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Store Deployment

How to access on Fynd Platform

Ignore this option if you have a single selling location or if you don't use the website or app in your physical stores.


Here, you can choose the stores where your application should get deployed. This is useful for physical stores where you want to run the website or app. You can either select all stores or specific stores to deploy your application. If multiple selling locations are chosen, you will be given an option to choose your ordering store upon opening the website/app on your device. Orders placed in such stores will get their name tagged to the order.


Figure 1: Store Deployment - Mainscreen

  • All Stores


Figure 2: Deploy application to all the stores

  • Specific Stores


Figure 3: Deploy the application to specific stores


We have selected specific stores. Suppose, the store Saran Ledonne wishes to use this application in their store, they will have to enter their store domain or URL as shown below.


Figure 4: Enter Store Domain or URL in the Mobile App

Because, we have deployed this application to Saran Ledonne store, they will be able to view their store in the list (as seen below) and they can use this application.


Figure 5: View and Select the Deployment Store