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How to Start Online Saree Business from Home in India (Easy Steps)

How to Start Online Saree Business from Home in India (Easy Steps)

Saree is the primary and most favourite attire of Indian women. It is the synonym of grace and elegance. To bring out the inner beauty of a woman in the classiest way, several people from the current era want to start saree selling an online business.

In a country like India, women are constantly browsing for the perfect ethnic outfit to wear to deck them up at every festival. Among them, the saree is their go-to outfit whether it be a wedding ceremony or a festival. In addition, the saree is a pure form of representing style and cultural significance.

For the time being, the demand for saree has increased across the overseas market too and has been inspiring the global world of fashion. Hence, the demand for saree is leaping at a rapid pace.

Consequently, this is the indication of saree selling business profitable, in the present era.

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Considering the current scenario, people want to start selling saree- especially online, so that they can reach a wide customer base. Fynd is such a platform, through which a saree seller can target its customer and can sell to them.  

Things to Follow Before Starting Saree Selling Online Business

Before starting the saree selling an online business, the sellers must do some market research, which is discussed in the following section.

1. In-depth Market Research

When you start a business, then it is very important to study market research. Many sellers skip this step, which leads to business failure. More specifically, one should research the demographic of the target market, competitors, statistics on profitability share from the business etc. Based on the market research, the sellers should implement a business strategy.

As per the market research, saree is the most dominating segment in India over the other ethnic apparel. Approximately, saree is accounting 71% of the biggest retail segment. According to the director of Odhni Sarees, today, 70% of women wear a saree, if not daily then at least on occasions.

According to the report published by Statista, the Indian women's apparel segment will experience a growth rate of 14% within 2025. More specifically, the women’s apparel market was projected to reach 39 billion US dollars by 2025 in India, as per Statista.

The estimated Growth rate of Women’s Ethnic wear in India (2020-2025)

A Chart Displaying Estimated Growth of Women's Ethnic Wear

Based on this market research, it can be assumed that saree selling an online business can be a big hit in India.

2. Identify the Taste and Preference of the Customers

The taste and preferences of the customers vary from one region to another. More specifically, the designs, colors, types of saree weaving, craftsmanship- everything is varied with the region.

Before starting to sell saree, the sellers should target their audience and consider their choice of preference. The preference of the buyers is depending on the cultural origin, history, material etc. It will be completely wrong to sell sarees of different preferences to a target group.  

In this context, it can be stated that a saree seller can start a survey through and for this, create a poll to know your targeted audience better. The seller should create the poll considering the age, taste, buying capacity etc. In turn, it will help you to get an idea about the tastes and preferences of the potential buyers.

3. Create a Channel and Build Connection

It is not mandatory to get a profit immediately after starting selling saree online just because saree in India are demanding. To make a profit, the sellers should first build a network with the weavers, artisans and fabric wholesalers. You can join relevant workshops to keep learning about saree production.

As a result, the sellers will get an idea about the sourcing of sarees. They can get the sarees from the right manufacturers and at the right price. However make a note, supply sarees as per the demand, first.

4. Active Socially in Social Media Platform

As far as the online business is concerned, the seller should have a strong presence on social media. Moreover, the saree seller has several followers on social media, Facebook, Whatsapp and other Social Media.

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5. Find a Manufacturer and Distributor

To build trust, the saree sellers should not sell poor quality products to the customers. The customers are showing their interest and pay the money only trusting you online. You must keep their faith, which in turn helps you to grow your online saree selling business in the long run.

Apart from the manufacturers, the saree sellers should be in contact with the trusted distributors. So that a hassle-free delivery can take place. Here in the following, the list of wholesale saree manufacturers in India is mentioned:

  • Yamuna Saree Centre, Gujarat
  • Indian Suit Factor, Punjab
  • Das Enterprise, West Bengal
  • Variation Design, Maharashtra

Some of the popular Wholesale Saree Dealers in India

  • Super wholesale bazaar
  • Wholesale mantra
  • Krish Fashion
  • Kuberan Silks
  • Cotton Duniya
  • Textile export
  • NSK Wholesale saree center

6. How to Sell Sarees Online

It is completely different to sell saree online from doing the business offline. Here in the following, the steps are mentioned to sell saree online. From selling the items to generating payments to emailing for order confirmation to refunding customers (in case of returning the products), taking complaints, marketing your products- everything can be done in one place, Fynd online platform. One can create a business account in Fynd in less than 30 minutes.

It can be done in four simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up for Fynd- Web Version ll Fynd Online Shopping App

Fynd Platform For Sell Online

Provide your valid mobile number and verify the OTP. Once the process will be done, you will be in

Step 2: Choose store name and other personal details

Details Form

Step 3: Upload Your Product

Product Upload Form

Step 4: Lastly do not forget to link the custom domain name, so that you can live your brand website.

Hence, Fynd online platform has a large contribution to making a start-up business successfully and the entrepreneur can successfully run the business. Here in the following section, the list of clothing brands has been provided, which have their business accounts in Fynd and smoothly run their businesses.

Steps to Follow to Start Online Saree Business

Once you have done the detailed market research and made an account in Fynd for saree selling online, you are good to go to check the steps for starting an online saree business.

1. Make a Budget Plan

Even if you open a start-up business or have an existing business and want to start selling now online, you should make a budget plan. First, you must determine the costs that you want to involve in your saree selling an online business.

If you want to take a business loan, then plan accordingly. It is wise to consult a chartered accountant in this regard. An ideal budget plan is very important for business exposure. It is a pillar of running a business in the long term.

2. Complete the Business Registration

Do not forget to register your business and it is easier in the digital age. If you have all the legal documents like Voter card, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, and business GST number, which is important for completing the registration process online successfully.

A registering business will bring credibility, and in turn, your business will get legal recognition. The consumers are seeking to purchase the products only from the verified and registered online seller, whom they can trust.

3. Keep a Space for Logistics

Even if you have planned to sell saree online, you should keep a physical store for keeping the saree and other required products safely. In this regard, you should finalize a cost-effective yet well-connected place, so that you can easily ship the saree once one places an order.

Initially, you can deal with the storing issue from your home only. Once you will successfully expand the business and will get sizable profits, then look for a separate space to keep the items safely.

Tip: On Fynd, they have some trusted delivery partners like Delhivery, EcomExpress, Blue Dart, Expressbees, and Ekart Logistics. Once the order is ready for dispatch, the delivery partners will come to the Fynd warehouse, pick up the product, take care of it under their observation and will deliver it to the customers at their doorsteps.

4. Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a basic pillar of making a business successful before you start a venture. If you have planned to start your saree selling business online, then a full-proof marketing plan is required to reach your business to a large base of customers.

In the case of online business, the online saree sellers can include social media marketing, search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) tools. Apart from that, the seller should think of giving attractive offers and sales to grab the attention of the target customers. In turn, this business strategy helps to boost sales.

Tip: Marketing designs of Fynd help you to promote the online saree stores by giving you the opportunity like pre-built designs, business cards, Whatsapp Stories as well as Store Banners. This is one of the useful marketing strategies to attract the attention of the customers.

5. Marketing and Advertising

To get success in the online saree selling a business, the best marketing strategy is solely dependent on social media engagement. Do not forget to promote your products with daily exciting offers, discounts, special starting prices and refunds.  

For instance, before you live your sale, you must come up with a marketing campaign. For a start-up business, word of mouth is working like magic. Hence, you can ask for help from your relatives or family members to share the message through social media, Instagram and Facebook.

6. Fix the Price

It is an essential task to get help from professionals for determining the price of the sarees. The price of the saree depends on the materials, quality and style of the product. It is very important to fix the price in such a way that the customers show their interest to purchase the saree from you over the competitors.

7. Good Internet Connectivity

In the case of saree selling online, it is necessary to have good internet connectivity. More specifically, two main things, which are required to run your online saree selling a business, are modern devices and a high-speed internet connection. You can connect with your clients through a smartphone or laptop.

Different Models of Saree Business

If you plan to start selling saree online from home, then you should have a fair idea about several business models of a saree business.

1. Wholesale Saree Business

The wholesalers purchase the sarees in bulk directly from the manufacturers and sell those products to the retailers. In the case of wholesale saree business, the saree seller should have a large storage capacity where they can easily store the bulk sarees.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

Since the wholesalers sell the bulk sarees to the retail saree stores, therefore, this is more of a seller to seller model.

2. Retail Saree Business

In the case of the retail sale business model, the seller will directly sell the saree to the customers through online. The customers will choose the sarees as per their preferences, make the payment and purchase the sarees. The retail saree selling business idea is one of the simplest strategies.

3. Etail Saree Business

Etail saree business allows the customers to purchase sarees from eCommerce websites. Fynd online platform is such a platform, where the retail sellers can sell their items. Etail involves logging on, browsing through, buying and getting home delivery for buying the saree.

This is the complete cycle of selling and buying sarees in the case of the Etail Business model. After the pandemic, most of the sellers prefer the Etail business model to sell and buy the sarees.

The sellers can sell their products from their homes only, whereas the buyers get their delivery at their homes. Hence, this is the most preferable business model over the other two models. Apart from the above-mentioned models, there are two more models:

4. Home Run Store

This model is similar to the retail model, instead of a shop, sarees are stored and sold in the house of the seller. Home run stores are usually done on a very small scale. The consumers either visit the seller or take the sarees to the consumers. To operate this model, the scalability level is very low. This model depends on the word of mouth marketing strategy.

5. Social Media Store

Similar to the Etail saree business, social media stores are getting recognition. It is another way of selling saree online. The sellers do not need any setup for running the saree business.

On the other hand, the cost of involving the business through social media stores is very low. However, this model is not recommended to first time sellers.

Top 9 Online Platforms to Sell Sarees

There are some online platforms, where the sellers can start their saree selling an online business.

1. Big Ecommerce Platforms

Some is Purchasing From Ecommerce Platform

As per the statistical report, all the big eCommerce platforms have a large contribution to selling sarees. For instance, 50% of saree selling online is solely dependent on these big eCommerce platforms.

As per the survey report, a woman spends Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 a year on apparel purchases from eCommerce websites. You can take the help from any inventory management system and logistic partnership of the big e-commerce websites.

In addition, these eCommerce websites will provide you with training and helping manuals, so that the online saree sellers can increase their sales. In turn, for sharing a good connection with your customer base, these big eCommerce websites charge 30%-40% commission on every sale.  

2. Whatsapp Group

Some one is Using Whatsapp Group For Selling Products

It is the best way of letting people know about your products. Ask all your local friends to follow your products, if they find anything attractive, they can purchase from you. To get notified of a large base of customers, the sellers can create a WhatsApp group and add people and post their newest products.

3. Facebook Groups

Someone is Using Facebook From Laptop

Facebook Groups are one of the best online platforms for small vendors, students, and housewives to get connected with a large base of consumers. Consequently, the buyers can get to check out the products and can purchase the stuff.

  Fynd platform banner for free demo

Apart from that, if the online saree seller has a business account in Fynd, then he can get the access to list your Fynd store link on the Facebook page and can invite your followers and friends to the page, so that they will be aware of the page, and can shop their favorite sarees from a Facebook online store.

4. Reselling App

Checking Reselling App in Mobile Phone

Reselling is an easy way of saree selling an online business, where the sellers get the scope of earning huge profits. Being a reseller, you will book the product directly from the dealer and share with him the customer’s address.

The dealer will directly deliver the saree to the customers and he will keep his identity hidden. Most importantly, in reselling business, the inventory cost is zero. For reselling, only you need to have a good network.

5. Sell Saree through Instagram App

Instagram Logo Display in Mobile Phone

After Facebook, Instagram is such a platform, where several verified and genuine sellers are there. To grab the attention of the customers, the sellers have to use the correct hashtags. This is the basic funda of increasing the reach of your posts.

Moreover, you can also post some exciting stories or can showcase your products for better reach. The seller can also post some attractive reels with the products so that the customers also show their interest to purchase the items. Instagram for business offers analytics to help the sellers in the online saree selling market.

The seller can also invite the target audience using the Fynd store link so that the customers can also find the authenticity of the online saree seller and would like to purchase from him.

6. Sell Sarees Online with Own Website

Website Displaying is Personal Computer

For saree selling online, the sellers can create their website for reaching out to the customers online. To build your online platforms, the sellers can take the help of professionals. The primary aim of making your website is to experience a higher profitability margin.

Selling your products from your website has an advantage, you can upload your products your way. The sellers can set their guidelines and policies. Only to sell the sarees, the sellers should upload a good quality image, good description and easy to buy process to increase the sales.  

7. Saree Selling Through Pinterest

 Pinterest Logo Are in Mobile Phone

Saree selling through Pinterest is one of the most popular visual mediums to attract customers. Upload the image of your products through Pinterest and then link it well with the relevant sources like blogs, articles, and styling mantras including the Fynd store. Being a seller, you also get a chance to build your followers here.  

Try to build more followers through Pinterest. The more images your followers save/ pin or share, the higher the eyeballs on your products will be. In turn, you can gradually expect a higher share from the saree selling an online business.

8. YouTube

Some One is Using YouTube

You can post sneak peek or short videos on your YouTube page. Several women go through YouTube videos for checking the saree quality, its finishing, its texture etc before their purchase online.

  Fynd platform banner for free demo

When it is the question of online saree, then they will do every research. On the other hand, you will get a good scope of organic reach through your YouTube posts. You can represent your products in detail within a short span of video.

9. Twitter and LinkedIn


Though these social media platforms are more familiar as professional fields, one can expect a business conversion from these platforms too. If you use the correct hashtag or if your posts go viral or trending, then you can expect a portion of your sales also from there. Try to enhance your networking there.

Steps to Start Online Saree Business from Home

To start an online saree business from home, the seller can refer to the below mentioned simple tips.

  • Make a business account to Fynd (which has already mention in the above section)
  • Create the saree catalogues and fix the price. This is one of the important steps. If you do not set the price correctly, then no one will show interest to purchase your product
  • Continuously check the page loading error and whether the product is redirected to the correct landing page or not. If not, then contact the concerned authorities. Fynd officials are always ready to assist you.
  • Implement some lucrative business ideas such as frequent discounts, attractive offers, better quality at reasonable prices, customer loyalty program etc.

As a result, it can be concluded that the sellers will get the opportunity to sell their sarees through the Fynd online platform at low costs. The sellers can easily operate the business since the design of the website is very friendly and hence, it is helpful to manage the orders, market the products and run communication campaigns comparatively in an easier way.


Is it profitable to sell saree online?

Online saree business demands low investment. In turn, with the rising in sales, the sellers can earn a higher profitability percentage. Though, the scope of earning less in case of low range sarees, nonetheless, the sellers can earn decent profit, rather higher percentage with the selling of designer pieces. Therefore, yes, the online saree business is highly profitable and once can successfully run the business in the long run.

As per the current statistical report, the Indian saree industry has contributed approximately 33% of total sales of Women's retail values (Nearly INR 38,000 Crore alone).

What is the profit margin in the saree business?

After deducting all the expenses, the online saree sellers can earn a 30%-45% profitability margin from the business. The profitability percentage is varied based on the type of the sarees and the price quoted by the weaver.

How do increase sales in the saree business?

arrow down

To improve the online saree business, the sellers can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Tell me about your venture as much as possible. Word of mouth is also playing an important role to get business success
  • Try to cross-sell the products to existing consumers
  • If possible then collaborate with the global manufacturers and expand your business
  • Make your inventory concern of your business smoother
  • Try to add offers on festivals and start to give seasonal sales

Which city is famous for sarees?

Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu is very popular for manufacturing world-famous silk saree. Approximately 5000 families or more in the city are engaged in this industry.

Which type of saree is best in India?

Kanchipuram saree is considered to be the premium quality saree weaver and manufacturer across the nation.

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