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Autocomplete Search

How to access on Fynd Platform


Here, you can write predictions for the search queries made by your customers. Therefore when your customers type any particular word, their text will automatically completed. They can directly click on your predicted text to get their desired search result.

How to Configure an Autocomplete Search


Figure 1: Configure the Autocomplete Feature

  1. Words - You can assign more than one word or a group of words, e.g., help, query, support, common questions, etc.
  2. Display - The prediction (autocomplete text) to show to your customers, e.g., Contact Us For Assistance.
  3. Link Type - The link to which your customers will be directed if they click on your predicted text.
  4. Image - Upload a logo for showing aside the predicted text.

You can add more than one prediction.


Figure 2: Predicted Text (Auto-completed Search Results)