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How to Sell Paintings on Instagram & Make Money 2024

How to Sell Paintings on Instagram & Make Money 2024

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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You are selling your artwork! Customers adore the product's originality and quality. The primary factors that draw in customers are originality, inventiveness, distinct colours, and distinctive painting techniques. 

According to the customer's viewpoint, the painting should depict to capture the customer's feelings about the paintings that make them feel good. So, create an artwork outline in the seller's imagination, then consider what elements the seller may include and add them.

Give your creativity everything, and try your hardest to make a beautiful painting. Artworks will always draw customers to artworks that use muted colours, dark hues, or black and white, among other customer-drawing elements. Post paintings with lovely descriptions on the seller's account. It will help you step by step how to sell paintings on Instagram.

How to Sell Paintings On Instagram

How to Sell Paintings On Instagram

The guidelines for painting should include the following:

  • Have a clear sense of the painting; if it has a backstory, consider it from that perspective. 
  • After the outlines are complete, paint the pictures in lovely hues by considering which colour will enhance their beauty. Think it over three or four times before deciding to start painting.
  • Once the paintings are over, move on to the next step and snap a good photo of the work without using filters that might alter the painting's colour. Use the filter on the image if it's not changing. 
  • Give each picture a detailed caption that clearly explains the backstory. Also, try to write attractive, attention-grabbing sentences that will draw buyers.

The steps for setting up a seller account on Instagram are here; read them and follow them to sell your paintings on Instagram quickly.

Train Your Account To Be Professional

Change to a professional account if the seller has yet to do so. To achieve this, people should go to “Settings,” choose “Account,” and then scroll down to “Switch account type.” From here, they can select a “business” or “creator” account and specify a category for their profile, such as “paintings,” to appear.

Create a Business Page On Facebook.

As Facebook controls Instagram, vendors will also require a Facebook Page and a Facebook Business Manager. These services will enable them to set up their store using Commerce Manager, which is in this step-by-step manual.

Fill In Your Product

The seller from the Commerce Manager will add all your products. The seller can easily add them manually or directly upload them from a spreadsheet. The vendor will provide all the required details, such as the title, dimensions, detailed descriptions, pricing, and artwork pictures. 

Since it doesn't automatically change stock levels when anything sells out or becomes unavailable from their website, keep in mind to update this product catalogue.

Even if you want your products showcased on your website or platform, Fynd platform can be your best partner. They can create a website for you and also within a few hours. Book your demo with the Fynd platform and develop your website. Showcase your products live and at your convenience!

Select The 'Checkout' Page To Send Your Customers.

It may increase the number of prospective customers for Facebook, a different selling channel you might choose for your artwork. Next, the seller decides where customers will “check out” in this stage. 

Options include, within the app (only accessible in the US), on a website for online stores like Shopify or where they currently sell paintings, such as their website or an online art marketplace like Etsy.

Before starting a New store, Seek Instagram's Approval.

Once you've completed the simple steps in Commerce Manager and added a product catalogue, you can submit your seller's new painting business to Instagram for assessment. Keep an eye out for the news because it can take a few days for this to be authorised!

Set Up Product Tags In Your Feedback Post And Enable Instagram Shopping

User's can activate the “Instagram Shopping” function in the app's settings when authorised. Sellers may now use product tags within posts and stories to direct customers from their main Instagram feed to particular product pages. It is an excellent approach to include promotion in their daily blogging quickly.

Tips And Best Practices For Selling Paintings on Instagram

Tips And Best Practices For Selling Paintings on Instagram

The seller's Instagram shop is now ready to use. Next, you have to start drawing attention to their work and, eventually, close transactions! Consider your Instagram account like a real-world company. 

Instagram feeds function similarly: if a seller passes by a place that seems disorganised and boring, they are less likely to go inside and make a purchase. Here are a few suggestions to get visitors to their page and help them sell that painting!

Scrap a Clear” Bio”

It will be one of the first things someone will read when they click on your profile. Make sure to include some essential information about your business, like your location, what you sell, and if there are current sales. Considering that there are just 150 characters available, be sure to provide all pertinent details.

Improved user photography

Since Instagram is solely a visual platform, excellent photography is the best approach to showcasing user products. In addition, simply because they enjoy an account's eye-catching Instagram grid updates, user's can choose to follow it.

Since they can tell that their account's subscribers value the content they see in their feed, they are more willing to sell it to them. However, it is much more difficult to sell items on Instagram to people discovering their accounts for the first time.

High-quality regular position images

The product photo must be sharp, well-lit, and have a plain, uncluttered background. If the seller wants to embellish the area where you took the picture, they should ensure that the product remains the image's primary focus. Excessive distractions can feel overwhelming and unwelcoming.

99% of buyers' visual marketing content on Instagram uses photo-editing software. By all means, proceed if the vendor believes it is necessary. However, avoid over-editing the picture. Since there is already enough deceptive advertising, you should portray the item they offer appropriately.

Visit our resources page for a wealth of links to online courses on developing new creative abilities, including a Skillshare course in Adobe Photoshop. You could use this to hone your photo-editing skills before sharing them on Instagram!

Display Credibility 

Instagram has several artists selling their work. By establishing their authority, you can display your talents on Instagram in one of the simplest ways possible.

It might be a picture of their artwork displayed in a gallery or an image of a session they are doing. Whatever they decide, the photos show that they are open to letting others into their creative world.

Display user-created artwork 

Sue. This is obvious. However, they would be shocked at the number of user's who merely publish a close-up image of their artwork and then quit.

That approach could be more effective. Make sure they add a splash of originality to their Instagram post because they have spent so much time creating their original artwork. Brown Paper Bunny's originator, Jessica, consistently and distinctively disseminates her art. 

Her followers are especially intrigued by the unusual bird's- eye perspective of her works, by pens and other artistic supplies. It's also a subtle way of conveying to her fans that what she does involves a lot of imagination and labour, as well as the finished illustration.

Choose your branding and aesthetics. 

Could you choose a topic and stick with it? A seller must maintain consistency to establish a name for herself and an aesthetic that people will remember.

Additionally, it must be pertinent to the artwork they are attempting to sell. A branding concept might include a photoshoot on a beach or a wave-inspired logo, for instance, if the company's product is blue ceramics with a nautical theme.

Consistency in colour will help people grasp the products when they take a quick look at the overview of your page. When running a business on Instagram, the seller wants to establish a recognisable and memorable visual brand, especially if the product they sell is visually appealing and artistic in and of itself.

Use Instagram Reels and Stories To Your Advantage.

Instagram is utilising the trend with its “Reels” feature. Instagram's user's can now post 15-60 second music-accompanied video clips to stories, the Explore feed, or the Reels tab. 

See the handy Later Blog video below for an introduction to this recently introduced feature. It will walk you through how to find, produce, and distribute content reels, which could help you boost sales.

The Instagram algorithm favours Reels content above the typical photo-posting content people are accustomed to being recognised by creators and small companies. Because of their Quickness and excitement, Instagram Reels and TikTok both see incredibly high levels of interaction. 

It offers viewers a new angle on sponsored programming, which was starting to feel robotic. The production of goods, order packaging, behind-the-scenes operations, and small business guidance are excellent subjects for business video content.

Aim to post stories more frequently.

The Snapchat function lets user's take silly, spontaneous photos and short videos. These 24-hour-long stories appear at the top of their followers' feeds and are ideal for providing behind-the-scenes glimpses of their activities.

User's future posts or updates, which have a more relaxed vibe, are given a rough foundation. The best part is that their audience will enjoy learning more about the private lives of the artists they admire.

Whether it's a tour of user's studios, a look at their current projects, a revisit of user's favourite works of art, or a straightforward walkthrough of user's newest tools and equipment, this would make user's seem more approachable and human.

You should include a product tag.

You can use the shoppable “product tagging” feature we described in your reel films. When tapping the “View Products” button, the specific item for sale and an Instagram shopping link is displayed. Instagram makes it easier than ever to communicate your art supplies.

Compile intriguing captions.

You have the potential to show who you are in a manner that imagery cannot. Use this area wisely because even the fastest scrollers will only skim your captions.

Additionally, we advocate employing geographical tags to drive traffic to your content. Finally, asking open-ended questions, telling jokes, sharing personal experiences, and creating a sense of community among your followers will help them feel more connected to the person behind the computer.

To reach a specific target audience, especially in online art, hashtags are optional and have value. Instagram allows you to “follow” hashtag collections, meaning pictures from user's you still need to follow will show up on your feed, expanding your audience and bringing in more followers. 

If you want to hide your hashtags from your main body of text, you can place them at the end or in a subsequent comment: Instagram. 

Caption Best Practices.

Caption Best Practices

To make your posts easier to read, format user captions. For example, use emojis and numbers to add bullet points and additional paragraphs to their content. Write user copy in the Notes app first, then paste it into their Instagram caption box to add line spacing.

To aggressively encourage involvement, employ verbs like “tap,” “tell,” “us,” and “share.” Give the most crucial details to the reader first. Use titles to grab the attention of your followers immediately.

To entice their audience to participate in their content (remember, content interactions = engagement = revenue! ), ask them questions or initiate conversations Utilise hashtags and location tags to drive more visitors to your page.

Make a Content Strategy

User's must ascertain the type of content users will post before allowing them to sell on Instagram. User's need a content plan to accomplish that. By posting entertaining and educational content to their Instagram page, they will be promoting themselves in advance.

A content plan is crucial since it helps users save time and ensures their material satisfies their marketing objectives content categories to include in user's plans. For example, promotional content includes articles on new items, sales, deals, rewards programs, and client testimonials.

Informational: hints, trade tricks, master classes, and instructions on how to utilise and maintain their goods. Informative about business plans, accomplishments, and news. Fun facts, pop culture allusions, jokes, polls, quizzes, and user-generated content are all amusing. Create captivating captions.

An engaged audience is critical to selling on Instagram. Instagram will push user's material to its users more if their followers engage with their posts. Therefore, always strive for exciting material since great captions encourage comments.

User's can add up to 30 hashtags to each post, and captions can only be 2,200 characters long. Remember that the Instagram app only shows the first two lines of text previews, so the language must be intriguing.

Use the information on Instagram.

Your business Instagram account comes with a function called “Insights.” The hashtag performance statistics are one of several capabilities available with Insights. For example, the variations in hashtag usage might be to compare which posts attracted greater attention. This HubSpot article on Instagram Insights has comprehensive information.

Link To Your Art Store Or Website

If you want to leverage your paintings to boost sales, please put a link to your website or online store here by positioning it underneath your bio at the top of your Instagram profile. Buyers will go there first to learn more about your work and make a purchase. 

Be Reachable 

Being approachable as a person rather than as a brand or organisation is always preferable. Always find the time to return your followers' affection. User's who are more active on Instagram are more likely to get messages from people who want to connect with them. 

You may send these messages to express appreciation for the user's art, pique their interest in their personal lives, learn more about the artist's process, or even inquire about a specific piece of the user's work.

Be sure to encourage user's to give them one by being accessible and available on Instagram. It will make user's feel more special, meaningful, and appreciated if they can talk to their fans.

Wrap Up

Remember that this is a slow-build undertaking that will ramp up for several years rather than produce results. So stay focused and often publish to keep your user profile brimming with new, intriguing comments and stories.

Last but not least, user's should remember that only some people they encounter on social networking platforms will appreciate them; others will critique or disagree with what they post or make. Don't take this personally; instead, deal with them calmly and patiently. 

Don't be scared to express yourself through words or art; just be yourself. Don't get panic; the customers and your accounts didn't go for worse to Organizations and included Art Share Pages.

Shared content from other accounts attracts people to see your artwork! The return in terms of followers and interaction is typically high for these specialised art-sharing pages because they have a more significant following of individuals who are just interested in discovering something new and inspiring.

Post Consistently

You can distinguish between low and high engagement by posting regularly and consistently, so you should notice this tip. It is understandable, given that a non-posting account has no content for followers to engage with. 

Aim to post on your primary feed once per day and frequently intersperse tales to keep people interested. Users must be continually visible on their feeds once they have followers on their Instagram accounts. It is even more crucial if user's want to become their followers' new favourite art account. So keep publishing frequently, if not daily, at least a few times per week.

Users can choose the posting frequency that works for them based on their other obligations, and if they are short on time, they can use tools to schedule user's postings in advance. Users might consider publishing on alternating days, like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Users should consider using a free Instagram Business account or Insights if they still need to determine what posts to create or at what times of the day. User's will be able to monitor the posts and hours their audience is most likely to use Instagram, allowing them to get the most remarkable results.

Be mindful of organic engagement. 

Organic followers are those that users gain without spending a dollar and who are genuinely interested in their material. For instance, they discovered their page while searching or followed a repost from a friend's page to their own.

They must maintain a high level of organic engagement if they hope to sell profitably on Instagram. It occurs when fans engage with their content frequently outside promotional activities. For instance, they react to their stories or like and comment on their posts. For example, they respond to their stories, like, and comment on their posts.

How to Increase User's Organic Reach

How to Increase Users' Organic Reach

Below are some tips worth trying.

  • They produce excellent content that speaks to their audience.
  • Post this material frequently.
  • Encourage debate in the posts' comments sections.
  • Hold competitions and giveaways.
  • Encourage users to tag their profiles with images of their merchandise.
  • Join forces with influencers. 

To be more specific, micro-influencers. An influencer with a smaller audience is known as a micro-influencer (1,000–100,000 followers). These audiences are frequently more active than the followers of larger accounts. Micro-influencers often have expertise in a particular field, which gives their followers more confidence in their judgment. 

Additionally, working with a micro-influencer is less expensive for you. Users can collaborate with micro-influencers to host sweepstakes, offer product reviews, or upload sponsored content.

How to Use Instagram for advertising 

How to Use Instagram for advertising

The response depends upon how quickly you need user results. Users can promote their Instagram profiles organically, which means they can grow their following without sponsored advertising. This option is free and displays sustained engagement. Users needing more clients or followers may find paid promotion a wise choice.

Ad formats that Instagram provides

Advertisements with pictures. A static image ad performs well when consumers want to complete the purchase by providing a discount. Landscape or square photo formats are both acceptable.

Add videos.

These are excellent for introducing new customers to a product's features and usage. In addition, they can share square or landscape films up to 120 seconds long. 

Advertising for stories.

These dynamic advertisements support the interaction they have previously had with the client.

Ad carousels

These adverts help emphasise all the product features and benefits by allowing users to swipe over an item to view additional images or videos. 

Advertising for collections.

Utilise them to visually excite your audience and aid in product discovery, browsing, and purchases. Images, video, or a combination of both are all options.

Why Should You Message Each New Follower Directly?

Why Should You Message Each New Follower Directly

The seller can implement this rule precisely as needed because she is an independent artist. Making a personal connection with the purchasers will be very useful, even though the seller may view this activity as non-scalable.

Without a doubt, massive online art galleries or retailers with millions of followers would never even consider messaging each new follower they gain throughout the day. However, if the vendor gains between one and one hundred new followers daily, remember that writing a short, snappy, personal DM to a new Instagram follower will only take a few seconds. 

Still, it will establish an emotional connection and allow the customers to get to know the person behind the account. It's a fantastic method to engage profoundly and unexpectedly with your newest admirers. When they receive a welcome note, it immediately grabs their attention and helps them remember who you are anytime they read your postings in the following weeks.

Respond to every comment immediately.

Make sure users engage with their audience rather than merely growing it so that they can sell art on Instagram. Responding to user comments will significantly increase the audience's emotional connection to both the author and their art (users know this is what eventually leads to sales). Users can respond in detail; a brief message or even a short emoji can be compelling.

Recognise that Instagram engagement includes comments. As a result, by answering comments, you will continually increase the number of comments on your posts, increasing activity on your Instagram account.

It works: users boost their posts' engagement by replying to every comment. Their remarks still matter, even though they don't have as much influence as those of others. Therefore, everyone benefits.

Additionally, if at all feasible, attempt to answer as soon as you can (immediately would be optimal), as this will not only increase the size of engagement but will also do so swiftly and effectively, meeting both of the top post-algorithm's vital requirements.

Try some fun created by fans.

Instagram may be a terrific platform for giveaways, contests, and fan-generated entertainment. Examples comprise:

  • Use a specific hashtag to challenge others to sketch what you uploaded by asking fans to post pictures and tag them in them.
  • Request the work's title from the users' fans.

Try to sell it only occasionally.

Although receiving a purchase from an Instagram follower is fantastic, users' fans are more than just there to support them. Yes, they have stunning artwork to sell, but they constantly don't have to force this on their customers' faces. 

Although they may find it alluring to promote bargains, doing so continuously would undoubtedly discourage their followers from making purchases and increase the likelihood of unfollowing them.

Instead, try to inform people about their artwork and online store (if they have one), but not constantly. Instead, choose to keep it to once per week.

Give people a glimpse of what motivates them. 

Creative people understand that what motivates them to create each day is more important than what the audience sees in their work. So go ahead and tell their followers about that motivation.

Everything is worth sharing, from nature to their family. By serving as a reminder that there is a natural person behind the avatar, it might help them humanise their brand.

For instance, Denise Mortensen is an artist on Instagram who consistently provides a tonne of inspiration. She uses illustrations like this one atop Mauna Kea Observatory to give her art a more meaningful context because she is a creative committed to capturing life's beauty and wonder.

How to Boost Social Proof 

How to Boost Social Proof

For users' businesses, social proof can be highly effective. According to the concept of social proof, if many other people are interested in a particular good or service, they should be as well. When users see that someone they know, like, or believe has a product and is happy with it, they are far more interested in it and much more likely to buy it.

Offer a coupon code or free item in exchange for a testimonial to entice previous customers or clients to recommend your goods or services to their audiences. Since they already have a relationship with their audience, marketing to them will be more straightforward than it otherwise would be. Consider how frequently people look for a particular product after hearing a friend rave about it in person or on Instagram. 

Users' intended audience is the same as always! They owe it to their ardent supporters. Consider thanking their Instagram followers as a final thought. Offering their fans an Instagram-only bargain is among the best ways to increase sales through this particular social media channel.

Create a special coupon for them, add text about the deal to an image, and include the coupon code in the description. Even though users only want to do this a few times a week, including a unique coupon, early access, or an exclusive edition of a product exclusively for their Instagram followers is an excellent approach to making them feel notable and increasing sales.

Examine a flash sale.

A flash sale can be a terrific way to get rid of some inventory, and flash art sales on Instagram work exceptionally well.

Reels, IGTV, Stories, Live Video, and More.

Instagram releases new features frequently. It might be daunting and perplexing to deal with expired content, video content, and minor adjustments. They work on those elements to make their paintings more compelling so that buyers will buy them; doing so may lead to a rise in Instagram sellers of paintings.

Sellers should experiment with newly released features. And consider what sellers should do with the new capabilities and how to use them to increase sales in that area on Instagram. 

Focus on developing relationships and creating engaging content instead of obsessing over any particular feature; they will be okay until they feel secure enough to delve further.

Think About Sponsored Posts. 

Here's another way artists might profit from their Instagram accounts that they may not have known about: after they have a sizable following, you may prepare businesses to pay them to advertise their goods in their photos.

Users must genuinely love and trust the paintbrush, clay, or watercolour paper, but it's a terrific way to monetise Instagram efforts.

Find influential people.

Like every social network, Instagram has a selected number of individuals who will have a significant impact. The guide How to Research the User Online Art Market explains how to locate the online spaces where their potential clients hang out. But, of course, there are also those on Instagram.

They could be well-known art dealers or curators, or prominent people passionate about the type of art users create. They might be famous bloggers or YouTube stars. Regardless of who they are, keep an eye on them and communicate with them frequently. Users may share their work with friends by mentioning them in the comments.

Consider Instagram Users Of Gallery

It can provide their followers with a gallery-like experience without a physical space. Consider the location you want visitors to enter, the sights you want them to see, and the interaction you want users to have with you.

However, this does not imply that people post images of their artwork being displayed or hung on walls. That shouldn't even be their default Instagram post, if anything. Instead, come up with inventive ideas for how they might demonstrate their artwork on Instagram.

Follow their development.

The never-ending influx of new material makes it easy to get lost. It makes it appropriate to note how many followers they have on any given day and establish a goal of gaining 10% more followers in a month or something similar if they consciously try to grow a new audience. Please keep track of their actions that result in more followers, implement them, and avoid unsuccessful ones.

Give a Look Behind the Scenes 

Of course, individuals enjoy viewing their completed masterpieces. But why not involve them in the entire creative process? A behind-the-scenes picture or video can be a terrific way to pique people's interest in their unique works of art. Additionally, this content is a fantastic way to vary their usual Instagram feed.


Makes Instagram the simplest way to sell paintings. This article has a brief about how to sell paintings on Instagram. By sharing photographs daily, sellers may make money and draw in new customers.

It is simple to share the paintings and increase views. If the seller follows simple instructions and logs into their account correctly, they will profit from selling these artworks. It is the simplest method for expanding their business in painting. 

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

hero image

How can I make Instagram posts that you can purchase?

You will need an online store to sell on Instagram with shoppable photos. You must link your Instagram account to your online store to receive Instagram's permission and begin trading on their platform.

How can I sell on Instagram without getting noticed?

You must link your Instagram account to your online store to receive Instagram's permission and begin selling on their platform. How can I sell on Instagram without getting noticed? You can still take orders from Instagram followers via Direct Messages (DMs) and manually complete them.

How can you use Instagram to market your art?

arrow down

So, let's get going! Setting up an Instagram Creator Account is the first step toward selling art on the platform (if you already have one, move on to step #2). A professional profile enhances your marketing efforts and encourages followers to engage with your work.

Can you order artwork using Instagram?

You can do art commissions on Instagram if your primary selling focus is digital goods. Even if it takes more work than selling stuff, it's a surefire way to increase sales and please your followers.

How can I use Instagram to market my art? 

Give your artwork to people, organisations, or charities with an Instagram page for a chance to be viewed by their specialised followers. Using a direct message for this makes things simple. Tell them you'd like to send them a complimentary print of one of your creations after introducing yourself, and then say so.

Where can I find art commissions?

Here are the eight locations where you should be if you're an artist trying to receive art commissions: A marketplace website called MadeMay is devoted to accepting art commissions from sculptors, designers, embroiderers, and other creatives. Maday is not an open registration and requires an application to join, guaranteeing a higher calibre of artists.

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