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44+ Business Ideas In Chennai for 2023 (100% Actionable Profit Making Business)

44+ Business Ideas In Chennai for 2023 (100% Actionable Profit Making Business)

Chennai, also known as Madras, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, is famous for its diversity. Having population of 11.2 million, which make Chennai one of the best place for businessmens. Here we have listed some of the best Business Ideas In Chennai from which you can make 100% actionable profit after reading this aticle,

The Chennai has become a hub of several trades. Also known as the Detroit of India because more than one-third of India's automobile industry is based in Chennai.  Being an important sector in many fields of art, architecture, technology, and development, Chennai has proven to be one of the apt areas for establishments. It is also one of the safest cities in our country. Like their city, the people are updated and forward compared to other cities. 

The vicinity hosts everything from IT business to production centers. Many features make Chennai the best location for companies and startups, just like Bangalore. Due to these reasons, there is no shortage of big or small businesses. 

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Chennai has an economic base anchored by the automobile, software services, medical tourism, hardware manufacturing, and financial services.

Why choose Chennai for investment and business?

  • The city is full of old and young minds who are willing and creative enough to make money.
  • The population is an excellent factor.
  • Chennai being a metropolitan city, has its perks compared to other districts.
  • Relevance in the field of technology and innovation
  • Widely regarded as a quality production center
  • Many International companies and MNCs are headquartered there.
  • The needs and requirements of the population are diverse so that the small businesses are thriving too. 

Cottage-based or home-based industries can be beneficial in this sense. Many small startups have grown into well-known companies in Chennai. Fynd Platform is an e-commerce platform trusted by thousands of businesses, where you can create your website or sell products on popular online marketplaces such as Amazon.

Many other companies have made forming your small industries and businesses more accessible. Some of the relevant sectors in small business include:

  • Food industries
  • Toys 
  • Interiors
  • Home services
  • Grocery services
  • Old age care 
  • Customized cake businesses
  • Customized wedding planners
  • Event planners and many more.

 Business Ideas In Chennai

The new MSME policy aims to make Tamil Nadu the most vibrant ecosystem for MSMEs and startups. The policy aims to increase exports through micro and small-scale industries. Compared to Mumbai, Chennai’s consumer prices and rent are 54 percent cheaper. This makes the city suitable for big enterprises and small businesses. 

According to reports published by FICCI, Chennai is the major manufacturing hub of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu, with the GSDP of US $215.81 billion in 2017-18, is the second-largest economy of India after Maharashtra.

As of 2012, the city has about 34,260 identified companies in its 15 zones. 

The primary industries active in Chennai:

  • Software services
  • Traditional arts
  • Information technology
  • Textile production
  • Banking and finance
  • Ports
  • Medical tourism
  • Entertainment
  • Petrochemicals
  • Aerospace industry
  • Engineering procurement and construction
  • Electronics hardware, etc

What are small-scale businesses?

Small scale businesses have comparatively smaller sizes, which generate a lower level of profitability. It has its perks compared to the heavily invested companies.  There is no perfect formula for starting your own business, and there is risk associated with it. One has to take risks to make something better. So, if you are planning to start a small venture in Chennai, the best small business ideas are listed below:

1. Social Media Influencer

Social Media Icons Display in Screen

In this age of technology, social media has become an essential part of everyone's daily life. Youngsters and teens, mainly young audiences, are constantly engaged in Social media. They are influenced by what they see on their feed. Thus, social media influencers are booming every year. 

They mainly target young audiences and focus on specific categories, viz. Cooking, lifestyle, fitness, technology, fashion, interior, self-help, mental health, and personality development.

One of their standard features is their city of Operation. Influencers from major cities have more exposure and reach than influencers from other areas.  Being in Chennai, you can meet many modelling and PR agencies which can help you earn some bucks. 

2. Candle Making

Three Glasses Filled With Candles Kept on Table

Candle-making has become a profitable business in Indian households. It is a cost-effective way to generate income. The investment is also less, and the production raw materials are just four items- wax, wick, essential oil, and mold. 

Candles with essential oils like lavender, mogra, tea tree, and chamomile are gaining popularity due to their herbal and medical properties.  Try your hand in this business, especially in major cities like Chennai, where you can make more income.

3. Babysitting

A Baby Sitter Lady is Taking Care of Children At Home

Due to the fast-paced life in metro cities like Chennai, the babysitting centers are soaring. It can be a small business to start with. It requires time and pays well. Babysitting is a common money-making idea and probably always will be because kids will always be around us and need to be taken care of. Thus it becomes a good choice for small businesses.

4. Chocolate Making

Bowl Filled With Different Type Chocolates

India is one of the largest chocolate consumers in the world. one can easily make up to 25,000 by doing customized chocolate for various ceremonies like parties, weddings, birthdays, invitations, etc. Customization and options are preferred by consumers nowadays.

Also, chocolate statues and fountain businesses are thriving now. Proper planning is essential to starting such enterprises. Involving food items as raw materials to make chocolate is quite costly. This business idea can be considered as well in Chennai. 

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5. Grocery Services

A Girl With Trolley Bag is Buying Pineapple From Grocery Store

Grocery services have become quite trending after the lockdown period. Big companies like Bigbasket and reliance fresh expanded their business by doing grocery delivery at home.

This can be the best small business idea in such hectic cities as people run out of time due to their heavy schedules. Vegetables, fruits, pantry items, and even pre-cut vegetables are in high demand.

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Such services are accessible and cost-effective. Business partnerships with high-end supermarkets or even small local shops can help you if you are into this small business. A critical factor of timely delivery and customer satisfaction must be ensured in this business. 

6. Digital Marketing

A Person is Selecting Images From Tablet

Digital marketing refers to any marketing that uses digital channels to reach prospective customers. This can effectively target the ideal customer group and habits of customers.

Small businesses can consider using digital marketing in e-commerce websites and online services. One should have solid research on this field before starting this venture. You can sell anything from old stuff to eatables using digital marketing techniques. Skills are required in this field. 

Accoding to the news published by The Economic Times, India's Digital transformation is expected to create an economic value of $1 trillion by the year 2025. Chennai and Mumbai are expected to be the largest beneficiaries of growth in India's Data Center market.

7. Old Age Care

Someone holding hand of old man.

Nowadays, old aged or senior citizens require care as per their necessity. Some of them may be even having bed rest or too unwell. Some of the care agencies make up to 1000 rs per hour.

This can vary up to the individuals. This can also be done part-time, so it is effective for a small business in Chennai. The physical and mental health of old aged citizens has to be considered, and they have to be approached with full attention. This small business can be expanded later as this has become an inevitable job.

8. Confectionery Shop

Different Type of Cakes and Sweets Display in Showcase At Confectionery Shop

As there is a massive demand for customization and chocolate/bakery/ dessert items all over the year, this business is never going out of the trend. One should have the required skills to start the venture and should have a mentor to analyze the market demand in confectionery making.

Consider adding wholesale services to local restaurants and delis and delivery and catering services to regional offices to enhance the profit margin .location and business plans are essential to consider while pursuing this business.

9. Home Delivery

A Delivery Guy Handover a Parcel to A Person Who is Wearing a Mask and Standing At Door

Home delivery started its peak performance during covid times when contactless delivery was more important than anything. It can include anything from food delivery to logistics work.

Many companies are hiring individuals and curious minds to join. One can even enter part-time, which can be started at a door-to-door level. Further expansion of business is profitable after finding the right Audience. The process can seem daunting at first but can benefit after doing much market research. 

10. Interior Decoration

Interior Designing Room View With Different Type of Interior Product

Metro cities are best for small businesses. Interior planning, painting, furniture, and decor items have gained popularity in the past five years. Theme-based interior decoration has gained more momentum than before.

One should have an aesthetic sense to meet and match the consumer's aspirations. Furniture and lampshade designers are also associated with this. Customized deco items can be made and sold to the consumer directly. This can also be considered cost-effective and profitable. It would be nice if interior designers and graduates relating to the field took a chance on it.


11. Intimate Wedding Planners

A Couple Are Sitting in Mandap Wearing Traditional Outfit and Pandit Ji Doing Marriage Vidhi

A micro wedding is a stripped-down version of a traditional wedding with 30 or fewer guests. Micro weddings typically last two to three hours, which is long enough to have your ceremony followed by drinks and small starters.

Nowadays, people are moving away from grand weddings and opt for more straightforward wedding procedures, inviting only close ones. Theme and decoration have to be considered while starting this business. This can be a great small business idea in progressive areas like Chennai. 

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12. Wedding Photography

A Couple is Doing Wedding At beach Side With Decoration At Beach

Those with relevant photography and video editing skills can start wedding photography as an effective small business. Nowadays, intimate weddings and capturing minute details in weddings have emerged as trending.

The wedding photography business is not only profitable, but it is an opportunity to brush up on your skills and highlight your creativity. Thus, you need to develop your unique style and skill set to handle the field. Photographers can earn up to a good mark according to their experience level. 

13. Catering

A Food Display in Chaffing Dishes At Restaurant

A wide range of social and business events provides an opportunity for caterers to cook up tasty dishes. There is a great demand for various cuisine ranging from traditional to international cuisine, especially desserts and confectionery. Equipment inventory and skill sets are necessary. This can range from arranging small catering services for weddings to small birthday parties.

Traditional cuisines are always in vogue, considering the easy availability of weddings all over the year. You can either start on-site or onsite catering as a profitable small business. 

14. Terracotta Products

A Terracotta Products of Statues Display At Store

Traditional handicrafts and businesses are consistently profitable. They require partnership with artisans and craftsmen. If you have an effective collaboration with artisans, this business of terracotta products can be beneficial.

Everything from Jewellery to home deco products is trending. Moreover, this kind of business is eco-friendly and sustainable. This comes with additional perks like creativity, fun, and respect for the environment around us. 

15. Vlogging

Three Person Make a Vlog by Using Mobile Tripod Stand

As social media is thriving this decade, Vlogging creates a personal connection with customers. For small businesses, start-ups, and those generating income from a passion (art, writing, design, existing blogs/websites), vlogging provides a human face to your company.

One should have adequate knowledge of video editing and the aesthetic skills required for vlog creation. This industry has been recognized worldwide and can be profitable in Chennai. 

16. Medical Care

A Woman Checking Sanitizer Bottle At Pharma Store

Medical care at our doorsteps is essential as everyone is busy hustling in their life. One might not be able to access Medical care at the hospital. So, starting medical care facilities like yoga, instructors, and at-home consultant physicians are in vogue.

The Healthcare industry remains one of the most significant opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. Innovative start-ups are utilizing new technologies to offer solutions. Old age and infants do require Medical care at the doorstep facility. This small business can even be expanded to rural areas as well. 

17. Cake Baking

Bread With Flour on Table

Just like the confectionery business, cakes are necessary during every event. Floral cakes, cartoon cakes, and customized options are trending nowadays. This business is a better way to earn money and can be started quickly both in the village and the city.

Interestingly, women too can start this business at home. Urban areas have different requirements compared to regular cakes made in bakeries. So a specific cake shop can be opened to gain small profitable offers. 

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18. Event Planners

Decorative Tables and Chairs at Event Centre

Event planning is managing a project such as a meeting, convention, tradeshow, ceremony, team building activity, party, or convention. Events are endless in urban areas ranging from parties to birthdays. One can quickly get offers if customers endorse the skill set of the planners

Planning events for other people can be a lucrative career path, even if you have no experience. If interested, one can try their hand in this field as a small business. 

19. Personal Stylist

A Girl Wearing Red Jacket, Sunglasses and Hand Gloves Holding Shopping Bags in Hands

Nowadays, people are conscious of their looks and styling. Various occasions require various requirements, and one must be styled accordingly. Like many professionals in this field, one can try this as their small business.

Personal styling has been in vogue ever since, and the demand for unique styling has increased ever before. You can try on clothes in the comfort of your own home, and by entrusting your wardrobe to an experienced personal stylist, you'll get fresh looks that match (and improve) your unique style.

20. Pet Grooming

A woman cutting nails of a pet dog.

This has become a vast industry. People have started to consider giving much more care to their pets by giving them comfort spa and wash. Grooming like cutting fur, bathing, hotel, and even coloring their hair has become a trend. This industry has a significant influence from western media and is indeed profitable in our country. 

21. Banking Services 

A Person Holding Card in Hand

The five most essential banking services are checking and savings accounts, loan and mortgage services, wealth management, Credit and Debit Cards, and Overdraft services. Some help can be provided in this field if you graduate from this sector. It can be a necessary or profitable small business with financial background. 

22. Laundry Care

Two Women Are Arranging Clothes At Laundry Store To Wash Them in Washing Machines

The laundry business is one of the most straightforward things you can do. It is easy to start a laundry business. It's all about being in a strategic location, having all machines working, and excellent and friendly staff satisfying the requirements of consumers.

As people are busy, ironing and washing their clothes can be made into a small business venture. A process like dry cleaning and silk handling has become a necessary part of everyone's wardrobe. So this business will be easy and profitable for even beginners. 

23. Internet Cafe

People Are Sitting in Internet Cafe and Using Computers with Headphone

cyber cafes are also a fast-paying type of business. Internet facilities are necessary, and cafes are always profitable during the year. Consumers also require facilities and other inventories along with a cafe. This can be profitable even if started on a small scale. One needs no prior knowledge to create such an easy way of money-making. 

24. E-commerce Marketing

A Person is Selecting Images From Tablet

E-commerce defines as purchasing and selling services through the internet. It includes buying clothes and products and selling created material online through trustable websites.

If you plan to market products through this, then digital marketing is the absolute place for you. The last decade has witnessed an explosion of eCommerce websites, with many small businesses developing their online stores.

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Many stores and brands get promotions of their products through e-commerce marketing. This area should not be considered trivial and has great relevance in the future. 

25. Cleaning Service

A Man Is Cleaning Office Glasses By Using Viper

In urban areas, even cleaning facilities have a huge demand. Bug companies usually take cleaners on a contract basis. Try your hand in this field to make small profits daily.

26. App Development

A Application Code is Running in Laptop Screen With Displaying Calculator on Screen

Application development has become relevant nowadays as online Marketing and services have become relevant. Many big brands have started this trend, and now even local shops rely on this trading method. This can be the best option for small businesses. 

27. Accounting Services

A Man is Working in His Desktop and Writing in Notebook

An accountant can assist a business owner by managing the entire financial system of a small business. Every company has its accountants. Even personal accountants are required for data handling. So this field never goes out of profit's.

28. Printing/Graphic Design

A View of Women Digitally Drawing Design in Tablet on Her Desk Kept with Cup of Coffee, Flower Pot, Laptop, Books and Pen Stand

UI/UX fields are booming as graduates are high in this field doing freelance work for companies. Graphic design contracts usually pay more than any other freelance career. Printing and photoshop facilities are even employed by small businesses nowadays. 

29. Car Wash

A Person is Washing a White Car Infront of House

Car washing facilities are required nowadays to maintain their automobiles. Several showrooms and private facilities are available in this field. You can start an effective small business in this field. 

30. Yoga and Aerobics

Two Women Doing Yoga at Yoga Studio

Personal health is something that modern people go crazy about. As the health industry and brands promote a healthy lifestyle, yoga and aerobics instructors are earning well nowadays. Indian healthy lifestyle in yoga and rumba dance classes can be a great small side business.

31. Travel and Tour Agency

A Girl is Walking With Travelling Bag at Outside of Airport

Chennai is famous for travel and tourism. The city also hosts many tourist destinations. You have to find your niche, and choosing partners is essential in this field. As tourism never dies, small businesses in this field can be looked into it. 

32. Fast Food 

Burgers, Fries and Soft Drinks Are Ready to Serve in Box Display at Store

Healthy fast-food chains are popular. Health is being promoted nowadays. Various items like smoothie bowls and salads are customized according to consumers' aims. Food chains are making a profit from this. This is an excellent option for small businesses. 

33. Hair Salon

Barbers Are Cutting Hair of Their Customers in Salon

Hair salons and barbershops are always considered profitable. If done professionally, business chains can be established using this venture. Many small businesses have grown into large, and we'll know salon brands over the years. 

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34. Disposable Plates

Two Disposable Cups Kept on Paper Dishes

As the consumers have become more educated about sustainability and eco-friendly products, disposable plates are very effective as a small-scale business. One can quickly start such a business with proper guidance and industry connection. Moreover, the ecological consideration is remarkable.

35. Bookstall

People Are Buying A Books from a Bookstore

Book stalls are standard and can be profitable if you have enough access to magazines, journals, and books. They can be categorized and made into stalls or libraries in the form of small businesses. It is profitable as a reading habit is given importance nowadays.


36. Poultry Farm

Hens Are Roaming At Poultry Farm

Chennai also has many poultry farms, and it is deemed quite profitable, especially in rural areas. But more than broiler poultry farming, the poultry farming business in a safe way is more beneficial.

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Also, there is high demand for farm eggs and chicken especially.

37. Online Instructors

Two People Are Working in A Laptop at Home

Health instructors and personal trainers are gaining popularity. They help people to achieve their goals, especially fitness requirements. Their program is quite adequate, cheap as well as customizable. 

38. At Home Salon Service

A Woman Taking Facial Service At Home

Like at-home medical services, at-home salon facilities are being investigated by huge brands like loreal. Imitating this idea, small businesses can be implemented by providing manicures, pedicures, and facials at home. 

39. Tutor Services

A Group of Children Taking Coaching Classes from Teachers

Tutorial services can be provided online and offline for academic and entrance-oriented programs. Medical and engineering colleges require a good entrance result mark, and tutorial services can be effective if you try your hand in this teaching field. 

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40. Logistics

Ariel View of Container Ship Parked at Dockyard

Transportation and logistics are critical aspects of development for any country. They are profitable and even necessary for personal purposes. This Business never goes out of style. Several small businesses are thriving in this field.

41. Thrifting

A Cloths Are Hanging in A Store

Sustainability and clothing have gained relevance. Many people have started upcycling and reusing old clothes or unused ones sold at a lower price. Fashion-oriented business such as thrift stores is both sustainable and profitable. 

42. Fisheries Business or Cold Storage

An Empty View of Cold Storage

This business style is profitable and has been successfully implemented in foreign and developed countries. Fresh foods and fish are necessary for urban and rural areas. This is a profitable venture.

43. Food Truck

A Giani's Food Truck Parked at Roadside

The food truck is being popularized by youngsters nowadays. Many amalgamations of cuisines are being explored in this method. This can become a super hit if proper marketing is given. 

44. Cafe 

A Name Plate of Cafe Lighting Hanging On Wall At Outside of Store

Cafes and coffee shops mainly target young audiences and focus on Western cuisine. They also act as a usual place to hangouts and have dates. Small businesses which can establish interesting cafes are both becoming trendy nowadays.

45. Maid Agency

Maid is Cleaning Floor By Using Mop Stick

Maids for home and office care are required, just like old age care. The field is booming and best for small businesses.

46. Disc Jockey

A Person Operating Electronic Instrument

There is no lack of parties, and parties are not complete without disc jockeys or DJs. Chennai being a metro city, regularly has pubs and parties. So someone with DJ skills can start small ventures in this field.

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47. Travel Guide

A Tourist Guide Explaining By Looking At Books to a Tourist

The travel industry has been reclaimed after the covid crisis. Many tourist destinations are being opened, and travel guides are required.

48. Mobile Shop 

Different Types of Mobile Cases Display At Mobile Shop

Other than the respective brands for Mobile repairing, small businesses in this field can be explored by professional repairing agents. This is a profitable field. 

49. Soap and Toiletries Production

A Handmade Soap is Display in Bowl Kept on Decorative Desk

Handmade soaps and Toiletteries using natural agents are in high demand. Trending soap items like charcoal soaps and face washes are always suitable for small-scale cottage soap production. 

50. Pickle Business

Garlic, Mirch and A Bowl Filled With Pickle Kept on Table

A variety of pickles and traditional dishes are going trending these days. Home delivery and customization are also available in this small business idea. 


To conclude, business opportunities are endless. There are risks associated with every move an entrepreneur takes. One must be careful enough to withstand the ups and downs associated with the venture. 

There are many sources from which business help can be acquired. Many startups And young e-commerce websites are there in the market to assist if you're new to this. The best site would be Fynd. Fynd Platform is an e-commerce platform trusted by thousands of businesses.

You will get all the tools to sell and manage your products at the convenience of your home. You can also create your website or sell the products on popular online sites. This site is reliable and can be cost-effective compared to brands like Dukaan and Shopify. 

There is no requirement to have good experience to use this platform. It is specifically designed for everyone who wants to reach out to your products, partnering with trusted brands. 


Which small business is best in Chennai?

Some small businesses best in Chennai include Clothing stores, Franchise models, Digital Marketing Services, Information Technology Services business, Sell on E-commerce Marketplace, Internet cafes, Etc.

What is Chennai famous for?

Chennai is also known as the Detroit of India because more than one-third of India's automobile industry is based in Chennai. Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) provide support with Company Registration in Chennai for emerging entrepreneurs.

Which is the best side business?

arrow down

Best side businesses include car wash, freelance works, veterinary care, grocery, at-home salon, and newborn care as of 2021.

Which business is more profitable in Tamil Nadu?

The most profitable businesses in Tamilnadu are Fitness Centers. Oil and Gas business. Travel Agency.

What businesses are in demand?

Businesses that are in demand for 2021 are as follows:

  1. Social Media Consulting
  2. Senior Care Services
  3. Smart Product Development
  4. Organic Beauty Products
  5. Healthy Fast Food

Which is the best small business in Tamil Nadu?

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