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How to access on Fynd Platform


It's always recommended to show sufficient details of any product to your customers. A product with less or no details will naturally tend to have fewer buyers as compared to a product that has more and accurate details.


Figure 1: Configure the Details Feature

How To Configure Product Details Section On Your Website


You can select a template in which you wish to create groups. For e.g., Topwear, Swimwear, etc. Type to search box allows you to search and choose the desired template.


Here, you can shuffle the groups. All you have to do is drag the group and place it wherever you need. For e.g., drag and drop the 'Marketer Details' group above the 'Product Details' group.


Figure 2: Add new Group or Edit Group

  1. Add Group - Click on this to create a new group for details on product description page.
  2. Edit - Click on this to change details of the existing group.
  3. Remove - You can delete an individual group in the list.

You can't undo a deleted group. Later you can create a new group with the necessary attributes if needed.

Add Group

Here, you can shuffle the attributes. All you have to do is drag the attribute and place it wherever you need. For e.g., drag and drop the 'Country Of Origin' attribute anywhere above the 'Primary Material' attribute.


Figure 3: Add details to new Group

  1. Group Name - You can provide a suitable name for your group. For e.g., Product Details, Marketer Details, etc.

  2. Attribute - Here, you can select attributes from the dropdown list to add to a group. Use Search options to search and add attributes in your group. For e.g., Material, Country Of Origin, etc.


All the attributes may or may not apply to a given product. Therefore, you must decide the sequence of attributes based on its relevance to the customer.

  1. Display label - You can change the name of an individual attribute. For e.g., you can change the display label 'Primary Material' to 'Raw Material' that will be reflected on your product description page.

  2. Remove - You can delete an individual attribute in the list.


It might take up to 1 hour to view the changes. Since these configurations aren't used regularly, the caching duration is active and new changes might take some time to reflect on your website.