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25+ Business Ideas In Haridwar For 2023 (Low Investment High Profit)

25+ Business Ideas In Haridwar For 2023 (Low Investment High Profit)

If you are reading this article, you are probably stuck on ideas or don’t know what you should pick up as your next move. A successful business requires certain considerations. They are as follows:

  • Where you are setting up your business! 
  • How much investment you can make?
  • What should be your business plan?
  • Why you are venturing into business in the first place!

The success of a person's business is based on all of these elements. Whether you want this as a full-time or part-time job depends on how much effort you are willing to put in.

Any firm, regardless of size, must be established with tenacity, patience, and strategic planning. In recent years, the business has expanded in India. Startups are seen as the future and a way to improve the Indian economy by experts. 

No matter how much money you have, there’s a business plan for you. Businesses are an asset that can supplement your gross earnings. On the Fynd Platform, you can find a more in-depth analysis of the different ways of starting a business, a constructive step-by-step guide to starting a business, and marketing in various corners of India. In this article, we will be focusing on Haridwar, a religious city of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand's government launched SIIDCUL (State Industrial Development Corporation of Uttarakhand) in the year 2022 to promote industries in the state. More companies are choosing Haridwar for business ideas. Haridwar is a well-connected city.

It has connectivity with almost every major city of India through Northern railway, National Highways 58 and 74. Get detail on the demographics and geography of the city. The city has utilized its cultural history to generate employment. 

An important cultural and historical location in India, Haridwar, is the site of the Kumbh Mela, one of the largest religious gatherings in the world. In addition, millions of pilgrims travel there each year.

There are more than a million people living in this historic location. Any time of the year, Haridwar is a good location for a new business enterprise. Here is a statistical table to get a comprehensive idea about the city:

Entrepreneur’s Story:

Acharya Balkrishna is one of Haridwar's most notable entrepreneurial success stories. Balkrishna demonstrates unwavering commitment to creating Patanjali Ayurveda, an FMGG( Fast Moving Consumer Goods). 

Outside the spotlight, this 50-year-old entrepreneur is trying to reach the stars with Patanjali Ayurveda. Balkrishna founded Patanjali goods in 2006 alongside Baba Ramdev.

His regimented lifestyle and regularity have drawn attention from all over the world.He currently holds a 94% share in Patanjali Ayurved, which brings in $8,522.68 billion a year in revenue.

From humble beginnings, he has grown into a man with a net worth of US$2.3 billion! His motivational tale encourages the next generation of business moguls to venture into the new path! 

Business Ideas In Haridwar:

This article aims to end your search for business ideas here. Continue till the end to get 25+ ideas that would make stellar business ideas! 

1. Tour Guide

A man direct A girl at forest

River Ganges, the ancient temple at the bank of the river, a gateway to ‘Chardham”( 4 main holy places of Hindus), Haridwar has it all to attract pilgrims throughout the year. And who knows your locality better than you? A thorough tour of the city with its exciting historical anecdotes can make you an impressive tour guide.

Grow your business by creating a team, enthusiastic about the history of the city. Provide assistance to the pilgrims to explore the hidden treasures of your city. Create a strong social media presence to let everyone know about your services.

This could be a steady source of income for someone who can spare a few hours of the day. Tour guides are quite popular in cities like Delhi, Kolkata et cetera. Get familiar with the history of your region and give the guests a fascinating tour experience.

2. Tourism Business

A man camping near the lake

An inexpensive tour of the "Chardham" from the "portal to Gods" is something your travel firm may offer. Nearly in the middle of the nation, Haridwar is a few hours' drive between Delhi and Rishikesh, Mussoorie, and other well-known tourist spots.

Many people will put their trust in a travel agency situated in Haridwar to arrange a tour of locations rich in culture. Gather visitors from various states with your alluring historical information, reasonable prices, and intriguing deals.

Many thousands of tourists from abroad travel to Haridwar. The capital city of Delhi, Mussoorie, Chardham Yatra, the breathtakingly magnificent "Gangaaarti" in Haridwar, and a number of temples and ashrams would all be included in a package tour that would quickly become popular with tourists. Reach out to more people worldwide with a specially curated website from the platform. It will help you to manage your website and maintain the goodwill of the agency.


Tourism is presently the biggest benefit industry, recording a commitment of 6.23% to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). India is assessed to contribute 250 Bn USD GDP from Tourism, 137 mn employments within the Tourism segment, 56 bn USD in Foreign Exchange Earnings and 25 mn outside entries are anticipated to be accomplished by 2030.

3. Photography

A Lady holding camera on hands

Haridwar’s beauty enraptures many pleasure-loving souls. Thousands of photographers stay day after day to get magnificent shots of the river Ganges at the time of “Gnagaaarti”.

The Kumbha Mela is another place to capture the grand view of the celebration that draws almost over 100 million people to gather at a place to attain ‘Moksha”. Every corner of this city offers you a glimpse of ancient Indian culture. 

Rajaji National Park is only 10 kilometers away from the city. For adventure-seekers and wildlife photographers, this is an ideal destination.  

The photography industry is in demand nowadays. Create a particular niche to share your photographs on social media and use social media marketing to generate income by selling the photographs at various sites.

4. Hotel Business:

A empty Hotel kitchen room

A place that attracts both pilgrims and tourists requires a solid hospitality service. It welcomes millions of people every year. Hospitality services are in demand and highly profitable in this city. First, find a place that easily catches the attention of newcomers. With proper advertisement and promotion, people can easily find your hotel to stay at. The comfort of the customers should be your primary concern. After settling your name in the market, your profit will soar high. 

But this can be a highly competitive niche as already existing brands have made their strong foothold on the market. But innovative strategies and good marketing plans can prove to be lucrative in the long run. This business requires a big investment at the beginning but with time it will bring tenfold profit.

In 2018, there were around 2.5 million hotel rooms in over 100,000 hotels over the nation. Concurring to the showcase insights-The lodging industry in India is anticipated to reach an esteem of INR 1,210.87 Bn by the end of 2023.

5. Restaurants or Eateries:

A man serving the food

Ventures, relating to food, even the small ones, are always a viable option. Uphold the traditional cuisine of Uttarakhand and also add other cuisines to attract visitors. An eclectic variety of food would draw more customers. In the post-pandemic world, health and hygiene are the primary concerns of people.

Maintaining these two would result in more profit. You can also stand apart by adding rural traditional food to your menu. A big investment in an eatery requires manual power.

Thus you can generate employment that would contribute to the Indian economy as unemployment rings an alarming bell all the time. According to the weight of your pocket, you can invest in both small and big restaurants and make this venture a sustainable one! 

6. Pottery:

2 Lady making pot

This niche is slowly dying out. You can make a contribution to the environment as well as cater to your creative needs by making sustainable earthenwares. Diyas, plates, idols of Gods, small replicas of the temples, and other essentials can impress the pilgrims. Your unique and innovative products can get the attention of the whole of India. Start an online business so that products can arrive at every household in India. 

Build a trusted and talented team of artisans to curate products that appeal to the mass. Artisans from rural areas will help to enrich the rural economy. Give your business an international reach as the beauty of these clay-based products is ever-lasting. This venture is environment-friendly, sustainable as well as profitable. 

India's exports of ceramics and pottery items hit a record of $3464 million in 2021-22.  The Rs 26,500-crore ceramic pottery industry in India is set to witness about. 9 per cent development in request this year, higher than the 3-5 per cent development.

7. Fresh fruit or vegetable export and import:

export and import of fruit on another state

Agriculture supports this city's economy in addition to the tourism sector. Fresh fruits and vegetables are grown in the rural sections of this region. Their livelihood and main source of income continue to be agriculture. Your fresh goods import and export business would be successful. Due to its excellent infrastructure, Haridwar can readily export fruits and vegetables to the rest of the nation especially cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai et cetera.

This investment will yield a considerable amount of profit as it has fertile high land areas for growing crops like wheat, maize, jhangora, bhatt, taur etc. There’s a wide demand for these crops and vegetables in the market. This company needs substantial investment, a solid team, careful planning, and gradual expansion.

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8. Building an Ashram:

ashram show in picture

Haridwar is a place where people go to find peace and calm. Ashrams are popular in these places that provide a peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Find a peaceful corner of the city to build ashrams with greenery.

You can make one’s stay healing and therapeutic. It can provide yogic solutions. These ashrams should be made keeping in mind the aged population as a good percentage of seekers of this service will be aged people. 

A team of men and women who are willing to work in this hospitality area can make a good team. Open Yoga sessions for all people can also attract visitors who are not intending to stay but would like to take the Yoga facility. 

9. Ayurvedic Clinic:

people making ayurvedic product

Haridwar is supposed to be one of the oldest towns to practice ancient Ayurvedic treatment. It has special Ayurvedic colleges and numerous Ayurvedic doctors at reach. If you are a practitioner of Ayurveda or just want to create a platform where people can avail this oldest approach to treating illnesses, this can be fodder for thought.

Expert ayurvedic doctors can practice in the clinic and the public can consult the doctors at an affordable price. In recent times, Ayurveda has become a common name when it comes to a reliable and natural remedy.

Many people are opting for Ayurveda’s natural power to cure. Use this opportunity to build your polyclinic. This venture also requires a considerable amount of investment.

10. Car Rentals or Cab services:

A yellow taxi park on road

Being the gateway to Chardham, Haridwar is an ever-busy city. A tour of the city and its surroundings by pilgrims and tourists requires vehicles. Your next project can provide car services to tourists at an affordable price.

It would be perfect for a small-scale business venture to top off your earnings. Hire licensed drivers to drive your client to their destinations, and you can earn a good amount just by sitting at home or occasionally driving the car. 

Car rentals have always been a competitive sector especially after the advent of cab service providers like Ola, Uber et cetera. Still, you can make a profitable business out of this! This business comes with some legal ramifications, but a good strategy can smoothen the path. 

11. Electronic Industry:

A man using laptop and computer

After the launch of SIDCUL in 2002 by Uttarakhand government to promote the industrialization of the state, a good amount of companies has settled there and used the man power to build a successful industry. If you are looking for a big-sale venture, the electric industry would be a perfect choice.

Even though there are a few big names in the electronic industry like Vijai Electrics, SGV Electronic Industry, the ever-increasing market demands for electronic goods can prove to be a big shot in this city. You can easily establish interstate communication and promote your goods in the outer states. These kinds of large-scale ventures require time and patience to get a strong foothold. Start working on building your big industry now!

12. Consultancy services:

2 man using laptop At office

Uttarakhand’s special concentration on industrialization in cities like Haridwar opens many opportunities. New industries and various small or big start-ups are starting in Haridwar on a regular basis. Consultancy services are always in demand in an industrial area.

New entrepreneurs need advice from professionals to set up their ventures successfully.  Consultancy services in business management, accountancy, law, marketing, finance, human resources et cetera are mostly sought. You find your own services and build your firm.

There are various already existing consulting services in Haridwar, but your business can get a surge once you have a strong portfolio, quick solutions, management skills, and dedication. This business demands networking and a strong marketing strategy. It can be your lucrative side hustle with a full-time role.

13. Poster Designing:

A man making design of poster

Haridwar is a growing market where new businesses are opening up every day.  To grow your business you need a strong marketing plan. Posters or logos are the faces of companies. Entrepreneurs pay extra attention to creating an eye-catchy logo that will reflect the theme and aim of the business to the viewers. 

If you are someone who can be creative and innovative, you must try your hands at these designing services. It is demanding, and the income is as per your creativity. Log on to the Fynd Platform to promote your designs and showcase your previous projects. You can work at your own pace with no added pressure or investment. All you need is your creative eye and good internet connectivity. You can take your services online to provide services outside too!

14. Social Media Marketing Strategist:

A man using social media app at phone

Every businessman, nowadays, understands the power of social media and its reach. Uploading a good portfolio and networking is one of the effective ways to reach a wider audience and sell your service. 

Haridwar receives thousands of pilgrims every month. Before every journey, people surf the internet to find the best services in the city. Hence keeping a social media presence is a must.

Now, what makes your business appear before every other same service provider on the search engine? There are strategies that only an efficient social media marketing strategist can map out. They can crack the code of your successful business. You can build a firm or be a solo service provider in this market, or you can work under s big label.

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15. Tea or Coffee Shops:

A lady drinking tea t out side of tea shop

Indians adore a hot cup of freshly prepared coffee or tea that is flavourful! The simplest and least expensive approach to launching a small business is to open a tea or coffee shop. In a busy city like Haridwar, it is also certain to be successful. For the customers, you may still make it as nice and comfortable as you can.

Two things are necessary for any café: a tasty beverage, and a calm environment. You can create the perfect café atmosphere with these two items, one that encourages social interaction and relaxation while enjoying a cup of tea.

A simple investment could provide you with a steady stream of income. Locate a suitable location, construct the café, and the populace will start pouring in!

16. Launching a Book on the History of Haridwar:

A book shown in image

The ancient Indian culture and Hinduism are nurtured in Haridwar. Its beginnings can be located far back in time, and it has experienced many changes over the years. Ancient cities like Haridwar are rich in folklore and tales. And a local is the best person to know their city.

You can create a book if you are familiar with the folklore and legends that have been passed down through the ages and have knowledge of Haridwar's past. If you are intimately familiar with your city, it will make for a fascinating book that, once published, will make money with each sale. You can sell your books and keep on earning profit. 

17. Art Gallery:

Many paint brush

Haridwar has unique art forms that have been passed on through the ages. Some of the important art forms of this city are Pottery, dying fabrics, knitting, and handmade paper. If you are someone who creates artworks depicting history and myths, you can exhibit your works in an art gallery.

Foreigners and art enthusiasts would love to visit your gallery. You can sell your artwork both offline and online to earn profits. It will add to enrich Haridwar’s heritage and culture.

You can curate special creations that would act as great souvenirs or gifts for someone. It will have a market not only in India but outside of IndHaridwar is a holy city with more than 100 temples, numerous ashrams, and prayer locations. Indians enjoy burning fragrant incense sticks as they pray. A pleasant scent improves the overall ambiance of any location.

18. Incense Stick or Scented candles

Sticks and candles on table

You can easily start your own incense or candle brand if you enjoy fragrances and odours. Many people would be drawn to a diversity of scents and would purchase your product. Additionally, you can promote your goods online. Sell your goods using the programs used by India's top retailers.

The management of the products, orders, marketing, and customer feedback will be aided by the platform you are reading the article from. To compete in the market, you merely need to produce quality goods. Apart from these business ideas, there are a few ideas that are quite common and have been providing income for a long time. 

19. Automobile Business: 

So many cars on road

For your next big project, the automobile industry is an obvious name. Haridwar has a strong enough industrial base and population for your business venture to be successful. 

Automobile industry branches out to different subdivisions such as autobody stores and manufacturing, tire store and manufacturing, interior decor store and manufacturing, car wash, battery reconditioning business, various car accessories store and manufacturing or even a driving training school.

You can pick a particular niche and begin working on your new project. With smart handling and good management, you can succeed in any branch of the automobile industry. Automobile industry again depends on heavy investment and requires enough time to get known and trusted by people. This industry has never failed to be a bankable name. 

20. Pharmacy: 

many type of tablet shown in image

For obvious reasons, a pharmacy or a medical shop in any corner of the world would make a profitable investment. Every human being regularly takes some form of medicine or another.Pharmaceutical products other than medicines, such as masks, sanitary napkins, are considered to be daily essentials.

You can develop, produce, or solely market pharmaceutical products at your company. Basic healthcare services like vaccination and tetanus are also given in many pharmacies. It can also be a place for patients to consult an expert doctor. 

Follow the rules of upselling and cross-selling products; build strong business relationships; take your business online; and provide home delivery services. All of these have proved to be beneficial in building a strong foundation in the pharmaceutical industry.

21. Grocery Shopping:

A lady buying fruit in mall

Yet another lucrative investment is investing in daily requirements. To be where you want, you need to spend money on regular essentials. Additionally, starting a wholesale market or selling these goods in a retail store would be excellent ways to launch your company securely.

Supermarkets or grocery stores never run the risk of shutting down. Offering high-quality products is the only requirement for this sector of business to run smoothly. This market has one of the toughest competitors everywhere. You could provide more enticing deals, stylish interiors, and superior service to outperform everyone else. If you satisfy your clients, your business will succeed. 

22. Clothing Business:

2 lady buying clothes at shop

In addition to being a necessity, the clothing sector also appeals to a large demographic. Another realistic yet typical business venture that one can undertake is opening a boutique with exceptional and distinctive designs or a family apparel store that sells branded items at all price levels. 

The infrastructure of the store would depend on the level of the investment. The level of investment would determine the store's infrastructure. However, there are numerous examples of modest firms that evolved into big successes after beginning as small ones.

 Business is all about planning and structuring every step. Investing more with the earned profit is what keeps it going. Once you have all of your goals laid out before you, running a clothing business is a sure-fire success.

23. Freelancing:

A lady write on book

In recent years, many young individuals have explored the possibility of the freelance market. There are no restrictions like 9-to-5 jobs. It entirely depends on your priorities and available time. The freelancing business adapts to your needs depending on how much work you want to do, how much time you want to devote, how many projects you want to work on at once, and how much money you want to make.

Under the general phrase "freelancing," services like content production, copywriting, digital marketing, graphic design, proofreading, or your original content creation on different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. would be included. Any person, whether they are a full-time student, employee, housewife, or someone else, can begin their freelance path at any time. It may be a sustainable method.


Covid 19 pandemic has snatched away jobs from so many people. It led the economy to the possible worst. People survived and made a livelihood by opting for businesses, small or big. Having your business have some benefits as following:

  • It makes you your own boss. You don't need to work under any other person.
  • It generates employment which is the need of the hour; more and more employment. 
  • Businesses are solid assets that will continue to generate income in the future. 

You can sign up for The Fynd Platform if you want to learn more about business, are looking for additional career opportunities, or wish to launch a company in another area.  Visit here to know about The Fynd Platform:


Why is Haridwar out of all cities?

Every city has a unique mix of advantages that make it perfect for starting a new business. Haridwar, which is mostly recognized for its religious and cultural activities, is a potential location for business and industry. Anyone can benefit from the massive amount of attention that this city receives from pilgrims and visitors from around the world.

How to succeed in business?

Building a business is not an overnight phenomenon. It requires perseverance and conscious planning. Finding your niche, building a team, structuring every step, networking, and marketing could make it a success. 

How to choose one’s niche?

arrow down

The best way to decide is to find the things you are passionate about.

Will the Fynd Platform look after how much product I sell?

Yes! Fynd platform is a trusted assistant for all your business needs.

Is it mandating to make small businesses available online?

Business is not a static concept. It constantly needs improvement,  modulation, and growth. Having a strong social media presence strengthen the ground for your business.

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