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A screen saver is an animated image or video that is activated on a device when no user activity has been sensed for a specific time. This section is for creating a screensaver and adding it to your website.


Figure 1: Screensaver - Main Screen


How to create a screensaver

Creating a Screensaver

  1. Media type - Your screensaver can consist of more than one image, video or a combination of them.

  2. Upload - Upload your media files like images and videos.

  3. Build Link - Add a link so that when a user clicks on this slide he will be redirected to that link.

  4. Add Screen - You can add more slides in your screensaver, if required.

  5. Slug - It's a human-readable part of any URL that makes it easy to identify the content of the page.

  6. Platform - Select the platform (Web, Android, iOS) on which this screensaver should be displayed.

  7. Start Time: Enter the time (in seconds) of inactivity after which this screensaver will be displayed.

  8. Duration: The time (in seconds) allotted to an individual slide in the screensaver. Note that if you are using a video in your screensaver, the length of that video should be less than the duration entered here.

  9. Start Immediately - Start screensaver immediately after loading the website.

  10. Enable/Disable - Enable or disable the screensaver on your website.