. Although it's challenging, only some things can take precedence. Even if the level of Personalisation you desire for your wedding website is ultimately up to you, practice including the following items:

  • The place, time, and details of each wedding-related event
  • The recommended clothing for each occasion
  • Information on the wedding party,
  • Recommendations for local accommodations, eateries, and attractions
  • Your registered address,
  • Detailed information regarding your relationship
  • RSVP information.
  • Engagement pictures 
  • Routes and modes of transportation
  • FAQs & Other important information regarding the event 

3. When (time of year, day or night, weekday or weekend)?

When it goes beyond the date, it pertains to the day of the week and the season you desire to get married. There is no availability or price flexibility if you are rigid for a particular day. It would help if you started building your wedding website as soon as you've chosen a date and reserved a location for your wedding. Then, at the moment, please save the dates, publish them and make them live. So visitors can learn more about the occasion and start making trip arrangements. You can maximise your budget and have extra "purchasing power" for your special day. Weddings on weekdays, early in the morning, and in winter are often less expensive.

4. Where (near your residence or your destination)?

Where would you like to get married? It is a popular location for weddings, and there is plenty to do there! A whole schedule for your out-of-town guests can develop if there are several possibilities for lodging and other weekend activities. As you visit venues, booking a night's stay and checking out various eateries and sights to get a sense of your celebration is advisable. Stay close to home if it seems overwhelming.

5. Why and How Should a Wedding Website Be Created?

Let the tone of your wedding reflect how you picture your marriage. That provided the best wedding planning guidance. Do what others tell you if you want other people's expectations, and helpful advice positively influences your wedding or marriage. It matters how you begin your planning. The amount of information you may send guests by snail mail is constrained by the space available for saving the dates and invitations and by what is appropriate to include. It's nice to have an online wedding website.

How to Create a Wedding Website: Summary

How to Create a Wedding Website_ Summary

Wedding websites are becoming more and more popular every day. Similar to clothing, most couples choose to have a unique and appropriate site for the occasion. Whether you choose a template or a customised website, remember to personalise it. Even though many couples choose to use wedding websites that are simply copies of pre-made templates, you can differentiate your site from the competition. For example, a wedding-specific website is more intimate than a simple Facebook page and more reachable to people who may not use social media.

The simple steps to create a wedding website are as follows:

1. Together, all the wedding information

2. Choose the pages you want to include.

3. selecting a website builder

4. Optional: choose a memorable domain name

5. Pick a template, then make changes to it.

6. Create the pages and add all the information.

7. Include an RSVP form.

8. Include a gift registry if desired.

9. Publish it and distribute it to your visitors.

After the wedding, it's important to keep your website available for guests to download their images. However, we recommend shutting it down afterwards. While your website won't disappear from Fynd Platform, Wix, or Weebly, it will switch to a free version that displays ads. Of course, you also have the option to shut down your website altogether after the wedding. Fynd Platform is the best wedding website builder. Couples can design a wedding website in several steps and customise it to make it unique and beautiful. In addition, the Platform offers many features that make it appealing and convenient for wedding planning.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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How do I make a website for my wedding?

You can build a wedding website with the help of a website builder like Fynd Platform. Personalization and personality are crucial when developing a wedding website. Your website should accurately represent your relationship. Therefore, the theme should reflect your personality, whether it be playful, formal, unconventional, or unusual.

There are no requirements for how a wedding venue must seem. However, Fynd Platform gives a customization option; the pair as a whole ought to find it appealing. Choose typefaces and colors that you and your partner will enjoy.  Think of incorporating the website design's color scheme and typefaces with the big day's theme.

How do I make a wedding invitation website for free?

To create a free wedding website, we have a lot of website builders. Of course, the ideal wedding invitation is beautiful. Still, in today's tech-savvy world, guests rely on your wedding website just as much as your stationery for all the crucial information. You can now match your dream wedding stationery, regardless of whether your wedding design is more conventionally sophisticated. If you want to create your free wedding invitation website with a matching website template, then The Fynd Platform, you can choose from selections of website builders, which gives a one-month free trial.

How can I create a wedding website in India?

arrow down

You can create a wedding website in India by following the steps listed below:

  • Choose your website plan after logging in or joining any website builder for weddings, such as Wix or Fynd Platform.
  • Please choose one of our designs designed specifically for weddings to get started.
  • With the help of our website editor, you can completely customize your wedding websites.

What is the best wedding website creator?

When registering with Fynd Platform, you can select from dozens of wedding website themes. The best wedding website builders give you complete creative flexibility while reducing the stress of your big day. That's why Fynd Platform provides a large selection of entirely editable, contemporary designs that you may use to match your wedding's theme.

Is making a wedding website accessible?

Even though many wedding website builders are free, you can frequently choose to spend extra to have a custom domain. We propose adding your name, the wedding date, or the wedding hashtag to the website URL if getting a custom domain is within your wedding budget. In addition, it makes it easier for your guests to find your wedding website if couples share your wedding date or name.

Do wedding websites cost money?

Most businesses that provide wedding website builders offer free and paid options (and additional features to match). There are various prices, but generally speaking, a wedding website costs between $50 and $200 a year.

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