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Subscription Queries

Can I use Fynd Platform for free? Do you provide a free trial?

Yes, you can avail a free trial of Fynd Platform for 30 days. You can also view the platform services that you can utilize, go to Fynd Platform --> Billing --> Subscription --> View my plan details

What happens when the trial period ends?

After the trial period, the services that you have availed will discontinue immediately. Any resource created using the platform will be halted. Moreover, you will be duly prompted to subscribe to a plan to prevent the discontinuation of our services.

How does Fynd Platform’s pricing work?

Fynd Platform performs a metered billing, i.e., we record the usage of our services and charge for it at the end of your subscription period. Ultimately, the final invoice would include your fixed plan amount and the charges for any additional services availed by you.

How is the payment made? What payment methods you support?

We support all types of national and international card payment (Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Visa). We will verify and authenticate your card and once it's successful, you will be registered for monthly recurring payments.

Do you provide an invoice for the payment?

Yes, we provide an invoice for your payment. You can view it under Fynd Platform --> Billing --> Invoices. Moreover, we will send you an email with your invoice.

Do you provide a refund? What is your refund policy?

Since Fynd Platform performs a metered billing, any service that is availed by you is chargeable. We indeed have a free trial but beyond that, we do not provide any refund for your Fynd Platform subscription.

Will you draw money from my account without my knowledge?

No, we do not charge you without your knowledge because we do not store your card details. We believe in 100% transparency and we charge you only for the subscription and any additional services used by you.

My requirements have changed, how can I upgrade my plan?

You can easily upgrade your plan by going to Fynd Platform --> Billing --> Subscription --> Change Plan

My requirements have reduced, how can I downgrade my plan?

If you are already on a higher plan and you want to downgrade, please contact our support team by going to Fynd Platform --> Support

How can I cancel my subscription? How can I enable or disable the recurring payment?

If you wish to cancel your Fynd Platform subscription, please contact our support team by going to Fynd Platform --> Support. Moreover, your data will be stored for the next six months, in case you wish to re-engage with our services.

Will my data be private and safe?

We do not store your card details. A 3D Secure and PCI-compliant payment gateway service will handle the transactions. Moreover, all the other details are kept safe and secure.

Is it possible to pay for Fynd Platform for several months in advance?

Currently, we do not support advance payments that convert into an active balance. We might support this in future.