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Landing Page

How to access on Fynd Platform


Landing page is the first page that gets displayed to your customers when they visit your website. Here you can choose what you want to display on your landing page.

For e.g., you can display your contact page or company profile on your landing page.


You can set your landing page for Web, Android and iOS, distinctly.

  1. Select a Link Type as shown below. Click here to view a list of all valid links.


Figure 1: Landing Page Settings - Main Screen

  1. Choose an appropriate option. In this case, we have chosen products from Apple brand to be displayed on our landing page.


Figure 2: Landing Page Settings

  • Add Query - You can add a key value pair for the link.
  1. Visit your website and check the landing page.


Figure 3: Landing Page with Apple Products

Custom Links
Directly enter the link of any webpage

About Us
A page containing the application and company details

Basic Profile
A page displaying a user's name and gender

A specific blog post or an entire list of blogs

List of products belonging to a specific brand

All products with an optional department filter

Cart showing items added in the shopping bag

All categories with an optional department filter

A page displaying the curated collections of items

A page displaying 1 specific collection of items

Contact Us
Contact page for customer queries and suggestions

Shows to the created form

A page that contains frequently asked questions

Points to the current home page of the website

Notification Settings
App settings for SMS, Email & WhatsApp notifications

Displays a history of all the ordered products

A specific custom page or an entire list of pages

Shows the privacy-policy drafted for the website

Shows a page containing only a specific product

Display all products or a filtered list of products

User's profile details; name, email, phone & address

Profile Company
A page containing store name and code of an employee

Profile Emails
View all the registered email addresses of a user

Profile Phones
View all the registered phone numbers of a user

Rate Us
A page for obtaining user ratings and feedback

Refer & earn
A page for sharing the app through referral code

Saved Addresses
View all the physical addresses saved by the user

Saved Cards
View all the debit or credit cars saved by the user

Section Pages
Use a drag and drop customizable page

A page for selecting currency, language, and store

Terms & Conditions
Shows the terms and conditions page of the website

Track Order
A page showing the status of an order by its Order ID

A list of desired items yet to be added to the cart

Admin Panel
A link to the admin-panel of the current website