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How to access on Fynd Platform


Customize the name, logo and sequence of the sort feature.


Figure 1: Configure the Sort Feature

How to configure the sort feature in product listing page


Here you can shuffle the sort options. All you have to do is drag the option and place it wherever you need. Type to search box allows you to search and add the sorting options.


Figure 2: Configure the Sort Settings

  1. Icon - You can add an icon for individual sort options. This icon will be displayed alongside your sort options only if your theme allows it.

  2. Enable/Disable - You can choose to show or hide a sort option in the list.

  3. Display label - Here, you can change the name of an individual sort option. For e.g., you can change the display label 'Latest Products' to 'New Releases' that will be reflected on your website.

  4. Move to position - This is an alternative to reshuffling. Here, you can manually enter the position at which you want a sort option.

  5. Set as default - If you click this, the selected sort option will be used as a default sort. For e.g., if you have selected 'Price High to Low' as your default sort, your products will be arranged from a high to low price.

  6. Delete - You can delete a sort option in the list.

  7. Save - You can save changes to a selected sort option in the list.