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How to Sell on Flipkart Wholesale (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

How to Sell on Flipkart Wholesale (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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The top online retailer in India, Flipkart India, unveiled a brand-new platform called Flipkart Wholesale on September 2, 2020, focusing on the B2B market. This platform intends to collaborate with nearby retailers and producers and utilize technology to digitize the wholesale market completely. 

The company has added 2.5 listings since its launch, and its user base has increased by 50%. In addition, since the launch, the company has achieved a record percentage of 90% in sales transactions. 

According to the analyst, smaller cities like Kota, Guntur, and Amravati, among many others, are driving the sharp increase in web-based businesses. A well-known platform, Flipkart Wholesale, provides a wide selection of goods at competitive prices.  Retailers selling groceries, shoes, and clothing have access to the forum. Read the article further to know how to sell on Flipkart wholesale, 

Why Did Flipkart Wholesale Enjoy Such Rapid Success?

Why Did Flipkart Wholesale Enjoy Such Rapid Success

The main factors that allowed Flipkart Wholesale to achieve enormous success are appreciated below.

1. Data-Driven Feedback is Available  

By providing a digital platform, Flipkart Wholesale excels at delivering on its core value proposition of ensuring the prosperity of local MSMEs and Indian Kiranas. The company has a strong desire to succeed and will focus on ensuring the prosperity of small businesses, including Kirana, by providing a wide selection at competitive prices.

These businesses will have access to a wide range of products with lucrative schemes and incentives, supported by data-driven feedback for stock selection, delivered via a quick and dependable network to ensure unparalleled efficiencies, regardless of whether they are in the general merchandise, fashion, or grocery industries.

2. Access to Simple Credit Facility 

A payment option called easy credit allows customers to shop as often as they'd like, up to the credit limit, without having to pay upfront. Instead, the client can do this to pay the entire amount by the due date at a later time.

At the moment, Flipkart Wholesale provides credit for 7 and 15 days to retailers of goods and groceries without charging extra. However, for businesses in the grocery and fashion industries, the threshold limit for credit has been set at Rs 5000 and Rs 10,000, respectively.

3. Simple refund process and cancellation policy

Flipkart Wholesale customers can cancel their entire order before it is delivered and receive a full refund. In the case of non-prepaid orders, the platform does not accept cancellation requests from customers. Please be aware that the policies mentioned above may vary depending on the product.

4. Real-time tracking and prompt delivery 

The customer will have access to a wide range of premium goods, a straightforward credit option, easy order returns, and quick product delivery to their doorsteps with easy tracking. 

Customers of Flipkart Wholesale will have access to a straightforward credit facility to manage cash flow, a wide selection of assuredly high-quality goods, easy order tracking, convenient order returns, and quick product delivery to their doorsteps.

5. Making Informed Decisions for Business 

Customers of Flipkart Wholesale also have the chance to benefit from micro-market level B2B & B2C insights from Flipkart to gain a clear understanding of customer demand on a fundamental level, so they can trade wisely. Furthermore, by using a suitable model, the company hopes to put the needs of MSMEs in the spotlight. 

6. Maximum Profit on Every Purchase 

The assortment of goods on Flipkart Wholesale are all offered at the lowest price, allowing customers to make cost-effective purchases. 

How Does A Company Owner Register To Use Flipkart Wholesale? 

How Does A Company Owner Register To Use Flipkart Wholesale

They consider this business a sole proprietorship because it doesn't offer limited liability protection to its promoter when a person wants to sell their product on Flipkart using their name and legal standing. It is a sole proprietorship as a result. You are not allowed to have partners or investors. Even applying for bank loans is a hassle.

So, using your entity as a sole proprietor and becoming a seller on Flipkart will be a great option.

1. On your smartphone, download the Flipkart Wholesale application.

2. Complete the identity validation process by entering the mobile number.

3. Select the relevant product category. 

4. Provide accurate business information along with a soft copy of the business proof.

5. Upload your store's images after entering your store's name and address. 

6. A professional will review the application to ensure that the information is accurate. 

7. The customer can now place wholesale orders on Flipkart once their application has been approved. 

Information Needed For Registration

Information Needed For Registration

For registration, the applicant may provide the following documents, which are listed below:- 

1. GSTIN Trade Permit

2. License for a Store and Establishment

3. FSSAI Certificate

4. Aadhaar Udhyog

Product catalogue on Flipkart

When you want to sell on Flipkart, the listing is relatively simple compared to other online marketplaces. This is because Flipkart has a customer service portal. To list and sell on Flipkart, you must have ten products. You can keep product photos on hand and upload them along with text and pricing information. Then, choose the appropriate category for your product. 

Control center for all products-Dashboard

Once registered as a Flipkart seller and uploaded your product listings, you can begin selling on Flipkart. Flipkart offers a dashboard for managing every operation. Thanks to Flipkart's additional promotions, advertising, and analytical support, you can find out which products are performing well in terms of prices and other variables. You can modify all the details on the dashboard, such as pricing, bullet points, descriptions, etc. However, you cannot change the title or MR.

Delivery of the Goods

With the help of Flipkart Smart Fulfillment, you can systematically organize your warehouse. Additionally, they help you with logistics maintenance, store your products effectively, and ship your goods to customers using a Flipkart logistics partner. All that is required to reap the rewards is acceptance of intelligent construction standards.

As a result, your business's overall operating costs and return on investment are reduced while revenue increases. You can also use it to increase your website's traffic. As a result, your listing will benefit, and you will be able to obtain an F-assured budget, symbolizing dependability and excellence.

It will also result in you reaching higher tiers and making more sales. A meticulously organized inventory will also result in fewer returns. The most crucial factor is how long it takes customers to receive your products. Retailers worried about rigid packaging can rely on Flipkart's Smart Fulfillment strategy. You can be confident that your products are in good hands.

Self-Shipment Shipping product classes may be used by sellers of specific product categories, such as furniture, pricey items, and artwork with substantial frames, to fill orders. No direct support is provided to sellers by Flipkart. These costs include everything from packing to shipping to delivery to returns. 

Sellers may assign the management of a comparable transaction to a third party. To prevent bending or damage during shipping, ensure your items are wrapped in thick bubble wrap. If it does, you are responsible for the remainder.

The Vendor shall be solely responsible for ensuring that its supply partners comply with the Self-Ship Fulfillment policy's Code of Conduct. The seller's responsibility is to deliver the product to the customer within the predetermined time frames. However, if an unusual circumstance arises and the item is returned, such orders might include a service or facility.

Fulfillment requirements include a reasonable budget, quick order processing, and strict quality control. It provides top-notch packaging supplies and guarantees a safe, straightforward payment process. The performance of a product must be noticeably better than the benchmark.

The shipping process is divided into local, zonal, and national components.

1. Local describes a shipment of goods within a single city.

2. Zonal: The goods are transported inside the Interzone, which is defined by the east, west, north, and south boundaries of the zone.

3. National: "Interzone" is the term used to describe the movement of goods between zones.

Flipkart Charges For Product Sales

1. On each sale, Flipkart takes a small commission calculated as a percentage of the product's value.

2. Shipping costs are the seller's responsibility. He has the option of charging for shipping or not.

3. The collection fee charged by Flipkart varies depending on the payment type, such as prepaid or cash on delivery.

4. Additionally, Flipkart levies a flat rate based on a range of order values.


For instance, if a product costs Rs 2000, there will be around 10% in commissions deducted, along with Rs 35 for shipping, Rs 30–50 for collection fees, Rs 40 for fixed payments, and GST. So, considering Flipkart's potentially high costs, ask yourself if you want to sell your product there.

However, despite some drawbacks, reaching out to millions of potential customers is worthwhile. Additionally, Flipkart offers a seller protection program if goods are mishandled by the courier or are lost or damaged during transit due to false claims made by customers. 

How To Boost Flipkart's Wholesale Revenue

How To Boost Flipkart's Wholesale Revenue

Sell goods on Flipkart with confidence, knowing that even if customers return goods in poor condition, Flipkart will reimburse the seller. In addition, you can stock more items in your inventory thanks to the funding to Flipkart funding partners' funding at fair rates. Flipkart also provides training on how to sell on the site, which is available online.

1. Advertisements for goods

Increase traffic to your specific products to maximize sales, as that is what you need to do. Therefore, you must increase the number of clicks on your product to increase the likelihood of receiving maximum sales. Product listing ads are the simplest way to get the most popular clicks for your products on the Flipkart website,

So, where is the procedure for how it will operate? You must pick a product and develop an advertising campaign for it. Then, on the primary pages relevant to your search, the items you've chosen will be displayed on Flipkart as "featured products." When customers see your advertisement while browsing and scrolling the website, they will be likelier to notice and click on it to learn more. 

The seller can connect with as many customers as possible thanks to the product listing, increasing the products' visibility. It attracts attention and aids in placing the product in the buyer's spotlight. Your sales will rise as a result.

2. Participating in Spike Sales

Exciting deals and discounts are offered during spike sales across almost all product categories. As a result, you can take advantage of numerous opportunities to expand your business by organizing exciting shopping events.

Because it will spark a lot of interest, this is the best tactic for luring most clients. Spike sales enable us to efficiently and quickly reach many customers. In addition, it will assist you in increasing customer satisfaction, which will increase sales.

3. Packaging is appealing

When your product is delivered to the customer, how it looks and feels will significantly impact how the customer thinks about it. In addition, it will determine how customers are treated.

Quality packaging to pack the goods will reduce the likelihood of any damage occurring while they are transported. Additionally, it will demonstrate your level of customer service, which will increase the buyer's confidence in you and your specific brand and, ultimately, enable you to increase sales. 

4. A quality catalogue

Your catalogue will serve as the online store's representation of your product and be crucial in influencing potential buyers. To attract more attention and increase sales, creating a well-designed catalogue that accurately describes your product is essential to attract more attention and increase sales. 

As most people prefer to shop online to save time, you should write your product description to impress the buyer without making him spend a lot of time trying to understand the product. The placement of your product in the appropriate category or sub-category is a crucial component of improved cataloguing that can boost sales. 

The buyer will benefit from this because it will simplify his product search. When creating the catalogue, the seller must take the following precautions:

1. Product Name

2. Merchandise Description

3. pictures of goods

5. Quick Delivery

Meeting the buyer's expectations, whether related to the product's quality or the turnaround time, should be your priority if you want to increase sales. Flipkart's logistics partners will be able to deliver the products as quickly as possible if the products are kept ready for delivery and marked as RTD (ready to dispatch) on time. 

The timely completion of return requests and other requests relating to product exchanges is essential for obtaining positive customer ratings and reviews. One-day or two-day delivery E-Commerce marketplaces will always have a vast network of fulfillment centers. The seller should begin processing an order as soon as he receives it.

However, managing the delivery and shipping process can take time, especially when dealing with international orders where you may need to put more effort into your product's time, money, or safety. Therefore, the seller must concentrate on effective logistics and improved shipping administration.

6. Stunning Photographs

Images are the most direct method of contacting customers when working on digital platforms. Your product should be depicted in appealing photos that show every last aspect of it. To encourage interest from potential buyers, details must be visible. 

7. Focus Creation Using Social Media Marketing

You can establish a robust online presence on various social media platforms. Your products will make more money as a result of this. To spread awareness of your brand, you can use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and others. 

Utilizing social media marketing is crucial if you want to increase your e-commerce sales. This is because E-commerce websites make it simpler for the seller to reach an increasing number of people simultaneously. For example, consider the scenario where you want to succeed as a Flipkart seller.

Then, by using social media platforms effectively, you will be able to market your company and boost sales by connecting with many customers. Additionally, you have the option of selecting a trustworthy associate to design your very own personal website. You can get help with this within 30 minutes if you schedule a demo with the Fynd platform.

8. Having a good inventory plan

Every E-Commerce company must maintain a fully stocked inventory at a specific time. Flipkart must keep good inventory or stock to participate in events like spike sales. It will enable effective and efficient fulfillment of particular occasions' requirements. As a Flipkart seller, it should be your responsibility to ensure you have enough product variants on hand. And that’s how to sell on Flipkart wholesale.

9. Enhance your customer service

For customers to rate your brand more favourably, the seller must offer a first-rate customer experience. A favourable review and expertise will lead to an increase in the ratings. In addition, you can increase sales by providing exceptional customer service. 

If this occurs, potential customers will choose to purchase from you instead of selecting another seller. As a result, you can win over customers in various ways, inevitably boosting sales.


Here is a list of a few of them.

1. The vendor must come up with a sound plan for rewarding customers.

2. He needs to handle customer requests for product exchanges or returns effectively.

3. The syllabus offers them some suggested products when they return to the following time.

4. On special days or occasions, he should email or text prospective customers to remind them of the exclusive discounts and offers. 

5. To boost engagement, the seller must participate in various social media campaigns. 

You can accomplish your goal of maximizing sales using these techniques.

10. Correct Keyword Use

Countless people browse numerous websites and online shops searching for a specific item. Additionally, your rivals sell in a variety of markets. Therefore, given the conflicting demands and supply, you must realize how difficult it is to constantly be in front of your potential customers, given the contradictory orders and collections. 

Use the appropriate keywords to help potential customers understand your product to capture their interest. For example, English writers use keywords, so including them in the product title or description is crucial to capturing their interest. Make a list of the pertinent and essential terms and keywords a customer would search for as you prepare to add a new product to the website.

The most significant ones must be in the product title, and the remaining ones must be in the product description. By being adequately displayed in the search results section, where a customer finds something on the website, your product can thus contribute to higher growth.

What Are The Future Growth Prospects For Flipkart Wholesale?

What Are The Future Growth Prospects For Flipkart Wholesale

The factors responsible for the sector's growth over modern trade include the migration of brands and consumers to the e-Commerce platform, the shaky foundation of the physical market, the explosion of new brands, and product innovation in the online sector to attract new consumers. 

Because there are more and more people shopping online, the market share of e-commerce is predicted to grow by a factor of four over the next five years.

Factors driving the sector's growth over modern trade include the migration of brands and customers to the online channel, structural flaws in the "mall" ecosystem, the explosion of new online-only brands, and product innovation in e-commerce to attract new customers.

By FY25, the market share of online shopping may have increased from 3.45% of the approximately $840 billion retail markets in FY20 to 8.75% of the roughly $1.2 trillion in retail markets.

In addition, the demand for e-commerce outside the grocery regime may increase from 10.5% post-Covid to 25% by FY25. The small shop, which made a significant contribution to the development of e-commerce marketplaces, is anticipated to grow by 6% between FY20 and FY25. 


For small business owners who want to ensure sustainable growth for their enterprise, this article will let you know how to sell on Flipkart Wholesale. This article may present ground-breaking opportunities.

Customers are no longer required to deal with the hassle of product tracking or money transactions. Flipkart is continuously enhancing its current infrastructure to accommodate increasing customers while fortifying the troublesome areas to prevent complications.

About Fynd

Fynd can help your business grow by making the products available to the ten crore customers who have registered with them. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily create your website and use the platform to manage and rapidly grow your business.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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How can your product be sold on Flipkart?

Register yourself at Flipkart. Place your products in a list of categories. After receiving an order, package the item and mark it as "Ready to Dispatch." The product will be picked up and delivered to the customer by a Flipkart logistics partner.

How much money can you make selling on Flipkart?

In India, the average monthly payment for a Flipkart seller is about 20,751, which is 24% more than the average income for all workers.

Do you allow GST-free online sales?

arrow down

Only if you sell exempt goods online can you sell without paying GST. If you sell items for which GST is applicable, you must obtain a GST number to conduct online business. Even if your annual revenue is less than Rs. 20 lakh, you must obtain a GSTIN.

Does Flipkart levy a delivery fee?

If the order value exceeds Rs 500, a Rs 40 delivery fee per item may be applied to products listed as Flipkart Plus. At the same time, deliveries are free for orders of Rs 500 or more.

How do I ship my goods on Flipkart?

Log into the seller account you created. Select "Self Ship Orders" from the drop-down menu after selecting the "Orders" tab. To view all recently received orders, click "New." When an order is prepared for packing, fix it and select "Ready To Pack."

How do I succeed as a seller on Flipkart?

1. Product Listing Ads: To increase sales, you must direct more people to your products.

2. Participate in sales peaks

3. Excellent packaging

4. Enhanced cataloguing

5. Follow the guidelines

6. Boost the stock in your warehouse

7. Deliver on schedule

8. Images

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