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Create Custom Promotion

How to create a custom promotion

Here you can create a specifc type of promotion and set the rules and conditions based on your requirements.

  1. Click on Create promotion and select 'Create Custom Promotion'


Figure 1: Create Promotion

  1. Enter the basic details.


Figure 2: Basic Details

  1. Set the priority and schedule.


Figure 3: Set Priority and Schedule

  1. Set the restrictions.


Figure 4: Set Restrictions

  1. Set the rules that you would like to apply for this promotion. Since you are creating a custom promotion, you can set whatever rules you wish to apply. Here we have set the rules that when 4 or more items are added to the cart, a discount of ₹ 1000 gets applied.


Figure 5: Add Rules

  1. Set the conditions. Here you get a dropdown menu containing the type of discounts that you can set for the promotion. Select the one that you want and set the conditons as per the selection. After setting all the conditions, click Create.


Figure 6a: Set Conditions


Figure 6b: Set Conditions

  1. Your promotion is created, you can navigate to the PDP page and add items to the cart to view the promotions applied.


Figure 7: Promotions Page


Figure 8: PDP Page

The promotion of ₹ 1000 is applied.