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Order Management System


Fynd Platform provides an Order Management System (OMS) for managing orders that originate from all your sales channels and marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart and many more. It is a reliable enterprise-grade system to supervise the workflows of ordering and fulfilment.


Figure 1: Orders - Main Screen


Figure 2a: Orders - Intro


Figure 2b: Orders - Intro

How to access on Fynd Platform
  1. Stages of Order

    • Recently placed orders go to New lane
    • Confirmed orders go to the Processing lane
    • Failed Payment, Cancelled Orders and Orders picked/delivered/out-for-delivery go to the Processed lane
    • Returned orders go to the Returns lane
    • Orders that have been flagged or have any issues go to the Escalations lane
    • Orders from all the above stages are present in the All lane.

  1. Available Filters

    • Date Range filter - You can filter the orders based on a specific date range. The default date range is 1 week, which means you can view all the orders placed in the past 7 days. Moreover, the date filter has additional options to list the orders based on the following criteria:

      • Today

      • Last Week

      • Last 15 Days

      • Last Month

      • Last 3 Months


        Figure 3: Date Range Filter

    • Fulfillment Store filter - Filter the orders based on the selling locations (stores) to which they are assigned.


      Figure 4: Store Filter

    • Status filter - Filter the orders based on their current state. Click here to view all the available states in this filter.


      Figure 5: Status Filter


    Each lane will have unique statuses.

    • Sales channel filter - Filter the orders according to the sales channel from which they originate. It could be your website, marketplace or a franchise channel.


      Figure 6: Sales Channel Filter


    On Fynd Platform, available sales channels are displayed on the left panel.

    • Delivery Partner filter - Filter the orders based on the delivery parnter to which they are assigned.


    Figure 7: Delivery Partner Filter

    • Search Type & Search bar - Before using the search bar, choose an option from the 'Search Type' drop-down. Select Auto to automatically find an order by its Order ID, Shipment ID, Phone Number or Email ID entered in the search bar. Or you can make a specific search including:

      • Fynd Order ID - All orders placed in Fynd Platform get a Fynd Order ID. You may search any order by entering a Fynd Order ID.

      • Fynd Bag ID - Search an order by the Bag ID assigned by Fynd.

      • External Order ID - Orders placed on marketplaces (say Myntra) get an External Order ID along with a Fynd Order ID. You may search such orders by entering the External Order ID.

      • External Bag ID - Search an order by the Bag ID assigned by marketplaces.

      • Customer Phone - Search by entering the customer's phone number.

      • Customer Email - Search by entering the customer's email ID.

      • AWB Number - Search order by its Air WayBill tracking number.

      • Invoice ID - Search order by the invoice number entered during invoicing.

      • SKU Code - Search all orders containing products that have the SKU identifier.

      • EAN - Search all orders containing the product that has the entered EAN number. Click here to know more about SKU and EAN.

        Video: Using the Search bar in OMS

  1. Orders from Customers

    Here you can view all the orders from your customers. A typical order would have the following content:

    • Phone Number of the customer
    • Email ID of the customer
    • Order ID
    • Date and time of placing the order
    • Product image, name, quantity and price
    • The latest status of the bag items

    You can learn more about these in the Order Processing Lifecycle section.

  1. Bulk Operations

    You can perform the following bulk operations on your orders:

    • Update the shipment status through picklist (for e.g. New to Confirmed, Processing to DP assigned, etc.)
    • Generate invoices and labels in bulk (get a downloadable PDF file in the Exports page)
    • Generate manifests in bulk (get a downloadable PDF in the Exports page)


    Figure 8: Bulk Operations

    You can learn more about these operations in the Bulk Processing section.


Refresh feature helps you to update new orders, processing and processed orders, and returned orders. It will update all the ordering lanes and you may do so by using a manual refresh button, or you may turn on the Auto Refresh toggle button for polling (checking) and updating the orders, approximately every 10 minutes.

Video: Auto-Refresh Feature