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Bundle Percentage Discount

How this promotion works


Buy items(BI) is the minimum number of items eligible for a discount Percentage Value(D) is the fixed percentage discount
Maximum Discount Amount (MD) (optional) is a maximum limit to the discount
Minumum Cart Value (MCV) (optional) is the minimum price of the cart items
Apply coupon on exact quantities (optional) if checked, will apply the coupon only to the specified Buy items and if unchecked, will apply the coupon to more than the specified Buy items


Buy 1 get 10% off,
Buy 2 get 15% off,
Buy 3 get 20% off,
Let’s say you wish to purchase 2 items worth total ₹ 2500


Coupon Discount = Min(MD, (CV*D/100))


CV = Cart Value of n items
D = Percent Discount for n items
MD ­= Maximum Discount limit specified for n items

In this example

On adding 2 items,
n = 2
CV = 2500
D = 15%
MD = 400


Min(400, (2500*15/100)) = 375

Cart Value
Coupon Discount

Let's consider the following example

  1. Let's create a new promotion. Select the 'Bundle Percentage Discount' from the list.


Figure 1: Create Promotion

  1. Enter the basic details.


Figure 2: Basic Details

  1. Select the priority (1 being the lowest) and schedule. Higher the number, higher the priority.


Figure 3: Priority and Schedule

  1. Set the restrictions whether you want the promotion to be stackable, final. For e.g. if you set it to stackable then this promotion can be applied to the product with other promotions. If you select final then no other promotions can be added after this.


Figure 4: Restrictions

  1. Add the rules that will be applied to the promotion. In this example, 10% discount will be applied on the purchase of 1 item, 15% on the purchase of 2 items and 20% on the purchase of 3 or more items.


Figure 5a: Add Rules


Figure 5b: Add Rules


Figure 5c: Add Rules

  1. Set the conditions. You can set multiple conditions for the rules by selecting the 'OR' option. In this example, we set conditions as follows: 10% discount for rule 1, 15% discount for rule 2 and 20% discount for rule 3. After setting all the conditions, click Create.


Figure 6a: Set Conditions


Figure 6b: Set Conditions


Figure 6c: Set Conditions


Figure 6d: Set Conditions

  1. Your promotion is created, you can navigate to the PDP page and add items to the cart to view the promotions applied.


Figure 7: Promotion's Page


Figure 8: Promotion Applied

Here the promotional amount of ₹ 636 (20% of 3180) is applied as 3 items are added to the cart.