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27+ Business Ideas In Assam 2024 (Highly Profitable, Instant Cash)

27+ Business Ideas In Assam 2024 (Highly Profitable, Instant Cash)

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Assam is familiar as one of the business hubs of North East India. Here we have listed Best Business Ideas in Assam which you can implement right after reading this post. The entrepreneurs can get a golden opportunity to explore their business successfully here. The prime objective of business growth in Assam is its position and its connectivity with the other states.

The state has shared a good relationship with the rest of the North East states. Apart from that, during the past years, Assam has been experiencing a huge business boom in several sectors. Some of the renowned industries in Assam, which have been growing at a rapid pace, are tea industry, handloom, petrochemicals, personal care and food processing etc.

The Assam Government have have mentioned that the availability of Infrastructure and Plots for developed as well as semi-developed business is approximately 14,16,730 Sqm.

Top Business Ideas In Assam In 2024

Business Ideas in Assam

1. Start An Online Store

A women packing black shoes to sell them online.

In Assam, managing a good internet connection is easy to access, even in the upper Assam (comparatively remote areas). There are several dealers/ providers of internet, hence, one can easily start online business through Fynd online platform with lower investment.

It is a good platform, where the customers can get varieties of products under one roof. Especially after COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for online stores has been going up. The customers like to avoid social distancing and want to opt for an online shopping medium for meeting their daily needs. 

2. Tea Production

Four peoples plucking tea leaves in the tea fields.

Among all the business ideas, anybody wants to pick and flourish the business with Team production in Assam. There are approximately 100 tea estates across the states. The entrepreneurs want to pick Tea production as their first choice for running the business successfully, since they will not fall short of raw materials anytime. 

In addition, demand for the team will never decrease, people drink tea at least once a day. Hence, the demand for the team will remain the same. Most importantly, Assam has been experiencing as the major export industry of the state.

Approximately, Assam owns 11% share in the global supply chain of tea industry. The state produces nearly 51% of the country's total tea. Hence, Assam is the largest tea producing region across the country and one can easily flourish with Tea production in Assam career.

According to the reports published by IBEF, In India the tea was cultivated in the total area of 6.37 lakh hectares, producing 1257.52 million kilogram tea in which the contribution of Assam was approximately 77%.

Note: A famous Tea variety of Assam, namely ‘Manohari Gold’ , was sold for Rs 1 lakh per kilo at the Guwahati Tea Auction.

3. Educational Coaching Institutes

A teacher with black suit teaching some students on white board.

Running a successful educational coaching institute is always marked as another popular choice in Assam Career. Every year, a lot of students from the other parts of North East India have come to Assam to show their academic excellence.

Hence, the students are searching for a quality educational center on top priority. The aspirants of this state have been made an evidence of cracking the top notch Government (Civil Services exams) and other exams like SSC, JEE Main, and Medical Entrances. All of these indicate that the education industry in Assam is booming and it can be a good money making venture for this state.


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4. FMCG And Grocery Store

A store where number of vegetables are sold and peoples are buying

After Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for FMCG and Grocery shops has been leaping up. Human being cannot survive without grocery and FMCG even in any critical situations. Hence, opening a FMCG and Grocery Store can be a good New Business Idea in Assam.

One can experience profit in the long run. Nonetheless, if the capital is limited, then one can start their career with a small shop or a storage facility. With the passage of time, the business can be developed more and with the help of technology, the e-shopping (via online Fynd platform) apart from the physical store, can be started as per the convenience of the customers.

In this new era, most of the people are relying on online shopping since it saves the time and efforts of offline shopping. Besides, through online shopping Fynd platform the seller can be reached to a wide range of buyers, not only to nearby locality, but also anywhere across the nation. This is the other medium of stepping towards the global market. 

5. Local Handloom

A man working on handloom.

It is known that the handloom industry is one of the oldest industries across the states. Altogether, it is marked as one of the popular small business ideas in Assam. Assam is rich in terms of art of handloom and for its production.

There are plenty of e-business stores, though the state has been meeting the rising demand of the global market. A large number of customers are connected through this online Fynd platform.

This is strong evidence of rising demand for handloom products of Assam. Some of the eminent handloom products of Assam are Paat silk, Muga silk, Eri silk etc. So, starting the business with local Handloom production and having small capital can be a wise option to grow in future. 

According to Advantage Assam there are 28 lakh looms in the country out of which Assam have 13 lakh looms. The Sualkuchi in Assam is well-known as the Manchester of the East and is world renowned for its unique Assam Silk. 65.3 thousand meters of handloom fabrics the state is produced by 98 weaver extensions units and 20 Handloom production.

6. Tourism Business

Some peolpes visiting tea fields and taking pictures.

Tourism is one of the flourishing ventures in Assam. Every year, a large range of tourists come to Assam to witness its utmost beauty. In addition, to boost the tourism industry, the Government of Assam has been contributing.

For instance, there are some campaigns on the behalf of the tourism minister of Assam, which convey a message to the travelers to visit the unexplored places of this state.

From this point, it can be concluded that travel booking and tourist guide facilities can be very profitable ventures in Assam. In this context, digital marketing has been playing a major role to reach out to the large base of customers. 

7. Bakery Business

A baked bread with flour and half covered with a white cloth

Bakery business can be a good option to pick in Assam to experience growth even with a small investment. The fitness freak persons are often looking for bakery items over the high calorized cookies and cakes. The manufacturers do not use chemicals while making bakery items. 

Moreover, if the customers like the bakery product, then they can suggest the brand to others. Hence, exploration of bakery business is solely dependent on word of mouth.

Despite that, the producer can expand the bakery business to various places if the demand for the particular bakery brand is high. Therefore, the bakery business can be a good option with small investment. 

8. Fish Farming

Many water ponds in a systematic way for pisciculture.

The Fishery industry of Assam aims at promoting and developing the economic farming across the state. More specifically, the Fishery department of Assam wants to promote the commercially producing fish idea in almost all water bodies of the state.

In addition, the fishery industry of Assam has been growing sharply with the increasing demand for the item since the last few years. For instance, the fish production in Assam has increased to 3.73 lakh metric ton (MT) in 2019-20 from 2.94 lakh MT during 2015-16.

The state has been experiencing a growth of 26.87% in fish production in the last four years. This implies that the fish farming business in Assam can be a good and profitable option as Assam Career to start with. 

9. Agarwood And Related Items

A rounded wire like product made from agarwood.

The customers are fascinated about scented items. It can drive the customer’ behavior. For instance, a good and pleasant smell can handle the bad mood of the people.  More specially, the customers like to stay with the good smell around.

Agarwood has a good fragrance, which is used as raw materials for making scents, essential oils etc. Apart from that, there is a huge supply of raw materials for making agarwood in Assam, which can support the tremendous demand for the scented resonance. To support such small business production, the Assam Government has taken initiatives.

To promote the Agarwood and related items production, the Governor of Assam has activated ‘Assam Agarwood Promotion Policy’ in January 2021. This 5 year promotional policy targets to cultivate the agarwood plantation more, so that the Agarwood products sales can be increased sharply. And the manufacturers of such small scale businesses would never fall short of capital to expand the business to a large scale. 

10. Health Care And Pharmaceutical

Two doctors wearing unform and gloves performing surgery.

The demand for health care and pharmaceutical products never goes down. The medical stores of Assam are no exception. Especially after COVID-19, the demand for health care products has been rapidly growing.

In addition, the demand for Ayurvedic and Organic products are also very high in Assam. Even the start ups and local chains are competing neck to neck with the giant chain and established organizations. Only to start the business in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry, one should need to have a license of selling medicines and other related products.

To increase the sales more, the medical shops are going online (for instance, via Fynd online platform), especially after the pandemic. Only the producers need to have enough labor to engage (at least for delivery purposes in case of online business). For instance, Assam has produced multiple star entrepreneurs like Ghanshyam Das Dhanuka and Dr. Akash Das in the HealthCare industry. 

11. Start A Restaurant

Many peoples dinning inside restaurant and bar.

If you have efficient capital in your hand, then you can think of starting a restaurant business. Only before you open a restaurant, make sure the location of the store is moderate to highly populated. So that you can grab the attention of the customers.

Once you get familiar with your newly opened restaurant to the visitors, you can expect a good sale from the business. One thing you should ensure is the food quality, which should not be compromised at any cost.

In addition, in the era of food vloggers, you can expect a good promotion to reach out to a large scale of customers. Altogether the food quality, the customers are looking for ambience.

Hence, you give an Insta-friendly set up or can opt for a theme based restaurant to fetch the customer’s attraction. Once you gain success in your offline business, you can start and expand the business through online medium too (Fynd Platform). 

12. Selling Of Electronic Goods

A foot with shoe is placed on an electronic device.

Demand for mobile phones and laptops have been growing in Assam. If you think of starting a business of selling electronic goods in Assam, then go for opening a mobile phone and laptop selling company.

Only you need to hire for your store a knowledgeable and experienced person, who is eligible to deal with hardware and software related problems. To explore the business, you should need to do a little marketing and have a strong connection base on social media.

Through which, you can promote your newly opened business. To add more buyers, you should create an online store too (Fynd online Platform). So that you can deliver the products and meet their demand considering no geographical barrier is there. 

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13. Yoga And Fitness Trainer

Two womens performing yoga on the yoga mat.

Today’s generation is highly fitness freak and hence, they often visit Gym classes or appoint any fitness trainer. Assam is not lagging behind in this concept. Now-a-days, the tourists also like to explore yoga and meditation sessions to reduce their daily stress.

The personal yoga and fitness trainers of Assam have been experiencing a huge profit after starting such a venture. In addition, you should not need any investment or capital to start your career as a fitness trainer, unless you open a Gym. Opening a gym in Assam can be your long term goal once you gain enough money being a fitness teacher. 

14. Start Career As An Interior Designer

A room with sofa, tv, furniture, curtains and lightning.

People are very fascinated to decorate their homes. The residents of Assam also walk in the same path. They are often looking for interior designers to get a beautiful look of their living place. Apart from that, the commercial construction of Assam also appoints the interior designers.

People of Assam are fond of arts and crafts and want to give a touch of the tradition to their interior. This is a big opportunity for the freshers to start their career as an interior designer and can earn a handsome salary every month. All the creative minds are highly appreciated to explore the career as interior designer. 

15. Open A Beauty Salon 

Barbers cutting hair of persons inside a salon.

One can start her career as an owner of a beauty salon in Assam. There are plenty of visitors, who visit at least twice a month for skin/ hair treatment at the salon. In addition, they are seeking spa service, sometimes for relaxation.

Hence, it will be wise, if you have enough capital and a good business plan, then you can open a beauty salon in Assam. Kindly make sure about the location of the salon. It should not be opened to any remote place. 

16. Financial Advisor

A women with a book is saying something and other one is listening.

The people of Assam are now highly conscious about their investment and money saving opportunities compared to the previous. People of the states are often looking for the right way of investing money to the right project.

Sometimes, they prefer to purchase shares and want to sell at a profitable price later on, whenever, sometimes they are showing their interest to purchase land or gold or bonds for future investment.

Few of them have found it profitable to make savings through SIPs. However, before investment, they are usually getting confused. Investment should be aligned not only to get return in a lump sum amount, but also should be aligned in such a way that their future purpose can be served and they can lead a secured life.

From this point, it can be concluded that the financial advisors of Assam can get a secured career. If you are a student of Commerce or Finance background, do not hesitate and explore your career as a financial advisor in Assam. 

17. Open A Digital Marketing Agency

A tablet in someones hand and a laptop in the background.

Since the past five years, the digital marketing industry of Assam has been experiencing a sharp boom. In today’s era, people are hyper active in social media and are highly dependent on Google.

Digital marketing agencies act like a medium of increasing sales through websites, social media platforms, emails, blogs, apps. Consequently, the large scale businesses to the start up are solely dependent on digital marketing over the traditional marketing strategy.

It helps to reach out to a large base of customers and the businesses get chances to be popular. Hence, one can start their Assam career as a digital marketer and can open a Digital marketing agency as well. 

18. Open A Coffee Shop

two people sitting on table inside a cafe.

Open a pocket friendly cafeteria or coffee shop can be a good option to start the career as an entrepreneur in Assam. It is a highly demanding venture across the state. Mainly the college goers want to prefer such a cafeteria for chilling out with friends.

Just keep in mind, get the look of the interior of a coffee shop, trendy funky look or Instagram friendly apart from focusing on the quality of food and its price. Everybody likes to visit the pocket pinch cafes. Hence, investing money for opening a coffee shop in Assam can be a wise decision to get profit in the long run. 

Top Small Scale Businesses In Assam

If you have limited capital for investing in a startup business, then you can go for the following options. This article has provided you plenty of ideas to get profit from the business by opening small scale businesses.

1. Making of Tea Bags

Tea is being served in the white cups on the table.

As it is already mentioned that Assam is popular for Tea production, not only in North East India, but also across the world. The state has been exporting tea to international countries. Hence, demand for tea bags for exporting or shipping purposes is never ending in Assam.

To manufacture tea bags, the person requires only one main raw material, paper bag or jute bag, which needs moderate to low investment. An aspiring entrepreneur with low investment in Assam can start his journey with this business idea and can expect steady growth in future. 

2. Tea Processing

Four persons plucking tea with a basket on back in tea fields.

Assamese tea is not only popular for its taste, but also is famous for its flavor across the world. Every year, a large amount of black, green and white tea is produced in the global market from Assam.

Hence, demand for tea processing is also always in demand in Assam. Apart from that, one can start his own tea processing unit to make profitable the small start up in Assam.

3. Candle Making

Three Glass filled with wax on the table.

Candle making can be a low budget and home based start up venture. The residents of Assam not only purchase candles to worship god, but also to decorate homes with the scented candles.

Assam has been experiencing a sharp growth in the selling of scented candles. This innovative start up can definitely be a good small scale business opportunity in Assam. 

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4. Papad Making

Papad with plain white background.

Papad making business in Assam is pointed as the most profitable business in the food industry, which can be started with lower capital. As per the Assamese tradition, this food is served as an appetizer and hence, it is in demand in the state. Not only Assam, papad is consumed with rest of the Indian states. Hence, one can opt for the papad making venture in Assam if the budget is constraint. 

5. Catering Service

Food placed in the buffet servers in a proper line.

If you are pretty good at cooking, then you can go for the opening of a catering service in Assam. The people of Assam are not only looking for catering service for any occasions or events, but also few of them are relying on such service for their daily fooding purpose.

In that case, the owner of the catering service should look after the hygiene along with the food quality. A good business plan will lead you to earn handsome profit from the business. If the capital is limited, then you can start the business from home only. Word of mouth can be a good option to promote the business then.  

6. Blogging

A women using phone and laptop with a glass on the table.

If one is good at writing, creative thinking or if he/she is tech-savvy enough, then go for the blogging. It is one of the best low invested business ideas in Assam. A blogger can get ample chances to earn money.

Only you need to use the right strategies to expand the business to the large scale. For instance, to hold the top ranking positions, the blogger should only need to do proper research. It in turn helps him/ her to get huge traffic. 

Top Business Ideas In Assam For Women

Women in Assam are not left behind the men in running successful businesses. The women of Assam can go through the following idea to start their career with the respective domain, which they find most suitable for them. 

1. Courier Service

A man holding some package and women is writing on paper.

Courier service in Assam has a good career prospect in the industrial sector. The women do not need to deliver the parcels to the customers. Only they need to look after the entire process such as shipment, generating tracking.

Initially you can start as a franchise partner. Since, this is one of those domains, where you need to learn a lot for making the delivery process smooth and the customers can get their parcels on time. There are plenty of existing labels in Assam courier service and cargo franchise opportunities. 

2. Bake Cake Or Own A Bread Owner

A baked bread with some flour and half covered with cloth.

Bakery and cake shops got enormous prominence not only in the metro cities of Assam, but for it has gained popularity in small towns and cities of Assam. The owner needs to bring varieties in the product range, such as cookies, biscuits, sweets, donuts and non-veg snacks to grab the attraction of the customers.

It will increase the sales of the newly opened cake shop. Apart from that, multiple national and global large chain bakery brands are providing franchise opportunities to the Assamese bakeries. The women of Assam can opt for this venture to get a secured profitability in near future. 

3. Poultry Farming

A number of red-brownish chickens.

As per the statistical report, approximately 95% Assamese like meat and eggs. Hence, poultry farming can be a good option of starting a business to meet the huge demand. The demand for these items will never fall.

Only the entrepreneur needs to invest approximately INR 25000 to 30000 if you start with 300 chickens. In Assam, a woman can expect a lucrative profit and well run business. 

4. Production Of Bhut Jolokia

Red, green and yellow chillies half of grey dish and half on the grey surface

It is known as the World’s hottest chili, which is only available in the Northeast region. Assam is blessed with ideal climatic conditions for the Bhut cultivation. It can be one of the popular business ideas for women in Assam.

Though the price of Bhut Jolokia is INR 2100/ Kg, however, demand for this chili has been increasing due to its use in peppers, cooking, pickles, dips, and chili sauces. It is also used to decrease asthma, arthritis, toothache and muscle pain. Bhut Jholokia can also beat the excessive summer heat of the tropical region. 

The entrepreneurs are suggested to get connected with the Fynd platform, to reach out to a large scale of customer base with their product/ business ideas. In turn, the entrepreneurs can expect a sharp growth in sales in their respective businesses.

Fynd platform (eCommerce platform) helps the startup entrepreneurs to reach the target audience, so that they can generate profit within a short period of time. Not only the sellers, the buyers can experience beautiful shopping facilities.

In addition, if the startup owners will be associated with the Fynd platform, they can easily upload their product catalog on several renowned online marketplace like Facebook, Myntra, Ajio, Google Merchant Center. 

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hero image

Which business is best in Assam?

The most popular and profitable business is related to the Tea industry. Assam exports tea also in the global market. Assamese tea is popular for its taste and smell. This implies that one can get multiple options to start a business around tea like café, tea packaging, manufacturing of tea bags etc. 

What are the top and profitable small businesses in Assam?

Some of the top and profitable small businesses in Assam are tea packaging, candle making, papad manufacturing, opening of catering services, starting of blogging etc.

Which is the most profitable business in Assam?

arrow down

The most profitable business in Assam includes tea production, petrochemicals, personal care products, and handloom business. Assam is enriched with natural resources like limestone, coal, water and more. 

What are the most in-demand small business ideas in Assam to start your business?

Some of the most in-demand small business ideas in Assam are social media consulting, senior care services, Health care business, financial advisor etc

Which is the best side business?

Some of the best side business ideas for full time workers are podcasting, part time content writing, freelance proofreading and editing, stock photography, travel reviewer etc.

What are good future business ideas?

Here are the top listed future business ideas for 2024, which can expect a bright future for 2025, 2030 and 2050 and beyond. Some of them are: Outsourcing business, Internet of Things (IoT) industry, 3D printing, Business in real estate, healthcare industry etc. 

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