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Payment Info

A payment information page on a website is a section where users can input their payment details to make a purchase. It typically includes fields for the user's name, billing address, credit card number, expiration date, and security code.

How to access Payment Info in your website?

Below are the steps to access Cart Delivery page:

  1. Select Payment Info from dropdown menu.
  2. Pop-up window appears with payment info section.
  3. Customise subsections in Payment Info page.

Below are the configurable options of the Payment Info page:


1. Extension Positions

The extension positions in the extension section of a website refer to the specific locations or areas on a web page where browser extensions or add-ons can be displayed or integrated.

Below the extension positions section, click on the ‘+’ button to add an extension:

  1. Add extension (e.g. Above Price Breakup, Above Continue Button, Below Continue Button).
  2. Save the added extension.
  3. Users can repeat the process to add other extensions.