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User Domain-Based Promotion Restriction

How to access on Fynd Platform


This allows users to create promotions that are specifically restricted to users from certain domains. This feature enables targeted promotions for users belonging to specific email domains, enhancing the personalization and effectiveness of promotional campaigns.


Let's say an online fashion retailer, "StyleTrends," wants to run a targeted promotional campaign for users associated with corporate domains. They aim to offer exclusive discounts on office wear to professionals from renowned companies. To achieve this, they utilize this feature that allows them to create promotions restricted to users from certain domains.

Objective: StyleTrends wants to boost sales of their professional clothing collection among corporate employees.

Target Audience: They identify professionals working in reputed companies whose email addresses typically end with domains like "" and ""

Promotion Setup: StyleTrends creates a special promotion code, "CORP20," offering a 20% discount on professional attire.

Domain Restriction: They employ the feature that restricts this promotion code to users with email addresses ending in the specified domains, such as "" and ""

Result: Professionals from the selected corporate domains receive personalized offers, enhancing their shopping experience. This targeted approach increases the conversion rate as these customers are more likely to make purchases from the professional clothing collection.

Steps to Perform:

  1. Login to the Fynd platform.
  2. Navigate to sales channel > Marketing > Promotions.
  3. Click Create or edit the existing feature.
  4. Provide desired values to set the promotion.
  5. Locate Applicable To section.
  6. Click the Registered radio button.
  7. Click Domain Specific Promotion radio button.
  8. Provide desired email domains (up to 5 domains can be provided).
  9. Provide desired Eligibility Rules.
  10. Provide desired Discount Type, Buying Condition and Item Criteria.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Now the promotion is created and can be availed by the customers of given domains.