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Managing Extensions in Fynd Platform


The management of extensions in Fynd Platform is straightforward and convenient. With a diverse range of functions and features, extensions offer a lot of options, and you can perform basic actions such as setting permissions, enabling/disabling, or uninstalling them.

View Extensions

To access the list of all installed extensions in your company, follow these steps:

  • Login to Fynd Platform.


    Figure 1: Fynd Platform Dashboard

  • Click Settings.


    Figure 2: Clicking Settings

  • Go to Extension.


    Figure 3: Clicking Extension

This will provide you with a complete overview of all extensions currently installed in your company.


To reach out to the extension's support person or service and obtain assistance related to the extension, follow these steps:

  1. Click Details for the specific extension you need support for.


    Figure 4: Clicking Details

  2. Click Get Support.


    Figure 5: Clicking Get Support

This action will direct you to the Support Details section.

Set Permissions


Figure 6: Teams Section In Fynd Platform

  • Go to Team section in Fynd Platform.
  • Open individual's entry to which you wish to set permissions.


Figure 7: Setting Permissions

  • Select a Custom role from the dropdown.
  • Select Extensions option present in Company Access section.
  • Extension Access - Choose either All Extensions or Specific Extensions option. Using this section, you can set permissions to access extensions for your team member.
    • All Extensions - Choose this option if you wish to grant access to your team member for all extensions that you have installed in Fynd Platform.
    • Specific Extensions - Choose this option if you wish to grant access to your team member for particular extensions.
  • Save - Upon clicking this button, your configurations will be saved.

Activating/Deactivating Extension

Turn ON the toggle button present on the top-right on the homepage of extension that you wish to activate and click Save.


Figure 8: Activating Extension

Uninstall Extensions


Figure 9: Extensions Section In Fynd Platform

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Extensions.
  • Search the extension (that you wish to uninstall) in searchbox by its name.
  • Click Unistall.
  • Select the reason of uninstallation from the dropdown.
  • Click Remove.


Figure 10: Choosing Uninstall Reason

  • Choose Uninstall reason from the dropdown.
  • Click Remove.

In this way, your extension has been uninstalled successfully.


Follow the same steps to uninstall private extension.