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Personalized PDF Generation for Business Documents


This allows sellers to generate personalized PDFs for various documents, including Invoice, label, Delivery Challan, and Credit Note A4. This feature enables sellers to create professional-looking and customized documents for their business transactions.

Sellers can include relevant information, such as order details, customer information, branding elements, and more, in these PDF documents. It provides a convenient and efficient way for sellers to manage their business documentation and enhance their overall customer experience.


PDF invoice must complies with the legal requirements of your state’s jurisdiction .

Steps to perform

To generate personalized PDFs for invoices, labels, delivery challans, and credit notes in different formats (A4, A6, POS), follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Fynd platform.
  2. Navigate to Sales Channel > Settings > PDF Generator (located at the bottom of the page).


Figure 1: PDF Generator

  1. Four sections for documents are available: Invoice, Label, Delivery Challan, and Credit Note A4.
  2. Choose the desired format (A4, A6, POS).
  3. You can customize the default structure by making changes in the HTML editor to create personalized order and logistics documents.


Figure 2: HTML Editor

  1. Click Preview to view the modified document.

  2. Click Save to save your modifications.

Setting Up Default Invoices for Various Countries

In the Administrator's Configuration section, you can create invoices template for different countries. Follow the instruction to perform the action:

Steps to Perform:

  1. Navigate to the Administrator panel as a Super Admin.


Figure 3: Opening Administrator

  1. Click Settings, and open PDFs.


Figure 4: Clicking Settings


Figure 5: Opening PDFs

  1. Choose Add New.


Figure 6: Clicking Add New

  1. In the Add New PDF Configuration modal window:
    1. Select the desired country.
    2. Choose the document type (Invoice, Label, Delivery Challan, Credit Note).
    3. Pick the format type (A4, A6, or POS, based on the document type).


Figure 7: PDF Configuration Options

  1. Click Proceed.


Figure 8: Clicking Proceed


If a template for the same document type and country combination exists, you can modify it. Otherwise, a new default template is provided by Fynd Platform, which can be edited and saved as a new template for that combination.


The order eligible for E-way number will have E-Way bill information in both Invoice PDFs and Shipping Labels.