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Logistics support

Please contact our Logistics support team for issues related to delivery and pickup. For example, pickup or delivery not taking place, urgent delivery or pickup, etc.

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Order pickup guidelines

Stores/Warehouses should conform to the following timelines to meet the SLA:

Store/Warehouse ActivityDelivery Partner Responsibility
Orders processed before 11 AMPicked up same day
Orders processed after 11 AMPicked up the next day

Escalations: If the order is not picked up as per the timelines, store/ warehouse can raise an escalation through our Order Management System (OMS). Our team will respond and schedule pickup within 24 to 48 hours.

Order Pickup Process

Before taking action on orders not dispatched within 3 days, we follow the below steps:-

  1. Sending emailer to all the stores whose products are not dispatched for greater than 1 day.

  2. We call the stores informing them that Order processed by store is not yet dispatched.

  3. Lastly, we follow escalation matrix if we don’t get any support from the Store Staff.


If the store is unable to handover the order within 3 days, the order will be cancelled and tagged as ‘Store didn’t dispatch’.

Brands need to follow the below guidelines to ensure efficient pickups:

  1. In case the pickup location is a mall and the delivery personnel is not allowed entry by mall authorities, the store has to handover the shipment outside the mall premises.

  2. Store/ warehouse must document the following details while handing over the shipment for delivery.

    1. Date of the handover
    2. Delivery personnel details
      1. Name
      2. Contact Number
      3. Employee ID
      4. Signature

Pickup disputes

In case of pickup related disputes

  1. Store/Warehouse has to provide the signed manifest within 24 hours of escalation.

If the manifest is not provided within 24 hours, the issue is closed and order will be marked as “cancelled by Fynd”.

  1. If the store intends to reattempt dispatch, a pickup is scheduled, else the order is cancelled and tagged as ‘Store didn’t dispatch’.

Packaging guidelines

Store/warehouse should pack the shipment in appropriate packaging based on its contents:

  1. For Clothes: Use proper packaging

  2. For H&T products.

    1. Use Bubble wrap/shrink wrap/Cardboard roll.

Damaged/ Wrong product delivered to Customer

In case of damage in transit/ wrong product received by customer, the store or warehouse will need to produce the CCTV footage taken at the time of packing the order.


In case the store or warehouse does not use appropriate packaging materials such as, Bubble wrap/shrink wrap/Cardboard roll, Fynd will not be liable for the damage.