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14 Best Cheap VPS Hosting Services Compared (2024 Deals) Windows & Linux

14 Best Cheap VPS Hosting Services Compared (2024 Deals) Windows & Linux

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VPS (Virtual Private Servers) hosting offers affordable and robust website hosting options. Choosing the best and cheapest hosting provider can be challenging, but many options are available. Whether you have a new business website or want to upgrade from shared hosting, VPS hosting is important. Cheap VPS hosting services make the transition easier and are available for as few hundred rupees per month. While some VPS plans can be expensive, there are affordable options. This article will explore what to expect from inexpensive VPS hosting, discuss its viability for your website, and compare the top VPS packages. Let's get started.

What Is A VPS?

What Is A VPS

A virtual private server (VPS) is a cost-effective compromise between shared and dedicated hosting. It reduces the number of sites on each server, resulting in faster speeds and more storage capacity at a lower price. The VPS market is growing rapidly, with an expected value of $8.3 billion by 2026. VPS hosting combines the benefits of dedicated and shared hosting, providing custom operating systems and specialised system resources.

It is a great option for those who want the advantages of a dedicated server without the high costs. Upgrading from shared hosting to VPS improves website speed, functionality, and responsiveness. VPS hosting is also suitable for handling traffic peaks and can be used for edge computing applications. Overall, VPS servers offer a scalable and powerful solution for businesses of all sizes.

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How Much Does VPS Hosting Cost?

How Much Does VPS Hosting Cost

The cost of VPS hosting might vary substantially. You can make a monthly payment of just $2 or as much as $300. Most regular VPS hosting packages are between $20 and $30 monthly.  Although there are affordable promotional offers, they often only apply for the first one to three years. Looking at the costs of well-known VPS hosting providers, you will see a pattern:

  • VPS plans from A2 Hosting starting at $4.99 per month.
  • VPS plans from AccuWebHosting start at $7.99 per month.
  • Plans for InMotion VPS begin at $17.99 each month.
  • Plans for Liquid Web VPS start at $15 per month.
  • VPS plans from ScalaHosting start at $14.95.

Although free trial offers for inexpensive VPS hosting may start as low as $0 per month, serious business owners must fork out the cash for a virtual machine that can meet their project objectives.

Do We Need A Dedicated Server Or A Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Do We Need A Dedicated Server Or A Virtual Private Server

A VPS, or virtual private server, is a web hosting where several hosting accounts share the same hardware. On the other hand, a dedicated server is a single server that is not shared with anyone. As per this report from Scala, sites hosted by PS often load 15% to 35% faster than sites hosted by shared plans, numerous service providers give dedicated IP addresses, so your website will not be impacted by any nearby clients who also use the same service provider. Both hosting options improve the performance restrictions of a shared hosting environment, and a dedicated server provides the highest protection power. 

Despite this, a VPS is your greatest option for variable resource use and pricing because it is often less expensive than a dedicated server. When comparing virtual server providers and plans, your choice of hardware, especially the VPS server resources, is crucial. The CPU-allocated RAM and storage space should be powerful enough to withstand frequent use. The flexibility to modify and control server components, including installations, data transport, and storage, is one of the advantages of VPS hosting. It is excellent if your server has the flexibility and freedom to add custom installations and other resources, regardless of whether you operate it yourself or pay someone else to do it. Search for dependable technical support as well to assist in troubleshooting these features.

Comparing Virtual Servers To Other Hosting Options

Comparing Virtual Servers To Other Hosting Options

As per this report from, out of the 1.5 billion World Wide Web (WWW) sites, 200 million are active as of 2021. You must be certain that a virtual private server is your best alternative before deciding on a VPS hosting service. Shared hosting will be your best option if you are building a new website from scratch and do not anticipate experiencing much traffic for a long time.

You might consider getting a dedicated server if you want total control over your server and anticipate 100,000+ visitors per month. Everyone else who falls anywhere in the middle should choose VPS hosting. A virtual private server will be ideal for your website if you have outgrown your shared plan but do not require the resources provided by a dedicated server.

What Is The Best VPS Hosting Option?

What Is The Best VPS Hosting Option

You can host your website on a VPS for a reasonable cost and still get top-notch services from your provider. Your website has its server on a VPS, which shares storage space with other servers. However, there are some restrictions on the number of system resources available because customers only pay for the space they use. So what are the factors that make a VPS host the best?

  1. Reliability is one of the most important factors to take into account when choosing a VPS host.
  2. Uptime, or the proportion of time a server is functioning, is a measure of reliability. Your website should ideally only occasionally be unavailable to users due to server outages.
  3. Tight security is another trait that makes a good VPS host, as it keeps the server safe from cyber criminals and prevents the leakage of private information.

Our top option for high-end VPS hosting at a great price offers many features in an affordable bundle – the Fynd Platform is the best VPS host we could find. This is because it is consistently affordable yet packed with features, and it also enjoys the highest level of user trust, scoring an astounding 4.9 out of 5 in customer reviews. With unlimited bandwidth available across all plans and the finest help and support across all categories of our research, we also highly suggest HostGator as a fantastic VPS server!

What To Anticipate From Affordable VPS Hosting?

What To Anticipate From Affordable VPS Hosting

You should ask whether the cheap VPS options give you comparatively bad services. In contrast to other hosting options, especially shared hosting, VPS hosting typically offers strong performance. You should also be warned that there will be many issues regarding customisation and configuration options. For instance, a lot of service providers let you select the resources that are included as well as the Operating System (OS) you employ. However, most server configuration and management activities must be done by you. Although this configuration has drawbacks for certain users, system administrators and developers that want complete control over their server hosting frequently choose it.

Whether you select a managed or unmanaged VPS plan will affect what you may anticipate from inexpensive VPS hosting. Managing VPS may be the best option if you do not want to deal with the headache of setting up your server. But compared with unmanaged options, these are often a lot more costly. Investigating the extra services that some hosting providers offer is worthwhile. These could be included in the subscription, domain names, E-commerce features, uptime assurances, or even "no downtime" guarantees, email accounts, etc.  The availability of support services and means to contact the support staff are also essential – after all, there is a guarantee on when and where you might need them!

Is A Low-Cost VPS Host The Perfect Solution For You?

Is A Low-Cost VPS Host The Perfect Solution For You

For those on a limited budget, shared hosting or inexpensive VPS hosting are the obvious options. VPS hosting provides more privacy and isolation than shared hosting, making it ideal for websites with moderate traffic. It's a good choice for those seeking a compromise between shared and dedicated hosting while trying to minimise costs. Inexpensive VPS hosting may not offer the same performance as high-end cloud or dedicated servers. However, it can still provide the necessary features and tools for your website to function effectively. Consider looking into the least expensive WordPress hosting providers if you have a small website.

Why Is A Regular VPS So Pricey?

Why Is A Regular VPS So Pricey

Due to its more durable and powerful hardware and Rapid SSD storage, a normal VPS often costs higher than other server options. The quality and technology of the virtualisation system can also make it more expensive. What distinguishes managed from unmanaged VPS hosting? The fundamental contrast between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting is the management of server tasks and routine maintenance. When using unmanaged VPS hosting, this is your duty as the site owner to oversee and manage the servers. Its low cost is assured because the hosting provider handles the server's availability. On the other hand, with managed service, the business will handle most maintenance duties. Managed hosting has the drawback of frequently costing more than unmanaged packages while providing less freedom and control.

Affordable VPS Hosting Packages For New Users

Affordable VPS Hosting Packages For New Users

What is crucial about hosting is that most providers provide "new client promotions," which are temporary discounts on hosting. After the offer period, your monthly pricing will renew at the standard cost. Some periods are incredibly generous, although this may sound like a typical advertising trap! Simply glance at the table below:


When choosing VPS hosting, prioritise long-term value over the lowest price. Investing more each month can significantly improve your site's quality and performance. Hostinger offers affordable VPS hosting with fast and stable servers. Hostinger offers fast and stable servers at an affordable price, making them a top choice for inexpensive VPS hosting.

Let’s Briefly Discuss The Most Affordable VPS Hosts

Let’s Briefly Discuss The Most Affordable VPS Hosts

The names of the least expensive VPS providers should be evident now. We have briefly discussed each service to assist you in making the best choice based on your needs. Due to discounts, VPS hosting is more affordable for brand-new clients. For the first one to three years (or, in Hostinger's case, four years), these monthly costs are for "new customers" and are customarily charged. Here is a list of the cheapest VPS hosting services available, in case you are looking for one:

1. Hostinger


Hostinger's most affordable plan starts at Rs. 419.00 monthly, offering a great VPS hosting price. You get 50 GB of SSD storage space and 1TB of bandwidth. Hostinger now guarantees a 100 MB/second connection for quick page loads. With full root access, you have complete control over your hosting. Hostinger ensures secure and productive connections through its specialised IPv6 block architecture. The servers have sufficient processing power to handle medium- to large-scale web tasks.

Hostinger provides eight VPS packages:

As you can see, Hostinger's VPS hosting offers a wide range of options. When the VPS server's reasonable costs and broad features are combined, it offers the most value for the money. We would choose the VPS 4 plan, which provides you with all the RAM and bandwidth you need to ensure your online project is successful. Anyone looking for quick, safe, and dependable VPS hosting should check out Hostinger.

  1. Pricing – Starting at just $3.95 per month, Hostinger Cloud VPS options are reasonably priced. This bundle includes 1 GB of RAM, 20 Gb of internal memory, and 1 vCPU.
  2. Setup is simple – Your virtual server may be easily managed with Hostinger's VPS control panel. You may restart, back up, as well as install the new programs on your server from the management panel. You also have full root access, allowing you entire control.
  3. Customer service – Live chat help is one of the several multilingual support options offered by Hostinger. No phone help is provided.

2. DreamHost


DreamHost is a company to consider if you are concerned about price increases once a promotion expires. Your monthly payment barely changes from Rs.824 to Rs.1237 monthly. With DreamHost's Basic subscription, you only receive 30 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM. Most sites will be fine with the storage space, but larger ones might struggle with just one gigabyte of RAM. The big selling features are unlimited domains, email accounts, and bandwidth included by default. 

DreamHost fails in our evaluations since it denies you root access. You will not have complete control over the server environment as a result. You might be saving money, but not time, with DreamHost because there is no live chat service. DreamHost also falls short in terms of customer care. Is DreamHost the ideal provider for you? Although DreamHost may be the cheapest VPS hosting service, it also has much to offer regarding functionality. You could find it to be the ideal fit.

3. NameCheap 


Namecheap is well known to most individuals for their assistance with domain registration. It also offers inexpensive VPS hosting services and free VPS and website migration to Namecheap. The VPS hosting from Namecheap is customisable. You can utilise full root access to your server and your preferred OS (Debian, CentOS, or Ubuntu). Another choice is to set up a cPanel control panel. Free VPS and website migration to Namecheap is made possible by this. Two excellent VPS hosting packages from Namecheap are Pulsar (Rs.567.31/month) and Quasar (Rs.1062.06/month). Each service includes a free domain, privacy protection, complete root access, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Namecheap is a solid option for web hosting, offering free backups and domains. While their Pulsar plan may have slightly lower RAM and bandwidth than competitors, it provides sufficient resources with 2 CPU cores. Namecheap offers excellent support through live chat and a comprehensive knowledge base. If scalability isn't your top priority, Namecheap's offerings, including free backups and domains, could fit you well.

Pricing – Namecheap offers VPS hosting with the Pulsar plan starting at Rs.567.31/month, including two CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB storage, and 1000 GB bandwidth. The Quasar plan starts at Rs.1062.06/month, with four CPU cores, 6 GB RAM, 120 GB storage, and 3000 GB bandwidth. Both plans include server administration tools, restoration server failure solutions, and security updates. Basic and Complete plans offer additional features at $10/month and $25/month, respectively, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Setup - With Namecheap's VPS hosting, you have total control over the setup and configuration of your server. Root access allows you to select your chosen OS and server management programme. Both hosting options come with access to cPanel.

Customer service - 24/7 live help is available from Namecheap VPS hosting. Each plan includes live chat, a round-the-clock help centre, and setup support.

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Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!

4. InMotion Hosting


InMotion Hosting is another popular web host offering various hosting options. It provides both cloud self-managed and managed options for inexpensive VPS hosting: The servers from InMotion Hosting give you total control and root access and are built with redundancy. You can select whatever Linux operating system you like, such as CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian.

  • Unlimited domains, email accounts, and CPU cores

  • Domain is free with 6 - 12 month subscriptions

  • 99.97% uptime on average

  • Quite pricey premium VPS hosting packages

  • InMotion is our top pick for value in VPS hosting, offering robust features and services. Despite costing slightly more than rivals, readers of Website Builder Expert can enjoy a special offer of $14.99/month (70% off the standard price of $44.99/month). InMotion's basic VPS plan includes 4 GB RAM, 90 GB storage, 2 TB bandwidth, free backups, unlimited CPU cores, email accounts, domains, and optional root access.

    On average, the least expensive VPS service from InMotion costs $44.99 monthly, and new customers often receive a 25% discount on their first term. However, thanks to a unique InMotion offer available to our readers, the monthly cost is reduced to just $14.99! With savings this good, there are very few reasons not to choose an InMotion VPS hosting plan. InMotion is a premier VPS provider that impressed us during our search, offering various features at 70% less than anyone else!

    Pricing - Plans for self-managed VPSs begin at $5 per month. One CPU, 25 GB of storage, and 1 GB of RAM are all included in this package.

    Setup - You will be responsible for all setup and maintenance with a self-managed VPS plan. However, this process is streamlined by the InMotion control panel.  Additionally, it provides a unique Ansible Control Node, an open-source automation framework that you can install on your first server for nothing.

    Customer service - Several support options are available from InMotion Hosting. Along with the support centre, it provides phone and chat support.

    5. BlueHost 


    Although Bluehost is well known for its WordPress hosting plans, its VPS clients may also use many services. It is simple to understand why, with a strong uptime and a wide range of additional features. Bluehost's Standard plan users get 2 GB of RAM, 1 TB of bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts and domains. Its unique selling point includes a free domain, uncommon among affordable VPS services.

    Additionally, Bluehost received a score of 5/5 in our analysis for help and support, an essential component of the web hosting experience and unquestionably worth the extra money. Bluehost's customer care exceeded what we expected more than any other service we evaluated. Bluehost exceeded our expectations by 9% thanks to its helpful live chat and comprehensive knowledge library. Is Bluehost the best option for you? Not just Bluehost's prices are intriguing. What is not to love about a free domain, SSL, and backups? Look it up!

    6. HostPapa 


    To be completely honest, HostPapa is not a great option when it comes to pricing. While its promotional price of $19.99 per month may seem like a wonderful deal at first glance, upon further investigation, you will discover that it is only valid for the first month. After that, the price rises to $49.99 for each domain and email account with HostPapa. On the positive side, HostPapa maintains a ra good time of 99.97%.

    However, the additional cost of backups, which amounts to at least $35.88, might deter you from choosing their services. Although HostPapa's pricing can be deceiving, they offer some fantastic included features. We recommend checking it out for yourself!"

    7. GoDaddy


    Is GoDaddy the largest domain registrar worldwide? It provides web hosting and an easy-to-use AI (Artificial Intelligence) website builder. While its services are above average, it can be considered a jack of all trades. Ironically, GoDaddy's VPS hosting does not include a free domain or access to live chat or 24/7 issue assistance. However, it does offer unlimited bandwidth, which is a fantastic perk, and maintains a good uptime of 99.97%. Overall, most of its features are reliable. Do you have a use for GoDaddy? It is ideal if you require additional features alongside their hosting service. Take a closer look to determine if it meets your needs.

    8. HostGator 


    HostGator is another well-known brand in the web hosting industry, offering competitive prices for its VPS options. While it did not rank as the best for VPS hosting in our evaluation, HostGator still offers some impressive features. 

    Best VPS for Direct Customer Support: HostGator. What can you expect from it?

  • Awesome team for customer service
  • Options for flexible software
  • Features for advanced servers
  • Money-back guarantee for 45 days
  • HostGator is known for its strong customer support, flexible software options, advanced server features, and generous 45-day money-back guarantee. It stands out for its exceptional customer service, offering free content transfers when migrating from another web server. This service, usually costly elsewhere, includes transferring website files, databases, scripts, and even a free domain registration. Simply complete the transfer within 30 days of signing up. Such assistance is truly top-notch.

    When using VPS hosting, receiving prompt customer service from knowledgeable personnel is crucial. Given the increased control over the server environment, technical issues can arise, sometimes difficult to articulate. HostGator's customer support team is available 24/7/365 via phone, email, or live chat to address any concerns and provide expert assistance.


    While not the most affordable, the VPS plans offered by HostGator are still quite good. They cater to experienced web managers who seek complete control over their hosting requirements. HostGator stands out with its reliable network and robust security measures. It allows for easy scalability of resources, making it an excellent choice for VPS hosting. With features like unlimited SFTP users, full root access, and unlimited SQL databases, HostGator is perfect for those who desire greater control over the technical aspects of their website.

    In addition to its generous 120 GB storage capacity, which is suitable for large websites with extensive image content, Vultr also offers valuable bonuses such as 1.5 TB bandwidth and free backups. When considering the renewal fee of $79.95, some concerns may arise. However, with the three-year promotional agreement, the situation may be more favourable. Nonetheless, it's important to note that this price point might be high for individuals or businesses launching a modest to medium-sized website. On the other hand, HostGator prides itself on its reliable service, providing a 99.99% uptime guarantee. With minimal downtime, HostGator ensures high reliability for its customers.

    9. Vultr


    Vultr is a comprehensive package provider that simplifies the setup and operation of cloud services through its SSD VPS servers. With 17 worldwide locations, they offer entry-level and advanced computing instances for VPS hosting. One of the standout advantages of Vultr is the wide range of OS combinations available. Customers can choose from infinite options, including Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and other operating systems. They also have the option to run an uncustomised OS. Regarding pricing, Vultr offers VPS cloud compute instances starting from around $2.50 per month. This package includes a 10 GB SSD, 1 Processor, and 512 MB of Memory.

    Vultr does not require long-term contracts, and VPS server accounts are invoiced hourly, up to the monthly rate cap. Setting up a Vultr server is relatively straightforward. Like any self-managed VPS server, the customer's responsibility is the configuration, setup, and maintenance tasks. However, Vultr provides convenience through numerous one-click installation options for programs like cPanel and WordPress. They also offer commercial add-ons (apps) for firewalls, backups, and DDoS protection services. After selecting the plan and OS, customers can deploy their cloud computing instance within a month. It's worth mentioning that Vultr's customer service may be considered inadequate compared to other low-cost VPS hosting solutions. However, their website is an extensive library of user guides, documentation, and tutorials on hosting-related topics.

    Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

    Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!

    10. A2 Hosting 

    A2 Hosting

    A2 Hosting offers top-notch unmanaged VPS plans tailored for developers. They are known for their shared WordPress, dedicated, and reseller hosting solutions and affordable managed and unmanaged VPS hosting options. It exclusively supports Linux VPSs, with four data centre options available. Their unmanaged VPS plans start at $2.99 monthly and include features like free SSD storage, root access, premium cPanel, and a Webuzo one-click software installer. Upgrades, such as turbo boost, are available to enhance performance. For those seeking managed VPS plans, A2 Hosting offers options starting at $39.99 monthly, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

    Setting up and managing your server is easy with A2 Hosting's customisation options and SolusVM control panel. You can reboot, shut down, reload the OS, and handle various server tasks through this interface. While cPanel is available as a paid add-on with the Mid and Elite plans, it is not included with unmanaged VPSs. A2 Hosting provides 24/7 phone and live chat support, a knowledge base and a ticketing system. What sets A2 Hosting apart is its focus on managed and unmanaged VPS solutions, catering to the needs of seasoned developers. 

    Despite typically being more expensive, A2 Hosting offers unmanaged VPS plans starting at just $2.99 per month. While the entry-level plan may have limited storage and RAM (1 GB RAM & 20 GB SSD Storage, respectively), it is cost-effective for those seeking complete control. Managed and unmanaged plans provide root access, allowing users to customise virtual servers. With affordable pricing and extensive features, A2 Hosting is an excellent choice for individuals seeking full website control.

    The VPS options offered by A2 are detailed below:

    Unmanaged VPS Plans:

    • Runway 1: Starting at $2.99 per month
    • Runway 2: Starting at $7.99 per month
    • Runway 4: Starting at $9.99 per month
    • Supersonic 8: Starting at $29.99 per month

    These prices are based on a three-year contract; additional charges apply for one-year or monthly contracts. With unmanaged plans, you can customise your server's preferred width, CPU, RAM, and disk space, which will affect the cost.

    Managed VPS Plans:

    • Lift 4: Starting at $39.99 per month
    • Lift 8: Starting at $54.99 per month
    • Lift 16: Starting at $67.99 per month
    • Mach 8: Starting at $59.99 per month

    Unlike unmanaged plans, these prices are based on a three-year contract, with additional fees for one-year or monthly contracts. The main distinction between the managed and core plans is that the managed plans include root access. However, an unmanaged plan gives you more control over server configuration. A2 Hosting is an excellent choice for developers seeking affordable VPS customisation and complete control. However, if you are looking for traditional managed hosting, you may want to explore other options. A2 Hosting is known for its top-notch customer service department, so if customer support is your priority, it's worth considering their offerings.

    11. Kamatera 


    Moving on to Kamatera, they offer a wide range of flexible cloud-based VPS alternatives for web hosting. Their service can be configured to accommodate your specific needs, including VoIP, CRM, ERP, and email. With unlimited storage and the ability to add servers and datasets as your company grows, Kamatera is a highly expandable VPS service. Their customizability allows you to adjust resources according to your requirements, making it ideal for startups and businesses needing scalable power.

    Kamatera also offers customised hosting bundles for virtual private servers, allowing you to choose the type of servers, operating system, and control panel that suits your needs. With data centres located worldwide and a 24/7 global technical support network, Kamatera ensures reliable assistance whenever you need it. While specific pricing information is not provided due to the tailored nature of their services, unmanaged server prices start at $4. For those seeking complete control over their server setup, Kamatera is an excellent choice. Managed plans are available starting at Rs.319 for a more hands-off experience. Lastly, Liquid Web VPS.

    12. Liquid Web VPS

    Liquid Web

    Liquid Web is an excellent choice for high memory and storage VPS hosting. Despite being less well-known, they offer a powerful VPS hosting service that makes up for their lack of name recognition. Liquid Web's VPS offerings are fully managed, meaning they handle your gear, networking, security patches, upgrades, and operating system and software support through their administrators. Each virtual private server comes with an impressive 10 TB of bandwidth. 

    The highest storage capacity we've observed is 200 GB of SSD storage, which is included in the 16 GB RAM package. 16 GB of RAM is twice the amount provided in the most expensive plans from Bluehost and InMotion, which also offer great VPS plans. Unlike other hosting companies we've reviewed, Liquid Web doesn't use distinctive or creative names for its plans. Instead, you're purchasing your resources, starting with RAM. 

    Liquid Web offers competitive pricing for their VPS hosting plans. Here are the monthly rates based on the amount of RAM:

    • 2 GB of RAM - $15 per month.
    • 4 GB of RAM -  $25 per month.
    • 8 GB of RAM - $35 per month.
    • The price per GB of RAM is $95 every month.

    Please note that these rates are based on annual contracts. The cost will be slightly higher if you prefer a month-to-month payment option. Liquid Web also offers 2-year plans, and you can inquire about discounted prices for your specific website by contacting their customer service department. Liquid Web is an excellent choice for websites that require ample bandwidth and storage space.

    It especially benefits websites with multiple videos, cached photos, or interactive components.  One of their key advantages is their outstanding customer service. They can be reached 24/7 via phone, email, and live chat. While many VPS providers do not offer a 16 GB RAM plan, Liquid Web does provide this option. Although it may not be necessary for most businesses, we recommend considering Liquid Web if you have higher memory requirements for your website.

    13. Scala


    The Best Hosting for Customizing VPS Resources is Scala. It offers VPS resources that can be fully customised. What can you expect from Scala?

    • 24 CPU Cores, 128 Gb Of Ram, And 2 Tb Of Disc Space At Maximum Capacity.
    • The Option to Pick A Datacenter And Add-ons of your choice. 
    • 24 Helpful Add-ons

    VPS provides greater resources than shared or cloud hosting, including more RAM, storage space, and CPU cores. However, customised VPS hosting plans occasionally provide the right number of those resources for your particular firm. Scala Hosting offers a highly customisable VPS hosting solution that allows you to tailor your server precisely to your website's needs. 

    With their user-friendly tool, you can easily adjust SSD storage space, RAM (ranging from 2 GB to 128 GB), and the number of CPU cores (from one to 24) using convenient sliders (with storage options from 50 GB to 2,000 GB). 

    The tool generates pricing based on your chosen configuration and offers flexible billing options, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual plans. Managed VPS plans are available for periods of two or three years. Let's consider a scenario where you have a social networking site where users upload videos, exchange images, and contribute content to the community. While the site may have a small but active user base, you need it to perform well even when dozens of people are simultaneously browsing and interacting.

    Additionally, due to the substantial amount of content being shared, ample storage is crucial. For this situation, you can configure a Scala VPS plan with four CPU cores, 8 GB of RAM, and 100 GB of storage. Opting for a self-managed VPS plan with Scala would cost you $45 monthly if you choose the annual billing option. 

    Furthermore, you can select your desired data centre location from options such as New York, Dallas, or Europe. Scala Hosting provides you with a range of choices for your operating system, including eight options for self-managed plans. For fully managed plans, you can choose between cPanel, which supports five to 1,000 accounts, or SPanel, as your control panel. The customisation options continue as you can select from 24 different add-ons. These include installing unbranded WHMCS, Softaculous, or ClientExec for client management.

    Additionally, you can add extra cPanel licenses, a CloudLinux license, and more. Scala Hosting also offers prebuilt VPS solutions if you prefer not to go through the customisation process. Self-managed plans start at $20.00 monthly, while fully managed plans start at $29.95 monthly. Choose Scala Hosting if you clearly understand your requirements and want a hassle-free solution for your websites.

    14. IDrive Compute

    IDrive Compute

    Introducing iDrive Compute, the ideal choice for edge computing. What can you expect from this exceptional service? With a global network of 4,000 servers and 20 data centres across the United States, iDrive Compute is perfectly suited for managing IoT devices. By leveraging iDrive Compute, your company gains access to powerful VPS server capabilities. Beyond traditional web hosting, VPS for edge computing utilises robust servers strategically located in key physical locations, significantly enhancing overall processing capacity.

    The applications of this technology are vast and diverse, depending on your company's specific operations. For instance, if you're conducting extensive data-driven research, you can process data rapidly while ensuring its security through virtual machines distributed across multiple servers. In the context of a sprawling hospital network, where patient care and equipment management are critical, edge computing and VPS servers become indispensable. 

    By leveraging iDrive Compute, you can ensure each hospital has a nearby data centre, preventing potential patient harm from slow technology that couldn't sync, react, or notify swiftly enough. Even businesses operating outside the realm of IoT or intensive computing can benefit from the remarkable speed, reliability, and security offered by VPS edge computing. Whether you run factories with autonomous equipment, deploy smart monitors at various job sites, or engage with smart personal devices, home automation systems, or self-driving cars, the advantages of edge computing are unparalleled. 

    As user numbers and data volume continue to surge, the importance of edge computing becomes increasingly evident. That's precisely why iDrive has developed this service, featuring a vast network of 4,000 servers worldwide and a storage capacity of 300 petabytes. iDrive Compute offers scalable and secure VPS hosting for virtual machines and edge computing, catering to both ambitious startups and established enterprise-grade operations with its affordable pricing.

    With options ranging from entry-level shared CPU bundles to CPU-optimized and memory-optimized dedicated virtual private servers, iDrive Compute has solutions for businesses of all sizes. If you require immediate resource scaling, iDrive Compute plans to address your needs promptly. Furthermore, iDrive's dedicated support team goes above and beyond by handling hardware upgrades and maintenance tasks and assisting you in selecting the perfect plan tailored to your requirements.

    Want to Start Selling Online with Fynd Platform?

    Fynd Platform is our top-rated ecommerce website builder, and for good reason with 30 days free trial!

    How To Pick A Cheap VPS Hosting Company?

    How To Pick A Cheap VPS Hosting Company

    It is time to choose the ideal VPS plan for you and your website now that you have looked at a few different ones. As we all know, value is not necessarily found at a low price. Here are a few things to consider if you are trying to find the ideal balance between cost-effectiveness and excellent quality:

    How to Choose Your Ideal VPS Host – The two key issues to consider are simple:

    • What materials do you require?
    • What are your financial limits?

    Price and features typically go hand in hand. If you require the most RAM, disc space, and storage, you should prepare to pay more. In addition, you might prefer one provider or package over another depending on additional attributes like customer support, security, and scalability.

    Unrestricted Root Access  

    Due to root access, which permits more access and customisation, users of Linux, Unix, and Linux-related software platforms have more authority over their websites and digital assets. Please note that not all the VPS plans on our list include root access. However, not everyone needs it. Only those of you who are programmers, technically savvy, or who wish to make specific changes to your virtual server needs root access. Most of you will benefit more from selecting a fully managed VPS service.

    But if you are searching for a VPS host, you probably want more authority over your website. Thankfully, several fully managed plans offer root access as an extra. For more sophisticated control, InMotion Managed VPS Hosting, for instance, offers optional root access. You will have complete root access and SSH keys with an InMotion Cloud VPS, allowing for even faster customisation. If root access is important, A2 Hosting is another outstanding option. Full root access is available in plans starting at $5 per month.


    Uptime is arguably the most significant component of web hosting. Uptime is frequently the driving force for switching from a shared host to a VPS server. You must therefore prioritise uptime rates. In our uptime testing, each VPS plan on this list performed admirably. Most providers promise a 99.9% uptime rate and will reimburse your account if they fall short of those expectations. However, there are a few reasons why you should completely avoid this scenario.

    First, having your site down when it might be up and earning you more money is not worth getting a few extra dollars back. And it may cost a lot of money, depending on how long it is down. Watch out for services with a low uptime rate. Although it may be inexpensive, you are paying nothing if your website is unavailable.

    Second, do you realise how much time you waste annually if even a small percentage of your website is down? Most likely, it goes beyond what you imagine. Over 80 hours a year separate 99% uptime from 99.9% uptime! Because you did not choose a good web host, your website is down on average for more than three days each year. Therefore, finding a reputable web hosting business with a 99.9% uptime guarantee is necessary. You may feel secure knowing that every provider on our list is a safe choice if you look at VPS plans from the uptime perspective.

    Additionally, you will need the VPS host to be available at all times of the day to assist you if or when your website goes down, which brings us back to our earlier point regarding always-available white glove service. This openness and communication are essential during downtime (both planned and unforeseen).

    Strong Performance,

    The biggest benefit of VPS hosting is that it can significantly improve the performance of your website. Now that it is not sharing resources with other websites, your website will run much faster. All websites should prioritise their site speed. Page views can be reduced by 11%, and conversions can be decreased by 7% with a loading time delay of one second.  

    This is especially important for those of you who anticipate encountering heavy traffic. Make sure to develop a strategy that can handle your traffic without slowing down. Although the quantity of media and materials on your website (as well as its optimisation) greatly affects its speed, there are two very crucial factors to take into account that have an impact on your website's overall performance:

    • Bandwidth – It is crucial if you anticipate receiving a few thousand visits each week. The difference between someone browsing your site and leaving it immediately can be caused by slow loading times. 
    • Storage Space – Choose a plan with enough storage space if your website contains many web pages or high-quality material (pictures, movies, etc.).
    • Site's Objective – Even though it may seem apparent, providing free email accounts for staff members on a company website is a pleasant touch that will save you time and bother.

    For instance, even if Bluehost is more expensive than Hostinger, you get higher quality and better customer service for your money. We believe the extra cash is well worth it because building your website is no easy undertaking. All the services discussed in this article offer at least 30-day money-back guarantees except GoDaddy. Given that it will not cost you anything, why not try them?

    What Sets Managed VPS Hosting Apart from Cheap VPS Hosting?

    If you need to upgrade from shared hosting but do not have the money for an extremely pricey dedicated server, cheap virtual private server hosting services are fantastic. A budget-friendly, unmanaged VPS hosting package will cost in the range of $7 to $10. A VPS's wonderful advantages are still available with managed VPS hosting, but the hosting firm will also manage your server. 

    This indicates that you will receive better support than you would from a low-cost VPS provider since their technical support team will take care of all the upkeep and maintenance for you. The main drawback of managed VPS hosting is that it is frequently more expensive than an unmanaged plan. An unmanaged VPS account might save you a lot of money if you are confident in managing servers.

    What Is Low-cost Cloud Hosting?

    Cloud VPS hosting is described as regular VPS hosting moved to the cloud. You receive the advantages of VPS server resources coupled with the benefits of cloud services, such as scalability and lower costs, with a VPS in the cloud. If you decide against going fully managed, the best VPS hosting platforms will give you the tools you need to administer your server and the flexibility to add choices like extra storage, speed, and security measures when required.

    You should also consider the customisation options while selecting a cloud-based VPS host. The ability to modify system requirements is one of the advantages of a cloud-based environment, so take some time to look around. Another essential feature of cloud VPS hosting is automatic backups that make it easy to restore your stuff. To select the best service for your upcoming project, read our reviews of the top cloud hosting services below.

    Final Word 

    We are the first to receive the lowest pricing on VPS services! Selecting a VPS hosting provider can seem difficult, but in the end, it is a good problem to have. If you are fortunate to discover a provider with whom you know your website and business would have room to develop when you decide to migrate from shared hosting to VPS hosting. The best part is that you can move without becoming bankrupt. Our ranking of the best providers shows that VPS hosting may be inexpensive. We frequently have access to exceptional offers for our readers before they are made public, thanks to our connections with the best web hosting.

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    What distinguishes shared hosting from VPS hosting?

    Your resources are divided up among several websites that are all housed on the same server in shared hosting. Your website's performance will be directly impacted by that of the other sites on the server. You have more hardware and more control over the functionality and quality of your site with VPS hosting.

    What Advantages Does VPS Hosting Offer?

    At a price that is substantially less than dedicated hosting, VPS hosting gives you more resources and flexibility than shared hosting. It is a nice compromise between the two where you can download your own software and have more control over the security, functionality, and customization of your site.

    What distinguishes managed from unmanaged VPS hosting?

    arrow down

    In managed VPS hosting, the setup is handled on your behalf. Additionally, you are not in charge of handling security problems or bug patches. Unmanaged leaves everything up to you. Unmanaged is normally less expensive, although it is typically primarily utilized by developers and other computer professionals.

    What Should We Expect To Pay For A Virtual Private Server?

    The typical price range for hosting a virtual private server is $15 to $30 per month. Naturally, the cost will vary depending on the business you select, the resources you need, and the managed services support the hosting firm provides.

    A managed virtual private server, for instance, can cost more than $120 a month, but users get premium features like uptime monitoring, free software updates and troubleshooting assistance, and round-the-clock support through live chat, email, or phone.

    What makes cheap VPS hosting a viable option for my website?

    Cheap VPS hosting provides a cost-effective solution by offering a dedicated virtual environment with allocated resources at a lower price than dedicated hosting. It allows you to have more control, scalability, and customisation options for your website without breaking the bank.

    Will I have access to technical support with cheap VPS hosting?

    Yes, reputable cheap VPS hosting providers typically offer technical support to assist you with any issues or inquiries. While the level of support may vary, it's important to choose a provider that offers responsive customer support, preferably available 24/7, to address any concerns or provide guidance throughout your hosting experience.

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