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Free Gift Promotion

How to access on Fynd Platform
Video: Free Gift Promotion


We will create a gift promotion, wherein customers would get a gift upon a minimum purchase of ₹500.

Customers can add one or more items to make the cart value more than ₹500.


  1. Go to MarketingPromotions.

  2. Click Create.


Figure 1: Create Promotion

  1. A window titled Select Promotion Type would appear.

  2. Choose Free Gift Items from the left-hand side, and click Select and Proceed button in the bottom-right corner.


Figure 2: Free Gift Items Promotion Type

  1. Give a name to the promotion, e.g. Lipstick or Lipliner free with Sugar Cosmetics.

  2. Enter the offer label of the Promo which will be displayed under offers & promotions. This is an optional field.

  3. Enter the Offer Text, e.g. Add moisturisers and make the cart total above INR 500 to get a lipliner or lipstick as a gift. This would appear on the PDP of products eligible under promotion.

  4. Write the detailed instruction and terms of availing the coupon under Description. This will appear on the PDP too for your customers to read.

  5. From the Platform section, you can choose on what platforms the promotion will be eligible.

    (For the sake of simplicity, let's not touch the prefilled fields, and let's skip 'Promotion Priority' in this example)


Figure 3: Free Gift Items Promotion Type Details

  1. Choose the validity of the promotion, i.e. the start and end time in the Schedule section.

    (For the sake of simplicity, let's skip 'Restrictions' and 'Applicable to' in this example)


Figure 4: Free Gift Items Promotion Type Details

  1. Create promotions for the phycially offline stores. Add the stores where this promotion will be applicable in the Ordering Stores section.

  2. Now, let's create an Eligibility Rule:

  • To create a rule, you have to write the conditions that the customers must meet.
  • For each condition, you have 2 inputs available, one on the left-hand side and the other on the right-hand side.
  • Both the inputs are separated by an operator (e.g =, >, <, >=, <=, and many more)
  • In this example, we are restricting the promotion to only one brand, therefore Brand = Sugar Cosmetics
  • As mentioned earlier, customers would get a gift only if the cart value is greater than 500 INR. Therefore, in the same rule, we are adding another compulsory condition, i.e. Cart Total >= 500
  • Although it's not necessary, you may further restrict this promotion only to some specific products of a brand, therefore Product = Specific Products
  1. Next, let's define the Set Actions:
  • Here you will be deciding what to give your customers if they meet the conditions defined within the rule(s) you created above.
  • Under Conditional Limits, you will get a field for Offer Quantity
  • Offer Quantity is the number of gifts your customers would receive each time they meet the conditions. In this example, let's set it to 1.
  • Choose Rule#1 in Buying Conditions.
  • Under Item Criteria, you can decide what product the customer should get as a gift.
  • You can choose more than one product in the Item Criteria; however, as a gift, your customer will get only the product that is least priced with sufficient inventory.
  1. Click Create

The promotion would run on your scheduled date and time.

Your customers would be able to view the promotion on the PDP of eligible products (refer the last point in Step 9). Furthermore, customers can read the instruction, meet the conditions, and get the gift immediately in their cart (totally free of cost).

Further Use Cases

  • Buy X quantity of a product, get Y quantity free
  • Buy X product, get Y product free
  • Buy products worth ₹1000-₹2000, get X product free; Buy products worth ₹2000-₹3000, get 2X product free; Buy products worth ₹3000 and above, get 3X product free
  • The selection of multiple free gifts based on a single purchase. Sellers have the ability to set limits on the number of free gift items a customer can receive, making the process more flexible.

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