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Using Multi Brand Manager Extension


The Multi Brand Manager extension helps sellers to create or add multiple brands for their products using a single CSV file. Earlier, if a seller wants to add various brands to the Fynd Platform, he would add each brand using the Profile section. This process is cumbersome and time-consuming. To avoid this, the Multi Brand Manager extension facilitates uploading multiple brands in one go.

How To Use Multi Brand Manager Extension

Steps to use Multi Brand Manager Extension

  1. Go to Extensions in Fynd Platform.


    Figure 1: Extensions Section - Fynd Platform

  2. Click Multi Brand Manager extension.


    Figure 2: Multi Brand Manager Extension


    Once you have installed this extension, it will be available in the list here.

  3. Click Bulk Upload.


    Figure 3: Clicking Bulk Upload Button

  4. Click Download Template to download the sample file.


    Figure 4: Clicking Download Template Button

  5. Open the sample file.

  6. Fill details of your brands in the sample file.


    Figure 5: Details of Multiple Brands

    Please upload images of the brand with the file specifications mentioned in the table below.

    Accepted Image TypesMax. Image SizeAspect Ratio
    Logopng, jpeg2 MB1:1
    Landscape Bannerpng, jpeg2 MB27:20
    Portrait Bannerpng, jpeg2 MB13:20


    All fields in the file are mandatory except 'Description'.

  7. Save the file.

  8. Click Select a file to upload the saved file.


    Figure 6: Clicking Select a File Option


    Click Validation Log to download the log of your brands in the uploaded file. You can use this feature if your brands have errors. After correcting the entries of the failed brands, please remove the entries of the verified brands before uploading the file again.

  9. Click Proceed.


    Figure 7a: Clicking Proceed Button

    You will see that the generation of multiple brands is under progress. Please wait until its status changes from IN PROGRESS to COMPLETED.


    Figure 7b: Status In Progress


    Figure 7c: Status Completed


    You can click Refresh to update the status of the processing file.

In this way, your multiple brands have been created successfully.


Figure 8: Successful Addition of Brands