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How To Sell On Flipkart Without TIN (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

How To Sell On Flipkart Without TIN (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

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E-commerce is thriving right now. Consumers across the nation now have a completely different shopping experience thanks to websites like Flipkart. In addition, online shopping volumes have increased due to novel business models like same-day delivery with cards or cash on delivery. Doing business on Flipkart is easy.

First, ensure you have the required documents and check the policies to ensure everything is in place. Flipkart, one of India's top e-commerce platforms, raked in goods sales totaling 2.4 billion USD last year. Flipkart had more than 2.6 crore registered users during 2013–2014.

Flipkart has an average of more than 80 lakh page views daily and ships more than 5 million packages each month. Therefore, selling on Flipkart as a seller is a fantastic business opportunity. This blog will inform you all about how to sell on Flipkart without TIN. 

Is it possible to sell on Flipkart without a TIN?

Yes! It’s possible to sell it without a TIN, VAT, or tax registration. Merchants can sell many items on Flipkart. But, of course, any business would want to increase sales and grow more, and Flipkart provides the merchant with this opportunity. One advantage of the many advantages that Flipkart provides for non-registered TIN merchants is that they can start their journey of entrepreneurship by creating a seller account on Flipkart and listing the products with the terms and conditions provided by Flipkart. 

Keeping in mind some of the tips related to packaging and shipping, one can grow their small business into a brand within no time. If you want to build your website and make it grand, just like Flipkart, you can within 30 minutes. Book a Demo with Fynd Platform and start your online business. 

Initiate Using a Seller Account

A person or company must register as a Flipkart Seller to sell products on the Flipkart platform. Becoming a Flipkart Seller is simple, only takes a few minutes, and can be done from the Flipkart Seller homepage. By providing details regarding the goods they wish to sell via Flipkart, a person can register as a Flipkart seller.

Certain information must be provided and verified during the Flipkart Seller registration process. Anybody who needs to sell through Flipkart under their legal name and status would automatically be considered a sole proprietor. 

On the other hand, a sole proprietary technique business does not offer debt protection to its promoter, lacks partners or investors, is not easily transferable, is descendible enough, and has limited access to bank loans.

A person or company can register to become a Flipkart seller by providing details about the business and the goods they intend to sell on the platform.

1. Name

2. Email address

3. Phone number

4. Pickup address/business address

5. Categories of products the business is interested in selling through Flipkart.

If you are a trustee or a foundation, you can also become a seller on Flipkart. You just need to submit documents similar to the above, which you must provide in the name of the trust or foundation to incorporate as the legal identity of the trust or foundation, with the address of the trust or foundation.

Why is it essential to list products without TINs?

Listing is the most crucial step in terms of the elements of online product sales. You must create your portfolio by outlining the various goods you wish to sell. Then, you must present what you have to offer by uploading the specifics of each product, including its details, description, cost, and available variations. While the customer purchases your product without paying the Tax Identification Number (TIN), they expect it to be packaged descriptively.

They would also want the product’s quality to be the best, whether branded or not. Customers prefer to have all the information about a product when they want to shop online. They then decide whether to buy it based on the information provided.

Additionally, it assists customers in making comparisons and selecting the best option to meet their needs. To gain a competitive advantage, you must include as many details as possible when listing your products. To know more about the Flipkart catalog, click here.

Additional Benefits of Listing your Goods include:

1. Customers are guaranteed to have all the information while shopping if the descriptions are detailed. Because of this, it might increase your sales.

2. Your products' visibility increases as more information are made available about them.

3. Receiving favorable ratings and reviews from customers may be facilitated by transparency. Additionally, it aids in building customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising for the product.

Is the Listing of Products Free?

Flipkart does not charge for product listings. The online catalog listing is provided without charge. Flipkart offers sellers three options for listing their goods and developing their portfolios to simplify the listing process. 

1. Select "Listing," "My Listings," and "Add New Listings" from the menu.

2. Pick one of the following three approaches: 

3. Publish one listing. 

4. Bulk-update listings. 

5. Join a listing that is already in place.

6. You must add the information or requirements for the listing you want to upload.

The seller must complete the listing process before they can begin selling on Flipkart. However, they can start their journey toward success by doing this.

Which Goods can be Sold on Flipkart without a TIN?

Tax Identification Number, or TIN, is an 11-digit number assigned to dealers in India. TIN Numbers and VAT number CST Numbers are all the same, and the old sales tax numbers / CST numbers issued by State Sales Tax Authorities have all been replaced by the TIN. TIN enables merchants to sell a minimal category of goods.

The merchant can not sell household items, kitchen equipment, personal clothing, sanitary products, medicines, etc. The only category they can rely on is books and media. The seller can only sell text-free and regional books as these do not apply to any TIN.

The seller can shake hands with any wholesaler and agree to sell specific units of novels and regional books according to their preference. If your company is interested in trading handloom products, then you can trust Flipkart with your heart.

Flipkart allows entrepreneurs and tremendous organizations to sell handmade products on their platform without the TIN. While the nation thrives on more natural and handcrafted goods, this platform can bless the seller with this opportunity.

The seller must make sure that their shipping and packaging are flawless, and they should be able to increase their sales three times as much as they would in an offline market! Some Flipkart seller accounts can later apply for selling Flipkart packaging materials. But Flipkart provides this opportunity to only a few sellers.

What Description Ought to Accompany your Product?

The first step is to set up your store online, which only takes a few minutes, but until you finish briefing your products in a polite manner that captures the reader, that step will not increase the value of your sale. There is a transition between the real and virtual worlds where we cannot sense objects and must make educated guesses about their texture and dimensions based on pictures and descriptions.

Therefore, you should work hard to provide clarification because it helps your client see things more clearly, along with a compelling narrative that illustrates your products, including lots of minor details. For instance, while listing a hot-selling novel, include what attracts the readers the most. Or add the user experience of that particular product. 

If you add descriptions for the handmade product, ensure that you are specific about the materials used, the after-care method, and the associated quality measures. Your product sales are emphasized by how well you describe your product and how honest you are about its quality. Don't forget to include a few questions that might come to mind later.

Add enticing lines and improve encyclopedias for SEO for more critical content. Your article should be a collection of stacked sentences before it is finished, savoring every transition through your subheadings!

How to Sell on Flipkart without TIN: Price?

Even though your product is TIN-free, Flipkart has the lowest operating costs in the sector. You are utilizing the most affordable rate card, transparent delivery costs based on the weight and dimensions of the seller's goods, and a small fixed fee. It is, therefore, less expensive to sell the goods on Flipkart.

Here is the Fee Schedule for the Flipkart Marketplace:

1. Within 7 to 10 (subcategory) business days of dispatch, the money will be credited to your bank account as the settlement amount.

2. Order Item Value: The buyer is accountable for the purchase price, shipping charges, and discounts the seller may have offered.

3. Fee charged by the marketplace: includes a fixed price, shipping fee, and selling commission.

Furthermore, it possesses

  • Commission fees are calculated as a percentage of order item value (subcategory and category specific).
  • The cost of shipping is determined based on the product's weight and the shipping address.
  • Collection costs include cash collection fees or payment gateway fees for each sale.
  • Fixed expenses: The minimal fee that Flipkart applies to each transaction.

Shipment Organisation at Flipkart

Supporting meter weight and actual weight (whichever is higher) estimate the shipping cost. Flipkart employs a hierarchical system. Bronze, silver, and gold are measured by the sum squared. You are automatically placed in the bronze tier once you register as a vendor. Following that, you will be promoted to the level above, following your performance metrics. 

Additionally, for gold and silver tier merchants, the forward shipping fee is discounted by 20% and 10%, respectively. It would be a more delicate and essential component of the shipment regarding the packaging. While any product would require rigid packaging, non-registered TIN merchants may have to pay more attention to packaging.

There are minimal chances of returning the sold product since, in the case of books, the customer may never know if the paper quality is compromised with time or if it is just how it is. While the return and resell situation occurs, the merchant may face some loss. Since the product they sell is not applicable for TIN, they’ll eventually not be appropriate for significant Flipkart benefits. To ensure rigid shipping, they must provide good quality packaging, like bubble wrap or elastic wrap. 

Flipkart's Fulfilment Requirements

With the help of Flipkart Smart Fulfillment, you can systematically organize your warehouse with their assistance. Additionally, they support the upkeep of your logistics, effectively store your goods, and efficiently deliver them to your customer via a Flipkart logistics partner.

Accepting intelligent construction standards is all that is necessary to reap the benefits. This lowers your overall cost of doing business while increasing sales and return on investment. It also enables you to draw large amounts of traffic to your website. Your listing will benefit, and you'll be able to obtain an F-assured budget, which is a sign of reliability and quality.

It will also result in increased sales and tiers for you. Additionally, you will receive fewer returns if your inventory is superbly organized. The most crucial factor is how quickly your products are shipped to customers.

If the merchants are worried about their rigid packaging, they can trust Flipkart's Smart Fulfillment strategy. You can ensure that your products are in safe hands. Sellers of certain product classes, such as furniture, large appliances, and paintings with heavy frames, may be able to fulfill orders through Selfship Shipment Product classes. 

The direct provision of support to sellers is not something Flipkart does. Charges of this nature include packaging, shipping, delivery, and returns. Sellers may designate a third party to handle a comparable transaction. Wrapping books and handicrafts might be challenging. You must ensure it is covered with thick bubble wrap, so it doesn’t bend or damage during the shipment.

If it does, then the rest of the responsibility is yours. The only fundamental obligation of the vendor is to ensure that its supply partner abides by the Self-Ship Fulfillment policy's Code of Conduct. The responsibility for ensuring that the product is delivered to the customer within the specified time frames rests with the seller.

When the item is returned exceptionally, such orders might have a service or facility attached. Fulfillment requirements have the advantages of a reasonable budget, smooth order processing, and strict quality control. It provides high-quality packaging supplies and guarantees a safe and user-friendly payment system.

A product needs to score highly above the benchmark. There are a few prerequisites that You must meet:

1. When you sign up for express working, you must process and mark your order as RTD during Flipkart's allotted time slot.

2. Selling on Sundays: Sundays are also a day of work for sellers.

3. Daily sales: You would be required to make daily sales of ten units or more.

Why should you Choose Flipkart Packaging?

Any customer will be amazed by an extravagant representation of a product encircled by a barrier of excellent quality cardboard and decorated with a beguiling theme. Especially when you’re a non-TIN merchant, your sales highly depend on how well your packaging and shipment are! Therefore, having exceptional packaging also helps to increase your sales. 

Although Flipkart does not offer packaging supplies, this does not imply that they will treat you in such a way. Instead, this multinational corporation connects you with a network of the best raw material suppliers. Additionally, their premium case of parcels with careful handling will quickly win over customers. 

Your logistic partners will take care of the rest; you must pack your goods and prepare them for delivery. It's a peaceful environment free from the strife that forces you to focus on your work and improve it in preparation for breaks in the future.

Listing, Shipment, and What next?

Since the product listing following the packaging and shipment of the product is completed, it's now the right time for Flipkart’s merchants to be paid. Payments from Flipkart are sent to the registered bank account of the seller via NEFT transactions (online banking).

Within 7 to 15 business days of the order's dispatch, the money is wired directly to the seller's bank account. 

1.For gold sellers, it’s seven days,

2. For silver sellers, it’s ten days, and

3. For bronze sellers, it’s 15 business days.

To view the specifics of each payment amount, prepaid and postpaid accounts can access the seller's dashboard. Using a credit or debit card, an e-wallet, net banking, etc., customers must pay for the delivery of their orders. The method of payment for this is prepaid accounts. Postpaid accounts are those with cash-on-delivery options. 

Flipkart also makes sizeable settlements, such as payments for advertising services, seller protection funds, and Flipkart Fulfillment.  Each time it makes a payment from one of these two accounts, Flipkart uses a different account. The amount is only credited to the seller's account when there is a positive balance between these two accounts.

The ratio may also be detrimental due to returns and other elements. It is crucial to remember that various products have various marketplace fees. As a result, the total selling commission the seller receives may vary depending on the product. 

Return and Seller's Policy

The rules and guidelines for sellers on Flipkart give them protection against fraud as well as a competitive environment for survival and growth. They disclose numerous administrations, ranging from handling your package to creating FAQs. You might worry about the compensation or refund amounts, but they have considered your concerns and have provided some guidelines along with a 7-day replacement. Many of them include:

1. Fraud, Missing or Damaged Goods

A Seller Protection Fund (SPF) has been established by Flipkart, where you can speak out against customers' false accusations and request settlement money for damaged goods. As your products are not sold with a TIN, you must ensure that you send the products following the proper safety and shipment measures to avoid losses.

2. Swapping out the Product

You can quickly obtain funds based on your proof if your client requests an exchange of products for different items. The evidence that you sent them You must keep the correct product on file. This case is infrequent in non-TIN products.

3. They are Misplaced or Damaged During Transit

Since you have no control over how the items are transported, any damage to them will result in compensation from a delivery partner. The amount of money depends on the circumstances and the suffering of the cargo. You must transport your non-TIN products rigidly packed if you are shipping them. 

4. Unsatisfactory item Returned

You can claim your losses from the customer if they return the damaged valuables, but you must be able to back up your claim with lots of proof. 

How Can You Boost Sales of your Non-TIN Product?

The effort you put into weaving your hand looms and gracefully packing them with safe bubble wrap will ultimately give you the desired result. The threshold that This will undoubtedly grant your sales merit. Let your bank account flow with a sizable sum of money rather than keeping your masterpiece a secret from yourself.

Instead, focus on weaving more and meeting your customers' demands immediately!  Some effective leads will save your day and your business, whether you are a novice barterer or a struggling merchant haggling with your declining sales. You can follow these simple guides:

1. Consider the interests of your clients. 

You'll gain valuable insight into what to sell by familiarising yourself with customer demands and examining current challenges. Knowing and meeting your customers' needs is essential for success in any industry. Give them what they want, catered to. This will prompt you to experiment with your line of work to develop novels and distinctive handloom designs that might overwhelm the market with their success. 

2. Embrace the Allure of Social Media

We know how beneficial these platforms are for your business in today's technologically advanced world. A person's day starts with reading their online feed and ends with a quick click on one of their most interesting posts. A fantastic way to draw in an audience from various demographics is by opening an account and showcasing your abilities. 

Keeping up with the latest fashions and creatively posting your adorable hand looms will draw in opposing viewers who will grow fond of them and eventually purchase them. Take advantage of the best-selling texts and promote them on Flipkart to make millions! Along with a rise in sales, you will become a chart-topping celebrity.

3. Delivering on time will build your reputation.

Everyone wants their order to arrive as soon as possible because they all enjoy the thrill of seeing their desired item. Because of this, they satisfy their desire quickly and will benefit your business in their neural cortex. Therefore, even a tiny delay will result in a significant decline in your trade. Consider it a warning to steer clear of it.

4. A unique listing makes the first impression.

Innovative stock and unique fashion sense are similar to a simple magazine cover that must be eye-catching and persuade the reader to focus on your vocabulary. Attractive themes that have been updated with the most recent fundamentals of the product will barge your website. High-resolution images with thorough FAQs will save readers time, and a post-narrative scene with admirable perception will draw visitors to the portal, which you will enjoy seeing. 

Numerous online marketplaces, including Flipkart, Fynd, and others, offer pre-designed setups, tools, and established networks with catalog makers, all of which will lessen your anxiety about standing out in a crowd.

5. Gifts and promotional offers ought to go together.

People enjoy deals and discounts because they pay close attention to them, and extraordinary products and freebies are the cherries on top because they make them feel as though they can spend their money on the efforts put on by traditional weavers.

Massive industries exist in handicraft and handloom. They put in countless work hours to develop and eventually produce original styles while keeping up with the newest trends.

People will always be drawn to offers, whether for a sale or a risk-free trial. Reputable retailers like Flipkart offer a variety of flashy promotions and short-term sales for qualifying goods. Therefore, you won't ever have to be concerned about going over your bank limits if you have a great sense of style and a passion for reading. 

Why is Flipkart a Wise Decision for You?

The main objective of business owners is to expand their company because this increases their profits continually. However, even if a seller's company is located in a popular market area, its recognition may not be as widespread as it could be. So how do they resolve this?

Through the creation of an online business. They can reach more people and gain more visibility among customers in other Indian cities when they sell their products online.

Additionally, customers who like the product from other towns won't have to wait to come in person to your store to make a purchase. They can easily purchase your products online and benefit from home delivery. Therefore, selling online helps both the customer and you in terms of increased profits.

These are some of the justifications for starting an online business: 

1. To have access to customers all over India:

Flipkart offers the seller a platform and the chance to expand their audience and improve their category results. When you sell on Flipkart, you have immediate access to more than 1 million registered users. With this one choice, you can ultimately ensure an Indian presence for your company, which helps transform it.  

2. To benefit from the most affordable business costs:

Without renting a store or spending money on interiors, the seller can set up their online business at a lower cost. To enable sellers to keep a more significant portion of profits and reinvest them in growing their online presence, Flipkart has decreased its commission and fixed fee across several product categories.

3. Effortlessly ship and deliver:

Flipkart gives the seller an advantage by having a successful pick-up and delivery system. You can take pleasure in the delivery process and even insure yourself against losses with the Seller Protection Program, thanks to the hassle-free pick-up and delivery of goods through more than 200 pick-up hubs and 10,000 delivery personnel.

4. The vendor employs clever marketing:

The sellers can receive specialized marketing guidance and promote their goods at affordable costs. When you list your products for sale on Flipkart, you are connected with partners who can help you catalog and photograph your products, so they look appealing to customers, offer advice on promotions and advertising, and even assist you in making intelligent business decisions.

5. Data required by the seller is obtained:

The seller must use the information on current trends, consumer demands, and quickly moving products provided by Flipkart. Flipkart gathers data on various topics and can help determine which products are in high demand. What are the latest market trends, or which goods are more successful?

You can use this information to adjust your stock and boost your revenue. By selling the goods online, you can advance your business by keeping these factors in mind. The simple seller platform enables quick registration, and you can use it to run and expand your business

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Without a trademark, can I sell a product on Flipkart?

No, registering a trademark is not required to sell on Flipkart, but doing so is advised to prevent brand hijacking.

How do I sign up for a Flipkart account without a GST number?

Using your provisional ID (the state government's commercial tax department issues a temporary ID), create your username and password, and log in to the portal using your new information. You must complete the enrolment form. You should check the information that was automatically filled in.

How do I sign up for my company for Flipkart?

arrow down

The following are a few of the required information fields you must complete when signing up to sell on Flipkart:

1. The seller's name.

2. Call the seller at this number.

3. the vendor's email address

4. Location of business or pick-up.

5. A group of goods.

Do you allow for multiple seller accounts? 

No, as a Flipkart seller, you cannot have more than one account.

Do you allow GST-free online sales?

The GST Council has decided to simplify the procedure for intra-state purchases made through online shopping sites. These suppliers will no longer be required to register for GST if their annual sales for goods and services are less than Rs. 40 lakh or Rs. 20 lakh, respectively.

How do I sell items on Flipkart from my house?

Just three things are required to sign up as a Flipkart seller. For you to begin selling on Flipkart, all you need is at least one unique product. To sell your products online, you must provide the information from your GSTIN. They will select your products for the market with the help of your pickup address and pin code.

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