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50+ Small Business Ideas in Coimbatore for 2024

50+ Small Business Ideas in Coimbatore for 2024

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Coimbatore is also termed the ‘Manchester of South India’ due to its broad material industry and IT industry; little and medium scale venture GDP (gross residential item) of Coimbatore city is around $45 billion in 2021. It is the biggest city by GDP in Tamil Nadu.

‍Coimbatore is additionally introduced as the "Pump City" as it supplies about half of India's necessities of engines and pumps. When it comes to business, people start to think about where they should begin a business and what kind of idea. Today, this article will discuss the small business ideas in Coimbatore that you can start.

 If you are a person who is looking for:

  • A business idea to start with
  • To gather information
  • To upgrade your business

Then you are reading the right article. Keep reading and find the business ideas most suitable for you. 

Here we have Compiled the Business Ideas for You to Set Up in Coimbatore

The most significant advantage of little trade could be an era of work per unit of capital. Those who sit still for a specific period of a year get a chance to work in these little businesses. This assistance makes a difference in converting a country's picture from a job-seeking country to a job-creating nation.

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1. Wholesale Textile Business 

So many cloth designs in  the textile industry

The textile business is one of the most lucrative business ideas to start in Coimbatore. When discussing small business ideas in Coimbatore, the textile industry is the first industry that comes to mind. This business idea has the potential to earn massive profits without involving any invention.

2. Tours and Travel Agencies 

A map and book coins on the table

The city of Coimbatore is a great tourist spot for its scenic beauty. This is why you should vent into the field of tourism. This industry can prove itself to be very profitable. You can start this business with a minimal amount of investment.

3. Clothing Store

2 lady buying cloths from cloth store
It may surprise you, but the clothing industry in India is worth 15 billion dollars.

A dress shop or clothing shop may not interest you that much, but if you start this business on a small scale, you can eventually grow your business, which is a very profitable field to go into. 

4. Social Media Influencer

A man holding a mobile phone on the hand and using social media app

As we know, this is the era of social media. Connecting with anyone from any corner of the world is a piece of cake in the modern world. Social media is flooded with people who call themselves influencers, with hundreds of thousands of followers. While discussing small business ideas in Coimbatore, creating an online platform to connect these influencers can prove to be a ripe business idea.

5. Real Estate Agent

A empty house of real estate businesses

If you have a good amount of knowledge about real estate, have a strong connection with people, and have good selling skills; along with excellent communication skills, then this business idea can prove to be very fruitful if given proper time and done in a suitable location. There is a big chance of failure in this field too, so you should not come to try your luck only without any relevant skills.

6. Embroidery Services

So many threads in the heart shape box

A handmade embroidery is an art form that is always in demand in the textile industry. Embroidery is used everywhere in dresses, handkerchiefs, or bedsheets. If you have a natural flair for designing and find embroidery is a skill you are naturally good at, then this field is very profitable for you, and you should grab this golden opportunity.

7. Coaching Center

A teacher explaining diagram in the class

When discussing small business ideas in the Coimbatore education industry is one of the most profitable industries that come to mind. Coaching centers have been an ever-profitable business idea in the industry of education.

Coaching centers are most profitable in the metropolitan cities of India. Nowadays, it has become a necessity among students. You can surely start with this idea if you have deep subject knowledge.

8. Organic Fertilizers Retail Shop 

A letter of organic on the table

With the overabundance of chemical fertilizers, which is already flooding the market, the quality of green vegetables has degraded way below the tolerance level. The harmful chemicals in those fertilizers pollute crops, vegetables, soil, and groundwater. The demand for organic fertilizers is increasing enormously to fight this pollution.


9. Recruitment Firm  

2 man shaking hand after a deal

‍There are thousands of recruitment firms for those who have recently graduated or want a job change to help them with their issues. Similarly, you can also start your recruitment firm for unskilled laborers. You can earn a good commission through it, as your company will connect the company and the laborers.

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10. Career Development Center 

A man making design in the paper

Providing quality soft skills and training to the students is the ultimate of the career development centers. From communication to managerial skills, a good career development center will provide them with all. To start a business in this field, you must enhance your institution's authenticity, as this field is highly competitive.

11. Food Corner

so many snacks in the paper bag

‍Food is one of the necessities of people, and in cities like Coimbatore, you can start up your business in food and beverages. Although this is a small-scale and low-investment business, you will always retain customers. This business comes up with a very bright future and is profitable too.

12. Juice Corner

A glass of orange on the table

People are growing more and more self-conscious nowadays. People prefer healthy drinks over factory-made drinks now. In this situation, if you start a juice and shake corner, it will always retain customers, and this business has a very bright future too.

13. Online Business

3 person seeing online business on the laptop

You can start with an online business on any product. That product should have demand, and you are the supplier. If the demand-supply chain remains good, your business will go sky-high, but you have to acquire relevant skills. This idea can be profitable and grow your business if you give your full potential. 

14. Blogging

A lady recording video on the phone

If you have to pick a single money-making idea, then login is a good option. You can write your blogs from your comfort affair home and make a good amount of profit from it. Login is not about writing only; you can make videos about this time in the city and coast online so that people can enjoy the glances of this beautiful city.

15. Cookery Class

A lady teaching cooking to a kid

Nowadays, people want homemade food to taste like the food in restaurants. If a professional can teach you cooking, then only this is possible. You can create something delicious yet healthy and cost-effective. You can start these classes online or in person. This idea has a bright future and can generate a significant profit.

16. Babysitting

A lady baby sitting on  2 child

‍In the modern world, the concept of creches in office for working women is yet to enter, and more women are staying in the workforce even after marriage. So, the demand for baby care services will rise shortly. As the demand is increasing so you will not have any short touch of work, especially in larger cities like Coimbatore.

17. Dance Classes

4 person practicing dance in the dance class

People are becoming more self-conscious as well as health-conscious now, so they are finding ways to make themselves more healthy and fit while they can have fun. Dancing is one of the most natural ways of exercising, which is not dull and can tease you and additional skills. So the demand for dance classes is increasing nowadays. So, if you come up with dance classes with a unique taste, then you will not suffer from a shortage of work.

18. Singing Classes

A man singing on the mic

People nowadays are seeking more extracurricular activities to make their minds more flexible. There is a massive craze for singing classes as well. In this situation, if you can come up with singing classes, it will be an excellent idea and profitable. If you can add uniqueness to your classes, your business can go Sky High.

19. Instrument Classes

A kid playing piano

Singing and dancing classes are among the most common ideas, but if you can come up with classes that teach any musical instruments, then any idea, as many people need to have this skill to teach people.

Many people are interested in this field, but because of the shortage of teachers, a day cannot acquire this skill. You can help them with your classes and make a good amount of profit from your classes. This idea is prevalent but unique also.

20. Home Cleaning Services

A lady going to clean the home

‍In this modern world, more people are joining the workforce, so they need more time to clean their homes. This is why the demand for home cleaning services is increasing daily.

You can start with this idea and make a tremendous amount of profit. This idea is a shallow investment business that can gather a good amount of profit.

21. Photography

A lady holding camera on the road

Photography is an integral part of modern life nowadays. Photography can make a tremendous amount of money from a project that consumes significantly less time. If you have the required skill set, you should take this golden opportunity as it is a very profitable business idea and gives you a chance to enhance yourself. Photography is also a low-cost or low-investment business idea that anyone can pursue with reasonable skill and passion in this field.

22. Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor teaching to a student

Being a yoga instructor is a prevalent and property table business idea in the modern world all over India. More and more people in the modern world are given the grace of making themselves fitter, healthy and slim.

This is because the demand for yoga instructors is increasing daily, making it a good profitable business and a significantly less time-consuming business idea.

23. Wedding Bureau

A man and lady standing together and lady holding a flower on his hand

As people say, weddings are made in heaven but down here, on earth. Many websites like and are taking over, but the need for a wedding bureau is also increasing daily. You come up with this idea and make a good amount of profit.

24. Salon Or Beauty Parlor

A beautician cutting hair of a lady

Women spend a good amount of money on beauty products, and salons are one of the essential parts of that expense. In this modern world, everyone wants to look good and grab attention. So, beauty parlors have become part and parcel of life, especially for women. So, as we can see, the craze for beauty parlors is increasing daily, and your workflow will always be maintained as there will be no shortage of work.

25. Ice Cream Parlor

So many ice-cream on the table

Though this idea is seasonal, still, this is a unique idea and a big hit over time. The investment in this business is significantly less, and the time required is also less than the other business ideas discussed here. Though this business is seasonal, you can make a tremendous amount of profit from this business.

26. Handicraft Items

So many beautiful plates on the wall

People always like to decorate their homes with handicrafts, as they look unique and colorful. The industry of handicrafts in India is worth billions of dollars. The Government Of India is also taking action to promote the sale of handicrafts in India.

You can join this industry too, which has a bright future but do not expect to make money immediately, as it is a very new, unique, and emerging field in the modern world.

27. Handmade Ornaments

2 girl making something from paper

Handmade ornaments are one of the most emerging and unique fields in the industry of cosmetics and ornaments. Handmade jewellery is so unique, colorful, and aesthetic that people are already driven to it.

People buy these ornaments without a second thought. The industry will undoubtedly be a big hit in the future, but as this emerging field, expect to wait to make money from this idea; you should have patience for recognition and to become successful in this field.

28. Consultancy Service

 2 man using laptop on the table

Almost every sector needs consultancy services. Be it IT, finance, or any other field, they require consultancy services all the time. You can start with a consultancy service and make money immediately from it, as it is a very profitable and low-investment business idea. Folks wanting to start a side hustle can also try their luck in this field.

29. Online Courses

A kid studying from laptop

People prefer online courses over offline classes nowadays, as online courses are more convenient for them to learn from, as it provides the best quality content from the comfort of home, and they can learn whenever they want, according to their convenience. As it is not a full-time business, you can start a side hustle with this business idea and make a tremendous profit out of it within a short of time.

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30. Boutique

So many cloth on the boutique shop

Starting a boutique is one of the traditional small-scale businesses; though it is a small-scale business, the boutique industry of India is worth millions of dollars.

Women who like stitching clothes and are updated with the latest fashion trends can enter this field and try their luck. The only investment it demands is the sewing machine with an appeal to sell.

31. Service

a lady on the service center using laptop

This unique business idea requires a connection with people, marketing techniques, and, most importantly, the food quality being prepared and served. This is a moderate investment business idea and requires a full-time of yours to grow your business.

32. Imitation Jewelery

A lady wears  jewellery  and sit on the table

As imitation Jewelery is very light, easy to bear, and, most importantly, cost-effective, people rely on imitation jewellery rather than costly gold and silver Jewelery. This field has a bright future; you can make money right away from it, as this business idea is trendy nowadays.

33. Computer Training Institute

A empty computer lab

‍Computer training is essential in the modern world. Many people are looking for computer training classes, both students and professionals. This is why computer training classes are highly demanded and can earn much profit, as this is a hot topic in modern business.

34. Customized Glass Etching

A front  door of store

The glass industry in Tamil Nadu is very prominent. Anyone in Coimbatore can start this customized glass etching business. This is a very profitable business you can start from your home.

35. E-waste Recycling

2 bag of recycle  bottle

Waste recycling, especially e-waste recycling, is a global issue in the modern world. With the increasing population, electronic product waste is dangerously increasing.

With the increasing population, the usage and wastage of electronic products are also increasing, which is a threat to nature. Many businesses cause tons of e-waste. Starting an e-waste recycling business can make money by helping the environment remain toxin-free.

36. Jean's Manufacturing

A ready jeans on the tabe

In Tamil Nadu, there are many textile units. The textile export from Tamil Nadu is around 1200 crore. In the next five years, the textile industry in Tamil Nadu will grow further; starting a business in this field can be fruitful, and you can also make money out of it right away.

37. Nail Polish Manufacturing

nail polish on the table

Tamil Nadu is a state that is rich in minerals. Initiating a chemical industry in the cities of this state can become a fruitful idea and a profitable field too. Nail polish manufacturing is a billion-dollar industry in India. If you want to go into a field of tried and tested methods, you should join this field, and you can earn a considerable profit in less time.

38. Advertising Consulting

So many screen advertising a product

This sector is growing heavily in India. It has enormous potential to grow in the future, and starting a business in this field can be proven excellent and fruitful, which can become a profitable idea too.

39. Woodworking

A man drilling in the wood stick

Woodworking is a traditional business field in Tamil Nadu. Figures carved out of wood, from tiny miniaturized animals and human figures to large furniture objects, represent the traditional woodcraft of Tamil Nadu and its tribal areas.This idea can be profitable if you want to go into a traditional field. It would help if you indeed went into this field.  

40. Medical Courier Service

2 doctor stitching a patient

Medical courier is one of the most demandable services in the modern world. As the world is becoming modern, it is also bringing more and more diseases. Nowadays, people are so busy that they do not have enough time to go to a store and buy medicine.

Hence, they prefer online medical courier services, especially in busy cities like Coimbatore. You can start this business with low investment and earn a considerable profit.

41. Online Bookkeeping

A lady eating and using mobile

With education, technology also allows us to perform bookkeeping services online. You can try your luck in this field if you are an accountant or bookkeeper. If you want that freedom and autonomy of running your own business, you can go into this field, which will not disappoint you. This idea is also profitable, so you can start making money immediately. 

42. Online Reselling

A Lady  selling second hand good online

If you are passionate about sales and marketing, you should go into this field. Although this field demands time and dedication, you should still go for it if you have relevant skills. It would help if you had the patience to start this, as it takes time for people to recognize you in these fields.

43. App Development

You have to be a knowledgeable and passionate person to do something new in your field, and if you want to consider a career in app development, then you should have relevant skills. This field demands patience and the presence of the mind.

You can not make money from it right away, so you have to be patient, although this field is very lucrative for the number of profits you can make over time.

44. Transcription Services

So many button on   Transcription

It would help if you had a good ear and could type quickly; this field is made for you. This business idea is lucrative because it is profitable and provides flexible work hours. This field is only known to some. Thus it is less competitive and highly profitable. However, you should have relevant skills to start a transcription service.

45. Professional Organizing

A man holding a card

Are you looking for a business idea that sparks joy? Then you can surely go for professional organizing. Professional organizers help people declutter and minimize for a living.

This is the age of materialism, and in this era, many people are still desperate to downsize and take control of their possessions. You can help those people with your idea and make money from this business idea right away.

46. Freelance Copywriting  

A lady using laptop on the bed

If you are a natural wordsmith with some marketing knowledge, you should not let go of this field. This is a good field to develop when you have the relevant skills. This is a very good idea as it is a low investment idea, and you can make money immediately.

47. Papad Making

papad making process

This idea may seem not worth it, but it can go sky high in cities like Coimbatore if you have little marketing knowledge and something unique in your creation.

If you want to enter this field, you must know about marketing and presenting, along with adding something unique to your product. This can make your business go sky high, and you can make a huge amount of profit from this idea.

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48. Fast Food Center 

A burger on the table

Like other Indian states, Tamil Nadu is known for its fast and street food. Many fast foods are famous in Tamil Nadu, like poha, Pani puri, etc. You can start a fast food stall and add your uniqueness to it.

49. Food Processing

A lady cleaning a vegetable

Tamil Nadu is one of those states of India that produces most agricultural products, so the food processing industry is also a concrete string here. So, if you want to start a food processing business, you can surely go into this field and make a huge profit.

50. Printed T-Shirt Business

A lady wears blue printed t-shirt

People are fascinated by printed t-shirts nowadays, so the demand for the same is also increasing daily, making this field a promising field to start a startup on your own. This field is profitable too.

51. Graphic Design Service

A graphic designer making  design

People are looking for graphic designers nowadays, as they want to stand out in the competitive world. Every organization needs graphic designers, be it a small company or a huge organization. So, if you have the relevant skills, you can surely go into this field and start making money immediately.

52. Personality Development Classes

A lady teaching  Personality Development a student

If you know how to make the personality of others stronger, then you are on the right track. You can start your personality development classes and help people with this, as many struggles with enhancing their personalities.

53. Chips Making Factory

banana chips in the bowl

Opening a chip-making factory can be very profitable. According to the demand, the fast-food or packaged food-making industry will rise so you can try your luck in this one.

54. Pottery

A man and lady man bowl with a clays

Pottery is a good idea to start with, as the pottery of India is very rich and profitable because of its high demand.

55. Gold Jewelery Manufacturing

A ring made with a gold

When discussing small business ideas in Coimbatore, the gold jewellery manufacturing industry comes to mind as one of the top business ideas. Still, the only drawback of it is its high investment.

56. Baking Business

A ready bread on the table

A baking business is a low-investment and small-scale business idea to start your side hustle.

57. Personal Trainers

A trainer teaching to his student

People nowadays prefer personal trainers, who have a good knowledge of their field. These personal trainers are always in demand, so if you want to start your side hustle and enjoy sharing your knowledge with people, you should surely go into this field.


These are some of the best business ideas that you can start in the city of Coimbatore. If you want to grow your business even further, you should refer to the Fynd platform, which can help you out with the complications of your business. If you are serious about starting your business, you should look at the small businesses in Assam that recently came online.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

hero image

What are the most successful small businesses?

Home improvement services, cleaning services, tutoring services. 

Which business can I start with a small investment?

Consulting, online reselling, online teaching, online bookkeeping, medical courier service, and app development.

What is the easiest home business to start?

arrow down

Selling on eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, etc, house cleaning, freelance writing.

What are the most profitable businesses?

Food trucks, car washing services, personal trainers. 

What businesses are in demand?

Social media consulting, senior care services, smart product development, organic beauty products, and healthy fast food. 

Which part-time business is best?

Customized gifting, freelance photography, freelance writing, baking business. 

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