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58+ Business Ideas In Mumbai 2023 (Earning Formula Revealed)

58+ Business Ideas In Mumbai 2023 (Earning Formula Revealed)

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Mumbai is the commercial as well as the financial capital of India. Being the Richest city in India, it is the best place for businesses. Here, we have listed some of the best Small Business Ideas in Mumbai to help you choose the best business in 2023

The city of dreams and ambition never sleeps. As a result, business flairs round the clock here. It is not surprising that many people from all over India move to this city for a livelihood and to fulfil their dreams.

If you have the skills and ambition to start any business, Mumbai has a lot to offer. Though Mumbai has a high living standard, it also allows many different businesses. From a small cozy Tea-shop to a start-up- the opportunities are immense. But what if your starting capital is minimal?

Will your dream to be your boss come to a standstill? No. In Mumbai, there are a variety of unconventional business opportunities that require minimal investment. Let us read on to find out more.

According to evoma the estimated SME's in India are around 42.50 million, including both registered and unregistered. The current value of fixed assets in SME's is approximately INR 1,471,912.94 crore.

Why Consider Setting up a Business in Mumbai?

Business Ideas in Mumbai

Why Consider Setting Up a Business in Mumbai?

India has many metropolitan cities, but Mumbai holds a special place when you consider economic growth. The high-end lifestyle, home of industry tycoons and financial powers of the country, and the overall intellectual and cosmopolitan background make it a perfect place for business aspirants.

Even a small business idea in Mumbai can grow into a massive stature in favorable circumstances. The key is to find the perfect niche and location and create a presence to reach far and wide. Let us find out what are some of the low-investment businesses that are appealing options in the city as you read on.

Top 60 Low Investment Businesses to Set Up Successfully in Mumbai

Here are some of the best small business ideas in Mumbai which flourish courtesy of the growing demand for such services and products:

1. Acting Classes

A girl holding hand of a man from his back on the stage with chairs and other people in background.

Acting is an excellent career option for many who visit Mumbai solely to become an actor. Home to many successful Bollywood celebrities, this place is an acting hub of India. The film and television industry of Mumbai is very proactive. It provides various opportunities to newcomers, one of the prime reasons why many leave their homes and come to Mumbai.

If you want to succeed in this career, your acting skills must be good. Also, you can start your acting class and impart your wisdom to your students. It takes little investment to start this business, but you earn a good income out of it.

2. Dance and Choreography School

A women doing stunt and other three people are sitting.

As I mentioned, many people who come to Mumbai come to the city wanting to be an actor. To succeed in this industry, dancing is a necessary skill an actor must have. Dancing is a very effective skill that creates a better opportunity for a newbie to get an opportunity to enter the entertainment industry.

Also, many people want to learn dance, so it is a good idea if you want to set up your own business of choreography and dance. You can earn a good amount after the end of the month without investing much in this business. Also, if you are good at this skill, you can get a chance as a Bollywood dance choreographer in a project from the entertainment industry.

3.Ola/Uber Partner

People walking on footpath with, yellow taxis on the road

Taxis and cab services are in high demand and necessity for many who travel from one place to another in Mumbai. If you have an appointment or want to reach fast in your destination, a cab or Ola service is the only way out.

So, if you have a car you don’t use, it is a great opportunity to think about starting a business with the partnership of Uber and Ola. You can connect your car with these two major cab service-providing companies and earn a handsome amount after the end of every month.

According to sscbankgk many drivers have left their auto rickshaw to join Ola Cabs because Rs 35,000 per month can be earned by joining Ola. Even in cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Kolkata and Ahmedabad one can earn around Rs 50,000 every month.

4. Grocery Store

A women walking with shopping trolly looking at pineapples.

Grocery is basic and necessary for our daily life. You won’t have a day in your life when you can go on without groceries. So as this is always a need, groceries would never go out of demand. You can start your own independent business of a grocery store and earn good revenue from the store. Set up your store in a good location, stock it up with the necessary supply the local people most want, and you are good to go.

5. Tour Guide

A women looking at map, and showing direction to man.

If you are skilled in developing Web or mobile apps, you may want to sell this skill for your own business. App development skill is high in demand and many e-commerce start-ups or other business are keen to launch their own app.

If you can satisfy the want of your client and custom build a quality app your business will bloom in no time. You will get repetitive customers and gain their trust as a reliable service provider.

According to Ministry of tourism the number of international tourists arrived in India is 6.33 million. The foreign Exchange Earnings from tourism India in 2019 was estimated around ₹ 2,11,661 crore.

6. Web/Mobile App Developer/Digital Marketing Agency

Various daily mobile apps on screen.

Digital marketing and the role it plays in our daily lives are undeniable. Not only that, but the internet also provides vast scope for thousands of tech-savvy people to find employment. Mumbai has steadily become the hub of such companies.

Website development, digital marketing, and mobile app development are some of the widely popular and growing industries in this city today. You can start as a freelancer also in any of these niches.

As a freelancer, the rate of payment is quite lucrative in this city which makes it easier to establish a business with a nominal investment. All you will is your soft skills, a good workstation, and the ability to market your presence in the segment.

7. Coaching Centre

A man with black suit teaching students on white board.

‍Education is the pillar of success and business revolving around education never gets outdated. These days, opening a coaching center is much easier as online education trends. You can easily set up a website and mobile app for your coaching center to reach out to potential customers. Platforms like Fynd can help you out in this regard.

Determine your business goals and select a plan to get started. No need to rely on the traditional ways to find students ; when you can easily get more exposure through digital media. The only investment needed here is the subscription to the website platform and your knowledge and expertise in the subjects.

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8. Security Agency

A security officer standing near the petrol pump with a gun in hand.

Though Mumbai is one of the safest cities in the country, the need for extra security can never be denied. Hence, there is always a high demand for security services and personnel. You can easily start a security and bouncer service business by hiring a team of qualified people who can work as security guards, bouncers, personal bodyguard and more.

There is a huge demand for such services in Mumbai owing to the number of heavy-weight personalities residing here. Moreover, some of the poshest buildings, banks, clubs and more in the country are also located here which constantly require security upgrade.

9. Drop shipping Business

Four persons discussing something with books and computer on table.

Finding a warehouse in a city where living space is scares is close to a herculean task. This is why dropshipping businesses are particularly popular in Mumbai. You can easily start an online drop ship business by starting an e-commerce store on the Fynd platform.

As a drop shipper you can drop ship a wide variety of products and need not worry about storing them or pay for warehousing. Thus, it is a rather affordable business to start and rather in-demand.

10. Online Courses

Someone's hand using laptop with plants in the background.

The demand for online courses has grown over the last couple of years since the pandemic occurred. As more and more people start working from home, they need to master new skills and add them to their CV. As a result, people look for quick crash courses which they can join in their spare time.

You can easily start an online course website by employing people with relevant expertise and a website for the same. Though it requires significant capital investment, the cost is still affordable enough to classify the profession as a popular small business idea in Mumbai.

11. E-Commerce Store

A hand using phone and ecommerce market displayed on screen.

Take your retail business to the next level by opening an e-commerce store. E-commerce business can get started with minimal capital. If you already have an existing retail store you can easily increase the sale with an e-commerce wing for the business.

You can also start the e-commerce store right from the beginning. Start a website for your products with Fynd Platform which provides design and themes to start an e-commerce platform.

You can choose a plan based on your business goals and get started in minutes with the store. Mumbai is the fashion hub as well as home to several attractive products that are highly demanded all over the country. Hence, this can prove to be a profitable business soon after you get started.

According to The Economic Times the Indian e-commerce market is expected to grow by 21.5% and hit 74.8 billion USD in 2023. Also mentioned that e-commerce payments are expected to rise at compound annual growth rate of 18.2% between 2021 and 2025.

12. Freelance Writing

A man writing in a book with laptop, phone and coffee on the table.

Freelance writing has been in trend in recent years. Though it is a universally appealing job all over the country, freelancing is particularly lucrative in Mumbai. Why so? Because the pay rates for freelancers based in Mumbai are much higher compared to the other cities. Moreover, you can easily find more projects here.

There are many freelancer agencies as well as independent writers who have already established a niche. The best part is this is a zero-investment business and highly profitable if your creative writing skill is spot-on. To grow your business, you can also create a website for your work which will act as a portfolio and help potential clients to find you easily.

13. Organic Food Store

Plastic bags filled with some dry fruits and namkeens.

Organic food is in vogue as more and more people become aware of the health hazards posed by pesticides and insecticides used in our food. Especially in Mumbai, organic food enjoys a widespread market as a majority of the city’s population is at least from upper middle class.

Moreover, being the home of so many celebrities and business tycoons, the demand for organic food is high here, making it a great business opportunity. If you can collaborate with any local organic farm, you can easily set up your online organic food store with the help of platforms like Fynd. You need not be a digital marketing expert to start your store here, thanks to the user-friendly interface that help to build a website quickly.

14. Modelling Agency

A women lying on road holding camera with cycles and scooters in the background.

India’s largest entertainment industry is located in Mumbai. It goes without saying that millions of youths from all over the country come here to become a part of it. Modelling is one of the most flourishing professions in this city.

If you are look with communication and net working with people in this industry, setting up a modelling agency will be quite easy and low-investment business. The main requirement is outstanding people and communication skill so that you can easily connect with models as well as organizations looking for such agencies to recruit new faces.

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15. Photography Studio


Many businesses related to the entertainment industry flourish extensively in Mumbai. One such small business idea in Mumbai would be a photography studio. Photographers are needed for many purposes related to the industry like shooting still photos for films, making a portfolio, model photography, and more.

Besides that, the demand for seasoned photographers is always high for high-profile parties, newspapers, weddings, and other events in the city. Mumbai has a busy and glamorous lifestyle where the demand for photoshoots and constant. If you are good at art or have formal education in photography, setting up a studio will not cost too much.

16. Fitness and Nutrition Expert


The Indian population is steadily becoming more and more aware of nutrition and fitness and their necessity in our life. Though it is a universal demand all over the country, Mumbai has a significantly higher scope for work in this profession. Financial power is the primary driving force behind such professions. Many people look for personal fitness and nutrition experts.

Moreover, the demand for fitness clubs and gyms is high as well. If you can become a part of such an organization, eventually establishing yourself as an individual practitioner also gets easy.

You can also start by marketing the brand image and services through a website and other digital platforms like social media. The main requirement is a formal qualification in nutrition and fitness.

17. Event Management Company

Event Management

Event management is one of the most demanded business sectors in Mumbai. Events like marriage, Birthdays, parties, and festivities all this occasion need to be palled thoroughly and perfectly.

Many celebrities are living in Mumbai throwing elaborate birthdays and dinner parties and a good event management team can get this high-profile celebrity client.  You will only need to set up a good team for your event Management Company.

Choosing an efficient planner is the most important part of running a successful event management company. Just interview your candidate wisely if you want to run a successful event management company in Mumbai.

18. Matrimony Business

An Indian bride and groom with relatives in the background.

Earlier, nobody could imagine a Matrimony business to be capable of large-scale business until The business of matchmaking has redefined itself from time to time. Matrimonial sites have come up with new ideas and techniques to attract more users.

Now matchmaking is easier and more selective compared to its traditional form. This business can be a good idea for a small-scale business in Mumbai. If you can set up your website, then it will be easier for you to reach out to more clients. Finding a successful match and understanding the need of your customer is the key to success in this business.

19. Beauty Salon and Spa

A women holding hairs of another women who is sitting on chair.

If you have good knowledge as a beautician you may want to open your Beauty Salon. This is a stable business and is always in demand in Mumbai. You won’t need to invest a lot of money in the start of this business.

Just make sure to use good beauty products for your customer. Once you have made goodwill for your salon you will get some steady customers who will come almost every month.

Also, if they put a good word for your parlor your business will increase more rapidly. Another great way to grow a beauty and spa business in Mumbai is to start taking online appointments. You can set up a business website through the Fynd platform and easily double your clients by promoting the business online.

20. Game Store

A boy wearing red beanie is bowling in the game zone.

Gaming is gaining widespread popularity all over India- especially in Mumbai. Thus, opening a game store is a rather profitable business in this city. Gaming companies are constantly coming up with new products, updates, hardware, and accessories which are alluring to the netizens.

Especially in Mumbai, you will find many gaming enthusiasts and high demand for the console, mobile, and computer games. The key is the study the gaming market in the city and offers products accordingly.

You can easily promote and sell the games through the Fynd platform as well. Consider going online with all kinds of gaming accessories, software, and add-ons that make the gaming experience smoother.

21. Franchisee

Motorcycles with pizza hut delivery box on its back.

To become a franchisee is to become a business partner of an already-popular brand. You would notice many businesses have branches extensively all over the country. Habib’s, McDonalds, KFC, Café Coffee Day are examples of large business chains. This is one of the growing small business ideas in Mumbai, where people become franchisee of such popular brands.

The primary advantage of becoming a franchisee is that you need not build a brand image from scratch. You can borrow the name and likeness of the business. You will need to hire your employees and follow the rules and regulations of the business and a good location. Though it requires a fair amount of starting capital, it is still one of the more affordable business ideas in this city.

22. Online Grocery Delivery

A woman walking with shopping trolley looking at pineapples.

The demand for online grocery delivery has been on the rise rapidly for many years now. Especially in Mumbai where the cosmopolitan lifestyle gets very demanding, the doorstep delivery of grocery items has gained immense popularity.

It’s a smart small business idea in Mumbai. Whether you already own a store or not, you can simply invest in the grocery items, open an e-commerce store using platforms like the Fynd Platform and get going with the sales.

If you already have a retail store, you can double the sales in the same manner. Fynd offers easy to use website design tools to initiate the e-commerce store for the business. You can choose your plan and get going to set up the online store in a matter of minutes.

23. Vlogging

 A phone is attached with tripod to take video of three people.

The internet not only gives you the scope to start an e-commerce store but also to become an independent voice and entertainer. Vlogging is becoming a big thing in our country in the past few years.

YouTube is providing a lot of scope for enthusiastic travelers to make their passion a hobby. Mumbai being the financial capital with a highly cosmopolitan culture offers many contents to its residents.

If you are exploring the city of an old resident, you can easily find out many scopes to create quality content here. The best part is, you require minimal tools- a good smartphone or a digital camera and video editing skills are enough to start your journey.

24. Interior Designer

A room with sofa, tv, curtains, furniture and lights.

Have an eye for details in architecture and home interiors? You can easily start a career as an interior designer in the city of draems. Mumbai, which is home to many business tycoons, the demand for unique interior designs is always high in the city.

Even the common people are from a superior financial background and are ready to afford such luxury when they get the quality. You require a degree in architecture or at least in interior design to start your own business. In the digital era, it is easy to establish yourself as a designer when you build a website using the Fynd Platform to get the maximum reach to potential clients.

25. Real Estate Consultant

An office with desk and chairs.

Mumbai welcomes more and more people every day who come here in search of a brighter future and to fulfil their dreams. While many choose to rent homes, there is also a vast majority of people who invest in real estate, anticipating the growing demand for commercial and residential plots and buildings in the city. This gives immense opportunity to real estate brokers to set up a booming business.

The key is to know the cityscape well and stay updated with all the under development real estate projects in the city. Real estate consultation not only fetches lucrative fees but there are many incentives and commissions involved as well.

26. Home-Cooked Food Delivery

Tiffin box with fresh fruits, biscuits and sandwiches.

There are very few people who are not familiar with the concept of “dabbawalla” in Mumbai, especially after the film The Lunchbox. There are millions of working-class people in this city who are deprived of home food as they toil through their jobs daily.

Needless to say, the demand for quality home-cooked food is always constant here. If your cooking skills have always earned you nothing but praise, why not think on a bigger scale and make a business out of it?

The demand for home-cooked food and delivery is high and despite the competition, it is not difficult to establish the business significantly fast when you provide variety and quality.

27. Seafood Truck/Restaurant

Shrimps served inside a plate.

Mumbai is one of the largest consumers of seafood as well as producer. Sourcing seafood for the restaurant is quite cheap here, making a seafood truck or restaurant is a perfect small business idea in Mumbai. A small truck and trailer food shacks have especially gained popularity in this city.

If you have culinary skills and specialize in seafood, it can open many business opportunities for you. The initial investment is comparatively less than a full-fledged restaurant too. Moreover, if you provide online food delivery, it will increase the profits manifolds.

28. Leather Product Dealer

An old man repairing leather bag with the help of women.

Leather products are particularly popular because they are long lasting and are symbol of affluence and luxury. If you have a keen eye for genuine leather and know where to source from, starting a business for leather products is profitable in Mumbai. There is especially high demand for leather shoes, bags, and accessories.

Moreover, you can provide first-copy designs of high-end luxury brands at much cheaper price, the sales are likely to increase more. By starting an online e-commerce website on Fynd for Leather products, you can quickly escalate the sales to a noticeable level.

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29. Personalized Gift Store

A basket with five gifts box.

Gift stores and items have high demand all over the country. But the market for personalized gifts is exceptionally good in Mumbai. There is a high demand for personalized photo frames, coffee mugs, notepads, and more.

Not only would you find individual buyers for such products, but there are many companies as well, who look for corporate accessories with their business branding. If you have a flair for creativity and knowledge of using printers and embossing tools- this is a business, you can easily operate from home as well.

30. Communication and Grooming Expert

A barber giving shape to the beard of a person.

Being a good orator with a thoroughly groomed attitude and looks is becoming as important as other skills these days. Sadly, not everyone has this innately and requires some extra training and hard work to achieve.

If communication, networking, and grooming are your innate talent and also something you have mastered through formal education, Mumbai is the perfect place to start a business revolving around this.

In a city with cosmopolitan culture, many industries call for thorough grooming and good communication skills. Thus, if you spread the word well, finding students would be quite easy here.

31. Digital Marketing Expert

A hand using tablet with a laptop in the background.

Digital marketing experts can set up freelance businesses quite easily in Mumbai owing to the growing demand for people with such skill tests. There are many companies that offer these services and look for freelancers to hire. You can set up a business with almost no investment by collaborating with such companies.

Eventually, you can build a network and also establish your own company by reaching out to potential clients. Being a digital marketer, you can quickly make the most of platforms like Fynd to set up your business successfully.

32. Transport Services/Agency

Transport Services

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. Hence, the need for public and private transport is dire round the clock. Imagine the scope for business in the transport and travel industry. Though you require significant investment to begin the business, it is quite profitable in the long run.

Moreover, if you combine intracity transport like shuttles, taxis, airport pickup and drop-off facilities along with travel packages to create an all-round business, the scope for business expands further.

33. Stockbroker

 Stock Broker

If you are well versed in forex trading, you can settle as a stockbroker in this city. The market of stocks is huge, and people are always in search of knowledgeable and trustworthy brokers.

In the present day, if you have additional knowledge of cryptocurrency and its market, it can prove to be advantageous. In short, this is a small business idea in Mumbai where only your knowledge and skills are the assets you need to get started.

34. Freelance Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist

Mumbai is not just a dream city for those wanting to step into the glamour world but also for people behind the scenes. From technicians to makeup artists- Mumbai is the dream professional destination for all. Starting as a freelance makeup artist is one of the best small business ideas in Mumbai owing to the demand.

The need for fashion makeup, portfolio makeup, film makeup and more is always constant here. so, finding a steady job through makeup artistry is simple enough. Moreover, if you can market your skills well, you can get great breakthroughs for films, ads, and more.

35. Freelance Content Writing

Content writing

Content writing has become a popular niche all over the country. But what sets Mumbai apart? For a freelance writer, Mumbai is exceptionally promising. The pay rates for content writing in Mumbai are the highest in the country.

Be it project-wise, hourly, or per word basis- the payment is quite lucrative and good enough for a writer to start their agency, this is one of the prime reasons why top content writing agencies in the country are located in Mumbai.

36. Psychologist


Being the financial capital of India, Mumbai also is the busiest city. Needless to say, the lifestyle is demanding and hectic. Many professionals tend to suffer from depression, fatigue, and stress-related disorders, as a result.

For a certified psychologist, Mumbai offers a lot of scope to do good and grow as a business. You can easily set up a clinic and your relevant website to market your services.

Platforms like Fynd have numerous opportunities to start your website. By subscribing to a suitable plan as per your business goal, you can get better exposure from potential consumers of your services.

37. Amazon Seller

 Amazon Seller

Online selling is becoming one of the most popular sources of small business and income. Especially in Mumbai, this is a very prospective business idea. Mumbai is a place with wonderful variety of products that are in high demand all over the country.

From fashion-forward clothing to a variety of machinery and gadget- Mumbai has it all. Hence, as a seller on Amazon, you get a great platform and a plethora of items to offer your customers.

You can start the business from home itself which means the investment can be low. Thus, you can easily manage setting up the business within a tight budget and then grow it consistently.

You can start affiliate marketing, and affiliate selling on eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. People are making a huge amount of money only through this. You can also sell your products on Amazon, Flipkart, etc., and become a seller. This idea can make your business go sky-high, as it is an in-demand idea.

38. Florist


Florist or flower sellers are in high demand in Mumbai. With many types of entertainment industry events taking place every other day and various programs, the need for flowers is never ebbing. Moreover, flower business requires minimal investment.

The key criteria are to source the materials from the right suppliers. If you have good network with flower suppliers, you can quickly start this business. However, setting it up in the right location and reaching out to potential clients is important. This is why, online platforms like Fynd can be of great help. You can start the flower store online which can also fetch better revenues.

39. Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are essential to all people. From domestic help to corporate offices- cleaning hygiene maintenance is elemental to everyone. A professional cleaning service which provides solutions like deep cleaning and sanitization are in high demand especially after the pandemic.

To start such a business, you will need to have several good employees and basic cleaning service products and machineries. There is no need for an office or even a separate storage.

Especially in Mumbai, where there are many offices as well as growing residential areas, this is one of the best small business ideas to try out. As we have already discussed, Mumbai is the second most populous city in India where people do not get enough time to make food for themselves then, cleaning their house is also very hectic according to their schedule.

Everyone likes to keep the home screen as possible they do not get sufficient time to do that so cleaning services are on-demand in busy cities like Mumbai. Here everybody is busy with their fields so they don't get time to clean up all the mess in the house you can come out with your Idea cleaning service to them and make their life easier.

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40. Alternative Therapy Center

Therapy Center

In this modern world, everything is modernized people also have a big problem now they are suffering from various health issues because they are sitting working on their PC or laptop or mobile most of the time most everyone is suffering from problems which include back pain neck pain digestion problems, etc.

This might seem like a very small problem but in the modern world where you have to work under hectic schedules, these small problems become very big you can also start an alternative therapy center and salt this type of problem of this generation with an alternative therapy that can be provided acupressure aromatherapy color therapy and much more to add on these services are on-demand in the busy cities like Mumbai.

People are becoming more aware of the importance of mental health and are constantly in search of ways to rejuvenate themselves in their busy schedules. As a result, many clubs and organizations are coming up with alternative therapy centers.

Especially in Mumbai where the lifestyle extremely hectic and busy, alternative therapy are becoming more and more popular. If you are trained in alternative therapy practices like Zumba, spa, aromatherapy and so on, it is a great business idea. You can promote the business online as well through many simple and easy to operate platforms like Fynd.

41. Labor Supplier


We know Mumbai is the city of dreams. Many people come here to fulfill their dreams, be it for a job business, or education, so you can easily find a huge number of businesses and companies that hire a lot of people doing their stuff, as they are busy enough to not get time for that.

So, for this reason, you will get a lot of customers and clients to deal with so coming to a level supplier in Mumbai is one of the most unique business ideas that one has ever thought of.

In this modern world, most of the work is done using a PC or laptops or mobile so with the increasing population of Indian youth is being unemployed, in this situation, if you come up with your idea of labor supply then you are also giving employment to others from your business so this business should be in high demand and can be fruitful for our nation.

Labors and workers are in high demand all around Mumbai. With many buildings and new construction projects being undertaken every day, the demand for labors is high.

Setting up a labor supply business is hence a prospective small business idea in Mumbai. You need to setup contact with potential employees and spread the word about the work. This is the main skill required to start such a company.

42. Gardening and Landscaping Services


A perfectly landscaped lawn and garden is gaining popularity among homeowners as well as corporate buildings. The perfection of such areas beautifies the home further. You will need to have a thorough knowledge of gardening and network skills with good gardeners whom you can train in the latest art. Set up an online store using Fynd to get connected with potential clients better.

Mumbai, besides being a huge and populous city, is one of the most polluted cities in India too. People want a healthy environment in their homes, so many people go for gardening. But as time is very less for these workaholic people, and as they are the prey of hectic schedules, they do not get time to take care of their sweet, little garden, which is, of course, painful.

Most people are spending most of the day inside their homes, especially during and after the post-COVID outbreak, working from home. Some research, show that the air indoors is more polluted than the air we inhale outdoor. You can show up to them and offer your brilliant ideas for gardening and choosing plants to keep their environment from pollution. 

If you have good knowledge about gardening and love to spend your time in contact with nature, if nature gives your mind peace and pleasure, besides, if you want to spread your brilliant idea about gardening, then this idea should be a sure shot for you.

43. Juice Shop

Juice Shop

Health freaks can be found everywhere specifically in a state like Mumbai where a majority of the population is in the entertainment business. Juice is a healthy alternative to any street-side junkies and is preferable to many. So, setting up your Healthy Juice shop is a great idea for a small business in Mumbai. Also, the weather in Mumbai is hot for the majority of the days and Juice is what your soul will crave.

You can expect some consistent customers if they like your drink and polite behaviour goes a long way. During the COVID and post-COVID everyone has become ever of their health.

As we have already discussed earlier or in the business ideas discussed earlier, people do not have enough time to make themselves healthy Food so they rely upon street food a lot.

Street foods are also not good for health. So, nowadays people are starting to avoid them. In this situation in this situation, you can start your healthy juice center in Mumbai and provide people with a unique type of juice in your shop.

These types of business ideas are in high demand in busy cities like Mumbai. Also, keep in mind that you would have to build proper knowledge about fruits vegetables, and other organic foods.

44. Cosmetics and Jewellery Store

Two womens are standing in front of the jewerlly shop

Jewlery and cosmetics are great ideas for a small-scale business. This business is fairly profitable and is a part of the beauty industry which is one of the largest enterprises globally. If you are interested in designing your jewelry this is the right time to turn it into an innovative business.

Customers are always attracted by creativity and innovation and if you are successful in introducing your work, then it is definite progress for your business. Also, cosmetics are a big part of the beauty in a women's life and every girl loves a little tinge. So, mix these two up well, and you got yourself a successful venture.

45. Hairdressing and Salon Services

 Salon Services

Salon and hairdressing always had a steady market in our country. Specifically, in a state like Mumbai, Hairdressing and Salon businesses are quite profitable. Mumbai is a state which is popular for film and entertainment and is filled with celebrities.

For them, beauty or look is a matter of great importance. Salon and Hairdressing businesses are blooming in this state for this specific reason. If you can successfully open a quality saloon then, there are plenty of high-profile customers who can become your daily customer if they feel satisfied with your services.

Your dream to start a business in Mumbai can easily come true, even with limited capital. With the help of modern technology like an online e-commerce website and digital marketing, promote your business for maximum exposure. Platforms like Fynd can be your best resort for this purpose.

The simple interface, transparent pricing and plans, quick setup, and innumerable features set it apart from competitors like Dukaan, Shopify, and more. Fynd has served as a trusted backbone behind e-commerce platforms like Mysa, Samar Lifestyles, Hamleys, and many more. Get your business rolling with the help of our platform.

46. Homemade Food Business or Tiffin Service Should Sound Good!

Homemade Food

Food is a primary need for all. Mumbai is one of the busiest cities in India. Everybody is so into their work schedule here, that they can not even get time to prepare food items on their own.

This is one of the greatest problems of this city. Many people come to Mumbai for jobs, business or education. You can start serving them homemade food. This is one of the greatest demands in the cities like Mumbai. 

When thinking about small business ideas in Mumbai, you should surely consider this. This business can grow exponentially if one used its full potential of one. This is also one of the tried and tested methods to grow your business.

47. Graphic Designs Are on Demand!

Graphic Designs

Visuals, as we all know, play a most important role n our lives. Esthetics are needed everywhere, be it interior design, be it as simple as a video, or even in dresses, we can see the effect of aesthetics. 

If you have a strong knowledge of graphic design, you can surely go for it. This field is on-demand, not only in Mumbai but everywhere. Graphic designing is a field that can mesmerize us with its variety of branches.

Be it social media designs, or be it video editing, these fields are one of the most demanded fields nowadays. This skill is useful in every type of industry. You have to have a strong knowledge of graphic design and aesthetics. If you have that, you can surely go for it.

It should be very beneficial for you, as you can improve one of your skills while trying your hands into the same field of business. You can refer to the Fynd platform which helps small businesses by helping accelerate their growth.

48. You Can Start a Small Hotel in Mumbai.


Mumbai, a known by all, is a very fascinating city. This city attracts people like a magnet. This city fascinates people so much, that it has no off-season. Hotel rooms are always in high demand in the cities like Mumbai. This can become a very good opportunity if you want to start a business in a small hotel in Mumbai. 

Mumbai has so many travelers, office workers, businessmen, etc. coming from other states that your business can grow exponentially if you use your full potential. The supply to demand ratio is very poor in this city. So, it can become very fruitful to come up with this idea. 

If you add a mess system to your hotel, it can become a very good point about your business, and you will be highly benefited from this. Most hotel owners do not have this type of mess system in their hotels. So, this can be highly beneficial for your business. This business can give you a kick start. If you go for tried and tested methods for your small business in Mumbai, then this should be an add-on to that list.

49. You Can Give Online Services in Mumbai

Online Services

It is evident that everything is becoming online, especially the COVID outbreak has given a kick start to it. Online services are preferred by everyone nowadays. Online service provides people with good quality products, from the comfort of home. 

Especially in the cities like Mumbai, where people are suffering from a shortage of time, online services are a very good option for them. This enables them to save their time, as well as makes the process less hectic. 

So, this idea of online service can become a good idea, if you have relevant skills in that field, like SEO, keyword optimization, etc. This field is very promising, only if you have relevant skills. This field can be less fruitful, if you do not have the skills to grow your business, especially in the online market. 

The online market is a good space to start your business but is highly competitive too. You should keep this in mind before starting. If you have the relevant skillset, you should surely give it a try. Though this field seems very difficult to crack, it can be a piece of cake with a suitable skill set.

50. You Can Start Up with Your Music Classes

Music Classes

As we all know, many people come to Mumbai to become a singer, every angle day. A lot of people want to work in the Bollywood or music industry. Not only singing, but you can also start the instrument classes. There are endless options in this field, you can come up with any one of them. 

The singing or instrument classes in Mumbai are always in high demand, as many people are searching for them on an everyday basis. This demand is increasing day by day, and the supply to demand ratio in this field is very poor too. So, if you can come up with music classes, it can surely give your business a high fly over time. 

You should have good knowledge and practice of singing, if you are starting instrument classes, then good practice in that particular instrument. This field is very competitive, too. But you can surely grow your business if you try hard.

51. Yoga Classes are in Demand in This City

Yoga Class

Especially at the time of the COVID outbreak, people have introspected more and have become more self-aware. They are always keeping an eye on their physical health and fitness. These days, our lifestyle and food intake have become so unhealthy that it has become nearly impossible to stay healthy without exercise.

You can become a Yoga trainer in Mumbai. Here, the workaholic people are having so less time for themselves that they are leading a very unhealthy life. These people are always in search of Yoga classes, to maintain their fitness. You can provide them with their needs. Becoming a Yoga trainer is becoming very popular in India, thus competitive too.

52. A T-Shirt Business Is a Good Way to Start


Printed T-Shirts are one of the new fashion trends in the modern world. Everyone is liking to wear them. People want their T-Shirt to be catchy. You can start this in Mumbai, as the demand is high and this business idea is unique.

Not only T-Shirts, but other printed accessories are also in demand now. You can start this business even with a low investment. It is just perfect for the people who just want to try out this idea, without facing a huge loss.

53. Healthy Street Food Business Sounds Great

Street Food

Every resident of Mumbai loves street foods, but as we know, it is unhealthy and contaminates many diseases. You can come up with your idea of selling healthy street foods, that do not harm your health. As people are more self-aware nowadays, it will surely attract them. In a populous city like Mumbai, and one of the busiest cities too, your business can go sky-high.

You can also sell some uniquely made dishes, or your special dishes, combinations, etc. adding a plus point to your business. This business has a bright future. You can surely rely on this business idea.

54. Room Rental Business Is a Good Idea to Start With

Room Rent

Rooms are extremely necessary for people who come from outside Mumbai. This is an extremely necessary service for them. As we know, many people from villages or other cities come here for jobs, business, education, etc.

Purchasing a home in a place like Mumbai is not a piece of cake. Room Rental Services are the best option in this case. You can start your own rental business in Mumbai. There is a huge chance of growing your business. Your room, flat, etc. can be rented and this is a good way of earning a huge amount of money. 

55. Start a Village Experience Park


People in Mumbai spend their whole life in the city, working under a hectic schedule. They have a strong attraction toward village life. They want to experience what a village life looks and feels like.

You can go for a business of starting a village life experience park in Mumbai. You can give people the taste of village life. You can earn a huge amount of money, even in dollars. This is a very promising idea to go ahead with.

56. Tuition Classes

A teacher teaching her student holding the marker in hand.

Tuition, is the most common business idea in Mumbai when you want to start a small business. People are serious about the education of their children in the modern world. In this modern world, parents have less time to devote to the education of their children. Tuition classes are one of the best and most common business ideas in Mumbai.

Schools are charging a good amount of money for educating the children, but the output is not worth it. That's why these people go for tuition. If you have quality content to give, then you can go for it, though this business idea is highly competitive.

57. You Can Set Up Personality Development Classes in Mumbai

A teacher teaching her student holding the marker in hand.

A good Personality is one of the most important traits, one can have. You can learn a lot of skills, but a good personality is something that will help you crack every exam of your life, whether it is personal or professional. Personality Development is one of the most sort-after courses these days. We cannot deny that a good personality helps us win many battles in life, and it is, undoubtly, a major factor to become successful person in life.

In cities like Mumbai if you set a personality development class, then it will surely go sky high as the demand, for this type of class is increasing day by day, but the supply is not increasing with the same ratio. This business idea is one of the most unique business ideas that one has ever thought of.

58. You Can Start Automobile Repair Services.

A mechanic repairing car in his garage.

In new cities like Mumbai, automobile services are doing extremely fast. Not only in Mumbai but also in India, this industry is growing exponentially. You can come up with a small automobile repairing center that can be started with a low investment. In today's world nearly everyone has a motorcycle or a car because of which, need for automobile repair centers is huge. So, you can get a whole lot of work here in this field.

59. Advertising Services Are a Good Idea to Come Up With

A computer on the table with curtains and plant in backround.

In huge cities like Mumbai, services are a great idea to come up with. Mumbai is called the city of dreams. Many people come here with dreams be it in a job or business. Many people start small businesses in Mumbai every day. So, if you start an advertising service in this city, then you will not face any shortage of work, but you should keep in mind that you should be good at advertising.

60. You Can Start a Rickshaw Service in Mumbai

An autorickshaw on the road with cars in the background.

Taxi services are not efficient to meet the transport demand in Mumbai, as the population is huge. A huge amount of taxi services are there, but they are not efficient to cope with. So, you can start a rickshaw service in Mumbai to help people. This can be a unique business idea in Mumbai to start your business.


Your dream to start a business in Mumbai can come true even with limited capital. With the help of modern technology like online e-commerce website and digital marketing, promote your business for maximum exposure. Platforms like Fynd can be your best resort for the purpose.

The simple interface, transparent pricing and plans, quick setup, and innumerable features set it apart from competitors like Dukaan, Shopify and more. Fynd has served as a trusted backbone behind e-commerce platforms like Mysa, Samar Lifestyles, Hamleys and many more.  Get your business rolling with the help of our platform.

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What are the most successful small businesses?

Small businesses that are bound to bring success are the most secure choices.

Professions like mobile hairdressers, catering businesses, online tutoring, courier service, business consultancy, and cleaning services are proven to be more secure and successful.

How can I earn fast money?

The perception of fast money varies from one person to another. There are some professions and businesses which give quicker turnaround and require lo investment. In Mumbai some of these businesses that flourish for sure are freelancing, e-commerce platforms, travel agency, modelling, photography etc.

How to start my own business?

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To start your own business, you must recognize your saleable skills and products. Conduct an extensive market survey and research to find out whether the items and services you offer have a profitable market.

You will need starting capital to invest in most business plans. But there is also much service-based business where only your skill and promotion and branding will be required to get the business going

What makes a business successful?

A practical approach that is innovative and able to reach out to potential customers and users easily will help any business become successful.

Make the most of the latest technology and available resources like online marketing and a good venue for your office. All these factors together affect the success rate of a business.

Which is the best small business that can be started in Mumbai?

Grocery delivery services, gift shops, and healthy food corners- these ideas are the best ideas to come up with when discussing small business ideas in Mumbai.

Among the ideas discussed, which is the most profitable?

Labor Services and healthy food corners are the most profitable, and related ideas to this field are also profitable, too.

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