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28+ Business Ideas in Erode 2024 (100% Profitable)

28+ Business Ideas in Erode 2024 (100% Profitable)

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Erode is a city in Tamil Nadu. After Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli and Tiruppur, Erode is the seventh-largest urban city in the state. It is located on the banks of the river Kaveri. It is also an old and historic town. Apart from this, it is also the administrative headquarters of Erode district. Erode is also known as Turmeric City, Textile City, or Loom City. Erode has the name because it is one of the largest producers of turmeric, handloom, knitwear, and food products.

It is also a textile, agricultural and BPO hub. It is also famous for its huge cattle market. Erode plenty of business opportunities make Erode an appropriate place for doing business. You can easily get several business ideas on the Fynd Platform. I have discussed some profitable large, small, and traditional business ideas in this article. 

Statistical Data

The economy of the state/city
Erode's economy mainly depends on Agriculture, turmeric, textile, power loom, and handloom.
 Contribution to country and state 1. Agriculture
2. Turmeric 3. Textile 4. Power loom and handloom
GDP  THE GDP of Tamil Nadu is Rs.24.85 lakh crore. It is the second-largest GDP state 
Population of Erode   2,379,359
Total working people  1,195,773 
The gap in business opportunities   There are improper network services and fewer incentives.
Male taking part in business  Yes 
Females taking part in business  Yes 
Some successful business owners/ companies/ factories from city/state  1. Miss Vassundara, director of Vertex Global ServiceE
2. Radhakrishnan VPS, founder of Angel Starch and Food Pvt Ltd
3. Mr. T.V. Sundaram, TVS Motors Company 4. Sree Vidya, MD of RSPL 5. Mr. Vasanth, founder of Vasanth and Co 


Entrepreneur story

Miss Vassundara, director of Vertex Global Services, is a self-made entrepreneur with immense dignity and passion for her job. She is from Erode, and she is also an expert dancer, painter and singer. Vertex Global Services is a multinational company and one of the fastest-growing companies. It offers Business Optimization Solutions to its clients. Among the list of the top 50 most innovative companies in the world, Vertex Global Services is ranked number 19.

They offer solutions at a very reasonable cost, and their services and solutions include-Staff Augmentation, Managed Services, AI/ML, Performance Marketing, etc. It is a multinational company that operates globally and serves over 3000 clients. Miss Vassundara manages and looks after the entire division of Vertex Global Services and works to improve the business and increase the company's revenue.

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Best Business Ideas in Erode for 2024

Here are some of the top trending business ideas in Erode for 2024 with large market opportunities.

1. Content Writing

 A lady writing on the book

Starting a content writing business or agency is a very good idea. Content writing is one of the most demanding digital businesses. Content writing involves good writers who have efficient writing and speaking skills. You can make easy money online through content writing.

To attract more people, a team of different genre writers should be hired to offer a variety of writing to people. It will also attract more readers.

Content writing is not that easy; sometimes, you get a topic you are unfamiliar with. As a result, you have to do enough research for which you need to invest a lot of time. To excel in this industry, you require a flair for writing.

No investment is needed to start this venture. You just have to spend some time researching and writing on the topic. You can also work under a single company or more than one.

The most important part is that it is a work-from-home job, and you can easily do it part-time or full-time. You can create a website as a freelance writer and write your own blogs.

2. Digital Marketing

A lady using laptop in the room

Digital marketing is essential to running a successful business in today's world. By leveraging digital marketing strategies, businesses can reach their target audience cost-effectively and measurably and achieve their marketing goals.

To start a digital marketing business, you need to understand various digital marketing techniques and how they work. It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry, as digital marketing is constantly evolving.

Some essential skills needed to start a digital marketing business include knowledge of SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising. You must also have excellent communication skills, as you will work closely with clients and their target audience to create effective digital marketing campaigns.

When starting a digital marketing business, you can offer various services, such as website design and development, social media management, content creation, email marketing campaigns, PPC advertising, and more. It is essential to have a clear understanding of your target audience and niche and a unique value proposition to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Building a strong online presence, networking, and developing a strong portfolio of successful digital marketing campaigns can help you attract and retain clients. As you grow your business, you can also consider partnering with other businesses in complementary industries to offer a wider range of services and reach a larger audience.

3. Garments Store

Clothes shown on the picture

Clothes are a very important part of our lifestyle after food and shelter. Opening a garment store is a very profitable business idea in Erode. If you keep the latest style and good quality clothes at a reasonable price, it will be very successful.

People also buy clothes online, so you can connect with several online platforms and register your shop to sell your products online. Some famous online platforms are Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc. During festivals, you should give special discounts to customers to attract them, and you can earn a good profit by selling clothes.

Moreover, giving a sale attracts many female customers. It would be best if you kept all kinds of garments in your shop to attract more customers and also garments for children as the most profit is gained from selling children's clothes. The more you sell, the more you earn. 

4. Pet Shop 

Two puppy are shown on the picture

A pet store business is a retail business that specializes in the sale of pets, pet food, pet supplies, and accessories. This can include products for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and other small animals.

Animals are loved by many people who keep them as pets. They care for their pets, adore them, feed them, and keep them neat and clean. Many people also take their pets as a company for their travelling. Thus, opening a pet shop is a very good business idea.

One must feed your pets with proper pet foods and other necessary products to keep them healthy and safe. In a pet shop, you should keep the best quality pet foods because, through pet foods, you can generate a profit of more than 30%.

Many wealthy people purchase branded things for their pets. It would be best to keep that in your shop to attract customers. Pet accessories can provide you with a good amount of profit.

5. Electronics Business

Vaccum cleaner is shown on the picture

An electronics business is a company that specializes in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of electronic devices and components. This includes everything from small consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to larger devices such as televisions, home appliances, and medical equipment.

With the rapid growth in technology, the business of electrical appliances is a very lucrative business idea. Electrical appliances are in great demand all over the world. It makes work easier and saves a lot of time. You can find electronic items everywhere except those deprived of electricity.

To start an electronics business, you must have expertise in the field, knowledge of the market, and a solid business plan. You will also need to secure funding through investors or loans to cover the costs of manufacturing, marketing, and distribution costs.

If you plan to open a shop full of electrical appliances and electronics in Erode, you should definitely go for it. It is a very good business idea and will invite many customers.

You should keep these items in your shop to increase your business. Also, you should keep the small accessories needed to install an electronic item. You can also sell your items online. This business can capture a wide range of markets and is also very stable.

6.  Jewellery Store

A lady buying jewellery from the store

jewellery store is a retail business that sells various types of jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and other decorative items made of precious metals and stones. Jewellery stores may also sell watches, precious gems, and other accessories.

As a jewellery store owner, you can offer various products at different prices to cater to various customers. Some stores may specialize in high-end or luxury jewellery, while others offer more affordable options.

In addition to selling jewellery, you may also provide services such as jewellery repair, resizing, and cleaning. 

Many jewellery stores also offer custom design services, allowing customers to create unique pieces tailored to their preferences. You can also start an online store for your products.

Overall, jewellery stores are a great business idea as it plays an important role in the fashion and luxury industry, providing customers with a wide selection of high-quality, beautiful jewellery.

7. Photo Studio

Camera is shown on the picture

A photographer is a professional trained to capture good-quality photographs with a camera. Opening a photo studio is a very good business idea in Erode. You can also be a professional photographer, where people will hire you to take photographs for which you will be paid, or you can sell photos on Instagram.

It may be considered freelancing as you will be hired or contracted for specific projects by the clients. If you want to raise a studio, you must be a full-time professional photographer. In a studio, you must click pictures of people, animals, etc.

You can also work as a contractual photographer, taking the full project of clicking photos and videos of events. This is growing, especially in wedding photoshoots; pre-wedding photoshoots are very popular where you can earn much money. So, opening a photo studio is a profitable business idea in Erode.

8. Handicraft Business

Crafts shown on the picture

The handicraft business is very popular in India. It is also a very profitable business. In Erode also, the business of handicraft items is very profitable. The unique design of the handicraft products and the symbol of the culture of South India make the handicraft items very popular among the people.

Also, in Erode, there are many special artefacts which are very much popular among buyers. The handicraft business requires very minimal investment. You can start this business from home and make it larger. A lot of handicraft items can be made and sold in the market.

You can also register your shop and sell your handmade products on Amazon or any other online platform. Handicraft items attract many customers, and through online platforms, you can sell your products outside of Erode and even worldwide. You only have to keep a proper transportation system to conduct your business.

9. Travel Agency 

A lady has a bag her hand and is going

A travel agency business provides customers with travel-related services, such as booking flights, hotels, car rentals, tours, and cruises. The travel agency business can be operated in various ways, including as a brick-and-mortar store, online, or a combination of both.

Erode and even the whole state of Tamil Nadu are visited by tourists yearly. It is an ideal place to start a travel agency and ecotourism business. Tourism continues to thrive, making the travel agency business very profitable.

Some attractive places in Erode are - Vellode Bird Sanctuary, Thindal Murugan Temple, VOC Park Erode, Greenleaf Park, etc. You only need minimal investment and knowledge about starting a travel agency to raise a profitable business.

Starting a travel agency business can be rewarding but challenging. It requires dedication, hard work, and a commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

10. Bakery

Cakes are shown on the picture

Starting a bakery business can be a great opportunity for anyone who loves baking and wants to turn their passion into a profitable business.

Currently, the demand for cake and bakery products is increasing rapidly. Starting a bakery is a good small business idea in Erode. It is a profitable small business. If you are good at cake making and baking, you can easily start your own business.

You have to promote your business through an online platform and sell your products to various customers. Very less investment is needed in this business. You must ensure your hygiene and sell delicious products to customers to maintain your business.

First, sell your products to your neighbourhood and then start delivery of the products to attract more customers. It is a very profitable business for its lower labour and food costs.

11. Online Teaching

A lady is writing

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a miserable condition prevailed worldwide, which greatly hampered the educational department. For this, the post-pandemic situation has taken the method of online education. Mode of online education was started to carry on education during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Online education is provided to students all over the world. Thus, being an online teacher is a good idea for starting your business. You can teach students anywhere through an online medium and earn good money through it. It is one of the best work-from-home jobs one can do.

You can also conduct various interviews, webinars, etc., through online media. You can also apply on reliable websites that hire online teachers. You only need proper knowledge of teaching and taking online classes, a good network connection, and little investment.

12. Fast Food Center

Burger upon the table

When it comes to eating, fast food is everyone's favourite. Everyone loves to eat fast food, either vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Thus, opening a fast food restaurant or shop in Erode is a good idea for starting a new business. Whatever the situation, a fast food restaurant will never let you down. You only have to provide customers with good quality food at an affordable price, maintain hygiene, and it will result in a highly profitable business.

It would be best to open your fast food store in a crowded place where you can attract many customers. Make such an environment in your restaurant or shop that people will love to visit, advertise your shop or restaurant and make a minimal investment to start your business.

13. LED Lights

Bulb is shown on the picture

We all know LED lights are the most demanding electric products in the market for their long life and burning power. They have a very good response in the global and local markets. It is a very lucrative business idea to start in Erode. They consume very little electricity and produce high power.

It also saves energy, so the electricity bill is very low due to its power consumption, which is the main reason for its popularity. The cost of assembling and maintaining a LED light is one-tenth of that of traditional light bulbs. Its price is also very low.

Also, they come in various colours, which many people buy for decoration. They are also very energy efficient, which is good for the environment. Thus, starting in Erode is a very profitable business idea, and a minimal investment is required to start this business.

14. Business Of Spices 

Turmeric powder is shown on the picture

Erode is one of the largest producers of turmeric. Starting in Erode is a very profitable business if you plan to open a store and start a spices business. Being one of the largest producers of turmeric, it is easily available and in abundance in Erode. The spice powder business is easy and lucrative with a small-scale investment. 

According to reports: The minimal investment is about fifty thousand rupees to one lakh rupees. The area required for this business is about 250 sq yards, the profit percentage is 50% to 70%, the average sale is 100 kg/day, and the average income is 50,000 to 150,000 rupees monthly. 

Turmeric is a very necessary item in food products as well as it is also used in many beauty and skin care products. There are many homemade remedies for skin care and diseases in which turmeric is very important.

A store full of spices attracts many customers. Along with turmeric, you can keep other spices like chilli powder, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, etc., that will be easily sold because your shop will be a one-stop for all kinds of spices. You may also open an online store for your spices. A very minimum investment is needed to start this business. 

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15. Furniture Shop 

A man is selling chair to her client

Opening a furniture shop is also a very good business idea in Erode. Furniture is needed in every household, office, shop, etc. It is a very profitable business. The most demanded furniture are chairs, tables, sofas, beds, cupboards, etc.

This product's demands are increasing because they are currently available in many stylish designs, which are also expensive and luxurious designs. People who love to live a luxurious life purchase luxurious items, even furniture.

Even traditional-style furniture attracts a lot of customers. Also, marketing should be your primary focus to increase your business. Minimal investment is needed to start this business. Your quality should be good, as well as your relationship with the customers.

By selling designer interior furniture, you can also boost your business. As it is a labour-intensive business, you have to hire people who are furniture-making experts. You can also tie up with big furniture companies to sell more products, making it a more efficient business method.

16. Event Management

Chairs are arranged for event

An event management business is a company that specializes in organizing and executing various types of events, such as conferences, weddings, parties, festivals, and corporate events. The business provides various services, from event planning and budgeting to on-site management and post-event evaluation.

Every day, you can see different events, such as a marriage ceremony, a child's first rice ceremony, a birthday party, etc. Events can be of many types. There may be big events or small events.

To start an event management business, you must understand the event planning industry, including market trends, client needs, and competition. You should also have experiences in event management or a related field, such as hospitality, marketing, or public relations.

It would be best to satisfy all your customers' demands by organizing the events properly. The business of event planning or event management is a very trending business and is rapidly growing.

Once your business is up and running, you must focus on building your reputation and expanding your network of clients and partners. This may involve attending industry events, advertising your services, and leveraging social media and other marketing channels to reach your target audience.

17.  Salon and Spa

babar cutting hair of man

Most people worldwide are obsessed with their looks and want to pamper themselves; they are even ready to spend huge amounts of money on this.
‍You can fulfil the needs of such people and grow a business out of it. A spa and salon is a very profitable business idea in Erode.

You can easily open a spa and salon and make a grand opening to attract customers. The spa and salon industry is a rapidly growing sector of the beauty and wellness industry. It includes a range of businesses, from day spas and hair salons to wellness retreats and med spas.

These businesses offer various services, including hair, nail, skin, massage, and other wellness treatments. You can advertise your business on social media platforms, as social media has greatly influenced the youth.

In this business, the most profit is earned from hairdressing. If you open only a haircutting salon, it will also be profitable. Thus, you can imagine how demanding this industry is.

18. Coffee Shop 

A man serving coffee to the customers

Indians love coffee, and India is one of the biggest coffee producers. Also, coffee seeds from India are exported to other countries. Tamil Nadu is famous for its coffee seed production. It also produces the popular Robusta coffee. Apart from Erode, Coimbatore, Pulneys, Nilgris, and Salem are the main coffee-growing areas in Tamil Nadu.

Coffee selling provides a very high-profit margin than any other food product in India. Opening a coffee shop in Erode will be a very good idea. You will get ample opportunity to establish a coffee shop for its vast availability of coffee.

People love coffee very much, and a coffee shop will be ideal for starting a profitable business. A coffee shop is an ideal place where people spend some peaceful time in the company of a cup of coffee.

Coffee shops are also frequently visited by people to discuss various kinds of important topics. Many client meetings also take place in the coffee shops. Also, in the present time, various coffee items are sold, attracting a lot of customers, like hot coffee, latte, espresso, cold coffee, etc.

19. Dairy Products Business

Cow is shown on the picture

The business of dairy products is very profitable and stable. Dairy products like ghee, butter, cheese, Cottage cheese (paneer), curd, etc., are widely used and demanded in the market. Butter is the most profitable dairy product.

But the daily increase in the use of cheese and paneer in almost every food product in India is making the dairy products business more profitable. India is ranked as the world's largest milk-producing country. Hence, there will be no shortage of milk and dairy products.

In Erode, it is a very good business idea to start, as people love to eat dairy products. Through the dairy products business, you can serve good quality food products to customers and gain several government subsidies to help you grow your business.

In almost all food items nowadays, cheese, butter, ghee and paneer are used, so if you can make availability of these products in plenty, then your business will easily capture the market.

20. Opening An Automobile Garage

Cars are arranged in sequence

‍An automobile garage business provides services related to vehicle repair, maintenance, and customization. This can include services such as oil changes, brake repairs, engine diagnostics, suspension work, and tire replacements. Some automobile garage businesses may also specialize in customizations and upgrades, such as installing aftermarket parts, audio systems, or body modifications.

To start an automobile garage business, you will need to consider the following steps:

  1. Develop a business plan
  2. Secure funding
  3. Obtain necessary licenses and permits
  4. Purchase equipment and tools
  5. Hire employees
  6. Develop marketing strategies
  7. Provide excellent customer service

Overall, starting an automobile garage business can be a challenging but rewarding endeavour. You can build a successful and profitable business by following these steps and providing excellent service to your customers.

21. Diagnostic Centre

Doctor is shown on the picture

We all know people can easily catch any disease and get sick. It will be a very good business idea to open a diagnostic centre in Erode to provide healthcare facilities or check-ups to needy people.

A diagnostic centre can provide a primary check-up to the people, which will be very beneficial for the people and with lesser fees. It also plays a very important part in treatment and disease identification.

A minimum investment is required to open a diagnostic centre. You must keep the proper medicines that are commonly required, a good staff, proper infrastructure and setup, equipment and a valid certificate for your diagnostic centre.

22. Business Of Water 

A man drinking water from bottle

In the present time, diseases are spread frequently through various mediums. But one of the most common mediums is water. Water is life; without water, no living things can live. Some places in Erode receive very little water, and some of the iron content is very high; as a result, people have to buy water bottles from stores to drink water.

A packaged drinking water business is a very good business to start in Erode. Clean drinking water is what everyone wants. You can store freshwater in large jars or cans and sell them, or you can sell mineral-packaged water to people. Also, you can supply water in various events where water is very much needed.

Also, you can supply water through tankers during times of emergency like water shortage. You should have a proper transport system and provide people with water when required. Very less investment is needed in this business. The convenience will be charged either according to how much water they take.

23. Fertilizer Shop 

A man is spraying fertilizer on plant

Erode has many agricultural lands, and fertilizer and seeds are often needed. Mainly, villagers and farmers frequently depend on agriculture; they earn their livelihood by selling those crops. They have to check whether the crops are well irrigated; proper fertilizers must be spread so that the insects do not destroy the crops.

If you open a fertilizer store and sell various crop seeds, it will be a very profitable business. This business does not require much investment; only you have to keep certain fertilizers and seeds as per the requirement of the farmers.

Along with fertilizer and seeds, you can keep equipment required for farming, like a scythe, water pumps, cutters, crowbars, combine harvesters, walk-behind cultivators, hoes, hand saws, etc. These will help your business grow more rapidly as these products are in high demand among the farmers, making their work easier.

24. Mobile Repairing Shop 

back side of the phone

‍Smartphones are a very important part of our life. In the present time, people can't live without smartphones. Starting a mobile repairing business can be profitable, especially with the increasing use of smartphones and other mobile devices.

A mobile repair shop is a business that provides repair services for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These services may include screen replacements, battery replacements, software updates, data recovery, and other related repairs.

Mobile repair shops may operate as standalone businesses or as part of a larger electronics repair business. Some mobile repair shops offer on-site repairs, while others may require customers to bring their devices to a physical location.

To start a mobile repair shop, you will need expertise in mobile device repair and the necessary equipment and tools to perform repairs. You must also create a business plan, obtain necessary licenses and permits, and market your services to potential customers.

Overall, a mobile repair shop can be a profitable business opportunity. There is a growing demand for mobile device repair services due to the increasing prevalence of smartphones and tablets in our daily lives.

25. Livestock Farming

Cows are shown on the picture

Livestock farming is the farming or raising of domestic animals. These animals are kept for future use and to earn profit. The livestock animals are cattle, bulls, sheep, horses, buffaloes, goats, pigs, ducks, hens, etc. These animals produce milk, eggs, and meat which can be sold in the market, and you can profit from it.

These products are very much in demand in the market and are people's everyday needs and will be easily sold.  In developing countries, livestock farming is a very important agricultural economic component. The contribution goes beyond food production to include multipurpose uses like fibre, skin, fertilizer and fuel, and capital accumulation. 

This is a very profitable business as these animals provide food that is necessary for every human being. Even their by-products can be used as manure for crops, and farmers buy these by-products. So, livestock farming also helps crop production and brings stability to the farm business, making it a very profitable business idea in Erode. 

India has tremendous animal resources. The animal segment contributes 4.11% of GDP and 25.6% of agriculture GDP.

26. Cement Business

Store room

The state of Tamil Nadu is the top producer of cement in India. The most popular and leading cement brands are present here. Some of the brands are Dalmia Cement (Ariyalur), Chettinad Cement (Karur), India Cement (Sankakari, Ariyalur), Ramco Cement (Madras Cement Ltd.), etc. These are the world-famous cement companies.

If you are considering starting a cement business, you should go for it. Erode is an appropriate place, and cement is also easily available for the abundance of cement industries. You can be a cement dealer and open a hardware store with it to flourish your business. Construction work is done daily in many places, and cement is the primary product in construction.

The availability of cement should always be there to gain more profit in your business. Thus, the cement business is a very profitable business idea that requires minimal investment.

27. Coconut Business

coconut on the sand

The state of Tamil Nadu is very much famous for its coconut production. There are abundant coconut trees found here. It is a very profitable business idea to start in Erode. Coconut is a very influential fruit used widely in confectionery, bakeries, the beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Coconut oil is extensively used for industrial and edible purposes. Coconut is used in many food items; coconut items (coconut chutney) are very important in idli and, which are the prime food items in the whole of Tamil Nadu. Coconut water is also very demanding in the market as it contains much nutrition and is good for health.
Besides food items, coconut is used as a way of prosperity to start something new.

Before starting any new project or buying anything new, the people of India consider breaking a coconut after offering it to the idols. So, you can understand coconut's importance, making the coconut business a lucrative idea. You can easily open a store and start selling coconuts, and also you can supply them.

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28. Textile Business

Clothe shown on the picture

Erode is very much famous for its textile industries. There are many textile industries in Erode. They only focus on the fabrics and look for their betterment. Erode Textile Mall Private Limited operates Tax Valley and is the direct trading hub for fabrics and finished products.

This makes Erode a very suitable place for business. Erode is an appropriate place to start a textile business for these reasons. You can easily profit through this market as the textile market is very high. Textile items are very much in demand, and their production is also increasing.

To start a textile business, you must know the current fashion and design of clothes according to which fabrics will be supplied to the subsidiary industries.

If you want to start a large business, you have to sell all sorts of fabrics. But if you want to start a small business, you can sell only a few fabrics. Before you start your business, make sure what type of business you will do and start according to it.

29. Leather Business

Shoe is shown on the display

\The leather business is a very lucrative business idea to start in Erode. Tamil Nadu is already famous for its leather industries, so starting a business of leather is not a big deal. The leather business is a very old business.

Tamil Nadu is known for considering 70% of leather tanning capacity in India and more than 35% of footwear and leather products. Tamil Nadu alone only exports 42% of leather. There are plenty of leather industries spread in Tamil Nadu.

So, you can easily start a leather business or a store selling only leather items like footwear, jackets, belts, bags, etc. This will give you good profit, and your business will grow easily. Also, leather products are in huge demand in the market, attracting many customers.


Erode is a very good place to start a new business in 2024. It has its own culture and ethnicity, based on which you can start any business here. There is scope for establishing many local, modern-style, or trending businesses, small or large; it does not matter.

Hope this article will help you to select the right business idea for yourself. If you want more information, you can visit the Fynd Platform.

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What is Erode famous for?

Erode is famous for its agriculture, textile, turmeric, power loom and hand loom for which it is known as the Turmeric city, or Loom city, or textile city. 

Are small businesses in Erode profitable? 

There are certain small businesses which are very profitable in Erode. If you can properly do this for small businesses then you can convert this into a large business in the future which will give you huge profit in return. 

What are the best business ideas for beginners?

arrow down

Some of the easy and profitable business ideas for beginners are-Blogging, content writing, photography, coffee shop, virtual assistant, etc. 

Which state is the leading producer of cement in India?

Tamil Nadu is the leading producer of cement in India. 

Is Erode suitable for starting a business? 

Erode is an appropriate place to start any kind of business. It is a very old and prosperous city. It has availability of minerals and raw materials, transport facilities, good geographical and climatic conditions, abundant population and the economy of the state is also high, making every kind of business sustainable in Erode. 

What is the most primary business in Erode? 

The main primary business in Erode is turmeric and textile. These are huge scale business opportunities and are rapidly growing.

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