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Store Training Process

Training support

Please contact our Training Team for queries related to training and Order Management System.

LevelModeEmail id
L1Training team[email protected]
L2Yesudas Ganupatti[email protected]
L4Rohit Yadav[email protected]

Training is essential to deliver great customer experiences. We have designed our store training process in a way that increases efficiency and enables you to activate stores at scale. This section provides information on requesting store training and an overview of our training process.


To raise a training request, ensure that the below conditions are met:

  1. Ensure Company, Brand, CB tag and Stores are verified on Fynd Platform.

  2. Stores (fulfilling stores) have been updated.

  3. Packaging types and quantity for each store is known.

  4. Mode_of_payment is configured for respective channels, e.g., FY_MYNTRA, FY_AMAZON, FYND,etc on store POS.

  5. Brand POC contact details have been updated.

  6. POC is available to ensure store attendance during training.

If the above conditions are met, please raise a request for training.


The stores should be verified on Fynd Platform to be eligible for training.

Raising a Training Request

Raise a request for training by filling this form:

Store Training

Store Training consists of 2 functions - Fulfilling and Ordering. Our team ensures that the below actions are taken to complete the training.

  • Fulfilling Store - In case of a fulfilling store, our training team ensures the following:

    • Packaging material is available at the store to begin training.
    • Store Credentials have been created for the Fynd Order Management System.
    • Store Training and Verification is completed during the training.
    • Training materials and store credentials are sent to the fulfilling store once training is completed.
    • Store is activated on Fynd Platform to serve as a Fulfilling location.
    • In case of any errors while creating store credentials, please reach out to us at [email protected]
  • Ordering Store: In case of an ordering store, if all the prerequisites (Section 5.2) have been met, training is scheduled and completed.

Training Timelines

Ordering Stores lined up in one slot40 mins
Fulfilling Stores training time30 to 45 mins
Time taken per training slot for Ordering and Fulfillment2 hours
Ordering and Fulfilling stores trained in one slot6
Number of trainers1