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How To Sell On Flipkart Without A Trademark (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

How To Sell On Flipkart Without A Trademark (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

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The Flipkart platform is an aggregator model e-commerce business run by the Indian firm Flipkart. When you list your product under a brand name on Flipkart, you can be sure it will attract lots of attention and business. And chances are, your efforts to trademark it will be well-received.

So, if you have a brand and want to list it on Flipkart, it's safe and ideal to register the brand name in the Flipkart Trademark Registry. This will give you exclusivity and make it more difficult for copycats to imitate your brand name and list their products on Flipkart.

The Flipkart Brand Registry is a repository of trademarks registered with its e-commerce platform. It includes trademarks for products and services sold by Flipkart and trademarks for brands owned by Flipkart. Here's how to sell on Flipkart without a trademark and register a brand!

What is a Trademark, and Why is it Important?

A registered trademark is a symbol, logo, word, slogan, or company name. It protects your status and stops other businesses from trespassing on your intellectual assets. Trademark registration online is an easy process. Trademark protection in India demands that owners use it regularly, increasing promotion and advertisement across all platforms. They also help security, allowing for easier enforcement against breaches and copying.

There are three types of trademarks:

1. A trademark (for products) 

2. A service mark (for service-based businesses) 

3. A trade dress (unique packaging)

Benefits of Trademark

1. Important Assets

It is a valuable asset for your company or business. These assets continue to grow in value over time. The value of your trademarks increases automatically as your company grows. As a result, as your company grows, so does the value of your brand.

2. Brand Safeguarding

A trademark registration establishes ownership of a brand, name, or logo. It safeguards your brand against unauthorized third-party use. This demonstrates that the product is entirely yours, and you have the sole right to use, sell, and modify the brand or goods in any way you see fit. 

3.It gives a Sense of Individuality to the Brand.

Every business requires a brand or logo to stand out and differentiate the brand from others, so a unique and different brand must be registered. As a result, a registered logo gives your brand a distinct identity. 

4. Tool for Simple Communication

Yes, it is an effective and simple communication tool. They are the ones who speak for themselves. It is easy to determine which brand your product belongs to. For example, if you see a silver-colored half-bitten apple on any device, whether a laptop or a phone, you know it's an Apple product.

5. Customers will Find it Easy to Find

Customers can quickly locate a product with a registered label. Because it is a powerful tool with a distinct identity, it is easily traceable, and customers can easily find your product. It Lasts Forever Once registered, a trademark lasts forever. Any company that registers a trademark owns it for life. Yes, the registration is renewed every ten years. However, the brand's identity will live on in continuity.

Consequences of not Having a Trademark

1. Since you lack a property right, you are exposed if you decide to spend money on advertising for your company.

2. Susceptible to theft. Anyone may apply to the Trademark Registry for registration of a trademark if it is not already done so. A person who acquires this right may forbid others from using the trademark or pursue legal action to seek payment for use.

3. Your trademark cannot be assigned, act as a guarantee, or be a part of a franchise because it is not registered, so there is no ownership to support it. A business opportunity has been lost as a result of this.

4. Reduce confusion. You must altogether avoid a brand similar to yours entering the market. Customers may mistakenly believe it is the same good or service, resulting in lost sales and unfair competition (they might market a defective product under your trademark and charge less).

Can Products be sold on Flipkart without having a Trademark?

Yes, since it is not mandatory to have your trademark registered to sell on Flipkart, you can sell your products. But it is advised to get a trademark to avoid brand hijack.  Due to the pandemic situation, online sales have grown exponentially to a large number. Most people prefer to choose the online market over the offline market. This could also open the doors for brand hijackers.

What is the Brand Registry on Flipkart?

A brand registry is a platform on Flipkart where sellers can upload their brand and products for sale on the Flipkart platform. Registration of a brand registry is vital when selling the Flipkart platform. You must get product and brand approval, without which you will not be allowed to sell on the forum.

A Brand Registry is required to improve the marketing and quality of your product. The brand registry helps protect your intellectual property and create an authenticated, trusted customer experience.

The primary purpose of registering a brand is to preserve and build the brand of a product and create a better customer experience. Once your brand is registered, Flipkart gives you several ways to grow your sales. And practical decisions and an excellent solution for cost-saving and time-saving.

Brand Logo

The brand logo represents the company's name and identity. The consumer will mainly focus on the brand's logo while buying the product to ensure the effects are authentic. If the company's brand logo is unique and not similar to another brand, the brand will cover and impress the customers.

Things to Remember while Designing your Brand's Logo

1. The attention of people: When you want to get attention from customers, the brand logo is the first step to moving on.

2. The first impression should be strong: When you introduce your brand that is uniquely designed, it creates a strong belief in the minds of the consumers. A unique brand logo will make them curious about the brand. It helps the company to build trust among the customers.

3. Increases brand loyalty: When a company provides a good quality product to the customer, a customer will purchase the product again if the company logo is attractive among customers in the market. It will help a company to bring customers again and again.

4. Brand Tag: A brand tag includes a barcode, place of manufacturing, MRP, and other requisite details. We can find the title on clothing, shopping on it. It's imperative to ensure the product details are given accurately to avoid miscommunications.

5. Brand Packaging: Packaging the product is one of the basic requirements to address while designing a product. It helps build brand visibility and viability among the customers, which supports branding. Some of the companies promote their trademark with their packaging.

How to Sell on Flipkart without a Trademark: Steps

First, to sell goods under their brand name without a trademark, merchants who want a brand registry must either have their trademark brand-approved or have neither the trademark nor the brand-approved trademark.

You can not start listing your products until your brand is registered. So to do that, follow these steps

1. Go to the dashboard and click on listings.

2. The page will direct you to two options, add a single listing and add listings in bulk. Select the "Add a single listing" option.

3. Search for your product category and select it.

4. After selecting the desired category and the specific type of product that you want to list, the page will display some norms. 

5. These norms are the types that are included in that specific category.

6. After reading them, you'll be given the option to choose the brand. 

7. Type the brand name you want to sell, which is not registered yet. 

8. On the other hand, an option will appear that if your brand is not registered, you can click on "apply for brand approval".

For brand approval, you'll have to give details about your brand logo, website name, sample MRP tag images, and documents (if you have a trademark certificate, add it, if not, you can add any purchase invoice), select the document type, etc. After that, click "apply." Your brand name might take around 2-3 working days to process. The minimum time required is 24 hours. After the processing, you'll receive a notification on your mail or Flipkart dashboard.

A Physical Audit is a Next Step

The next step after the brand approval request is a mandatory physical audit by Flipkart. This audit will decide whether the seller is permitted to sell the requested brand or not.

Flipkart needs to ensure that the seller is doing a legit business by following all legal and industry guidelines to sell in the requested category, so the auditor performs a physical check of the seller's premises. Please note that: Audit will not be conducted for all the products but for selected ones based on the discretion of the Flipkart authorities.

The Audit Process:

1. Seller initiates approval for their specific category.

2. The auditor/quality champion visits the seller's premises.

3. They perform a check as per Flipkart standard requirements.

4. These audit results are published in my Audit section under the listings.

The Audit Outcome:

1. You can sell in the requested brand/category if you pass the final audit process.

2. If you fail the process, you can check for the reasons under my audit section, rectify them, and apply again.

3. If you repeatedly fail the audit process, you have to contact Flipkart customer service, and they will explain the exact reason you failed along with what needs to be done to pass the audit process.

Key Points to Remember:

1. The process becomes easy if you have all your documents in place.

2. Understand the legal complexities and make sure all the requisites are correctly followed.

3. Ensure your licenses are updated, so your brand gets approved on the first attempt.

4. Ensure no discrepancies in the details filled in and proof attached.

5. Be legally robust and take help from IT experts to avoid duplication of work.

Listing on Flipkart without a Trademark

People now prefer to shop online after the pandemic, and Flipkart is a major player in the e-commerce sector. Many people are interested in selling online but worry that the procedure might be time-consuming. On Flipkart, you can list your products with less effort than on other online marketplaces.

You must be sure of your product category and accurate information for your products before beginning your Flipkart product listings. To sell something on the website, the seller needs to have at least one item to sell something on the website.


The title has no specific attributes, such as the item name or product title. Flipkart uses a title logic that takes characteristics into account. You will use the product model's title and other specification attributes. Put the Model Name and Model Number in this manner.


The product image must be clear, have a white background, and have a resolution of 1100 pixels in either length or width. Please adhere to the image requirements and upload the mandatory images marked with an asterisk.

To give your customers a better experience and help them learn more about your product, it is advised to include as many pictures as you can. Information graphics can improve a product's visibility. 


Correct information, such as color and size, must be included when listing products with multiple variants. In Flipkart, the procedure to change the size or color attribute takes a while. Please contact seller support if you need to change any attribute templates.

Adding Variations to a Current Listing

You would have used Group ID to create variations if you had used bulk listings. Deviations can only be made with brand approval. Click on My listings under Listings. To access the three dots for each product, click on the dashboard. You can see whether this category approves variants by clicking on Add Variants.

You can include variations for categories like clothing, shoes, and so on. After creating the variations, you entered all the data for new listings. If the old listings contain any values, You will fill the variation listings with those values.

Description and Keywords, How do They Matter?

You should use one thousand characters to describe the product concisely. Don't forget to include product-related keywords. There isn't a specific program that is only for Flipkart keywords.

However, you can extract Flipkart long tail keywords using and the Google Keyword Planner. Give your keywords as much space as you can. Additionally, make sure your keywords are highly potential and relevant. You can also discover the most searchable long tail keywords by typing your product name into the Flipkart Search Bar.

The symbol || can be used to divide up keywords when adding information in a bulk upload. Keywords shouldn't contain any references to other brands. SKU ID: SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit, and SKU ID is a particular identifier that only applies to one specific product.

Listing Management Keyboard

1. Active Listing: 

This is the listing that is currently available for sale and visible to customers.

2. Inactive Listing:

 You have marked the listings as fixed, so they are no longer visible to customers. 

3. Archived Listing: 

This is similar to deleted listings. However, the listings are not removed; you can continue to use them as needed.

4. Blocked Listings: 

Flipkart has taken down these listings due to violations of its policies, such as incorrect features, excessively high or low MRP, copyright and patent infringements, etc.

5. Ready for Activation: 

This section will display listings that were previously unable to be activated for various reasons but are now prepared for activation.

Catalog on Flipkart

The seller must fill in information like the seller's SKU ID, brand color, pack of, image URLs, group ID, EAN/UPC, description, search keywords, key features, etc., inside the Flipkart Catalogue template. Download the catalog template now, and then fill it out with as much information about the product as possible. Although providing additional details increases the product's visibility, the mandatory information is sufficient.

Save and upload the catalog file once all the information has been entered. Please refrain from changing the file's name. Send your catalog to QC. You can carry out subsequent steps after receiving approval. The catalog template must be correctly filled out and finished without errors or warnings if Flipkart listings are bulk uploaded.

QC Verified Sheet

The QC verified sheet includes information about the MRP, discount, selling price, shipping costs, HSN code, package dimension, stock count, Flipkart seller details, etc. Flipkart will show the product attributes' errors if any QC errors are found during the quality check. You must use the error tag to fix any mistakes.

Causes of QC Failure

Failure could have several causes, such as a product image with the MRP, a blurry vision, the inability to upload all sides of the image, the absence of the product weight, the manufacture and expiration dates, the license number, etc.

You cannot use the same product image repeatedly for different products. It will display an error message that reads "Product Already Listed" along with the relevant FSN (Flipkart Serial Number).

Additional Benefits of Listing your Goods include:

1. Customers are guaranteed to have all the information while shopping if the descriptions are detailed. Because of this, it might increase your sales.

2. Your products' visibility increases as more information are made available about them.

3. Receiving favorable ratings and reviews from customers may be facilitated by transparency. Additionally, it aids in building customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising for the product.

Why should you use Flipkart Listing with SEO? 

You might believe listing your product on Flipkart alone will generate sales, but this is untrue. The product needs to be marketed with commitment. You can increase sales if your product is high-quality and customer service is sincere. You can increase sales by improving your SEO. These Flipkart hacks are essential knowledge for every seller.

Additionally, some SEO guidelines are as follows:

1. Know who your product's target market is.

2. Choose the keyword that best describes your product.

3. Put your keyword(s) where they belong.

4. Engagement on social media

Starting a business as a seller on Flipkart is simple because online marketplaces make it simple to sell your goods. It is a straightforward process, and effective marketing will increase your sales. Better quality, a more appealing image, and a good description will increase sales.

How will the Cost alter without a Trademark?

Despite lacking a trademark for your product, Flipkart has the lowest operating costs in the industry. You can save money on your purchases by using the most affordable rate card, a small fixed fee, and transparent delivery costs based on the weight and size of the seller's goods. Consequently, selling the products on Flipkart is less expensive.

Here is the Flipkart marketplace fee schedule:

1. After dispatch, the funds will be credited to your bank account as the settlement amount within 7 to 10 (subcategory) business days.

2. Order Item Value: The purchaser is liable for the purchase price, shipping costs, and discounts the seller may have provided.

3. Included in the fee levied by the marketplace are a fixed price, a shipping charge, and a commission for sales. 

Along with that, it has

1. Commissions are based on a percentage of the order item value (subcategory and category specific).

2. The shipping charge is computed based on the item's weight and shipping address.

3. Collection fees or transaction fees from payment gateways are included in collection costs.

4. Flipkart's minimal fee for each transaction is one of the fixed costs.

Flipkart's Shipping is the Key

The shipping cost is estimated using the higher the supporting meter weight and the actual weight. Measurements for bronze, silver, and gold are based on the sum squared. Once you register as a vendor, you are immediately put in the bronze tier. Afterward, you will be promoted to the above level based on your performance indicators. Gold and silver tier merchants also reduce the forward shipping fee by 20% and 10%, respectively.


The packaging would be a more delicate and crucial part of the shipment. While rigid packaging is necessary for all products, those without a trademark may need to pay more attention to it. The merchant might sustain some loss during the return and resell scenario. They won't eventually be eligible for significant Flipkart benefits because their products are not trademarkable. To ensure rigid shipping, they must offer sturdy packaging, such as bubble wrap or elastic wrap. 

Conditions for Fulfilment on Flipkart

You can systematically organize your warehouse with the aid of Flipkart Smart Fulfillment. They also assist with the maintenance of your logistics, efficiently store your products, and deliver them to your customer via a Flipkart logistics partner.


All that is required to enjoy the advantages is the acceptance of intelligent construction standards. This increases sales and returns on investment while lowering your company's overall operating costs. Additionally, it allows you to drive lots of traffic to your website. You'll get an F-assured budget, a symbol of dependability and quality, and your listing will benefit.

Additionally, it will lead to higher tiers and sales for you. A well-organized inventory will also result in fewer returns from customers. The most important aspect is how quickly customers receive your products. The rigid packaging of merchants won't be a problem thanks to Flipkart's Smart Fulfillment approach.

You can make sure that your goods are handled carefully. Self-ship Shipment Product classes may be able to help vendors fill orders for specific product categories, including furniture, big-ticket items, and artwork with substantial frames. Flipkart does not directly assist sellers.

Packing, shipping, delivery, and returns are all included in these costs. Sellers may choose to assign a third party to manage a similar transaction. You should be responsible for taking care of the painting on your own. Books and handmade items might be challenging to wrap. 

To prevent it from breaking or being damaged during shipping, make sure it is wrapped in thick bubble wrap. If it does, you are in charge of the remaining obligations. The Vendor's sole and exclusive responsibility is to ensure compliance with the Self-Ship Fulfillment policy's Code of Conduct by its supply partners.

The seller is responsible for ensuring that the product is delivered to the customer within the predetermined time frames. Such orders may be associated with a service or facility when the item is returned in an exceptional circumstance.

The benefits of fulfillment requirements include a reasonable budget, efficient order processing, and stringent quality control. It guarantees a secure and user-friendly payment system and offers high-quality packaging supplies. A product must perform significantly better than the benchmark.

You must fulfill the following conditions before continuing:

1. When you sign up for express working, you must process and mark your order as RTD during the time slot designated by Flipkart.

2. Sundays are a day of work for sellers who engage in Sunday sales.

3. You would have to sell ten units or more every day to qualify.

Will Trademarks Affect your Profits?

It is now appropriate for Flipkart's merchants to receive payment as the product listing, packaging, and shipping of the item have all been completed. However, how would you know if your sales are up to par, how would you know if your products are being sold for a fair price, and will the trademark have an impact on your payments?

Well, trademarks help set your business apart from the competition and help you stand out from the crowd, which makes it simpler to win over customers' trust and ultimately attract and keep them. 

A trademark can act as a promise by coming to be associated with a standard of quality or level of service that clients can rely on. It relates to a specific brand's reputation. Because of this brand recognition and when trademarks protect certain goods and services, competition is prevented from providing an identical product or service, and revenues are increased. Trademarks may impact your sales, but with time and the following advice.

1.Think about what your clients might want. 

Examining current issues and becoming familiar with customer demands will give you essential insight into what to sell. Success in any industry depends on knowing and satisfying your customers' needs. Catered to their needs and gave them what they wanted. This will inspire you to try new things in your field of expertise that could revolutionize the industry. 

2. Embrace the allure of social media.

Everyone knows these platforms' advantages for your company in the modern, technologically sophisticated world. Each day begins with a quick click on one of the most exciting posts in a person's online feed, ending with one. 

Opening an account on social media and showcasing your skills is an excellent way to appeal to viewers from various demographics. You will experience an increase in sales and stardom on the charts.

3. Establish a good reputation by delivering timely.

Everyone enjoys the rush of receiving their desired item, so they all want their order to arrive as soon as possible. As a result, their ability to quickly satiate their cravings will be advantageous to your company.  Because of this, even a tiny delay will cause your trade to decline significantly. Take it as a warning to stay away from it.

How will You be paid?

Flipkart uses NEFT transactions (online banking) to transfer payments to the seller's registered bank account. The funds are wired directly to the seller's bank account within 7 to 15 business days of the order being shipped. Both prepaid and postpaid accounts have access to the seller's dashboard, where they can see the details of each payment amount. Customers must pay for order delivery using a credit or debit card, an e-wallet, net banking, etc.

Prepaid accounts will be used as the payment method. Cash-on-delivery options are available on postpaid accounts. Additionally, Flipkart pays out a sizable sum for settlements related to Flipkart Fulfillment, seller protection funds, and advertising services. Flipkart utilizes a different account for each payment from one of these two accounts. Only when a positive balance between these two accounts is the sum credited to the seller's account.

Returns and other factors could make the ratio harmful as well. Different products have different marketplace fees that must always be kept in mind. As a result, depending on the product, the seller may receive an additional total selling commission. 

Why Would You Trust Flipkart?

The primary goal of business owners is to expand their company because this continuously increases their profits. Even if a seller's business is in a famous market, its recognition may not be as widespread as it could be.

So, how are they going to solve this? By establishing an online business. When they sell their goods online, they can reach a wider audience and increase their visibility among customers in other Indian cities. Customers from other towns who like the product won't have to wait to visit your store in person to buy it. 

They can conveniently buy your products online and take advantage of home delivery. Therefore, online sales increase your profits while also benefiting the customer. Some of the explanations for starting an online business include the following: 

1. Access to a large customer base throughout India.

Flipkart provides the seller with a platform and the opportunity to grow their customer base and enhance their category results. When you sell on Flipkart, you have immediate access to more than 1 million registered users. You can ultimately guarantee your company's presence in India with this single decision, which aids in its transformation.  

2.To profit from the lowest business costs.

The seller can set up their online business more affordably without renting a space or shelling out cash for furnishings. Flipkart has reduced its commission and fixed fee across several product categories to allow sellers to keep a more significant portion of profits and reinvest them in expanding their online presence.

3. Ship and deliver without difficulty.

Because of its effective pick-up and delivery system, Flipkart gives the seller an advantage. Due to the hassle-free pick-up and delivery of goods through more than 200 pick-up hubs and 10,000 delivery personnel, you can enjoy the delivery process and even insure yourself against losses with the Seller Protection Program.

4. The retailer uses clever marketing.

The sellers can promote their products for a reasonable price while getting specialized marketing advice. Partners are introduced to you when you list your products on Flipkart. These partners can help with product cataloging and photography to make them look appealing to customers, advise on promotions and advertising, and even help with business decision-making.

5. The seller's requested data is obtained.

The seller must use the information Flipkart provided regarding current trends, consumer demands, and quickly moving products. The data that Flipkart collects on various subjects can be used to identify the products in high order. You can grow your business by selling the products online while keeping these things in mind. You can easily register on the simple seller platform and use it to manage and grow your business.

How to build your eCommerce Website?

Want to build your eCommerce website? Your most excellent option for operating a successful e-commerce firm is the Fynd  platform. The tool enables you to monitor and respond to the demand for goods sold on different platforms.

Additionally, you can use the tools offered there and sell your products through the Fynd platform. We may state that the platform provides a broader range of applications, allowing you to make more money.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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I don't have a trademark. Can I still sell my goods on Flipkart?

No, registering a trademark is not required to sell on Amazon or Flipkart, but doing so is advised to prevent brand hijacking.

Can I sell items without a brand name on Flipkart?

Yes, you can sell unbranded goods on Flipkart if you are the product's manufacturer or possess a legitimate invoice. It follows that you lack a trademark certificate, bar code, etc.

A regular person can sell on Flipkart?

arrow down

By providing the necessary product and business information, Flipkart enables individuals and businesses to register.

What does Flipkart's brand approval mean?

Brand approval on Flipkart is a requirement that a seller must follow, as stated by the Flipkart team. It aids the platform in weeding out duplicate products and raises the quality standard across categories.

How do I ship my goods to Flipkart?

Log into the seller account you created. Select "Self-Ship Orders" from the drop-down menu after selecting the "Orders" tab. To see every new order received, click "New." When an order is prepared for packing, fix it and select "Ready To Pack."

How do I create a brand account on Flipkart?

1. After choosing a category, click "Select Brand" to enter brand information.

2. Enter the brand name on the following page. After that, click "Check Brand."

3. You can select "Continue" to move forward if the request is approved.

4. If your request is denied, click "Apply for Brand Approval."

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