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27 Business Ideas In Barasat In 2024 (100% Profit Making!)

27 Business Ideas In Barasat In 2024 (100% Profit Making!)

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This article is also useful for any beginner who wants to start his new business. So, today I would like to recommend some of the best business ideas in Barasat which are ideal for beginners or anyone with a busy schedule. Before starting your business in Barasat, let me give you a brief description about this beautiful city.

Barasat is a city in West Bengal which is located in the deltas of the Ganges. Barasat can be defined as the hub of rail and road junctions. Barasat is located in eastern India's Ganges Delta. The Bangladesh border, at Petra pole, is 70–80 kilometers (43–50 mi) from the city.

Its average elevation is 11 meters (36 ft). The nearest river is the Ganges, about 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) to the west, and it is on the Gangetic plain. The major industry of Barasat is the cotton weaving industry. Let me tell you that this city is the trade center of rice, legumes, sugarcane, potatoes, and coconuts. The city has multiple malls and multi-complexes. 

You are reading the article if:

  • You want to start your business in Barasat.
  •  You want to start a small investment business.
  • Furthermore, you would like to know business-related statistics in Barasat .

Here, In this article will discuss with you several profitable, scalable, and long-term business ideas in Barasat which will help you build a successful business career in the respective fields.

Entrepreneur’s Story

Let me introduce you to a private company that has been successfully established in Barasat. This brief story is about ALTRUISTIC AGRO - FOOD PROCESSING LIMITED which is an unlisted private company incorporated on March 2012.

The Company's status is Active, and it has filed its Annual Returns and Financial Statements up to 31 Mar 2012 (FY 2011-2012). It's a company limited by shares having an authorized capital of Rs 9.00 cr and a paid-up capital of Rs0.96cr as per MCA. 5 Directors are associated with the organization.

Sanjoy Rakshit, Amar Krishna Saha, Bablu Roychowdhury and 2 other members are presently associated as directors. These 5 directors invested their time and money successfully in this agro-food processing unit. Therefore, if you wish, you can also make a successful business in Barasat. If these five directors can make this business a successful business career, then why can’t you?


Why Do People Tend To Run Businesses Of Their Own?

If you are bored with working under some company and want to be the master of yourself, you can run your business where you can innovate and implement your ideas in the company. When you run your own business, your monthly income increases, and you can take the final decisions of your company.

Some features of owning your own independent business are as follows:

  • Independence: When you run a business, you are independent in taking valid decisions of your company. You get freedom of speech and many more things when you run your business.

  • Innovator: Besides being a businessman/woman, you can also innovate new ideas and can implement your own ideas.

  • Creating freedom and learning opportunities: As a young entrepreneur, you have the freedom to hire and advise staff.

What is business?

Business can be defined as a self-employed job that is privately owned. This organized economic activity aims to scale profit on a wider range  compared to a privately owned job where you work under someone’s control and act according to the company/person. I have shortlisted some of the best business ideas for you in Barasat. These are as follows.

Best Business Ideas In Barasat

Here we have listed 27 Best Business Ideas In Barasat will will be very helpful if you want to start a New Business:

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1. Cotton Weaving Industry

Peoples are doing weaving with the colourful cotton wool

When we talk about Barasat, the first thing that comes across our mind is the cotton weaving industry. The cotton weaving industry in Barasat is one of the best business ideas in Barasat. 

The raw materials of cotton are easily available in this city. This agro based industry needs good investment in the beginning. The textile industry is considered one of the most profitable industries in India. However, profits are dependent on the scale and marketing process of the business.

If you have a small-scale business, profit will be small compared to a large-scale weaving business. The average profit margin ranges between 10% to 20%. As an entrepreneur, craft your business plan with proper strategic goals. Analyse the demand and supply of the market and get the appropriate place to sell your products.

Make a good plan with good profit margin and contact the suppliers. This sector can hardly go wrong as cotton is the most widespread profitable non-food crop in the world. Its production provides income for more than 250 million people worldwide and employs almost 7% of all labor in developing countries.

Cotton production in India is anticipated to reach 7.2 million tons (~43 million bunches of 170 kg each) by 2030. India cotton generation covers 45%, 30% and 24.7% region of diploid, cross-breed and upland cotton individually.

2. Tourist Guide

A man is guiding to the other man with the help of the map

Are you among those who like to visit and explore several places? Then this can be the most suitable career for you wherein you meet with different people across the globe and guide them about the places. In India, tourism contributes a significant portion to the GDP of India.

People like to spend their holidays and vacations near beaches or mountains. Barasat offers you a suitable climate to spend your holidays here. West Bengal is one such state in India where you can cover all these aspects under one roof.

From monuments to spectacular landscapes, waterfalls, caves, and heritage temples, West Bengal is a justified option. There are some famous tourist places in Barasat which include Malir Bunga Gate, Hastings House, Siddheswari Kali Temple, Hatipukur Park and many more to count.

To start your career in this field, you must explore the location and do research about the market. Select your target audience and register your tour guide business. It is very important that you should have a proper legal license for a tor and guidance business. You must have good communication skills and must have a pleasing personality

3. Candle Making Business

Candles are placed on the table

Starting a candle making business is not easy, but it can be incredibly profit-making. You need to have a good financial state along with the required legal documents to start this business. Do you know that you can start this business comfortably from your home itself?

Candles are used for multiple purposes rather than giving light in the darkness. You can make scented candles as they have a great demand in the market. Besides this, you can make customized and decorative candles to adorn one’s house. You can also add female workers in this business as this is one of the most profitable home-based businesses for women.

You can also register on some Business to Business Sites, through which you can attract a large number of customers from whom you can make your profit. You can make a full-time living from this business and believe me, this can be one of the most innovative ways to make money in Barasat. Candle making is a great small business to start. It doesn't require much equipment or technical knowledge, it has a low startup cost, and you can make candles from home. 

4. Hotel Business

A Hotel building is shown in the image

Hotel business in Barasat can always be profitable here. Are you interested in management and providing service to people? Then, this can be an interesting business for you. As an entrepreneur, craft your business plan and you must have a clear overview of your strategic goals.

Find the need of the market and act accordingly. You need to find the best location for your hotel as location plays a vital role in this business. Create a strong revenue management system and try to join at least one hotel industry conference. This would be useful for you.

Make your website of the hotel and make people aware of your hotel and the services that you provide in your hotel. Only running a hotel business is not sufficient, you need to run a profitable business and have a good profit margin. You must have a good team and a good number of staff to run your business.

Provide the best service to your customers and give them offers or membership and such special discounts to attract them. You can also register yourself in Make my trip where people can come across to you. Make the optimum utilization of social media and advertise your hotel through it.

5. Clothing Business

Printed shirt are hanging on the hanger

Clothes are the necessities of life and to cover our body, we need to wear clothes. The Clothing industry can never go wrong if run properly. Do you have a passion for fashion and designing clothes? 

Then, the time has come to convert your passion into a career. As an entrepreneur of a clothing business, first make a plan and find the perfect location to establish your business. You can open a retailing, wholesaling, reselling, manufacturing, or a distribution business with a small or a larger investment.

Nevertheless, to mention, you can build a scalable long-term business in Barasat. Make sure that you understand the demand of your targeted audience and design clothes accordingly. This platform offers you a broad scope to kick-start your business career in this field. 

The Indian textile and apparel industry is anticipated to develop at 10% CAGR from 2019-20 to reach US$ 190 billion by 2025-26. The Indian apparel advertisement stood at US$ 40 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach US$ 135 billion by 2025.

6. Agricultural Business

Corn farming is shown in the image

India is dominated by its primary sector and has a wide cultivation and product range of vegetables and fruits. India is blessed with a moderate climate which gives the opportunity to its planters to cultivate a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Why not take advantage of this favorable climate? The climate of the Barasat is suitable for the cultivation of rice and cotton. Barasat is primarily an agricultural district where the majority of the total workforce is dependent on agriculture. Maize and wheat as the major cereal crops.  Thus, you get the opportunity to dominate a large agricultural sector.

What you can do is you can make community farmers and make an agreement to make use of natural resources and emerge in collaboration with the exporters to increase the supply of quality fruits and vegetables in the market.  

7. Food Trucks 

A food truck is shown where people are buying food

If you do not want to sell food through restaurants and hotels, you can sell food through trucks. These mobile trucks can be set up anywhere and at any time. These trucks are feasible and anyone can run this business. In the same truck, you can open your shop and believe me this would attract a lot of customers.

Set up the food truck in the most appropriate location and have an attractive menu card to attract your customers. Food trucks are an innovative idea in the 21st Century and people find it very attractive.

This money-making business idea needs a good kitchen, raw materials to cook, staff to cook and a menu.It is very important to choose the right vehicle for your food truck.get the legal license and the required permission to start this business.

Get the required and correct manpower for the business you are can also have your own unique stuff uniform to attract customers and have your own identification.

8. Bakery Business

Cookies and toast are placed in the bakery shop

Why don’t you turn your passion of baking into a successful business career? You do not require a large investment to start this business as you can start this business even from your home. 

In addition, you can start your home-based baking business. You can start your baking business from your home and attract your customers with the aroma of your breads, cookies and pastries. Bakeries are an integral part of our Indian culture. In today’s world, bakeries are gaining popularity in every corner of cities and towns.

Nowadays, people celebrate their small and big celebrations or achievements with the bite of a sweet pie or a cake. Here, you can serve your customers with customized cakes, pastries, etc.

You can also start a franchise business with the help of your relatives and friends. There are a lot of popular bakery businesses in Barasat that have gained a lot of popularity and now your bakery can be counted as one of them. 

9. Photography

A hand wearing waist holding camera in the hand

If you have a passion to capture moments and beautiful sceneries in your memory then it's the time to convert your fashion into a career. You can do photography at birthday parties or can capture scenery. Multiple ways to which you can capture a photo.

For being a photographer you require a good camera and skills. You can come in  contact with different companies and can do photography for the same. Learn all the photography skills and try to understand the exposure triangle.start shooting in raw and find the best type of photography for you.

In the most comfortable type of photography and start capturing things accordingly.You must focus on three things: light composition and subject. Keep these three things in mind while you're shooting for your work.

You can also come into contact with different magazines and work for them. You can shoot for different models like Daboo Rattani. Besides this, you can also publish your photographs in magazines, newspapers, etc. 

The photography commerce in India is pegged at over Rs. 1 lakh crores and developing at 25-30% year-on-year.

10. Coffee Shop

Peoples are having coffee in the coffee shop

There’s no doubt that people enjoy beverages like tea and coffee in India. Along with tea, there is a great demand for the growing need of coffee.  There are so many popular coffee businesses and brands of coffee across the country. Now, coffee is becoming the first choice for the customers in every restaurant. 

A good coffee shop relaxes one’s mind and makes him feel calm by giving him a sense of pleasure. You must find the best geographical location to start this business. Why miss the chance of becoming the center of attraction of the city? Coffee sells at higher profit margins than other food products, and coffee shops often operate with lower overhead than other business models.

On average, small coffee shop owners make $60,000-$160,000 , and the coffee industry generates about $70 billion a year in sales nationwide. You do not require a large investment to start this business and this is one of the most low-cost business ideas in Barasat. 

11. Interior Designing

A Lady is explaining the design drawn in the paper to the man

Are you interested in designing rooms in a fashionable manner and decorating them? Then, here's the most profitable business for you that matches your passion. An interior designer is in great demand in India.

Nowadays, people want to give the contract of their home to an interior designer who can design their home in a comfortable and fashionable manner. Interior designing is the art of designing a home or a room in a healthier, comfortable and in the most aesthetic manner.

People want to hire interior designers as they handle complicated tasks and save your time. They have good planning and perform affordable tasks that makes your house looks aesthetic

To become an interior designer, you have to have a proper license to run your business. Define the niche of your industry and handle tasks accordingly. You need to have patience, skills and you must be hardworking.

12. Handicraft Business

Handicraft plates and cups are hanging on the wall

Handicraft business is the traditional business of India and it has been providing employment to millions of people since ages. You can come in contact with different artisans and run this profitable business. This business is unique and cannot be copied easily.

This highly profitable business is in great demand and you can also sell your products through Fynd Platform. Through Fynd Platform, you can sell your products on Amazon, Flipkart and many more.

This is a great opportunity to showcase Indian talent throughout the globe. Know your customers and reserve your online assets. Differentiate your product line. This traditional market sector has great demand. You need to define your niche and understand the demand of your customers.

13. Cab Ride Service

Taxies are standing in the line on the road

The taxi cab business is making huge profits given this exponentially growing demand. The main motto of any business is “Make huge profit with less investment.” The taxi business has proven to be the most efficient business module in this booming taxi business-oriented world.

With the introduction of Uber, Ola and other taxing apps, there are still many taxi companies which are doing great in this field. You must have a legal driving license and a good driving record if you want to become a cab driver. 

Taxi-service might be the finest small-scale company to start the business. Make sure you have a good office space to start this business. As a businessman, make a suitable plan for your business and act accordingly. This small-scale business can give you best results, and you can earn a good amount of money. 

14. Mobile Car Wash Business

A girl is cleaning the car with the spunch

Mobile car wash business is one of the most profitable businesses in Barasat. Learn the trade of mobile car wash business and make a mobile car wash business plan. Mainly make your mobile cash war legal and take the legal provisions that are required to open the same.

Set up the right location and look at your business in the most appropriate place where customers can get in contact with you easily. Get all the required equipment in your shop and make people aware of the services that you are willing to supply them.

You can charge $10 to $12 as per the car modeland you can charge a whipping profit of 60 to 70%. You must create a price list for different services that you will provide to your customers. The more services you provide to the customers the more money you will get paid. Promote your business by making your official website so that people are aware of your services.

15. Street Food Corner

A burger, fries and cold drink is placed on the box

Street food is often found near roadside lanes and is loved by almost every person. They are great in taste and are very pocket friendly as compared to expensive restaurants and hotels.

You have the opportunity to show your love for Street food by supplying the best Street food in Barasat. Barasat is mainly inhabited by Bengali people and there are many bengali Street food dishes which are enjoyed by the people there.

Some of the best dishes of West Bengal include puchka, ghugni, dahi puchka, bhaji, etc. These mouth-filling dishes surely attract the customers of the locality and will be bound to taste your food. 


Locate your stall or Street food corner in the best geographical location from where people can be aware of your stall and they get to know about it. Provide an exciting menu to them which would make you different from others. Provide the best service possible from your side to your customers.

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16. Cloud Kitchen

A kitchen is shown where four chairs are placed

Apart from traditional restaurants, cloud kitchens have come into place. You can start a cloud kitchen from your home itself. In addition, you can start this business with the help of your family and friends. With lower investment costs, you can successfully start a profitable cloud kitchen business in Barasat.

You have a wide opportunity in the menu and you can change or add items in the items as per your convenience. The unique taste bud of each and every person should be maintained. Design a plan for your business and have proper strategic goals. Do a fine research about the market and understand the demand supply chain of your customers.

Manage inventory for delivery kitchens and make sure you present your kitchen through online mode as well. Advertise your kitchen and service through social media platforms so that people become aware of it.

17. Gym Center

A girl and a boy is doing rope exercise in the gym

Do you like to stay fit and healthy and do exercises for the same? Do you want to teach people about your training secrets? Then, why not open a gym business? Profit margin in a Gym would depend on the locality where you set up your gym.

If you have invested around Rs 70 lakhs in the gym establishment then you can easily generate around Rs 17 lakhs as annual profit after taking the cost of utilities, marketing, rentals and salary away from the income. 

You must have so the equipment that is required to start a gym. You can advertise your gym center through templates, Facebook ads and many more. Give membership facilities to your regular customers and make your gym different from others. Find your niche and build a unique gym. Make sure you have a legal license to open your gym. A gym business in Barasat is very profitable and you can open one like this. 


18. Juice Corner

A glass of orange juice is placed on the table

Juice provides refreshment to our health and mind. They reduce the risk of cancer, give us glowing skin and help in the process of digestion. There are different kinds of juices and people like to consume fresh juice for themselves as it is a great source of refreshment and nourishment to the body.

If you want to open a juice shop, select an appropriate location for your shop and understand the demand of the targeted audience. Determine your niche after designing a business plan for your shop. Create different juice recipes and research licenses and permits for your business.

Market your business and keep a good profit margin inorder to run a profitable business. Juice shops are amongst the most profitable businesses in Barasat and there are people who are in search of fresh juices.

19. Opening A Play School

A boy is drawing in the book placed on the table

Nowadays, parents are concerned about sending their children at an early age to play school to become fit and active. You should focus on giving excellent education to the students. This business needs little capital to operate with a good profit margin. 

A play school or a nursery is one of the most profitable small-scale businesses in India. Basically, you need to teach students by playing with them. Working parents leave their children in these playschools to play and learn with other children.  You must have proper registrations and licenses to start a play school. 

Select a good location for the school and keep quality teachers and good toys in the school. You must bring a quality curriculum in the class and be ethical and carry high moral values, and none of these require major investments. You might be a blessing for the working parents as they can leave their children and go to work to make money.

20. Party Planner

Peoples are dancing and enjoying in the party

Can you organize a party for your friends and are also interested in doing the same? Then, Would you like to indulge yourself in this field? This would be fun and a great business idea to invest your money.

In today's world, most of them like to party and celebrate small and big moments through parties. Here comes the role of a party planner. You need to determine the role of the market and the audience. You can work for adult parties, kids parties, tea parties, surprise parties, cocktail parties, reception and many more.

Have an analysis of your competitors and create some special ideas for your business. Check the legal related issues if any. You can first start by organizing parties in your localities and then slowly post your work in social media to make people aware of your business.

You need to book the venue, send invitations to friends and family, select caterers, security, music and DJ. Take reviews from your client and work on the same. This is an exquisite field where with less investment, you can run a profitable business.

21. Beauty Parlor

A lady is doing hair treatment of her client in the salon

This profitable business is easy to open and you don’t need any heavy investment to run this business. You need to craft a business plan for your business and select an appropriate geographical location to set your business. 

Make a definite chart and pricing charges for your parlor. Get good quality beauty products for your shop and hire staff accordingly. You must hire professional staff that have good knowledge about fashion and style.

Offer new services and products to your customers and give them discounts on special festivals and occasions. Invest your money in good products and quality staff. If you want to engage yourself in this business, you can do a beautician or hair saloon course.

A beauty parlor in Barasat can hardly go wrong and you need to focus more on the skills of the services that you will be providing. You can also start a franchise model of your business in different localities. The cosmetic industry has a share of 60% in the market and this industry can hardly go wrong if run properly.

22. Dance And Music

A lady is teaching to play volin to the little girl

Are you interested in dancing and singing? Have a passion towards any of these skills? Then, what are you waiting for? Now, you can start your dance and music class even from your home if you have enough space to do so.

In this 21Century, people want to learn dancing or singing and as there are many career options in these fields, you can also start one. The modern music and dance industry has influenced the Gen Z generation and there are many who want to make a successful career out of it.

Make the optimum use of technology and spread awareness among people about your dance or singing class. This business can never go wrong and this way, you can also follow your passion wisely. You need a bug room that is enough for your dance class and good trainers or dancers for your class.

A dance studio must consist of a big mirror and no such large investment is required to set up a dance or music class. First, teach your students to warm up, and then some style-specific warmth and finally you can teach them Hollywood, western, hip-hop style dances.

23. Flower Shop

Flowers are kept in the bucket

Flower Shop is a profitable business that can be run by anyone. You need to find the best marketplace and focus on your target audience by analyzing your customers. If you provide fresh flowers to your customers, they would like to purchase flowers from your shop and would prefer your shop to others.

There are people who like to decorate their homes with flowers and here, you can help them. You must make sure that you manage your cost and set up your shop in the right marketplace. Before taking any step, understand the demand of the customers and act accordingly

This easy to do business can be turned into a profitable one. The things required to run a flower shop are: Floral Knife- A floral knife is an essential tool for every designer.

Some other items include floral Branch Cutters(in your floral arranging, thicker stems and branches can be a problem without the right tool), Floral Cages, Flower Thorn Strippers, Floral Tape, Floral Foam, Florist Wire, and Floral Picks. You can skip any of these items as per your convenience and work accordingly.


24. Sweet Shop

Cakes and pasties are placed on the table

Sweets are consumed by people widely across the globe. Indian sweets are famous for their traditional uniqueness. Barasat offers you a list of sweet items which are famous worldwide which include mishit doi, pantua, shondesh and many more. 


You can add these items in your shop in a good marketplace. The key element in this business is to provide fresh sweets to your customers. Try to build a franchise partner in your business after you have established a good business. You can also offer exclusive offers and packaging system in different occasions.

Barasat sweets are famous for their texture and sweetness. So, if you put all your effort wisely, you can run this profitable business in a good way. You can also upload your videos on YouTube and earn millions of dollars from it. This is one of the most profitable businesses to start your career. 

25. Kids Store

A boy is looking at the toy  in the kids store

Children are the blessings of God. They are pure and are like little red flowers blossoming in the entire garden. They bring laughter and smiles on our faces. They make this earth a better place.

So, why not start a business that caters to children? Sounds interesting? Of course, it is. If you adore babies, then this would be the best business idea for you. You can build a successful business career in the children’s entertainment industry.

If you like spending time with children, you might open a kids store for them. In addition, you can focus on their toys, stationery things, clothing and many more. There is a wide scope in this business and a diverse product line.

Understand the demand of the kids and choose the right products in the store. You can advertise your store through many social media platforms. This is one of the most lucrative businesses that one can think of. 

26. Digital Marketing

A tab and a book with the pen is placed on the brown surface

In this digital world, you can start digital marketing in Barasat. This course and business is in great demand and there are many people who are in search of these people who know digital marketing. There are many companies who hire these people and advertise their brand or company digitally. 

Create your own website and choose one digital marketing to focus on one. Do a fine research about market and your targeted audience. You can do content writing, social media marketing and many more.

Become an expert in Google analytics and you can also do digital marketing through many apps like Upwork, Freelancer and many more. You can register yourself in these apps and can work for your clients or else you can also hire digital marketing for your work and work respectively.   

A business from any category that approaches digital marketing to reach its audience online and wants to turn into profitable can get benefits with time. You must have appropriate knowledge about your market and find your niche. Understand the demand of the targeted audience and then take your decisions.

27. Paper Manufacturing

Role of papers are shown in the image

With a growing population, paper is also growing in demand and is one of the best ways to make money in Barasat. Paper is widely used to store information and write an examination in India. You can create your own paper production company or hire a production company.

Skilled labourers are required to do this job. India’s paper industry was expanding to fulfill the anticipated demand of 20 million tons by 2020. You must ensure that you brand your mill and decide the production process and production plan of your paper mill plant. Along with it, advertise your paper mill plant online and offline.


India’s paper sector is rising and is estimated to reach 8.5% of GDP in the upcoming years. Tissue paper, napkins, and paper cup saucers are in great demand as they can replace plastic. Many household products and face wipes are used by people across the globe. 



Here, I have discussed with you some of the most profitable business ideas in Barasat where you can kick-start your career. The above-mentioned business ideas are some small-scale and large-scale businesses where you can invest and make a profitable business. Barasat is one of the best trade center areas to start your business as it provides you with the best raw materials and the best infrastructural facilities. 

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Why start a business in Barasat?

Barasat offers you skilled manual labor and easy-to-access raw materials   which is an advantage for a company.

How to start a business in Barasat?

Before entering this business, craft your business plan and have proper  strategic goals. You must have a managing company or staff to make things easier. 

What are the important factors for selecting a location in Barasat?

arrow down
  • Availability of raw materials like cotton, jute and many more
  • Manual skilled labor
  • A good marketplace and targeted audience
  • A steady supply of electricity and fuel
  • Good transportation facilities

What’s the smartest way to fund my business?

The smartest way to fund your business is that you can take loan from any financial institution.

What’s my appetite for risk?

  • There are smaller/greater risk in all kinds of business
  • Bigger the business, greater the risk
  • Smaller the business, lessen the risk

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