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Import Media Assets in Bulk


This feature won't work if your product identifiers (EAN, SKU, ALU or UPC code) contain any of the following characters \ / : * ? " < > |, and if that's the case, we recommend you to use an Excel sheet (check Import Products and Partial Update) for entering the path of your media files (images or videos).

In the earlier sections, you've learnt the process of manually uploading images to your product, and also the process of adding multiple images via Excel.

However, there's a quicker way of uploading multiple images at once, using the Import Assets feature.

Using this feature, you can add do the following:

  • Add images to your imageless products
  • Add more images to products having fewer images
  • Replace existing images and add new images
  • Add videos
Video: How To Add Multiple Images To Your Products Using A Zip File

Uploading multiple images using Import Assets

  1. On your PC, create separate folders for each product.

  2. Each folder will contain only the images of that particular product.

  3. Rename the folders by the seller identifier of their respective products.

  4. Zip all the renamed folders together and give an appropriate name to the zip file. Size of the zip file shouldn't be greater than 1GB.

  5. Go to the Product section of Fynd Platform.

  6. Click on the Import button, followed by Import Assets.

  7. Upload the zip file from your PC.

  8. Click the Upload button.


If you wish to use this feature to add more images on top of the existing images of a product, make sure to keep the old images in the same folder that contains the new images. Otherwise, your new images will end up replacing your existing images.