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How to Sell Flipkart Products on My Website (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

How to Sell Flipkart Products on My Website (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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The expansion of e-commerce in India has changed the online shopping experience for consumers as the business has grown into a profitable one. Selling products from Flipkart on your website is one of the most acceptable ways to expand your consumer base and open a broad market for your business.

Flipkart is one of the top marketplaces and helps small, and new enterprises proliferate, especially given the online shop's variety of products. You can create your unique personalized website with the help of Fynd site builders that are available to your service. Book your slot for a demo online.

Many of them provide user-friendly tutorials, a selection of pre-designed site themes, and connect with your social media applications. When you run your business online, you have more control over consumer targeting and remarketing, especially as your company grows.

You can use several marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click advertising, customized email lists, and targeted campaigns through social media to reach potential customers. This article will teach you how to sell Flipkart products on my website.

Basic Details Required to Become a Flipkart Seller

Basic Details Required to Become a Flipkart Seller

If you want to sell on Flipkart, a person or business needs to become a Flipkart Seller by signing on with the Flipkart portal. The procedure for signing on as a Flipkart Seller is easy and can be started from the Flipkart Seller homepage, and it hardly takes a few minutes.

A person can sign up as a Flipkart seller by providing information about the products the seller offers to sell through Flipkart. Some details that need to be supplied and verified through the Flipkart Seller registration process include.

The below-mentioned documents have to be compelled to be submitted:

1. Name

2. Email address

3. Contact number

4. Address for pickup or business

5. The variety of merchandise the industry is fascinated with selling through Flipkart

6. Business Registration documents.

7. Tax enrolment documents 

8. Address proof

Listing the Products on my Website

Listing the Products on my Website

The key objective is to offer top-selling items currently in demand and excellent services. Determine whether you wish to sell the product as a sole owner, a private firm, or a foundation. It would be highly beneficial for sellers to tap into a sizable client group and receive improved sales chances, particularly considering the potential of the future marketplace in the digital age.

You can design a menu for your website's visitors to quickly scroll through your collection. You need at least one product to begin selling. You can increase the listing once you get the website up and running. Once the website has been operational for a while, you can expand the listing.

Keep the product's pictures and description prepared. For the customer to make a well-informed choice, it is essential to present accurate and thorough product information.

Make sure to choose the appropriate category for the product before you start listing your catalog. Even with vast consumers, incorrect category selection can contribute to lower sales and prevent your product from being seen.

Product Categories to Sell 

Product Categories to Sell 

Online retail stores considerably influence buyers because they allow customers to shop for a wide range of goods from the comfort of their homes. Several of the popular categories include:-

1. Beauty supplements include face serums, body washes, moisturizers, lip balms, etc.

2. Groceries

3. Beauty products – makeup kit, foundation, lipsticks, etc.

4. Health supplements 

5. Fitness equipment – yoga mats, resistance bands, dumbbells

6. Clothing

7. Home Décor

8. Furniture

9. Jewellery

10. Baby care products

11. Smartphone

It is essential to consider the most trending and profitable product to sell. Select the one that offers the maximum growth rate and the potential for long-term profit. 

Link with Flipkart 

Link with Flipkart 

Suppose you are using it for searching, commercialism, or affiliate marketing. In that case, Flipkart is one of the most effective online stores with its massive variety of merchandise and services across various classes like physics, fashion, home décor, baby care, gaming, books, automobiles, sports, and more. 

Variant affiliate marketers have created heaps of cash promoting the Flipkart affiliate program on their websites. If you wish to be part of the Flipkart affiliate promoting the program, too, you have to sign in with Cue links and begin exploiting our tools.

This two-minute content monetization tool helps you legitimize your website and promote alternative affiliate programs on the side of the Flipkart affiliate program. You'll earn a Flipkart affiliate commission for the class of merchandise that a user purchases on the Flipkart website.

It would be best if you met a couple of requirements before you can begin earning from the Flipkart affiliate promoting program. First, you would like to possess a PAN card; second, it's obligatory to maintain an internet site. The rest of the necessities vary depending on the pull-out you decide on. 

There are two sorts of withdrawal methods:

1. The Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

2. Bank account information is required.

3. Canceled cheque

4. The Electronic Gift Voucher (EVG)

5. Address proof is required.

You can promote a Flipkart product via two platforms: either an internet site or an Associate Nursing app. The majority use an internet site for product promotions since it's easier to create an internet site than an associate using an app.


Below, we tend to square the measure by mentioning some product classes and their commission percentages:

1. E-learning and books (10%)

2. Coins made of gold and silver (0.1%)

3. The school provides toys (10%).

4. Baby care products (10%).

5. Fragrances and sweet merchandise (10%)

6. 10% comes from the household.

7. Small household utensils (8%)

8. (4%) large appliances

9. gift cards (1%).

10. Quick Grocery Stores on Flipkart (18%

11. Grocery store products (18%)

Besides this, Flipkart jointly pays for its automated app installation. There is a straightforward calculation of pay rates depending upon your mode of referral installation.

How to Register on the Flipkart Affiliate Program?

How to Register on the Flipkart Affiliate Program?

If you are wondering how to sell Flipkart products on my website, join a Flipkart affiliate. You must create a Flipkart Partner Network (FPN) account. Earlier, you created an account. You need to log in and fill out the application form. Later, you will need to wait for an email from Flipkart substantiating your approval of the companion program. 

You can easily make money by promoting and selling Flipkart products on your website. Also, Flipkart has a trustworthy image among the consumers, and they also develop trust among the audience who visit their site, so if you link your website with Flipkart, it will help you gain and attract more traffic to your website. Hence, Flipkart is the best website to associate with your website. And in this way, you can sell Flipkart products on your website.

How It Works?

The Flipkart affiliate program is easy to use. All you've got to try to do is refer folks from your website to Flipkart. You earn money when people click on your references and links. This cash is incomplete once the resident creates purchases on Flipkart. There's a range of choices that you can get through the affiliate program.


These choices can provide you with several avenues through which you'll link your website and its website. You'll add made-to-order and made-content to your feature price and spruce up your website. There is minimal risk involved, and the method is advantageous, which suggests that you shouldn't renounce.


For those who want to link their website here, as a procedure, you need to click on the 'Website details' compartment and enter the website URL. This method can take around a quarter-hour. Citizens who need to market Flipkart or merchandise through a mobile app must enter the app store link. Now, folks that don't have a website or an internet site should initially obtain a website and host it to form their website. 


If you wish to disclose your country and affiliate in the payment data section, open an associate account for a corporation and choose 'Organization' as an alternative to keep the company with the particular account.

Choose your Payment Methodology—Triton or EGV

Choose your Payment Methodology—Triton or EGV

For the Triton mode of payment, you wish to grant your bank details and transfer a canceled cheque and PAN card. It is important to note that you cannot provide bank details from one bank and a canceled cheque from another.

Flipkart is one of India's leading e-commerce platforms, and having an association with them will give you access to an enormous pool of potential customers. It helps attract traffic to your website, and you get paid for your work.


If you choose the EGV mode of payment, then you will need to provide address proof and transfer your PAN card. The compensation received through the EGV methodology isn't to obtain Flipkart merchandise.

1. Commission Rate

This is an excellent way to achieve financial gain because it could be a passive financial gain stream. The boot is a perfect way to promote products you love and use yourself. When a client clicks on one of the affiliate links and makes a sale, the publisher can earn a commission.

The commission rate depends on the merchandise class and ranges from 0% to 100%. Flipkart affiliate commission rate could be a proportion of the sales that an associate affiliate earns from mercantilism products on the platform. The commission varies depending on the merchandise class; however, it's typically around 100 percent.

You can find all the main points relating to the Flipkart affiliate commission list on their website for promoting products to your audience. The Flipkart affiliate selling commission differs from alternative affiliate programs within the market. Before enrolling in the affiliate program, you should browse the terms and conditions.

If you have a bigger audience to push affiliate products to, you'll be able to sign in with an Amazon affiliate conjointly. The Flipkart affiliate commission is more than Amazon's.

As a result, Flipkart offers a better commission rate for each sale created through associate affiliate links. And you earn more profit through investing your time on Flipkart. For Example, if you create an asset on Flipkart via an affiliate link, you may earn a 100% commission, whereas, on Amazon, you may earn a 50% commission.

2. High Conversion Rate

All the people working with Flipkart have been impressed by their high conversion rates. These all are the best rates in the nation. The competitive costs and Flipkart's outstanding assistance criteria indicate the site's importance ratio. To add to this, Flipkart permits entire derivative launches. There is always more revenue, which leads to more development within Flipkart.

Things to be Kept in Mind while Being a Seller of Flipkart Products

Things to be Kept in Mind while Being a Seller of Flipkart Products

1. Get the Paperwork Wholly Done:

Get the Paperwork Wholly Done

When you try to get into this world of selling through digital websites, you must ensure that you can keep the paperwork completely done with due diligence. It would help if you did not skip any of these steps. While selling over Flipkart, you must complete a few formalities at the initial stage.

You need to get a few business permits and a necessary license (if required) according to the type and location of your business. For more such information, you can also refer to other sellers or may visit the Flipkart website to know more about it.

2. Submission of All the Official Documents

 Submission of All the Official Documents

Only you can go official if you thoroughly follow the above steps. You must check and ensure that you have crossed off all the important and required documents, including registration of name and other permits, trademarks and patents, copyrights license, bank accounts, the structure of the business, and many more. This process may seem a little tedious, but it will be worthwhile in the future.

3. More Selling of Uncommon Products

 More Selling of Uncommon Products

To increase your sales, you must ensure that your product stands out from the crowd. You should manufacture different and unique products, which is possible only when you choose your manufacturers carefully. If you think of selling the consequences of some other brands, you should try to get the best deals by comparing the selling price of the different wholesalers.

4. Avoid the Sale of Fragile Items

Avoid the Sale of Fragile Items

To be a good and ethical seller, you should not pick items that seem too brittle or fragile. If you are facing any storage problems, you should choose items in small quantities as they will require smaller space. And a good seller will always ensure that he has enough items in stock to meet the desired customers' demand. 

And If you get the option of choosing the products according to your choice, then you should go for the ones with a good shelf life as it will lead you towards higher profits. Else, Products that do not have a good shelf life might end up making a loss because these items may expire.

5. Participation in Events

Participation in Events

You should participate in all the different and exciting events conducted. Such as spike sales. Such events will allow you to make the best of the product categories. Participating in these events can attract many buyers by offering them great discounts and limited-time deals. 

You can become a top Flipkart product seller by reaching out to the maximum number of customers. So to be a highly successful seller, you must ensure that you take part in these events with full attentiveness and enthusiasm.

6. Attractive Packaging

Attractive Packaging

As we all know, customers love unique packaging. Sellers must ensure an excellent overall appearance and premium type of appeal of your product. The product shown on the website must adequately match the images and descriptions available. And in this way, you can easily attract customers.

It would be best if you showed dedication to providing top-quality products to the desired customers. This will help you generate more sales with good reviews and high ratings. Hence, you can achieve customer loyalty by following these small and essential steps.

Your packaging should be done in such a way that it can help you impress and attract a large customer base. So the seller must invest in good E-Commerce packaging so that it will look good and will also help in providing a safe environment while in transit. 

7. Advertising


By advertising your products, you can get a lot of visitors. You can also do this by conducting campaigns for your products. This will help you in putting up ticks in your sales value. 

If you follow this process, Flipkart will give you an advantage, i.e., It will show these products as one of the most featured products on the related pages so the buyers can easily click on the ads and know about your items eventually. This is a very effective way to achieve success in Flipkart selling.

8. Keeping a Check on the Inventory 

Keeping a Check on the Inventory 

It is also an essential thing that the seller should keep in his mind. He should personally check the stock available. During significant sales periods, he should stock the products in sufficient quantities; otherwise, customers may be disappointed due to delays in deliveries. He should maintain a good and transparent relationship with his customers and follow the rules ethically.

This will help him in achieving success quickly on such a platform. If any customer returns the product due to any of the issues, then the seller must ensure that these issues should be resolved timely and must not get repeated in the future. 

9. Tax Treatments

Tax Treatments

We should pay the taxes at appropriate times to avoid unwanted issues. Suppose you don't have much knowledge about Tax adjustments and other treatments related to them. In that case, you can go through many other blogs and visit Flipkart to get a rough idea about the rules and regulations you must follow while paying the Taxes.


The digital world has replaced traditional shopping plans from the market. Customers have changed their buying habits. And according to the reach of the consumers, most business players have understood the need to sell their products and services online. 

Starting a business is an uphill task that may involve vast amounts of money. But if we talk about online businesses, it is pretty clear that there is no need to focus on such parameters.

You need a will to start a new business and must be capable of reaching out to a large base of consumers searching for the products daily. Selling via Flipkart doesn't need much effort to create a business segment. It might seem a little bit intimidating if you are unaware of the process of doing business via Flipkart. 

10. Promoting Flipkart Products

Promoting Flipkart Products

You can also earn by promoting Flipkart products. Through the Flipkart earnkaro affiliate link, you can start sharing and promoting particular products with your family, friends, or any other group by promoting such products. 

You can earn a guaranteed amount of commission on every specific transaction which has been done through this affiliated link. And there is one more benefit. It allows you to withdraw the commission earned by you as and when required. 

If you have reached a prophet equal to or above rupees 10, you can file a request regarding the withdrawal of your money. You can transfer this straight off into your appropriate bank account. 

11. Large Customer Base

 Large Customer Base

More than 100 million customers are registered on Flipkart, making it the biggest marketplace in India. So to start any business, you can choose an appropriate segment allowed by Flipkart and then create a catalog for your product. 

If you want to sell on Flipkart by becoming a partnership firm, it will give you an excellent opportunity to sell more. You can sell a wide range of products. You can easily attract your desired customers by offering them exciting offers, lucrative combos, deals, and discounts. It will also help you in optimizing your earning potential.

You must note that the seller need not be required to have his trademark registered to sell on such websites if the website permits it. But on the other hand, if you want to get protected from brand hijacking, you must apply for a trademark.

Most categories need trademarks, but regular products only require an invoice from the authorized distributor of such products. For example, if we talk about the variety of clothing, you can quickly obtain brand approval without any document or trademark involvement. In some cases, Flipkart also has an option to block the listings by throwing an error, saying that you are required to submit a trademark for such a transaction. So, this puts the seller in a safe place. 

Who can Sell on This Platform?

Who can Sell on This Platform?

It's well known that the answer to this question is prevalent. After falling the above-given steps and choosing a business structure, you are good to move ahead. There are a wide variety of products that one can sell.

This includes consumer electronic items, makeup and cosmetics products related to the lifestyle, products to be kept in the bathroom, jewellery items, home decor items, slippers and shoes, home appliances, products of high-rated brands, and many more.  

Many such items are restricted from being sold over these websites. Here is a list of such things:

1. Properties

2. Real estate

3. Harmful or detrimental chemicals

4. Large pieces of machinery

5. Imported medicines

6. Inputs related to farming

7. Sex toys

8. Parts of the different cars, etc.

About Fynd

By making the products available to the 10 crore customers who have registered with them, Fynd can aid in the expansion of your company. You can easily and quickly build your website with just a few clicks, then use the platform to run and expand your business.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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How do I sell products from Flipkart on my website?

1. Choose a web host for your website.

2. Choose and secure your domain name.

3. Create your online store's website.

4. Purchase an SSL certificate.

5. Establish a merchant account.

6. Establish your pricing.

7. Take beautiful pictures of your products.

8. Create compelling sales copy.

How do I launch my brand on Flipkart?

Create an account at Include a list of your products under distinct product categories. Once an order has been received, package the item and indicate it is "Ready to Dispatch."

Is a barcode required to sell on Flipkart?

arrow down

UPC/EAN codes facilitate online sales and make your job simpler. These are necessary for almost every online retailer to manage their products and carry out online deals. However, using UPC/EAN codes is not required.

How can I quickly sell everything?

Here are the top 3 ways to liquidate everything before leaving:

1. At a garage sale, sell your belongings. Organizing a massive yard sale is probably the easiest way to sell everything you own before moving.

2. Online merchandise sales.

3. Sell your belongings along with the house or apartment

What is the best-selling product worldwide?

Items of fashion: The fashion industry dominates the global economy in almost every nation.

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