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Returns and RTO Accounting

Fake/damaged products - Returns & RTO accounting

In case the Store/Warehouse receives a wrong or damaged product, take the following actions:

  1. Document your remarks on the FE POD sheet.

  2. Inform our Logistics Support team within 48 hours and share the images of the product, package and shipping label. To inform, write to us at or escalate through the OMS.


If the escalations are raised after 48 hours, the issue will not be investigated by the delivery partner and the ticket will be marked as ‘Resolved’.

  1. In case of damaged product, the delivery partner will pick up within 48 hours of the escalation.

  2. In case of wrong product, the product will be picked up from the store and it will be marked as sale and the status will be updated as deadstock.

  3. Once the status is updated, our Finance team will release the payment for the damaged shipment in next reconciliation cycle.

  4. If the return/ RTO shipment is delivered to the store/warehouse, it has to be marked as Return/RTO Accepted on their Fynd OMS or POS (after 48 hours) to maintain the inventory flow.