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Store support

Please contact our Store Support team for issues related to return, refund, urgent order processing, invoice issues at the store, marking order status such as prepaid or delivery done, order cancellations, etc.

LevelModeEmail id
L2Maroof Ali


It is the brands responsibility to update latest contact details on Fynd Platform to ensure smooth order processing and pickups. You can also email your contact information to us at and our team will update it on your behalf.

Packaging requests

Please raise packaging/tape request from the OMS in advance to avoid delays in order processing. In case store or warehouse face issues in requesting packaging, please drop us an email at to sort the issue.

Order processing timelines

Please adhere to the below timelines to meet the Service Level Agreements (SLA):

Process and pack assigned ordersStore12hr
Process and pack assigned ordersWarehouse24hr
Dispatch ordersStore/Warehouse24hr

In case of an SLA breach:

  1. The store will be deactivated for new orders, until the pendency is cleared.

  2. If the same store breaches the SLA three times, the store will be permanently closed.

Order processing flow

Before de-activating a store, below steps/process will be followed by store-support team. In case of an SLA breach:

  1. Post pending order details with aging in WhatsApp group.

  2. Pending order data is sent on email to each store.

  3. Team calls each store asking them to process the pending orders.

  4. Lastly, escalation mails are sent to respective POCs as per the escalation matrix.

Activating stores post deactivation

To activate stores after they have been deactivated, please send us an email request at Our support team will provide you with Fynd Platform access to make required changes.