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How To Sell Amazon Products On Facebook (Complete Guide)

How To Sell Amazon Products On Facebook (Complete Guide)

Our e-commerce system has advanced amazingly over the past few years, which has led to a sharp increase in this industry's growth. Nowadays, everything is possible when it comes to e-commerce businesses because of how much the industry has accomplished over the years.

E-commerce has made some amenities available, such as broad inventories, keeping up with trends, secure transactions, and payment on delivery, which increases the sector's significance in the Indian economy. If you're starting a new business and want to learn more about e-commerce and internet business, you can foresee how to build your online future.

The two companies that support Indian e-commerce the most are Facebook and Amazon. Facebook has recently set itself up as a shopping app. We all know that a significant chunk of the population uses Facebook, which gives it an advantage when it comes to selling products there.

However, while Facebook is a good app for selling, Amazon is slightly ahead. Currently, people are choosing a combination of Facebook and Amazon where they sell their Amazon products on Facebook, which amazingly has given them the best possible results. In this article, we will learn everything there is to know about selling Amazon products on Facebook.

Why Should Amazon Sellers Use Facebook Advertisements?

Amazon sellers use facebook advertisement shown in the image

By using Facebook Ads, brands selling on Amazon have the wonderful potential to expand their reach, improve their performance, and forge enduring relationships with consumers by using Facebook Ads. The following are the primary reasons:

Numerous users

More than 2.38 billion people use Facebook each month. You may run advertising on its Ads Manager platform for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger users. Given that Facebook intends to integrate the messaging services of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp text, Messenger, in particular, appears to be the future of marketing.

Convenient to the Target Audience

You may construct extremely sophisticated targeting audiences using the Facebook Ads dashboard. Facebook has a wealth of user data. This data gives advertisers the ability to target people who are most likely to convert into valuable customers.

When used correctly, Facebook Ads can assist Amazon sellers in reaching their ideal buyers before they begin searching for their products on Amazon. Furthermore, Facebook Ads give you access to retargeting and email/messaging marketing, allowing you to create many touchpoints and increase your customers' lifetime value.

Cost Effective

Whether you pay $1 per day or $100 per month, Facebook advertising is one of the most affordable ad formats for any business. You have the resources to get the most out of each dollar you spend thanks to testing, retargeting, and reporting options.

How To Sell Amazon Products On A Facebook Page

Sell amazon products on a facebook page shown in the image

Advertising Amazon products on the Facebook page is a great way to display and increase the sales of e-commerce products. One can quickly and effortlessly spread the word about the product they sell by using Amazon Facebook ads. By advertising products on Facebook, one can easily shorten the time spent between being introduced to an Amazon store or making the sale that will be made.

It's a great solution for e-commerce sites since there is no need to create one and spend time maintaining it. One can easily focus on increasing their sales. Thus with increasing sales, one can rank higher on Amazon. Through Amazon Facebook ads one can directly engage with their buyers and could ask them to review their products, which in turn will increase organic sales for them on the Amazon store.

This new sales scheme will enable us to push sales from Facebook to Amazon without passing through audience tracking. From Facebook, the potential buyers move to the seller's customized Amazon landing page. Here, the seller has the option to seize the customer’s email ID to send them Amazon’s promotional code. This is an effective and organic way to achieve more sales.

How To Sell Amazon Products On Facebook Step By Step

Sell amazon products on facebook step by step image is shown

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Create a page on Facebook.

You must create a Facebook page for your company. You won't be able to use any of your Amazon Facebook advertisements if you don't have a page on Facebook. To give your Facebook page some legitimacy, ask your friends to like it. If you have loyal customers, ask if they mind leaving a review. Your page will appear more trustworthy if reviews are positive.

Create a Facebook advertising account.

If you want to build Amazon Facebook advertisements, go to Facebook Business and select "Create an Advert." You will easily master the process of designing your advertisements with the help of Facebook's step-by-step guidance.

Design a marketing campaign.

To access the Facebook advertising management, click this link. On that page, click "Campaigns'' and then click "Create Ad." Select "Conversions'' from the list of options under the "Conversion" area when the website asks you what your marketing goal is.

Choose your audience carefully.

You must identify your target market to properly sell your Amazon products. Identifying your target market can help your marketing become considerably more effective. When creating your advertisement, be as particular as possible because precise targeting will increase attention.

In the "Detailed Targeting" area, list the website you sell. You should enter "" under "Interests" and under "Additional Interests" in this section. Focus on a particular population. Change the details of your target audience in "Detailed Targeting" based on who is most likely to look for the product you are advertising.

Decide on a budget.

You won't spend more on advertising than you can afford or than you want to by setting a daily budget for it. Start small and make sure you put up the end date on the "Budget & Schedule" of the advertising manager that coincides with the expiration date of your landing page.

Make your advertisement.

Use simple, entertaining pictures that depict the product. Your ad copy should be creative, quick, and appealing. When you're finished, click "Confirm" to see your advertisement go live.

How To Sell Amazon Branded Products On Facebook

Facebook is a massive platform used by digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and brand owners to drive targeted traffic for their products and services. With around 2.9 billion monthly users, this platform has become the most popular social media platform worldwide.

It's hard to reach the market with this massive audience. If used ideally, Facebook can be an asset for diverse businesses and effectively increase sales. But why should you use Facebook to promote your branded products on Amazon?

Well, there are some incredible advantages to advertising branded products on Amazon through Facebook. Facebook features communities where you can converse about your products. As lucrative as it could be, it would eliminate the concept of buying from an unknown platform since the need to buy an original product of any desired brand is still causing chaos for some people.

Amazon is favoured for this because it manages to muscle its way through every aspect of originality. The true story of Amazon's success comes down to a variety of factors, and one such factor is that it is genuine to its consumers. You can trust their products, and you can buy any desired brand without any aversions. The merits also include

  • Specific audiences and demographic groups
  • Collect valuable customer data (like email).
  • Link visitors directly to your Amazon listing page.

You can focus more on selling with a minimum investment of time and will also be able to engage with your buyers. As it has third-party sellers, you can earn dollars without any physical effort. But, for a good investment, you need a great marketing strategy. So, how will you prepare your products for Amazon-Facebook ads?

You only need to heed a few tips.

  • Optimize your brand's product listing using Amazon SEO and conversions.
  • Use high-quality images and enhance brand content.
  • Set up a landing page that allows you to collect emails, place a pixel, distribute coupons, etc.
  • Perform split tests on your ads regardless of accrue over time.
  • Structure your campaign for proper A/B testing.

We now know how to address the Facebook ads for branded Amazon products. Although the platform isn't a catwalk for any brand, it is one of the rare places where merchandise is on a level between good and poor. Firms that place too much price would reduce their chances of winning. Hence, it's better to solidify the price strategy before you plan to land. But fear not, brands are still essential to consumers.

Nearly three-quarters of consumers cited branded products as they tend to be committed to good quality. But before you decide on which brand to sell, you should find your niche first. Since it's a specific platform for marketing your product, you have to look for your interest.

If your brand focuses on health and fitness, you can look out for products like gym equipment, vegan products, and gluten-free items. It's a great way to start selling branded products, so choose the one that suits you best.

Once you decide on the niche, look out for the products that you think will drive you to profit. It's better to scrupulously assess to some degree. Also, never miss out on the good content of the product description. It's a key that takes fans straight to their "add to cart" of your product. You can wholly rely on selling your branded products on Amazon and Facebook.

How To Sell Amazon Cheap Products On Facebook?

Sell amazon cheap products on facebook shown in the image

Selling cheap on Facebook sometimes also means drop shipping, where the seller accepts customer orders without keeping stock on hand, or direct delivery from the manufacturer to the retailer or customer. But the process of selling those products is also similar to the process of selling branded products, but the difference is that here you work as an affiliate with the Amazon store.

There are also numerous opportunities to profit from selling Amazon products on Facebook applications. Therefore, if you are willing to sell the products on the Facebook app, it is easy to sell the stuff to the people who are affiliated with the Amazon store.

Facebook is a great marketing app even if it is meant for friends and family members to connect, so selling Amazon products through Facebook is a good marketing strategy. It will also help in increasing the amount of traffic in the Amazon store. It is easier to communicate with customers on the Facebook application.

Moving into the part where we get to know how to sell Amazon products on Facebook cheaply by going through the following points.

Customers benefit when product prices are reasonable. One of the key benefits of this trend is that it enables those with modest incomes to purchase a wider variety of things, raising their standard of living. People will limit their purchases if the price is too high and will only pay for essentials like food, shelter, and transportation.

A low-cost product is more likely to be purchased on the spur of the moment than a high-cost one since individuals don't require as much time to consider their purchase as they would need to to justify a more expensive option.

However, you must know that consumers believe that a cheap product means bad quality, so you must consider this point and make sure that your target audience believes in your products and believes that the item is genuine and authentic.

How To Sell Amazon Products On Facebook Cost

Sell amazon products on facebook cost shown in the image

According to Statista research, Facebook currently has about 400 million members in India and is expected to grow to 677 million users by 2025. Advertising is the exclusive source of revenue for Facebook, accounting for almost 97.9% of platform sales in 2020. The platform's digital advertising generated almost 9% of all digital advertising revenues worldwide.

Facebook advertising can be shown in the right column of Facebook on desktops and in the newsfeed on mobile devices. Numerous major businesses can use the platform to advertise, depending on their objectives. The platform has you covered, whether you're looking to boost app downloads or build engagement for your business.

Depending on the market or niche you are targeting, the average cost per click (CPC) on Facebook ranges from $0.51 to $2.26. Regardless of your business objective, you may start advertising on the platform with a minimal budget of about INR 40.

A Facebook advertisement provides you with two main things:

  • The capacity to communicate with a specific demographic.
  • The maximum number of the results you care about (as defined by the boost/ad type you select on your page or the optimisation event option you select during ad set construction) from those individuals.

Before you place an order for your ad, Facebook provides an estimate of the audience you can reach and the outcomes you can expect based on the characteristics of your ad (such as its budget, bid, and targeting).

This may influence your choice of whether to order the advertisement or not. If you want to look at your estimated results based on your budget and other options you choose, you can have a look at Facebook Daily Estimates.

How Can You Pay For Facebook Advertising?

How can you pay for facebook adverrtising shown in the image

Depending on how you pay for them, you'll either be charged right away or later. You can pay for your Facebook advertising in one of two ways:

Automatic payments

Your ads won't be paid for right away. Instead, you will accrue ad charges while your advertisements run, and they will automatically bill you on the date of your monthly bill and after you reach a predetermined sum known as your billing threshold. Charges will be made using your primary payment method, which you can edit, add, or remove at any time. If you choose to pay for advertisements using PayPal or the majority of credit and debit cards, you'll pay in this way.

Manual payments

Before your advertisements start running, you'll contribute money to your account. While your ads are running, Facebook will take money out of that account up to once per day. If you use one of these manual payment methods to buy advertisements, this is how you'll pay. However, you can also deposit money into your account using a credit or debit card with most manual payment methods.

How To Sell Amazon Affiliate Products On Facebook

Sell amazon affiliate products on facebook shown in the image

A corporation pays third-party publishers to direct traffic to its product through affiliate marketing, a form of performance-based marketing.

The advantages of affiliate marketing

  • You don't need to hire an advertising department for ad images or buy advertising space to participate in an affiliate programme. It is a low-cost advertising strategy, but the work will still need to be done because you must rely on your affiliates to create their marketing content.
  • Low risk equals lost cost. Since payments are only issued when there is an actual conversion, there is less danger of loss, making it more convenient for small businesses.
  • Your affiliate programme can be simply scaled up or down with little or no extra expense, giving users a lot of freedom.
  • Since affiliate marketing requires less capital input but yields higher returns than other marketing strategies, businesses with modest advertising budgets may prefer it. In addition, affiliate marketing is simple to implement.

Is Amazon Associate Facebook advertising okay?

Yes, Facebook affiliate marketing that uses an Amazon link is legal and permitted. You could easily include Amazon affiliate links in your Facebook post.

How To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate On Facebook?

Make money as an amazon affiliate on facebook shown in the image

Select the product and then click the image.

Choose and consider the item you want to offer on the marketplace, then download an image of it so that the buyer can quickly form an opinion. To ensure that customers have no issues with how the products appear, the image must be of high quality.

Copy the link you want to sell.

You must now copy the product link from Amazon that you want to sell on the marketplace in the following step.

List the products' details.

List the product's details on the marketplace and include all relevant information, such as the guarantee term and other details. Don't forget to put your email address or WhatsApp number so that the buyer can get in touch with you.

Ask for the contact number of your customer.

Ask a consumer for their WhatsApp contact when they are happy and ready to purchase a product. After finishing this step, provide the consumer with your Amazon affiliate link so he can conveniently access that product.

Form a Group

Form a WhatsApp group or Facebook group and add all the connections you have gathered from marketplaces as the next step. This will help you communicate with clients.

Share the images with customers.

Share the image along with a variety of product links. Using this method, you can continuously advertise affiliate products. This was a complete procedure, and you must follow this for a better affiliate marketing program.

Tips To Create Advertisements That Empower

Tips to create advertisement that empower shown in the image

Amazon is a massive marketplace with numerous sellers selling the same product. To improve exposure, sellers may create advertisements to promote their products. Considering Facebook has millions of users of all ages, marketing Amazon products on Facebook is a great strategy for increasing sales. Read the tips below to make your advertisements stand out.

An eye-catching heading

Every day, countless advertisements are running on Facebook. If you want your ad to attract more buyers, make creative headlines. Keep it short and catchy so that it quickly grabs the audience's attention.

Same Ads in Numerous Versions

Your advertisements will run on Facebook for up to 7–10 hours every day. When a customer sees the same ad again, he or she considers it spam and overlooks it. So create multiple variations of your ad, perhaps using a different graphic or video while maintaining the same tagline.

Offer Deals

You can even provide discounts on your Amazon products while running Facebook advertising. Make it appear as though the deal is only offered on this platform and is only valid for a limited time. Customers are compelled to click on your ad and purchase the goods as a result. Make sure you provide at least a 30% discount, if not more.

Use high-end graphics

Keep in mind that a good idea is essential when creating advertisements. When trying to market a product to a customer, you want to make sure that the advertisements appear both captivating and believable. To draw customers, you might post a picture of your product in a suitable setting or make the product appear to be something consumers require.

Choose your audience wisely.

When you run advertisements, you have a target audience. There are three sorts of target audiences on Facebook: core, custom, and lookalike audiences. If you want to target individuals based on a set of criteria, use the core audience; if you want to target people who are currently your customers, use the custom audience; and if you want to target people with an interest in similar products, use the lookalike audience.

Be Precise with your Audience's Preference.

Give exact data on not just the kind of audience but also the sort of audience when you put in place the settings for running advertisements on Facebook. Such as the age group you want to target for your Amazon product or the demographic you want to reach. Running Facebook ads is not inexpensive, so be accurate.

Enhance your advertisements with reviews.

You must have received product feedback on the Amazon product description page. Consider including write-ups or photos of the top reviews in your ads. In an age when consumers are sceptical of the products they buy and are worried about being scammed, particularly by Amazon sellers, they rely on the comments of other customers.

Utilize the CTA

This concept of using a call to action is engaging. Consider using this strategy if you sell pricey things on Amazon. Instead of urging shoppers to buy your goods right away, direct them to your Amazon product description page instead. First, let them learn more about your product. Allow them to see why your product is superior to the alternatives. That is why it is critical to have a solid description of your product since when a buyer clicks on the ad, the first thing they see is the Amazon product description page.

Use strong colours.

No one will be interested in your advertisements if they appear bland and monotonous. To make your advertisement appear more appealing to the customer's eye, select vivid or dramatic colours.

Describe the Benefits

People are drawn to your product when your advertisements emphasize the benefits of using it. Share with buyers why they should buy your products and what benefits they will receive if they do. This makes your products more tempting and desirable.

Ask a question

The wording used in your advertisement is fairly meaningful. People are instinctively curious whenever they're asked a question, such as, "Do you need impressive decorative items?" When your question is relevant to an issue that they are currently experiencing, customers are tempted to click on your advertisement.

Share Your Customer Service Experience

If you can afford to run video ads, do so. Make videos of the experiences of your current customers; this will make your product seem more real, and people will be drawn to it.


How do I share Amazon products on Facebook?

  • Go to the product or page you want to link to.
  • Either the Twitter bird or the Facebook logo should be clicked.
  • If your account isn't already connected in the window that appears, sign in.
  • To share a link on Facebook or Twitter, click Share Link.

How do I link my Facebook page to Amazon?

You are permitted to publish affiliate links on your profile or company page by the Terms of Service (TOS) for both Facebook and Amazon Associates. Check the terms of service (TOS) of the affiliate network you use to be sure that publishing affiliate links on Facebook are permitted.

Can you use Facebook ads to promote Amazon products?

arrow down

A terrific alternative to e-commerce websites is to advertise Amazon products on Facebook. You may concentrate more on selling and distributing your Amazon Facebook advertising because you won't have to create one or spend time updating it.

For Amazon merchants, Facebook ads are an effective tool. They can increase sales and rank on Amazon while cultivating a following of devoted followers for long-term success. They are often the most affordable and scalable source of traffic.

Amazon provides its vendors with very effective marketing tools that allow them to reach millions of potential customers with their goods. Take sponsored ads as an illustration. Your products can be placed on the main page of Amazon search results before bedtime, even if you just debuted your product today.

You may use a Facebook pixel for Amazon retargeting just like you would for any other website because Facebook is a flexible advertising platform. With this approach, you may target and convert more customers by utilizing the large audiences of both Facebook and Amazon.

How do I target Amazon customers on Facebook?

With Facebook Ads, you can target a wide range of interests. Simply look for the "Interests" area in your ad settings. You can enter any potential interest in the search box to get a list of suggested searches.

Make sure your writing is compelling, succinct, and to the point and provide just enough details to pique interest. Decide where you want your traffic to go after that. If any, enter the URL of the landing page you're sending traffic to. Enter your listing URL if you are driving traffic directly to your Amazon listing.

Linking straight to the product listing on is the simplest approach to getting Facebook users to visit your Amazon products. Your product listing on Amazon must be active to set up this form of advertisement.

How do you sell on Amazon on social media?

The objective of social media is to make it simpler for consumers to learn about and share information about various companies, goods, and services. A sizable portion of consumers who use the internet to conduct product searches has found specific businesses via social media.

Social media engagement is advantageous to your business since it promotes brand loyalty, which eventually results in increased sales. A wonderful way to engage your audience with your company is through social media. A range of content that is catered to their interests can be posted.

You can promote your products on various social media sites and take advantage of influencers or marketers who have great followers. You can set up your account to build authenticity. You can also choose an Amazon affiliate program.

An affiliate marketing programme is the Amazon Affiliate Program, often known as Amazon Associates. Bloggers and website owners can sign up for a free Amazon Associates account. By establishing links, they promote items from on their websites. Customers who click the links and purchase anything from Amazon are compensated with referral fees.

Can I run an affiliate market on Facebook?

The most popular social media site for affiliate marketers is Facebook. There are several ways affiliate marketers may utilize Facebook to their advantage, from joining groups in their field to using Facebook ads. Keep in mind that your Facebook affiliate marketing should support your marketing efforts on other platforms.

You simply cannot afford to ignore Facebook as an affiliate marketer on the largest social media platform in the world. It doesn't matter if you're promoting web hosting or running shoes; Facebook has a user base for practically every product and service.

It is crucial when using Facebook for affiliate marketing. To impress people, buying likes and increasing their numbers would not work. As an affiliate marketer, you must adopt an organic strategy.

This means that your page likes should represent more than just a numerical figure. You want actual individuals to like your page. They must enjoy your material for them to want to tell their followers and friends about it.

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