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Product Listing Page

A product listing page is a webpage on a website that displays a list of products for sale. It usually includes product images, descriptions, prices, and other relevant information, such as ratings and reviews. Users can browse through the products and use various filters and sorting options to find what they are looking for.

How to access Product Listing Page in your website?

Below are the steps to access Product Listing page:

  1. Select Product Listing Page from dropdown menu.
  2. Pop-up window appears with PLP section.
  3. Customise subsections in Product Listing section.

Below are the configurable options of the PLP section:


1. Show Product Numbers

Showing product numbers in a product listing page on a website refers to displaying a unique identifier or reference number assigned to each product. This allows customers to easily identify and locate specific products in the listing.

Check the Show product numbers tick box if you want to display the number of products on your store’s product listing page.

2. Show Tags and Badges

Tags and badges in a product listing page are visual cues that provide additional information about the product to the user. Tags are usually small icons or labels that indicate certain features or attributes of the product, such as "new arrival," "bestseller," "limited stock," or "sale."

Badges, on the other hand, are graphical elements that highlight specific information about the product, such as the product's rating, number of reviews, or certifications.

Select the Show tags and badges checkbox if you want to display tags and badges to the users.

3. Back to Top

A "back to top" button on a product listing page in a website is a small arrow or button that, when clicked, immediately scrolls the user back to the top of the page. It provides a convenient way for users to navigate back to the top of a long product list or page without having to manually scroll back up, improving the overall user experience.

Check the Show back to top button checkbox if you want to display the button that takes your user back to the top of your product listing page.