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Squarespace vs Bluehost (2024 In Depth Comparison)

Squarespace vs Bluehost (2024 In Depth Comparison)

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Squarespace and Bluehost come under the category of top-rated website builders specialised in different areas. As per the experts, Squarespace is among the best website builders to guide one through setting up and running the website, whereas Bluehost specialises in handling the hosting side of things. Based on the feedback received from the clients, Bluehost comes in the first position when compared with Bluehost and Squarespace. For instance, Fynd Platform is the best website builder with a 4.9 rating, surpassing Bluehost and Squarespace in terms of features, ease of use, and overall performance.

Bluehost scores 4.8 out of 5, whereas Squarespace scores 4.7 out of 5 and holds the second position. Squarespace is famous for its excellent design quality and user-friendly interface. Despite this primary difference in rankings across the research fields, one can check out the brief analysis of Squarespace and Bluehost here in the given table-

  • Bluehost is the top-listed hosting provider, which lays the foundation for developing a website through another platform, typically WordPress. Try it only if you are confident to work with WordPress or put in the learning timing.
  • Squarespace is assumed to be one website builder. One can pay a higher monthly fee for the Squarespace service. Nonetheless, one can build and publish a significant site within the platform. The process is too quick for a beginner to bring the website to life.

Note Bluehost has its website builder. However, that is very basic. Hence, Bluehost is better if one is confident enough to build the sites themselves. If you choose Bluehost, you should be a little tech-savvy. Again, Squarespace is better as a beginner-friendly solution if one lacks basic knowledge of technology and website building. Consequently, the experts of Squarespace guide one through the entire process of a single dashboard. 

The feature-rich plans, stunning design templates, and affordable Squarespace pricing differ from Bluehost. Apart from these two top-listed website builders, one can try the Fynd platform, which is ideal for beginners and tech-savvy clients. According to experts, the Fynd platform scores 4.9 out of 5 and is the highest-rated website in the market. One can build a website within 30 minutes.

TOP choice
Ease Of Use
Design Flexibility
Customer score
Help and Support
Value For Money

TOP choice
Types of Hosting
Hosting Features
Disk Space
Help and Support
Value for Money

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Difference Between Squarespace and Bluehost

Before drawing a basic conclusion between Squarespace and Bluehost and which website builder is best, one should check out the detailed comparison between these two website builders.


Pricing and Value for Money

Bluehost sound more economical than Squarespace since it is highly cost-effective if you buy it. On the contrary, Squarespace is costlier, but one can get everything in one place, whereas Bluehost is far behind. 

  • Bluehost: Bluehost's basic pricing plan is ₹169/mo, where the clients will get the servers, bandwidth and storage space. It is the primary reason why plenty of visitors want to take this pricing plan from Bluehost. In addition, to the annual plan of Bluehost, one gets the domain name too.
  • Squarespace: However, if one chooses a $16/mo pricing plan, users can build and publish the website using the templates of Squarespace. One also gets a free domain while paying for the annual plan upfront. 

Check the detailed description of each of the features for Bluehost and Squarespace here in the following table-

Particulars Bluehost Squarespace
Cheapest plan Basic plan: ₹169/mo Personal: $16/mo
Cheapest plan features Free domain for one year.
10 GB storage Unmetered bandwidth basic website builder.
Free domain website for one year (with the annual plan).
Unlimited storage and bandwidth.
Award-winning templates for designing the site.
SEO features for boosting visibility.
Full price range ₹169 - ₹279/mo $16 - $49/mo

Squarespace and Bluehost offer good value for money in their ways. While comparing these two website builders, Bluehost is the cheapest way to get a website live. As per market research, Bluehost provides the most affordable pricing plan and is ideal for its overall price level with dedicated hosting plans. On the other hand, Squarespace offers the bandwidth and storage uncapped with all the plans and a much quicker and easier way of setting up a site using one of its templates.

Fynd Platform Pricing Plan

Fynd platform is India's largest online E-commerce platform that offers world-class technology and cloud infrastructure. It is the true omnichannel to leverage the other multi-channel platforms. According to experts, the Fynd platform is the most profitable plan for the online store. Here one can get a 30-day free trial pack to develop the website without using a credit card. 

The minimum pricing plan of the Fynd platform is Rs 599 per month. Apart from that, one can avail of quarterly and yearly pricing plans based on demand. Also, one can contact the customer support team for quarterly and annual subscription plans. Check out and compare the pricing plan of the Fynd platform (both quarterly and annually) here in the given tables-


Check the features the Fynd platform offers if you choose any of the above pricing plans.


Apart from these features, one can avail of the following features in any of these pricing plans of the Fynd platform-

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Mobile-optimized websites
  • Creating of policies
  • Customer details
  • Growth 10X plan
  • Advanced  SEO plan
  • Creative banner design

 Fynd platform offers some extensions to the clients-

  • Instagram live feed
  • Google catalogue
  • Uploading of Facebook catalogue
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Product recommendation
  • Google Analytics
  • Product Stock Customer Alerts, etc.

The most exciting part is that the Fynd platform only takes 30 seconds to start or launch a website without coding. 

Ease of Use

Bluehost is an easier and more supportive hosting service provider than Squarespace. However, Squarespace is a way easier route if one wants to build a website from scratch without much know-how. Comparing Squarespace and Bluehost with ease of use is challenging since both offer something different. As per the hosting providers, Bluehost is the easiest option to use. The dashboard is comparatively easier to navigate, and Bluehost's help and support options are robust.

In addition, one can install WordPress from the Bluehost dashboard with a click. On the other hand, Squarespace is marked as the most simple website builder as it makes the process of building and designing the website simpler by its nature. With the help of Squarespace website builder, it is simple to make the design simple for the website. If one wants to customise the design, then one will need the code workarounds or add the plugins. It is not complicated. It will be more time-taking and complex than a website builder.

Fynd Platform: Ease of Use

If one intends to build a website or grow the business online, the Fynd platform is the best choice. The Fynd platform is a super-simple website builder for everyone alike. This online platform only takes 30 seconds to start a website without coding. With the Fynd platform, one can sell products on Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, Google, Ajio, Tata CLiQ, Myntra, and many more websites.

Website Design

Bluehost and Squarespace offer the most beautiful, ready-to-go designs. However, collaborating with WordPress, Bluehost offers the most design flexibility. Bluehost recently launched a new website builder based on WordPress. It is designed for creating professional-looking websites without having any technical knowledge. 

For the same, the users only need to know the uses of drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste facilities. One will get approximately 10000 themes in the Bluehost theme directory, and if he is connecting with a third-party website like ThemeForest, he can enjoy a vast range of choices of designs. If your website is in multiple niches, you have a close chance of finding a close match. 

Things to Know about Bluehost Templates:

  • Bluehost templates are fully changeable "themes, "allowing one to create the appearance he wants without starting from scratch. 
  • The advantage of using the Bluehost website builder is that it will allow you to change the design of the templates. One can also visually evaluate the website in real-time. 
  • You can preview the pages to know how they will appear in front of the visitors before it is re-published. 
  • On the other hand, Squarespace also has a curated selection of templates. It is also ideal for the website builder since Squarespace can make things easier by adding different elements.

Things to Know about Squarespace Templates:

  • Squarespace templates are responsive, which means they are adaptive and rely on the browser window’s size so that it will adjust the same on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.
  • The template design of Squarespace has a distinct appearance, including bold text, white space, and a tremendous area for displaying photos. 
  • Each of Squarespace’s templates possesses similar features and offers customisation possibilities. 
  • According to experts, Squarespace’s designs are meant for displaying photography. 
  • In terms of template availability, the winner is Squarespace. On the contrary, in the comparison between Squarespace and Bluehost, Squarespace does not offer flexibility in building the website, whereas Bluehost provides such flexibility to the clients.

The Editor

It is hard to compare the editing skill of Squarespace and Bluehost since both are highly dependent on personal preferences. 

Bluehost Editor Compared to Squarespace: Bluehost website builder is a website-building tool usable without experience or technical experience. Using the drag-and-drop materials, the users can create their homepage (per the requirement). Also, they have access to WordPress's power, features, and versatility.

Squarespace Editor Compared to Bluehost: The content blocks of Squarespace are the several pieces that can edit the website with texts, photos, maps, photo forms, and other features. With the Squarespace editor, one can use background pictures in sections, which is necessary for getting the contemporary and full-bleed image feel.

The users can customise the section's height, breadth, colour, and alignment. Regarding Website editing features, Squarespace is the winner since its interfaces are user-friendly. On the other hand, the drag-and-drop editing feature of Bluehost is quite basic and intuitive. 

Fynd Platform: Website Design

One will get unlimited product design here, on the Fynd platform. Also, the design tools are easy to use, professional themes are available, and they are responsive to mobile apps and websites.  Here, one will get a creative banner design for the website with the help of the Fynd platform so that the website owners can attract potential customers to showcase the offers and discounts


It is a tie in case of comparison between the features of Bluehost and Squarespace; however, there will be a glass ceiling. Bluehost can add anything, but one should start with a blank slate. Find out the basic features of Bluehost and Squarespace highlighted here in the following section-


  • Bluehost is unlike Squarespace or the Fynd platform since these two are standalone website developers. In contrast, Bluehost is built on the popular WordPress content management system. 
  • Bluehost is one of the easiest builders to use. After a few minutes, one can even get access to the drag-and-drop editing option.
  • Here, the users will get hundreds of free images for download.
  • No one will have to experience the option of a cookie cutter. Here, one can make templates as per their preferences. Built-in Smart AI guides the designs. Hence, there will be no scope for going wrong. 
  • If the users face any issues or raise any questions, they can contact the customer care executives through phone, email, or chat since the support is available 24/7. 


Now checks out the basic features of Squarespace:

  • Squarespace offers excellent blogging services. Hence, nothing can be a better option than Squarespace if you are a blogger or interested in blogging.
  • Here, the clients will get their photographic galleries full of stunning photographs.
  • Scheduling appointment is available here. If you want exclusive offers and features, scheduling an appointment will be the best solution. 
  • Squarespace has analytics, which integrates with its capabilities and estimated sales per product.

Find a detailed comparison between Bluehost and Squarespace regarding the available features. While comparing the features offered by Bluehost and Squarespace, one can conclude both are winners on their grounds. One should find his necessity and choose the website builder from Bluehost and Squarespace. 

Features Bluehost Squarespace
Domain Name   It is free for the first year. One will be charged $19.99 for a standard .com domain cost.  Free for the first year, and then the cost will be $20-$70.
 Bandwidth  10Gb to 100Gb (shared hosting)  Unlimited bandwidth
 Storage  Unlimited storage capacity Unlimited storage capacity 

No one can beat the features of the Fynd platform. Here one will get plenty of website features. Hence, numerous features are there in any E-commerce transaction. It is nothing but a one-stop solution for clients.

  • Creating of brand website and mobile app :If you are not an expert in creating a website for the website applications, you can complete it with the help of the Fynd platform in less than 10 minutes.
    • Fully featured website with custom pages
    • iOS apps
    • Android apps

  • Language Support: The clients will get multiple language support for connecting to a diversified audience worldwide.

  • Blog, Forum, and Chat: Engage the community of the users, and generate innovative ideas with unique solutions.

  • User and API Documentation: One can explore the extensive features of the Fynd platform. All the clients will get APIs support and can build their E-commerce businesses.

  • Seller Panel: If you are a beginner in the E-commerce market, you can onboard at any time and get the inventory up in online mode at any time so that they can start selling.

  • Development Kits: One can use the development kits to create one's customised page. In addition, you also do more things with the kits, which are easy to gauge.

  • Payment System: The most vital feature of running an online business smoothly. One can always choose the inexhaustive list of payment modes if you want the application to support them.

  • Multiple Customization: One can customise the application's appearance by changing the website's colour and themes. You should select the elements displayed on the product page, home, cart, landing page, cart, and registration page.

  • Authentication and Access Management: Fynd platform will allow you to set the staff access level for the usage of the application. Hence, the clients can control the registration process, log in to the options, and the subsequent display on the respective pages.

  • Marketing Collection and Coupons: One can customise and create the own collection of products. In addition, the clients can create their coupons with the help of various examples.

  • Generation of Marketplace Catalogues: The clients can run their business by uploading the catalogues across the following market places-H
    • Amazon
    • Myntra
    • Flipkart
    • Ajio
    • Facebook
    • Google

  • Data Insights with Trackings and Analytics: The clients will have the figures and data from the cart. For instance, all the order and payment histories are available in graph and table format. One can download those files as necessary in pdf and CSV format. Also, they can use application tokens such as Firebase, MoEngage, Segment, and GTM as the application analytics.

  • Feedback Capture Mechanism: To know your customers better, you can provide them with the option to give you their invaluable suggestions and feedback.

  • Store Setup with Staff Management System: For setting up a staff management system, the Fynd platform will help E-commerce businesses by providing them with a banner and logo. In addition, with the help of the Fynd platform, the clients can send invites and add people to the staff. For the same, the clients should set the access level and manage the entire process effectively.

  • Creation of Site Legal Docs: The clients of the Fynd platform can create site legal docs such as privacy policy, usage, other policies, terms and conditions, and FAQs.

  • Order Management System: The Fynd platform allows its clients to provide the order management system and track the order lifecycle of the products based on the feedback received from the customers. In addition, E-commerce websites can manage the delivery of the products as well as the refund procedure (if required). Also, read Fynd Platform Features.


Among Squarespace and Bluehost. Squarespace offers all the possible things one E-commerce needs to start selling. You only need to ensure that your business plan is $23 per month or more. One will incur 3% transaction fees on this plan, but the same will not happen on the other two dedicated E-commerce plans, such as Basic E-commerce ($27 per month) or Advanced Commerce ($49 per month). 

In addition, the E-commerce section of Squarespace is easy to configure, and one will start to sell quickly. It is ideal for digital and physical products and must be on the advanced commerce plan to get subscriptions. Squarespace is recommended to be perfect for everybody with a more curated particular product selection instead of a large inventory (however, there will be no official limit on the total number of product selections).

On the other hand, Bluehost offers E-commerce after combining it with WooCommerce, a popular, powerful, and free WordPress E-commerce plugin. As per the experts, the free plugin is suitable especially for more extensive inventories for growing online stores. You can add up those additional costs so quickly. Here are some extras one can pay for with WooCommerce:

  • WooCommerce Bookings: $249 per year
  • PayPal Pro: $30 per month
  • Shipment tracking: $59 per year
  • WooCommerce Pre-Orders: $159 per year
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions: $239 per year

According to the experts, you can upgrade E-commerce businesses to the VPS plans of Bluehost. It is way secured, and you will get reasonable control and scalability. The VPS hosting plan of Bluehost starts at ₹1,649/mo, a 36/mo term.

eCommerce Plan of Fynd Platform

If you are looking for the best E-commerce platform in India for starting an online business, then the Fyjnd platform is the best option. More specifically, the Fynd platform has changed how online business is done in India. As per the experts, the Fynd platform helps young entrepreneurs grow their businesses more by overcoming challenges.

The Fynd platform is a one-stop solution for business owners to launch their online stores, promote their products, manage orders, and communicate the campaign to reach the target audiences. To create the E-commerce website in less than 30 minutes, the candidates should follow the below-highlighted steps-

  • Upload the catalogue of the products one wants to add.
  • Choose the theme as per your choice.
  • Link the custom domain name.
  • The brand website is now ready.

The E-commerce partner of the Fynd platform provides an order management system to help you handle orders from multiple channels. This system saves time by eliminating the need for repeatedly entering customer or delivery information. Additionally, it allows real-time tracking of products, reducing human error associated with manual work. The Fynd platform provides analytical tools to monitor business growth, allowing you to track orders and payments through tables and graphs. Additionally, the platform offers various innovative features for businesses seeking advanced capabilities. 

The Fynd platform offers multiple payment options to ensure convenience for customers. With various payment methods, customers can choose their preferred option to securely and easily complete their purchases. The platform provides a seamless payment experience without any limitations. Apart from that, the E-commerce partner of the Fynd platform also allows one to upload product catalogues on the marketplaces like Myntra, Ajio, Amazon, and Facebook apart from its E-commerce platform. 

In a nutshell, the Fynd platform will give you the cheapest and the most affordable subscription model, as per the convenience of the clients. Also, it offers technical support 24/7 hours. The clients will get multiple payment supports such as debit cards, credit cards, UPI, and net banking. 

One should consider the following factors while choosing an E-commerce platform.

  • Pricing
  • Integrability
  • Available templates on the websites
  • Customer and sales-related analytical tools
  • Google search friendliness
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Customer service
  • Transactional security
  • Development possibilities

The monthly fee of the Fynd platform is ₹599/mo, much lower than the other competitors. Also, the Fynd platform E-commerce service is best for the following businesses-

1. Which solely depend on internet sales and the revenue generated from E-commerce sales. 

2. Businesses that have multiple-channel stores.

3. Businesses that want to experiment with dropshipping.

4. Online shops are looking at the uses of social media for sales. 

The Fynd platform provides effective communication channels to connect with clients, convey brand messages, and accurately showcase products. It offers clients flexibility in customising interactions, allowing sales through social media platforms, their own websites, or local pickup and delivery options. With no requirement for developers or coding knowledge, all you need is a computer, smartphone, and internet connectivity. This makes the Fynd platform ideal for businesses looking to establish a successful E-commerce website.

Marketing and Extras

Squarespace offers plenty of marketing features, which are all in-built. Check out the marketing features by Squarespace are-

  • Pop-ups and banner notices.
  • SEO tools for boosting website visibility.
  • Ability to create email marketing campaigns.
  • Design Instagram-friendly content.
  • Analytical tools for the easy to interpret.
  • Adding a blog for your website, accessible in just a few clicks.

As per the experts, the email campaign by Squarespace is a unique approach through which the clients can increase their audience to the website and communication. It is nothing but helpful for growing, managing, and engaging customers more with E-commerce businesses. No matter where is your target audience, you can easily reach them since all the layouts are designed with the responsive design of Squarespace. 

Apart from Squarespace's in-built marketing features, the clients can access a new library of third-party extensions. It is beneficial for accounting and shipping support. Nonetheless, if Squarespace does not offer the functionality via an in-house feature or an external integration, things will be trickier. For instance, one can add custom code blocks within Squarespace; however, he needs to know the technical level.

In addition, to the same, he will not get any support from the Squarespace executive. On the other hand, one can avoid such shortcomings if he chooses Bluehost. Here, one will get approximately 60000 plugins within the directory. Note that these plugins do not come from Bluehost or WordPress; developers make them. It also means they have a different level of quality control than the Squarespace features. Nevertheless, there is also an attached cost for some of them.

Fynd Platform: Marketing and Extras

Considering the loopholes and shortcomings of both of the above-highlighted website developers, the Fynd platform offers the best marketing features to its clients. It allows small-scale businesses to avail their marketing features to flourish businesses more successfully. It assures to reach the SMEs to a large scale of customers, even beyond geographical boundaries. 

It will be helpful for successfully running online businesses by SMEs. Also, it aims to reduce marketing costs within the SMEs' budget. The Fynd platform offers multiple payment methods for SMEs, such as mobile apps and websites. In addition, the logistic partners of the website builder are also reliable, which means that your client can safely deliver their products to their customers.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

Performance and Security

Bluehost has reliable performance and offers security features like SSL certificates and SiteLock to protect websites. Squarespace also provides secure hosting and a good uptime record, but it may not be as customisable as other platforms. Bluehost comes with high speed and security. And hence, Bluehost has been performing better. It also means that Squarespace is a good performer and well-restored. 

However, Bluehost can withstand intense pressure. Bluehost and Squarespace are pretty similar. Nonetheless, the differences are likely showing under higher traffic pressure. Bluehost provides dedicated server hosting plans, whereas the maximum cost for the performance is ₹8,449/mo, and it is making the contract for a 36/mo term.

The design of these plans is so that they can hold a tremendous amount of traffic simultaneously. Nevertheless, Bluehost struggled to control the site speed and uptime testing. Squarespace offers an enterprise solution for the most significant sites. However, it is not perfect for the various hosting types and plans Bluehost offers.

Privacy and Security Policy: Fynd Platform

The operations of the Fynd platform are operated and managed by the Shopsense Retail Technologies Limited company under the Companies Act 1956. The Fynd platform offers clients a forum to upload and list the products. The privacy policy of the Fynd platform will describe the detailed procedures for the collection and uses. 

Disclosure, processing, transferring, and storing of the information will be provided to the clients. The terms of the Fynd platform will be documented as an electronic record and will be governed by the provision under the Information Technology Act of 2000. Since a computer system will generate this record, no physical or digital signature will be required. 

Note Fynd platform does not guarantee the security of the user information. It only assures its clients to protect loss, misuse, or information alteration under any control. If you change or access the account information, the Fynd platform will offer you a secure server. The Critical information of the clients is SSL encrypted on the backend. 

The Fynd platform will share the restricted access with the employees, contractors, and agents who need detailed information for the further process. Also, they will be terminated if they fail to meet their obligations. On the other hand, if you sign up with the Fynd platform or share payment information such as credit card or debit card details, then the payment processor will save the same.

It is completely secured. Add the card type, expiry date, and certain card digits. Also, in this regard, the Fynd platform will collect limited information such as postal code, delivery address, mobile number, and transaction history details. Also, read l Fynd Platform Privacy Policy.

Help and Support. 

Bluehost provides 24/7 phone, chat, and email support, with helpful resources like knowledgebase articles and video tutorials. Squarespace offers customer support via email, chat, community forums, and online guides. In comparing Squarespace and Bluehost, Squarespace provides better client support than Bluehost. Bluehost's support is also mindblowing, but the support is only helpful if one builds his website. In contrast, Squarespace can support you in everything, from technical difficulties to web design queries. 

Look out for a sharp distinction between Squarespace and Bluehost in terms of Help and support here in the given table-

Squarespace Bluehost
 No  24/7
 Email  Yes  Yes
 Live Chat

Monday-Friday: 4:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET

Saturday-Sunday: Closed


One can see that Bluehost provides the best help and support to its clients as per their needs. More specifically, the responses from the executives of Bluehost are more spontaneous, friendly, helpful, and the same will be available through various channels. However, Bluehost is not flexible in dealing with site downtime or technical question-related issue. On the other hand, Squarespace has better customer care than Bluehost. 

For Instance, the support team of Squarespace will help the clients through all stages of the website building and management process. Though the support team of Squarespace is not available 24/7 over the phone, they can assist their clients with a broader range of queries. Nonetheless, the support team of Squarespace cannot deal with the troubleshooting issue of the custom code blocks you add to their site.

Support by the Fynd Platform

For every sales channel, the Fynd platform provides a customer support feature so that the executives can manage and resolve the queries of their clients. More specifically, the queries are resolved here using a ticketing system. Also, there is an option for video/ voice calls and the flexibility of creating customised forms to fetch the inputs from the consumers. 

To create a form, follow the below-highlighted steps-

  • Create/ edit the forms on the main page.
  • Click on the additional inputs and create the support form's user interface (buttons, text, labels, etc.).
  • Add a name and add a description of the form.
  • Choose a priority level (low, medium, or high) from the drop-down list. Set the priority based on its impact on the business.
  • Add a header image displayed on the top of the form.
  • Write a success message, which will be visible to the consumer only after submitting the form.
  • Use the Auto Assign option for allotting the task to the executive. You will have the flexibility of choosing a specific executive or more than one executive (as per your necessity). 
  • Click on Create option.
  • After creating the form, click on the URL to view the form.

Please note that executives will be assigned to manage tickets visible on the customer support page. If a ticket shows an "In progress" status, it means that an executive from the Fynd platform has accepted the ticket and started working on resolving the query. Conversely, if a ticket shows a "Closed" status, it means that the executive has rejected the ticket. 

Comparison between Squarespace and Bluehost: Summary

As per the above discussion, Bluehost and Squarespace have performed well in their respective areas. Here is the summary of the comparison of Squarespace and Bluehost in the following table-

Particulars Bluehost Squarespace
Value for money
Winner: Bluehost
Bluehost is affordable and has the right value. If anybody wants to take additional services from WordPress, then for the same, they do not need to pay any additional charge. On the other hand, Squarespace is way costlier than Bluehost but worth it, and one will get a lot for the money. As per the experts, Squarespace is valued for money and time in the long run since it offers a feature-rich website for building the website.
Ease of Use
Winner: Squarespace
For the website hosting provider, Bluehost provides features that are easy to understand. Squarespace scores 4 out of 5 in terms of ease and the use of testing. Here, the customers will get amazing features, such as drag-and-drop tools. Nonetheless, it is not as simple as the other website builders, such as the Fynd platform.
Website Design
Winner: Squarespace and Bluehost
You will get creative freedom if you build the website with the help of WordPress through Bluehost. Squarespace is also known for its beautiful templates and designs. However, its customisation tools are not as powerful as WordPress.
Winner: Draw
To offer great E-commerce and marketing tools, Bluehost connects with third parties like WordPress and WooCommerce to offer great E-commerce and marketing tools. If you choose Squarespace, you will get all the necessary tools for getting the products online and can start selling all in one place.
There will be plenty of built-in tools and a library of extensions.
Performance and Security
Winner: Bluehost
Bluehost has a range of hosting types and is the top choice for dedicated server hosting.
These plans are designed to withstand traffic and stress on the website.
Nevertheless, Bluehost is not performing well in the site speed or uptime testing.
If your website is large, then choosing Squarespace might be struggling in case of performance.
Help and Support
Winner: Squarespace
Bluehost guarantees to offer the best help and support available from any hosting provider, 24/7, via phone and live chat services. On the other hand, Squarespace’s support is highly strong, and it offers the best knowledge among the other website builders. Nonetheless, it does not provide 24/7 channel support to the clients.

Disadvantages of Bluehost:

Some disadvantages of Bluehost are highlighted here-

  • No email addresses are included. 
  • There will be no E-commerce store with the basic plan
  • It is harder to grasp, and you will need to get the components from multiple locations.

Disadvantages of Squarespace:

Find out the significant limitations of Squarespace, which have been discussed in the given section-

  • One will not get custom solutions from the support
  • They will not be offering one-time pricing
  • The consumer support is not an amazing one.

Whom to use Squarespace?

  • Somebody with particular site requirements is ready to pay for a designer or wants to learn about website development.
  • If you are looking for the cheapest way to build a website.
  • If you want to start an online publication or blog, assume hundreds of posts/ pages.
  • If you have a plan to sell a large inventory of products.

Whom to Use Bluehost?

  • If you are looking for the fastest way to assemble a professional-looking website.
  • If you are not tech-savvy and searching for dedicated customer care support.
  • If your main agenda is to sell just a few products.

Who can Use the Fynd Platform?

If you are a start-up or a growing business owner, you can choose the Fynd Platform to meet your business purpose because the Fynd Platform can flexibly shape your website, and you are looking for your business exposure. The Fynd Platform is scoring the highest marks compared to other website builders.   

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Does Squarespace use Bluehost?

Yes, Bluehost can work with Squarespace. Bluehost is one of the popular hosting providers which is compatible with Squarespace. This means one can use Bluehost to confidently host the Squarespace website, knowing both websites can perform well. 

Which is easier to use, Squarespace or Bluehost?

Both Squarespace and Bluehost are very easy to use. Bluehost uses a custom management interface with a bunch of useful tools. On the other hand, Squarespace has an intuitive website builder with all the settings built into one interface. 

Which is cheaper, Bluehost or Squarespace?

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In terms of price, Bluehost is cheaper than Squarespace. For instance, the starting price of Bluehost and Squarespace is ₹169/mo and $16 per month, respectively. On the other hand, the renewal price brings Bluehost much closer to its competitors. In contrast, Squarespace does not increase the pricing in such cases.

Who is better than Squarespace and Bluehost?

The answer will be none other than the Fynd platform. With the help of the Fynd platform, one can build a website only within 30 minutes. Also, the features of the Fynd platform are user-friendly. One does not need coding knowledge to manage the E-commerce website (built by the Fynd platform). On the other hand, the prices of the services offered by the Fynd platform are moderate. If anybody wants, they can avail of the free trial service of the Fynd platform without providing their credit card details.

Is Bluehost better than GoDaddy?

As per the experts, Bluehost is a better option than GoDaddy. Bluehost is way more functional and offers better security for better prices in the long run. Bluehost is the better option to start a website, whether a small website or a portfolio business.

Which is the best web hosting for beginners in 2024?

The answer is Fynd Platform. It is the best option for beginners since it does not require any technical knowledge to run a website successfully. Apart from that, as per the ranking of 2024, the best web hosting websites for beginners are listed below:

Name of the website builders

Rank in 2024

Rank 1: The Fynd Platform

Rank 2: Hostinger

Rank 3 : SiteGround

Rank 4 : HostGator

Rank 5 : Bluehost

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