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How To Sell Old Clothes On Meesho (Step By Step Method)

How To Sell Old Clothes On Meesho  (Step By Step Method)

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India is a growing market, and everyone is looking for more and more opportunities to start a business and make money from it. In this diverse market, reselling is one of the best options a person can consider and implement. 

Reselling clothing has become popular in recent years. Reselling on Meesho has recently grown in popularity because it has many users and offers excellent services to suppliers and customers.

Reselling is very different from average selling because you don't need to be dependable for anything; instead, you just need to work on your marketing and connectivity. To learn more about how to sell old clothes on Meesho, read this article.

What Is Reselling

What Is Reselling

Meesho is one of the most amazing websites for sellers and resellers. Meesho's registration process and payment services are the finest among competing platforms. India is great for marketing and selling products on the E-Commerce platform. Now, the question of what exactly you mean by "reselling" and what advantages it has over "regular selling" of a product arises.

A reseller purchases goods to resell them for a profit later. Since retailers buy products and services in bulk from suppliers, they frequently get deals. Then, resellers establish a connection between producers and customers by delivering goods and services to customers through resale. 

How To See Old Clothes On Meesho?

How To See Old Clothes On Meesho

These experts assist firms in saving time, money, and effort by minimizing the cost of marketing and selling their products. Meesho is one of the most practical platforms for users if they want to sell their used clothing because it has millions of users, especially women, who are active on the site.

Meesho is the best site if you want to make money selling used clothing because it is primarily recognized for reselling. This online marketplace lets you get the best price when selling unwanted clothing and accessories.

Benefits Of Reselling Products On Meesho?

Benefits Of Reselling Products On Meesho

Reselling enterprises have several systems that provide you with a competitive advantage. The benefit is that you may ensure the quality of the supplier's item before it reaches your clients by keeping things first.

As a result of the supplier's offering the lowest price for resellers to resell, if you want to pursue this career, you will benefit more. Work hours can also be adjusted as needed. Thus, this occupation may serve as a viable alternative to side employment. 

1. Saving Money

Yes, because there is no upfront expense, it is cost-saving. In contrast to a distributor, who demands a large margin, you are free to set your prices as a reseller.

To assure your profitability, you can select the best product for your business, purchase it reasonably, and then sell it for what it costs. As Meesho resellers, you will have complete control over pricing. The more margin you set, the more money you make, but not more than the MRP.

2. Easy Registration Process

Yes, the process is straightforward for all users if you wish to register as a reseller on the Meesho E-Commerce platform. All you need to do is log in to Meesho and follow the instructions on the dashboard.

3. Large User Base

Meesho is a well-known platform in India, and we cannot deny that many resellers are registered there. Suppose anyone is considering starting a reselling business on Meesho. It can be an excellent idea for them because their products can reach many people in a short amount of time.

4. Flexibility

Reselling gives you some job flexibility because it lets you select various manufacturers and goods to sell. Suppose you are a small reseller with a limited inventory. In that case, you might be able to switch items rapidly to increase earnings and lower the risk of demand for your product changes.

5. Quickly Expanding

Reselling adaptability and profitability might make it simple to grow the company swiftly, notably if you utilize web marketing and sales platforms. You might be able to grow your business rapidly and affordably if you have a solid understanding of the market and connections with your suppliers.

6. A Productive Business Procedure

After establishing a customer base, resellers can fill customer orders right away. They already have a list of dependable suppliers who can complete requests quickly, making this viable. Therefore, resale is the more suitable business strategy because resellers can devote more time to finding new customers and seeking more lucrative goods to sell and advertise.

How Has Reselling Old Clothes On Meesho Become So Popular In India? 

How Has Reselling Old Clothes On Meesho Become So Popular In India

The bright IITians of our country have put India to great heights with their fantastic startup ideas, and Meesho is one of those successful startups. It was founded by two IIT Delhi alumni, Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal, in December '15.

It allows small businesses to resell their products on their e-commerce app and website by just registering themselves sitting at home without a single investment! This attracted large and small businesses towards it. Even the sellers who used to sell on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., now choose Meesho to sell their products.

It’s well known that people get goodies at the best prices at local markets, and Meesho is an online market for those goodies. The low prices of stuff attracted more and more customers towards it, which increased the revenue of the local business people who registered themselves on Meesho.

The main reason why Meesho became successful was that it targeted middle-class people, who constitute a significant portion of India's population.  Seeing the growing demand for this startup, it was funded by Facebook in 2019. It became the first Indian startup supported by an American social media company. In just a few years, this startup is competing with large companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. 

People nowadays prefer Meesho over these apps because of the low prices of goods available here. And in this way, Meesho is establishing itself as one of the successful startups in India. In this way, reselling clothes has become an excellent idea through Meesho.

Things To Keep In Mind While Working As A Reseller On Meesho

Things To Keep In Mind While Working As A Reseller On Meesho‍‍

Reselling is a business that anyone can start with zero investment, just at home! The only thing you should invest in here is your time. If you are a complete beginner in this reselling field, don't worry! Here are some points listed which you should keep in mind before you start and know how to sell old clothes on Meesho.

1. You should first go through the prices of goods on other websites and compare them with prices on Meesho to get an idea of how much margin you can grab from reselling those products.

2. Always resell products from trusted brands or sellers who don't compromise on the quality of goods. Your customers only know you as a product seller, so they will complain if the rate is not standard.

3. First, try selling products to your close ones if you have no idea about this field. It is a saying that if you can sell your products to your friends, you can sell them to anyone! The same applies here too! 

4. They will tell you if you commit any mistakes, and you can correct them, which will help you immensely. And in this way, once you learn the art of selling, you can land on the broader market now!

5. If you want more customers, keep the profit percentage low first. Once customers start buying from you and see your quality and price, they start trusting you and can become your regular customers too!

6. Always remember that less profit & more customers are better than more profit & fewer customers if you want to enlarge your business.

7. Try to understand the latest trends and what goods are in demand nowadays in the market. Keep updating your products based on that so that the customers can also get impressed by getting the latest items. This will make you a professional reseller.

8. Keep researching different products you could resell and make a list of all of them.

9. Try to understand that all customers are not the same. Don't show all your products to all customers. Some customers need cheap products while some need stylish and latest ones. So never share affordable products with good customers as this may affect your image. You will eventually learn this once you start selling your products. 

10. Keep your catalogs attractive and colorful, containing all product information briefly. This will psychologically attract customers to buy that product. 

11. Try to keep the products which you can deliver as soon as possible. Some products take about 10-15 days to return, eventually leading to the cancellation of ordered products. 

12. The delivery should at least be within 7 days. Also, try not to charge shipping charges from the customers. As a result, you'll have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

13. Whenever you resell a product, it's better to know about every detail of that product. For example, if you are selling Kurtis, learn about the types of Kurtis, types of clothes, latest styles, how they are manufactured, etc. If you keep the above-listed points in mind before starting your reselling journey, you will become a successful and professional reseller.

How Much Can You Earn In A Month By Reselling?

How Much Can You Earn In A Month By Reselling

Your monthly earnings depend on three factors which are mentioned below.

1. The Margin on Each Product

This is the difference between your products' making and the selling price of your products. For example, if you are selling t-shirts online and the making price per t-shirt is Rs. 100 ( which includes the cloth charge, tailor charge, etc.) and you sell it for Rs.200. Then your net margin, in this case, is 50%.

2. The Number of Items Sold

This is one of the significant factors that affect your earnings. The more the products get sold, the more payments you have through Meesho. To accelerate the selling of your items, you should make the product image more attractive to the audience and add all the details about the product. 

For example, if you are selling t-shirts, you should style your t-shirts in a good way for the picture and add the required details like the clothing material, size chart, color, etc. By doing this, customers can easily trust and buy those products.

3. Quality of Your Products

You should never compromise the quality of your products as the customer may return the consequences if the quality is not as per the price. Also, customers often rebuy the products from sellers with good quality goods and write good reviews.

So, by assuring the quality, you can increase your sales too! If you keep all these points in mind, your minimum monthly income may vary from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 500,000, depending on how well you follow these points.

How Do You Register Yourself On Meesho?

How Do You Register Yourself On Meesho

You don't have to worry much to register on Meesho. You can easily do it in just a few minutes if you have all the required documents. Before discussing the writing steps, let us know about the required documents.

1. Your bank account details

You should have a bank account (savings or current, both are acceptable) and provide the details like account number, IFSC code, etc. All the transactions will be associated with this single bank account. So it's better that you should have your bank account in a trusted branch that is easily accessible for regular transactions. 


GSTIN stands for "Goods and Services Identification Number." It is a unique 15-digit code given to all businessmen to avail the benefits of the GST scheme. You can easily register with GSTIN for your business. You should have your pan card and some other documents for that. 

3. Phone number and email id-

Try to keep a separate phone number and email id for official purposes so that you don't miss any important emails or phone calls. So if you have all these ready, it will take just a few minutes to register on their website.

1. Visit Meesho's website, or you can also download their mobile app from the google play store. 

2. First, provide your phone number and email id and create your account on Meesho.

3. Give the details of GSTIN and your bank account as asked on the website. You don't need to worry about your data. You will secure it. You can blindly trust this website.

4. Prepare attractive catalogs of your products and upload them on Meesho by providing all the required product details. Try to keep the product heading short and catchy. 

5. Enlist them in their respective categories. For example, if you are selling Kurtis, it will be in the fashion category, and the subcategory will be ethnic wear. This makes it easy for customers to find your product on Meesho. 

And you are now a registered seller on Meesho! Whenever you receive an order, Meesho delivers it to the customer and charges a minimal fee. All the payments received by the customer are transferred to your bank account within a few days after the order's delivery is successful. 

Why Choose Meesho To Resell Your Products?

The best point about Meesho is that you can start your reselling business here with zero investment. You only need a laptop or mobile phone with a stable internet connection. There is no need to pay in advance for the items at your home or in some warehouse for the products you want to resell. 

You can directly resell those items, and Meesho will deliver them to your customer without mentioning their name anywhere. You don't have to worry about providing the product to customers. Meesho will handle everything and charge significantly less, unlike other platforms, which demand large amounts of money to deliver, and you have to pay in advance for all products you want to sell on those platforms. 

Hence, it is a very professional platform to kick-start your reselling career. The bank transactions are also speedy and smooth in Meesho. You quickly receive your payment once the order is successfully delivered to the customer whom you sold that item. Usually, it takes 7 days to receive your payment in the bank account.

Meesho targets the middle-class population who predominantly buy online nowadays. Hence, the chances of your products resold increase as the buyers are more, and they typically prefer Meesho nowadays over other platforms. 

Meesho has many products on its website, so many choices are available to resell. You can easily choose from them. You can also select a specific category and excel in that one particular category. For example, if you are a woman, you can try selling fashion products as you already have a lot of knowledge about the latest trends and know what a customer wants.

If you are a student, you can check out the electronics section as you are well aware of the technology. So this will lead to more earnings. The plus point about reselling is that you are your boss! You can work whenever and wherever you want with just a mobile phone in your hand. But remember, the more time you invest in it, the better you will earn.

You might initially make less once you learn and explore this field. Students can also do it as part-time work for some pocket money, though the amount they will get from here will be much more than just pocket money if they work sincerely for a few hours every day. 

Moreover, it is a very user-friendly application. Anyone without knowledge about this field can also use their application very quickly. You can also use it in your own vernacular if you face problems using it in English.

You can use it in almost all Indian languages. Hence, you should consider that Meesho would be your best option if you want to start your reselling business. So what are you waiting for? Register now!

Meesho Seller Return Policy 

Meesho has a very user-friendly exchange or return policy. It has some terms and conditions, which are as follows.

1. You can choose the return or exchange option until 7 days after the item's delivery. A Meesho associate will come and collect the item from your doorstep, and The seller will refund your money once the item reaches the seller (in case of return). 

2. If you want to exchange, the Meesho associate will bring the item and take away the previous article. Everything will be done by Meesho, and you don't have to worry about anything. 

3. The product must be in the same state as you received it with the cover and bill. Meesho will not return the item if you have lost its statement. All the tags must also be present on the product. It would be best if you did not use it. Meesho associates will check the item before collecting it from you. 

4. You could request an exchange if you received a defective product or a product different from what you ordered from Meesho. There may be a difference in color, size, or combo. In all such cases, you can exchange it.

That's how to sell old clothes on Meesho. However, some products are costly, so a return policy is not applicable. It is better to check each product's policy before you buy them. But in most products, the return policy is functional, and you get a 100% refund. 

Can A Resold Item Be Returned On Meesho?

Can A Resold Item Be Returned On Meesho

Yes! A resold item can quickly be returned, keeping in mind the above return policy of Meesho, which is also applicable for resold items. If your customer does not like the product or received a defective product, you can quickly request a return or exchange in the Meesho app. Everything will be processed by Meesho, including the order pickup and refund. 

About Fynd

Fynd can help grow your business by making the products available to the 10 crore customers who have registered with them. You can quickly and easily create your website with just a few clicks. You can then use the platform to manage and grow your business. Book your demo with Fynd and develop your website!

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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What does Meesho resell mean?

Reselling with Meesho is a method to start your own business with no money out of pocket. As a business owner, you can promote items found on the Meesho app to your network or through social media and profit from each sale. The app allows you to browse more than a million products.

Is it lucrative to resale on Meesho?

Naturally, reselling on Meesho is incredibly convenient and profitable because Meesho has millions of registered users. It offers a selection of things that you may select from and then resale to your contacts for a profit that you decide. It operates similarly to an old-fashioned, stock-free reselling operation.

If your reselling business has been set up successfully, you can increase your profit margin as you grow. You can determine your profit margin based on your sale and purchase costs. Thus, it is a terrific option if you are considering making money by reselling on Meesho.

On Meesho, how do I sell my old commodities?

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1. Create an account on the official Meesho website as a seller and log in to the dashboard.

2. Set up an account on Meesho and list the items you want to sell online; most Meesho sellers and resellers focus on selling women's clothing and kitchen accessories.

3. Upload your catalog to start receiving orders and notifications via Gmail and your dashboard, respectively.

4. Delivery of the Order & Shipping in 5-7 business days.

5. Get Paid via Safe and Secure Payments into Your Bank Account.

6. Numerous payment options are available, including cash on Delivery and UPI apps.

What type of old clothes can you sell in Meesho?

You may resale a massive selection of things on Meesho. Some standard products that a seller can consider reselling on the Meesho platform are women's ethnic wear, western wear, kidswear, makeup and skincare products, jewelry, home furnishing products, kitchen appliances, and house appliances. Once you establish your brand name, these products also have a high-profit margin.

How to Grow Your Online Reselling Business on Meesho?

1. Advertising.

 You can promote your product catalog too. You can do this in several ways, such as through social media and affiliate marketing.

2. Price Suggestion. 

Set the Meesho-recommended competitive rate when selling online to gain an advantage over other sellers on various online marketplaces and boost sales.

3. Product Recommendations.

 Expand your business by offering the items Meesho suggests. These suggestions are created using the information on client demand gathered from various online sources.

4. Dashboard for Quality.

 Through the Quality Dashboard, complaints can be decreased. It gives specific information about the causes of product returns from customers.

How is reselling different from average selling?

1. A person either buys goods at wholesale prices from the product producers or sells them to consumers on different platforms. He buys products in bulk and keeps a stock in a separate godown. This is called B2B sales when he buys from producers and B2C sales when he sells to consumers.

2. An average seller can also be a producer directly selling its product to the consumers. This is B2C selling as he directly sells without any third party in between. 

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