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Information Privacy

How to access on Fynd Platform

Ignore this option if you don't use the app in your physical stores.


Sellers typically collect a lot of customer data through apps during the buying process in their shopping store, and this data needs to be kept secure to prevent unauthorised access or misuse. PII (Personal Identifiable Information) masking helps to achieve this by concealing certain elements of the customer's data. For example, mobile numbers can be masked so that only the last few digits are visible, and email addresses can be masked to prevent spam or phishing attacks.

Steps to mask Personal Identifiable Information

  1. Go to Settings section of your sales channel (Refer Figure 1).

  2. Click Information Privacy.


    Figure 1: Opening Information Privacy

  3. Turn ON the toggle button to hide/mask customer information on your website (Refer Figure 2). This will hide personal identifiable information such as mobile number, name, email ID, and so on.


    Click Know what's masked to know more about list of masked attributes of customer information.

  4. Click Save.


    Figure 2: Turning ON Toggle Button

Final Output


Figure 3: Enter Store Domain or URL in the Mobile App


Figure 4: Masked Customer Details while Selecting Address


Figure 5: Masked Customer Details on Order Summary Page


Figure 6: Masked Customer Details on Order Status Page