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OMS Introduction

What is an Order Management System

Order Management System a.k.a OMS allows you to manage orders placed by your customers.

What can you do with Fynd Platform OMS

With Fynd Platform OMS, you can manage the entire journey of an order coming from your websites or marketplaces, right from a newly placed order till the delivery. Moreover, it allows you to handle the returns too in case your customers send back their orders.

Our enterprise-grade system helps you do the following:

  • Search orders placed by customers
  • Check order and shipment details
  • Process new orders and returned orders
  • Generate invoices and labels
  • Perform bulk actions on multiple orders or shipments
  • Handle manifests
  • View analytics

While Fynd Platform OMS is not just limited to the above functionalities, it caters to your requirements (both basic and advanced) and ensures a hassle-free seller experience for you.

Relation of OMS with Customers

Before we dive into Fynd Platform OMS, let’s take a minute to understand the relationship between OMS and customers.

Once a customer performs a successful checkout, an order would be created in the system. Post delivery, customers can return products if they are unsatisfied.

Therefore, any OMS mandatorily revolves around the following scenario:

  • Customers placing an order
  • Customers returning an order

In the next section, you will learn more about the usage of OMS to manage the above scenarios.