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How to Sell Handmade Products on Flipkart? (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

How to Sell Handmade Products on Flipkart? (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

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In India, millions of weavers and artisans present so much blessed talent in their hands and handwork. In metropolitan cities, the culture of decorating things with handmade, beautiful artwork and items is in vogue. People usually go where they get handmade stuff as they look prettier and more aesthetic, enhancing the home's beauty.

And Flipkart helps people sell their handmade things online and all over India, giving the best chance to small businesses to make their products global. Flipkart's Samarth, launched in 2019 to serve the underserved communities that structure this cluster, is currently two years into its essential journey.

Based on this approach, Flipkart has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with multiple state governments and support missions to bring these entrepreneurs into the e-commerce world. Today, the programme supports over ten thousand livelihoods and research across the country.

As Flipkart is an online platform that widens its business globally, you can also expand your business online and reach a global audience, and that can be possible by building your online site with the help of the Fynd platform, which is the best online e-commerce site, making your business more successful.

How to Sell Handmade Products on Flipkart Step by Step

1. To create a seller account on Flipkart, go to Enter your phone number and type in the OTP sent to you. Enter your email address and password.

2. Mention your pick-up address from wherever you'll send your product.

3. Provide tax details like PAN no., GSTIN, and your bank account details. Add your store details and store description.

4. Now, you'll be able to begin listing your products. Choose the commodity category to sell from existing choices on Flipkart. But if you cannot search out an existing type for your product, you'll have to build a brand-new list.

5. Feature a Product Listing: Click the "Add One Listing" button to feature a product listing. You'll conjointly select "Add a Bulk Listing" to feature multiple things in an enormous volume.

6. Select Vertical at the moment, then enter your name. Next, add your product information or description together with value details.

7. Click on "Send to QC" to send your item for a quality check. A ‘QC’ id would be allocated on your dashboard to see your standing on the quality check. Once you finish quality checking, your product list will be approved to sell on Flipkart. You're now a trader on Flipkart.

Listing of Products and their Importance 

Listing is the most crucial step of online merchandise commerce. You build your portfolio by listing the assorted products you are just starting to sell. You showcase what you've got to supply by uploading every product's data and outline, price, and variants offered.

Why is Listing Your Product Important?

When customers search online, they like to have all the main points about a couple of products at their disposal. On the premise of this, they commit to either purchasing or not purchasing. So, when listing your merchandise, include as many specifics as possible.

The Listed Product Additionally Helps in These Ways:

1. A close description ensures that the client has all the data at the time of booking. This might help boost your sales.

2. The more data you give concerning your merchandise, the greater its visibility improves.

3. Transparency helps in obtaining wise ratings and reviews from customers.

What does the Product Look Like?

Customers always place a higher value on purchasing products that appear the simplest and have the most accurate descriptions. Flipkart helps you attract customers with sensible cataloguing through its cataloguing partners.

They assist in obtaining enticing pictures and clear explanations of your product. For the entire catalogue, partners develop high-quality pictures of your product and crisp product descriptions for your product.

1. Product Costing

Product pricing consists of:

1. Settlement amount

2. Item value

3. GST

4. Marketplace fee

5. Commission fee

6. Shipping fees

7. Collection fee

8. Fixed fee

Through these, you can decide the cost of a product. As a seller, it is your responsibility to do this. The settlement amount will be credited to your checking account within 7–10 business days of the shipment.

The order item value includes the selling price and transportation charges paid by the client but does not include any discounts offered by the merchandiser. GST 18% of Market Fee. The Marketplace Fee comprises the shipping fee, mounting fee, and commercialism commission.

2. Shipping

To ensure easy marketing and the best client expertise, we tend to mandate delivery to all or any customer via our provision partners and deduct the shipping price from the asking price before creating a payment to you. 

The shipping fee is based on actual or volumetric weight, whichever is greater. This is often to account for things deemed lightweight but occupy tonnes of shipping area. Volumetric Weight (kg) = Length (cm) * Width (cm) * Height (cm) * 5000


(Note-The shipping rate for forwarding shipments is applicable for Bronze Sellers exclusively. Gold and silver sellers receive a 20% and 10% discount on the forward shipping fee. The mentioned rates are exclusive of all taxes.

Local (Intra city): Items are delivered regularly within a city. Zonal (Intra zone): Items are shipped at intervals within the borders of a zone (North, South, East, West). National (Inter zone): An item that has been shipped across zones.

3. Collection Fees

A small payment assortment fee is charged to you for all paid and prepaid orders. The collection fee can vary depending on the payment type chosen by the client (prepaid or postpaid). For a paid order—supported payment entrance; for a prepaid order—supported money assortment charges. The gathering fee will be calculated on the ultimate price of a product.

The maximum price could be a total of the amounts paid by the client together with shipping charges if any (Price of Product + Shipping Charges). This may remain similar for all sellers, regardless of class and tier. Selling Price Postpaid Prepaid 0-750: 2% greater than 750: 2%

4. Fixed Fee

Fixed fees may be charged for each guarantee sale group action. A sure-fire sales group action is an order successfully delivered to the client. This fee is charged just in case any client comes.

However, no fee is charged just in case a traveller comes. This fee varies and supports the order item price regardless of the class and trafficker tier. 0-300:13, 300-500:11, 500-1000:24, over 1000: 47

Fulfilment Types

Seller Fulfillment:

Under trafficker fulfilment, you're liable for processing and managing your orders. Once you have packed and marked them RTD, an Associate in Nursing Ekart agent can collect this package and deliver it to the individual client.


Smart Fulfillment

Is a programme in which you receive assistance from Flipkart for consistently creating your warehouse, simply maintaining your inventory, and having it swimmingly delivered to your client via a Flipkart supplying partner. All you have to do is accommodate the good construction norms to reap the advantages. This construct assists you in increasing sales, improving ROI, and lowering business costs.


At Flipkart, we tend to assist you in getting the most returns with a minimum investment. That's why the Flipkart Fulfilment service offers you the use of our progressive fulfilment centres at terribly low prices. You store your product in our fulfilment centres, wherever we tend to take the utmost care of your inventory.

Return Policy of Flipkart

Sometimes, however, once your order arrives, you'll understand that the product isn't precisely what you expected. In this case, it will be of the proper size or colour; in rare cases, you may realize it's defective or broken.

What does one do now? This is often where the Flipkart Product Returns method makes your life easier. Here you will learn about the process of returning the product on Flipkart.

Here Is How The Flipkart Product Returns Method Works:

1. Just log into Flipkart and go to your Orders tab. Tap or click on "Return" to make a request.

2. Choose your practical reason to come—supported by the option of an exchange, wherever applicable. Three choices will be available: Your order will be changed to a brand new identical product of a distinct size or colour. The item in your order will be replaced with a similar product just in case it's broken (broken or spoiled) or defective (has a practical drawback that causes it not to work).

3. Refund: If the merchandise of your selection is unavailable in your preferred size, colour, or model, or if it's out of stock, you will decide you need a refund. In this state of affairs, you will select a refund to have your cash come back to you.

Depending on the type of product you want to return, your return request might have to undergo a verification method. Following verification, you'll be required to verify that your call supported the class of products ordered. Keep all the necessary items for a smooth return method on hand, including the invoice, original packaging, price tags, freebies, accessories, and so on.

Pick-up and delivery of your order will be scheduled concurrently, except in the case of exchanges and replacements. Refunds are going to be initiated and processed if applicable. Your request will be consummated consistent with Flipkart's returns/replacement guarantee.

If you have a query about how many days your refund will be processed, you can see that as soon as you fill out the returns form online, you'll receive an email at your registered email address and an SMS on your registered mobile number. 

You'll be able to additionally track the method by visiting the My Account page on your portable computer or smartphone and clicking on My Orders. If you're getting into an associate exchange, your replacement product will be delivered to you at the same time as the pick-up in most cases. Memorize to follow up on your order.

Different Policies for Different Categories

Returns may be a facility provided by various sellers directly below this policy in that the choice of replacement and refund is obtainable by the multiple sellers to you. The return policy makes many changes, keeping our loyal client base in mind. One little mistake: all products listed below a selected class might not have a similar return policy.


Consider four buckets to know our comeback policy.

1. Ten days:

For all large appliances (mobile phones, laptops, etc.) and many lifestyle verticals, you may request a replacement within ten days of delivery.


2. Thirty days:

You may request a refund/replacement/exchange within thirty days of delivery for the approach to life class, which incorporates articles of clothing (excluding nightclothes, innerwear, socks, and freebies), footwear, eyewear, fashion accessories, and jewellery (non-precious).


(NOTE: Bear in mind that for the things on top of the two buckets, Flipkart's returns policy applies as long as the items are unused, undamaged, and with all original tags and packaging intact.)

3. No returns. Certain products can't be returned.

Different Circumstances for Returning a Product

It is based on situations or the product's quality and quantity. The common scenarios of return are: If your order is broken, defective, or tampered with, first check if there's any damage to the merchandise you ordered. Sometimes, the package may seem broken, thanks to shipping and handling, but the inventory within the packaging could also be in good shape.


However, if you notice that your order has been tampered with or the merchandise isn't appropriately sealed in its box, you'll reject the order. If you see this once you settle for the package, you'll want to raise a request.

Click on the Orders tab within the Flipkart mobile app or desktop website to find the best choice. Select this and follow the remaining steps of the method. The Flipkart product return team can take over from here. Depending on the class of product ordered, you'll choose a replacement or a refund.

Unexpected match, colour, or fashion. Have you ordered a pair of trainers and discovered that they don't match you? Don't worry. Log into your Flipkart account, head to the My Orders tab, click return, select the rationale as size match issue, and choose the Exchange choice.

Exchanges are an option if the scale does not fit your needs or if you do not like the product's colour. Product returns and replacements are only available for out-of-stock items. Have you ordered a jersey and discovered that it doesn't fit?

What if there's no replacement out there in that size? You can get a full refund for the jersey from a similar My Orders tab. You'll get a refund for any product you order from the approach to life class. 

But if you want the jersey so much that you'd wish to keep an eye on it once it comes back available, click on the "send word to American state" feature. Once your favourite tee is on the market with a retailer on Flipkart, you'll receive a notification so that you've got another likelihood to shop for precisely what you wish.

You ordered one thing but got one or something else. Once notified to come back, our delivery personnel can collect the delivered product and supply you with a replacement for the specific product you ordered. 


Remember to browse the comeback policy on the page wherever your product is represented.

1. The Flipkart replacement guarantee covers each recovery.

2. If you would like a refund.

3. If you are dissatisfied with your replacement or if the exact product or model you want is out of stock, our customer service team may advise you to choose a refund.

Select the "Request to return" choice when filling out the small print from your My Orders page. Your refund is going to be processed when you get approval. Once your refund has been approved, your cash is going to be credited back to you in one of three ways:


As an IMPS transfer, if you've paid via cash-on-delivery, As a refund via a similar supply, you won't get hold of the order (called Back to Source). For example, this implies that if you paid via your HDFC open-end credit, your refund would be attributable to a similar account. As an IMPS transfer, if you've paid via cash-on-delivery, As a refund via a similar supply, you won't get hold of the order (called Back to Source).

For example, this implies that if you paid via your HDFC open-end credit, your refund would be attributable to a similar account. IMPS will return to a checking account nominated by you if you decide to direct the refund to a checking account rather than take the refund back to supply. (Available for open-end credit and net banking forward payments). A product bought from Flipkart isn't purposeful throughout its pledge amount.

The Flipkart replacement guarantee applies to the desired amount after looking at the seller's return policy and product class. First, check the replacement guarantee amount on the product page and then initiate a "return".

Contact the manufacturer's authorized service centre in your city, just like you would with any goods you purchased from an offline distributor if you discover that the thing you received has some problem or isn't operating past the specified quantity.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Is Selling Handmade Products Online Profitable?

Yes, selling handmade products online is very profitable as you get more people to sell to, and if we talk about Flipkart, it is one of the best and most trustworthy platforms to sell your products. Low starting cost, easy to set up, you can decide your product price. Unbeatable reach and delivery in every corner of India. Easy payment transfer to your bank account every seventh day.

Ways to Deliver Your Product?

When a Flipkart client buys your product, there are three ways you, as a Flipkart. Seller will deliver the product to your customers: You choose Flipkart Fulfilment. Flipkart can store, pack, and deliver your merchandise to the purchasers.Flipkart will ship your products to your customers. Self-Ship If you decide on self-ship, you may store, pack, and deliver your product to every pin code.

What are the advantages of using a Flipkart seller?

arrow down

 The advantages of using Fulfillment by Flipkart measures are as follows:

1. Each product has a Prime Badge. Enhance your opportunities of winning the offer.

2. The display is an opportunity to become the most visible offer on the product page. Once your product has the Prime Badge, your product will be more competitive and gain access to crores of our loyal Prime customers.

3. Increased visibility once customers look for the product they need to buy. The Prime product gets up to a 3X increase in sales compared to the non-Prime product. Once an associate order is placed, Flipkart handles everything from packaging to shipping your product to the client. 

4. Flipkart guarantees free and fast delivery for all Prime members up to $99. 9% of India's serviceable pin codes Flipkart manages returns and client support.

Why is the demand for handmade products high?

Many factors drive the demand for handmade products, including singularity, restricted availability, and wholeness. Customers wish to get specific things; they represent some history and have profound stories to inform them. Merchandise with these qualities emanates a way of familiarity. 

People are drawn to connective elements of product stories as they help the owner incorporate a bit of their personal history into their interior decoration and fashion accessories. Their demand is increasing daily as the new era of showing heritage and their culture becomes a trend, which is the best advantage for handmade products as the seller gets more buyers.

Why sell on Flipkart?

1. Sell in Asian markets: Reach out to over 50 million customers across over 27000 zip codes.

2. Higher Profits: With the third commission, you are taking 100% profit with you.

3. Reduced restocking fees: With the flat and low return charges, you can ship your merchandise stress-free.

4. A Simple Evaluation Calculator: You can use the easy evaluation calculator to choose your product's most influential and competitive price.

5. Marketer assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

6. Flipkart’s dedicated customer support team will answer all your queries and problems.

7. Fast and Regular Payments: Get payments as quickly as 7–10 days from the dispatch date.

Can I sell with no GST number?

You can sell online while not being GST-provided that you sell exempt products. If you sell merchandise for which GST is applicable, you should get the GST variety ready to sell online. You should take GSTIN, although your turnover is less than Rs. 20 lakh. 

It's become easy for sellers now to do online shopping through this without any issues. If someone wants to start their small set-up and doesn't have a GST number, then there is also an excellent opportunity to create just in a few steps and without any hindrance.

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