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Create Brand on Myntra


Before cataloging on any marketplace, the marketplaces ask for authentication of the brand to avoid bad customer experience and also to avoid any confusion and selling rights issues in the future from the manufacturer of any brand:

Must have for all the marketplaces:

  • For manufacturers: Trademark Certificate
  • For sellers: Authorisation Certificate from the manufacturer of the products.

Apart from it, some marketplaces may ask for:

  • Manufacturer’s Address
  • Country of Origin
  • Brand Logo

Brand Addition

The brand will have to register on the Myntra Seller Panel and provide the following documents to complete the registration process.

GST certificateSoft copy of the GST certificate
Trademark certificateTrademark Certificate for the brand
Certificate of IncorporationThe legal proof of identity of the company
TANYour Tax Collection Account Number details
Compliance CheckPAN validation
CINCorporate Identity Number details
Signatory copySignature on a plain white paper
For MSME sellers only:Enterprise memorandum number, Udhyog aadhar memorandum

After providing the above mentioned details, the seller will have to:

  1. Navigate to the Profile Information and click on My Brands > Add New Brand.


Figure 1: Add New Brand

  1. Add all the details including the Brand Logo and Trademark certificate and click on Add Master Category and Gender.


Figure 2: Add Brand Details

  1. Add the Brand Sizing Information from the dropdown options.


Figure 3: Add Sizing Details

  1. Once you have entered all the details, click Save.

Brand Approval

The Myntra team will review all the brand details and will approve the brand in a few days.