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Using Facebook Catalogue Extension


Your catalogue on Fynd Platform is readily usable on Facebook Commerce Manager. This extension helps you transform your Fynd Platform catalogue into Facebook's import products CSV file format without much manual intervention. You may use this exported CSV file readily on Facebook Commerce Manager to upload your products to Facebook Marketplace.

Export Catalogue using Generate Button

  1. Go to desired sales channel on Fynd Platform. Here, we have selected 'Fuschia Vine Designs' sales channel.


    Figure 1: Desired Sales Channel on Fynd Platform

  2. Click Extensions.


    Figure 2: Extensions Option

  3. Click Facebook Catalogue.


    Figure 3: Clicking Facebook Catalogue Extension


    Once you have installed this extension, it will be available in the list here.

  4. Click Generate.


    Figure 4: Clicking Generate Button

  5. Tick the Brands checkbox (Refer Figure 5).

  6. Click Brands dropdown.


    Figure 5: Brands Checkbox and Dropdown

  7. Select brand(s) from the dropdown list (Refer Figure 6a).

  8. Click Generate.


    Figure 6a: Clicking Generate Button

    You will see that the facebook catalogue export is under progress. Please wait until its status changes from PROCESSING to COMPLETED.


    Figure 6b: Status Processing


    Figure 6c: Status Completed

  9. Click Download Catalogue button to download the exported CSV file.


    Figure 7: Clicking Download Catalogue Button

  10. Save the file to the desired folder in your system. This file contains sales channel's catalogue data in Facebook's import products CSV file format. This file is readily usable to upload your products on Facebook Marketplace.


    Figure 8: Exported Products Catalogue CSV

Export Catalogue using Schedule Button

After selecting the desired sales channel on Fynd Platform, you can also schedule a catalogue generation by using Schedule button.


It is recommended that you should try generating a catalogue CSV by using Generate Button before proceeding this section.

  1. Click Schedule.


    Figure 9: Clicking Schedule Button

  2. Click Brands dropdown in Schedule Download window.


    Figure 10: Brands Dropdown - Schedule Download

  3. Select brand(s) from the dropdown list.


    Figure 11a: Selecting Brand(s)

    Here, you can set a recurring event to export a catalogue. For e.g., every minute, every 2 hours, every Friday, etc.


    Figure 11b: Various Schedule Options

    • Minute - Generate a catalogue for every minute, or specify the minutes of interval in custom field for catalogue export.
    • Hour - Generate a catalogue for every hour, or specify the hours of interval in custom field for catalogue export.
    • Date Of Month - Generate a catalogue for every date of the month, or specify the date in custom field for catalogue export.
    • Month - Generate a catalogue for every month, or specify the month in custom field for catalogue export.
    • Day Of Week - Generate a catalogue for every day of the week, or specify the day in custom field for catalogue export.

    For e.g., if you have selected Hour as 5, Date Of Month as 2, and Month as June, then the catalogue is scheduled to be generated at 'every 5 hours, on day 2 of the month, only in June'.

  4. Click Schedule Download.


    Figure 12a: Clicking Schedule Download Button

    Here, you will see that the catalogue generation is scheduled successfully.


    Figure 12b: Scheduled Catalogue Generation

    This will generate multiple catalogues as per the scheduled timings. You can download these catalogues at your convenience or needs.

    Export History shows the list of catalogue exports that would have been generated to date.


    Figure 12c: Export History

Remove Scheduled Catalogue Generation

  1. Click Cancel to cancel the scheduled catalogue generation.


    Figure 13: Clicking Cancel Option

  2. Click Yes.


    Figure 14: Clicking Yes Button

    In this way, your schedule of catalogue generation is removed successfully.

Upload Catalogue on Facebook Commerce Manager

Refer video to upload the generated catalogue on Facebook Commerce Manager.

How To Upload Catalogue On Facebook Commerce Manager