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Product Tag-Based Promotion

How to access on Fynd Platform


This allow merchants to create targeted and dynamic promotions based on product tags.


Consider an online electronics store, "TechHaven," that wants to boost the sales of its smart home devices category. They have a range of products like smart thermostats, security cameras, and voice assistants, each tagged with relevant labels such as "Smart Thermostat," "Home Security," and "Voice Control."

Objective: TechHaven aims to increase sales and visibility of its smart home devices.

Promotion Setup: They decide to use the "Product Tag-Based Promotions" feature to create a dynamic and targeted promotion.

Implementation Steps:

Tag Identification: TechHaven identifies all products in their "Smart Home Devices" category and assigns relevant tags to each product based on their features or use cases.

Promotion Creation: They create a promotion called "SmartHome15" offering a 15% discount on products with tags like "Smart Thermostat," "Home Security," and "Voice Control."

Dynamic Application: Using the product tag-based promotion feature, the discount is automatically applied to any product in the cart that has one of these specified tags.

Result: Customers visiting TechHaven's website, adding smart home devices to their carts, and meeting the tag criteria (e.g., "Smart Thermostat," "Home Security") see the 15% discount applied at checkout. This encourages them to make a purchase, resulting in increased sales for TechHaven's smart home category.

Steps to Perform:

  1. Login to the Fynd Platform.
  2. Navigate to desired sales channel.
  3. Go to Marketing.
  4. Select Promotions
  5. Click create to create promotion.
  6. Or, edit the existing promotion.
  7. Provide desired values to set the promotion.
  8. Go to Set Condition section.
  9. Select Product Tag from the dropdown of Create Eligibility Rules & Item Criteria .
  10. Choose Product Tags from the dropdown.
  11. Fill up the remaining fields.
  12. Click Save.